Jul 25, 2014

Part 33

     September was turning out to be the most amazing, as well as the most amazingly busy one I’d ever had in my life and  I wouldn’t have changed one crazy fast paced minute of it for anything either.  Days were crammed with trying to impart knowledge and a love of the written word into my students, and nights and weekends were filled with love, laughter and living life to the fullest with my best friend and lover.  Sandwiching all of that together was my quest to be the consummate party/wedding planner.Since I’d included Lorelei with the planning of certain events my anxiety levels had dropped significantly.  We were having a total ball planning menus and décor for the party and talking over the best costumes, which led to wonderful weekends of browsing through places in Kensington Market and on Queen’s Street West. 

    It was the last weekend of September when we stumbled into a little vintage clothing shop in Kensington Market called Courage My Love.  As she browsed through the women’s section I heard a little squeal of delight.  “This is it its perfect.” Her voice trilled.  “I so hope that it’s the perfect fit.   I’ll just die if it doesn’t.” I rounded a rack of clothing to find her clutching the garment in her arms and holding it up to herself as she stood in front of a mirror grinning hugely.  “Do you mind if I try it on?” she gushed at me. “No, I don’t mind at all my darling.” And I kissed her on the temple.  “Take your time.  I’ll just keep looking myself while you do.” I assured her.  The sales clerk directed her to the dressing rooms at the back of the shop and I continued to paw through racks of clothing hoping to score my own find.  I thought I had come close with one outfit but when I held up the pants against myself I wasn’t overly surprised to discover they were miles too short for me and even if they did fit properly around the waist I’d still end up looking like I was wearing a pair of knickers and that wasn’t the look I was going for.

   I’d pretty much given up when I spied something that caught my eye in the accessories department.  It was this very funky white top hat and it appeared to be in mint condition.  I zeroed in on and immediately went over to try it on.  It fit like a glove.  Checking me myself out in the mirror I thought it gave me a rather rakish devil may care appearance.  I grinned at my reflection in the mirror. Now if only they had the suit in my size to go with it. The shop assistant had returned with a call over her shoulder to Lorelei to “Just give me a shout if you need a hand with anything.”  She seemed to be sizing me up, as she glanced up and down my frame.  “You wouldn’t happen to be looking for something that would be perfect with that hat would you?” She inquired.  “Actually I am.  I thought I’d found exactly what I’d been looking for but it was way too small for me especially the pants.” I responded. She snapped her fingers, “I’ve got just the thing, give me a minute.” And she spun on her heal and was gone.

      She returned moments later, with a garment still wrapped in the plastic from the dry cleaners.  “We have all our new arrivals dry cleaned before we price them and put them out on display.” She explained.  “I just haven’t had a chance to put them out on the racks yet as it’s been crazy with everyone looking for Halloween outfits already.  Next month will be even worse, and to top it off I’m short staffed today” she added hastily.  She stripped the last of the plastic covering away and held the suit out for me, this will be perfect and I know I’ve got the perfect shirt and cumber bund for it as well. I had to admit it did look like it just might fit.  “Here go try it on for size.  I’ll bring the rest and leave it over the top of the dressing room door for you so you can get the full affect.”  I thanked her and headed to the dressing room.  “How’s it going?” I called out to Lorelei.  “Fine thanks. I’ll be out if a couple more minutes to get your opinion.”

    I slipped in to the change room and began to change into the suit. The pants miraculously fit me to a tee. The sales clerk had slipped the shirt and other accessories over the door and I swiftly changed into them. When I finished adjusting cuffs of the ruffled shirt I unlatched the door to the change room and stepped out and headed to the front of the store.  The sales clerk clapped her hands in delight when she saw me.  “You look utterly fab.”  I grinned and with a flourish popped up my top hat and placed it jauntily on my head to complete my look. “How do I look Liam?” a soft voice inquired of me and I turned to look.  She literally took my breath away she was stunning.  The long white satin gown she’d chosen looked gorgeous on her.  She was a vision indeed, my gothic fairy tale princess.  The dress was an off the shoulder affair, with a ruffle around the top. The sleeves were long and with a belle of lace at the wrists. The waist was cinched in and flowed into a full skirt, when she spun around to model it for me I realized it had whale boning up the back of it.  Her long blond locks framed her face and hung down over her bared shoulders.  For a moment I had to remind myself this beauty was indeed mine.

    “You look sensational Lor” and I held my outstretched hands out to her.  “You don’t look so bad yourself, rather dapper even.” She returned as she placed her hands in mine and bathed me in the glow of one of her smiles. “All you’re missing is this.” The clerk said, as she perched a small white satin top hat that had the addition of a small veil that just covered Lorelei’s face.  “Perfect.” She surmised as she stepped back.  “You two look like you belong on the top of a wedding cake.”  Lorelei flushed at the clerk’s statement I’ll have to admit it took me back for a split second as well, making me acutely aware of the fact that was almost exactly what I had in mind for these outfits.  I quickly regained my composure.  “She’ll be the most beautiful bride in the world one day.” “Madame, may I have this dance.” I said bowing low at the waist to her.  “Indeed kind sir.” She responded as she curtsied to me. We shared a quick and impromptu dance that was limited by clothing racks and shelves not to mention the other shoppers.  I loved the fact we could do silly impromptu things like this in our day to day life.  Apparently other shoppers found it charming as well, based on the round of applause and comments we received.  We bowed and curtsied as behooved such a moment before we flounced off arm in arm to change back into our everyday clothes.

     After changing we headed over to the counter our arms laden with our finds.  We left the shop, with bulging shopping bags and the hats perched on the tops of our heads.  I’m sure we must have made quite the sight for sore eyes but this being Toronto and all more than likely no one would even bat an eye over our headgear.Since we were in the neighbourhood we popped into Morelli’s Bakery to pick up a loaf of wonderfully crusty Italian bread to go with tonight’s meal.  We’d made a batch of bolognaise sauce, which was now simmering in the slow cooker so we could enjoy a hot and hearty meal later with little fussing after our day of shopping. The Morelli’s, also were two of my co-conspirator’s and had graciously agreed to make the cake for the wedding reception.  I’d offered to pay but they waved me off ensuring me it would be there pleasure to do something special for “their Bella” and I was deeply touched by that fact.  Mrs. Morell seemed to get a little misty eyed while Lorelei excitedly gushed on about the great costumes we’d found for the party, but to her credit she didn’t let the cat out of the bag.  We bade them a good day and took our leave to head home.

     On the way home Lorelei said to me “Didn’t you find it odd the way Mrs. Morelli got so emotional over a couple of silly costumes?  You’d have thought we were picking out wedding outfits or something.”  I blanched for a brief moment, and quickly responded.  “More than likely she’s just thinking about the day that you do, it is sort of a bridal looking dress and you are like a daughter to her.”  “True enough.” She said mulling it over in her head.  I silently thanked my lucky stars that she rationalized it so quickly and hadn’t over analyzed Mrs. Morelli’s reaction as she was so prone to do. As soon as we arrived home the outfits were carefully hung in the closet side by side.  The satin of her gown shimmering and my tuxedo complete with tails hanging side by side.  A curious Barclay sat on the bed watching the production before him and looked rather affronted when Lorelei informed him in a firm tone that little cats were not to get dirty paw prints on them, nor take naps on the skirt of the dress and leave a coat of fur on it.  The hats were placed on a top shelf in the closet for safe keeping as well and the door to the closet was shut tightly guarding