Dec 4, 2013

Part III

    Well good morning, mind if I sit here?  I looked up to see his smiling face, and just nodded my head weakly at him.  He folded himself into the seat next to me and tried to make himself as comfortable as possible.  You’re the girl from Morellis’ bakery, right?  I talked to you the other day.  I’m Liam, and I’m sorry but I didn’t happen to catch your name yesterday.  He raised an eyebrow as if encouraging me to answer him.  I’ve wanted to kick myself ever since as well he thought to himself, I finally had the chance to find out who this graceful creature is and I totally blew it. He could smell the faint scent of green apples clinging to her hair, and he wondered what it would be like to unclip the butterfly clip that held it piled in a knot upon her head, and to see if cascade over her shoulders like a waterfall.  Her delicate earlobes, held tiny sapphires which were brilliant in the morning sun, but could not compete with the intensity of the blueness of her eyes.  The colour of the sea, that a man could spend a life time drowning in them and yet never cry out to be rescued.  Those lips that so often curved into a Mona Lisa like smile as she sat lost deep in thought on the bus each morning, and he had longed to discover her secrets.
   I’m Lorelei, I said softly, almost inaudibly in response to him.  As in the rock in Germany he said?  How it suited her he thought, thinking of the folk lore behind the naming of said rock.  A bewitching creature that could lure men and have them lost in her spell.  That’s right, how on earth did you ever know that?  I asked rather amazed.  I was quite intrigued that he would know such a thing. Would you believe I’m great at Trivial Pursuit? He flashed me that endearing grin of his and I found myself grinning back at him.  Suddenly I found myself at ease with him, and felt the tension in me melting away.  How could I resist that grin?  I’m sure you are a most worthy adversary over the Trivial Pursuit board, but I’d be willing to wager that you are either an avid reader or that you travel a great deal, to know something like that Liam, I teased him. She is a clever little minx to be sure he thought.  We’ll have some wonderfully, brilliant conversations over the years to come, and he smiled at the thought of all those years that lay before them.  Like so many blank pages waiting to be filled with love, laughter, tears and the adventures of their lives together. It was intoxicating and buoyed his spirits. He fully planned to capture her heart, this Lorelei, the woman who was destined to be his rock.  To be a firm anchor in his life, and harbour him from the storms.
    All too soon they must part company for the time being and it would be sheer torture for him not having her by his side.  He longed to take her face in his hands and tilt it up towards his face. To study it intently before leaning in and oh so gently kissing her for the first time, his lips would barely graze hers at first, as he did not want to ever overwhelm her or be brutish with her and frighten her off.  He could tell from her eyes, that there were deep hurts there buried there, and that  lingered even to this day, and he wanted to erase that look from her forever.  Make her secure in the knowledge that he would protect her now and always.  It dawned on him as surely as the sun rose in the sky each morning, and the moon and stars shone in the ink black sky at night, illuminating the darkness that he loved her.  Simple as that he loved this woman, and he had from the first moment he had laid eyes upon her, so many months ago. I can’t pull the wool over your eyes can I? he grinned rather sheepishly.  No I’m a pretty smart cookie I quipped back.  I enjoy reading and travelling so it’s a bit of both you could say. The easy banter continued between us causal and getting to know you sort of things.  There was something familiar about the way we conversed and I felt so at ease, as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be sitting here next to Liam.

The bus pulled into the station all too soon for my liking, and I rather felt the same as he sighed as the bus rolled to a stop and the doors opened and people began to pile out.  For the first time since we’d started talking it was awkward between us.  We walked down into the subway together taking the steps as opposed to the escalator, just to prolong our time together if only for a few moments more. Well I guess this is so long for now he said looking down into my eyes and his own eyes seemed to mirror back my thoughts.  An inner knowledge that there would never truly be a “good bye” between us ever, just so longs, and I’ll talk to you laters.  I’ve got to run for now but I’ll see you soon, make it a great day Lorelei.   I noticed that he said “make” it a great day not merely “have” a great day as so often people do.  He realizes we all have choices in life no matter how large or small to control our happiness, and the thought thrilled me to my inner core. The way he rolled my name off his tongue, was like music to my ears.  It had to be the sweetest sound in the entire world to hear the way  his voice caressed it, as gently and serenely as a father serenading a child with a song.

    Later Liam, I returned, and we both reluctantly parted company, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder as I walked away from him, and was elated to discover he was doing the same.  His face lit up, as I know mine did, caught up in the moment we were sharing.  Separate and apart from each other but still connected by invisible threads that bound us together. I carried on to work but my mind was a blur of thoughts and emotions.  My mind, put the physical me onto autopilot so that I would board the subway car, and get off at the proper stop and make my way towards work, which permitted me the luxury of further dreams and thoughts of Liam.  My heart was so filled with affection for this man and it was almost dizzying the heights it was taking me too.  It was a perfect day, and as giddy as a school girl I began to skip.  I was vaguely aware of a few curious glances and bemused smiles that I was receiving as I tripped along blissfully.

    I pranced into the bakery still in high spirits and ended my dance of joy with a little twirl and a curtsey to Mrs Morelli.  “Good morning’, I sang out.  She smiled warmly and chuckled at me “Someone I know is in good spirits this morning.”  I grinned, and continued to the back or the shop to get changed and on with my day. Being Friday, it was going to be a total zoo.  Orders getting picked up for birthday and anniversary parties, so much prep for the next day as well.  Wedding cakes, retirements, birthdays, showers and the list went on and on.   Happy events, that would give way to happy memories which would be cherished now and forever.  I had to get cracking , and there was a ton of things to be done as I had the weekend off.  So I set my mind to it and tucked into my days tasks,  crossing them off my list as they were completed.  The day was fairly flying by. I hardly realized the time until the swinging door to the bakery flew open at 4 pm.  It swung open with the energy that could only be mustered by that of a 10 year old boy.  “Lorelei, we won the playoffs for the soccer championships and the final is tomorrow!  You gotta say you’ll come!!  Nona, said it was okay to ask you cuz your off tomorrow, please say yes!!  I raised my hand and we high fived, you got it Joey, I’m there for you buddy.”  Cool and in a saving the best for the last kind of voice he added “and win or lose Patrick’s Uncle says he’ll take us out for ice cream.”  You name the time and the place and I’ll be there sport.  Tomorrow ten am sharp, the field at Christie Pitts, got it?  Yes I smiled and nodded at him, I’ve got it.  Cool, now I gotta go I promised to help Nona out front.  And with that announcement the whirling dervish that was Joey was gone. 

    He was a cute kid, olive skinned mediteranian looks, large dark eyes, and a mischievous smile.  I’d watched him grow up over the years I’d been at Morellis’ bakery and he was like a nephew to me.  So spending a couple of hours on a Saturday supporting the little guy was the least I could do.
Finally the work day was done, cakes were in neat rows in the walk in fridge with the order sheets attached to them, boxes were pre folded and ready to have waiting orders slipped into them, and things on my work space were neat and orderly once more, and it was time to call it a day.  I changed and freshened up a bit before I headed out to the front of the shop. “Big plans tonight Bella?” Mrs. Morelli inquired as I came into the shop. Nope, nothing major pick up a slice of pizza on the way home for dinner. Then a quiet night at home with Barclay, a good book and a lovely long soak in the tub.  Am I a wild woman or what? I laughed. She seemed a bit surprised, and looked as if she was about to say something to me then thought better of it.  Well then I guess I’ll see you at the big game tomorrow then.  Sounds good I responded, eager to be on my way and be alone with my dreams of Liam.  I slipped out the door of the shop with a friendly wave and was gone.
     I did my errands on the way home, making sure to pick up a side order of anchovies as a treat for Barclay. I was relieved, when I walked into the door of my apartment and I slipped off my backpack and let it land on the floor.  I placed the bag with tonights dinner on small table in the entry way and kicked off my shoes.  Barclay who had obviously been sleeping on the couch when I arrived, was giving himself one of those arched back, feet forward, nose down stretches that any yoga enthusiast would have envied, being able to accomplish.  He hopped down of the couch and trotted over to me and leapt into my arms.  I gave him a cuddle, and kiss on the top of his head before I walked over to the sofa and placed him on it once more.  I flopped down beside him, and sighed, been one heck of a week buddy.  He clamored on to my lap and made himself at home.  Meow, and he curled up and settled into a ball on my lap so I could pet him and tell him about the events of today.  I recanted every little detail about spending time with Liam, glowing as I did so.  I finished up by telling him I was deserting him tomorrow morning for Joey’s big game.  

    Okay, time for a bite of dinner, and then I’m going to treat myself to a long hot soak in the tub and a glass of wine, I told him.  I retrieved the bag from the entry way table and made my way to the kitchen.  Barclay tailgated me the whole time, meowing madly for his treat.  I got one of his bowls out of the cupboard and dumped the side of anchovies into it.  I placed it on the floor and he dove right in.  I debated the merits of warming up my pizza or just eating as is over the sink.  Eating over the sink won out, less clean up.  Man I hated eating alone, and though I could cook, I didn’t often unless I had friends or family coming around.  I mean what was the point for just one person?  I thought of what pleasure it would give me to make meals for Liam, and see his smiling face across the table from me. I finished dinner, rinsed out the sink and put Barclays bowl in the dishwasher, as he sat washing his little face and paws.

   I went into the bathroom and turned the faucet in the tub on, and put the stopper in the drain when the temperature was just perfect.  I tossed in some bath salts and a few drops of essential oils.  Then went into the kitchen to pour myself a nice robust glass of red wine, and stopped on my way back to the bathroom to flick on the stereo, and slip a CD into the player.  Now all I needed to do was light a few scented candles, get undressed and slip into my own little watery nirvana.
I turned off the faucet and slipped out of my clothes, flicking off the light switch.  Then I stepped into the tub and slowly slipped down into its warm soothing depths.  The flickering candles gave a soft glow to the room and the shadows they cast did a hypnotic choreographed dance of their own design upon the walls and ceilings.  I took my glass of wine from the small pedestal marble table that sat by the tub.  I was placed there for just such a purpose, and I loved the decadence of soaking in bubble bath with a good glass of wine, and perhaps a truffle or two if I was feeling extremely naughty.

An Etta James song was softly playing in the background and the words could not have been more perfect to me.  “I found a dream that I could speak to, A dream that I can call my own, I found a thrill to press my cheek to, A thrill that I have never known……………….At last” she crooned. 
In my heart I was so certain that Liam already loved me as much as I loved him, and that this was the love of a lifetime, something so precious and rare that few are lucky enough to ever experience a love of this magnitude.  When I dreamed of Liam, they were always with a future to them, from the way he would court me, to the altar, to delicious nights of passion, to my belly swollen with the child we had created together as we became one, to struggles and challenges, to growing old, grandchildren, listening with rapt faces to how Grandpa and Grandma met and was so evident that that same love had endured and deepened.

   I sank deeper into the soothing warm waters, and thought how lovely it would be to share this moment with Liam. To be naked and unashamed with him, to sit face to face looking intently into one another’s eyes as we sat and talked about life, love the universe and anything that took our fancy.  To really see one another, as no one else ever had or ever could.  Able to reach out and touch one another, I could feel his fingers running along my face, stroking my cheeks, running a finger along my lips before leaning in to kiss me first sweetly and chastely upon the tip of my nose.  A smile that began so innocent and morphed into a sexy naughty one filled with promises of mischief. His lips that would brush against mine thrilling me to the tip of my toes and warming more than the robust glasses of red wine that we had been sipping.  A kiss that encompassed a myriad of intense emotions.  His one hand rested upon my shoulder drawing me closer to him the other trailing lightly up and down each and every vertebrae of my spine, slowly and deliberately.   

    Parting his lips just enough that the tip of his tongue traced over my lips moistening them and then slowly and seductively working it between my own lips which parted to greet him.  Our tongues danced their own heated duet, as if competing with the flickering shadows upon the wall.  My hands reached out and caressed his chest, and continued to explore his body as though I were a woman devoid of sight, trying to see a sculpture, and etch it into my brain the ultimate depiction of beauty and only my imagination could limit me. He plunged his tongue deeper still as my hand sank beneath the waters, fingers gliding across his flesh, until I wrapped my hand around his hardening maleness.  He gasped as our kiss deepened to the point neither of us cared should our lips become bruised from the feverish crescendo that was building between us.  His lips left mine as as I tossed back my head and began to mewl softly.  Instinctively his mouth found my breasts, as he held them reverently at first, before lowering his head once more and smothered them with a plethora of kisses.  He worshiped them as though I were a goddess and thus deserved to be revered. 

   My own response to this was to continue to stroke his rigid member and I marvelled at the power my own small hand wrapped around his girth was commanding.  I could feel him trying to rock his hips in response to my ministrations, but I wanted more from him I want to consummate this union with him.  He seemed to have plans of his own as his hands slip to my waist and he began to guide me up out of the water and on to the edge of the tub.  My legs seemingly had a mind of their own and drew open to allow him a view of my intimate of areas.  My will was no longer my own I belonged to this man heart, body and soul.  I had to steady myself by grasping his shoulders, as his fingers deftly parted the flesh between my thighs, as though he were coaxing open the petals of a flower by his sheer will. His fingers probing gently but deliberately, as he found the delicate pink pearl nestled with in my oyster shell.  On his knees now which must have been sheer torture for him on the hardness of the porcelain tub, but he would not be daunted.  He would not deny me pleasure no matter what the cost to him might be, oh how I loved this man, and all I wanted was to please him and treasure him the way he did me.

   Rrrrowwww’ brought me back to the present.  There was Barclay standing on his hind legs one paw stretched over the edge of the tub, tentatively having touched the water I figured as I felt a fine mist of water as he waved his paw about trying to get the wretched water off of him.  With a Sigh I figured I may as well shave my legs before I hopped out of the tub and rinsed it out.  So I quickly lathered my legs and zipped my little pink razor over the contours of my legs.  I giggled as I wondered if Liam would one day find himself vexed or amused if I used his razor for the same purpose?  I pulled the plug in the tub and watched it drain then took a quick rinse under the shower, before stepping out and wrapping myself in a fluffy bath sheet, so that it appeared I was wearing a strapless dress with a seductive slit up the side of it.  I wanted to feel extra soft and feminine for some reason, more than likely fueled by thoughts of Liam, and I grabbed a bottle of baby oil and massaged it into my still dewy flesh.  I could almost feel Liam’s hands roaming my body and massaging the oil into me as I did so and the thought of his touch caused my body to quiver, and butterflies to flit about in the depths of my tummy.  My skin glistening I blew out the candles, picked up the rest of my glass of wine and headed into my bedroom.

   Sigh, as I viewed the still unmade bed from this morning.  It would be one thing if it had been left askew the sheets tangled after a night of passion with Liam but at the moment I just viewed chaos.  I decided I might as well put some fresh linen on the bed, so I stripped the sheets away and pulled a fresh set out of the wardrobe where I stored linens on the top shelf.  I quickly made up the bed with the crisp white cotton sheets, arranged the duvet over top of them, and smoothed it down.  Next pillows were plumped and artistically arranged as though I were readying it for a photo shoot with some home d├ęcor magazine.  I loved this bed, a king sized four poster bed, made out of cherry, and polished to a rich sheen.  A bed in which I could totally loose myself in the depths of, and I hoped it would be comfortable enough to allow Liam to stretch out in, as he was well over six feet.  I smiled a bit wickedly and thought, it’s perfect for the day Liam would finally begin sharing this bed with me, thus making it “our” bed. I picked the dirty linens off the floor and tossed them into the wicker laundry basket I kept in my bedroom closet.  

     I looked around the room with a sense of satisfaction it looked warm and welcoming.  From the gleam of polished wood, to the freshly made bed, the vase of flowers compliments of Mrs. Silverton and her horticultural skills, to the moonlight which flooded into the moon through my open window, the warm summer breeze ruffling the curtains.  An almost magical place, which I longed to share with Liam, one day I smiled softly, one day. I pottered the rest of the evening away, catching up on some e mails on my laptop, phoning a few friends to confirm plans for various upcoming events, painted my toenails a bright shade of pink and while they dried, I took out journal and recorded my thoughts and feelings about Liam. 

    Noticing the time on the clock on the mantel over the fireplace in the living room, I decided it was time to call it a day.  I stretched, and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  The toddled into the bedroom, no need to turn on the light as the moonlight illuminated the room, casting its magical spell.  I’d never bothered to get dressed having spent the evening wearing my towel.  I was feeling a bit naughty after my earlier dreams of dalliances with Liam so I let the towel drop to the floor and climbed into bed, between the crisp cool sheets.  I tried to lay back and fall asleep but couldn’t for some reason.  Something was missing, and I knew what it was I wanted Liam there, and for us to be entwined in one anothers arms…  Well that wasn’t happening at least for tonight, so I would have to make the best of it.  I plumped up a pillow and wrapped my arms around it and snuggled into as though I were curled in Liam’s arms, my head resting on his chest.  Just as corny and silly as any besotted school girl had ever been or ever would be, but it seemed to do the trick for now and I drifted off into a blissful slumber a soft smile upon my lips.

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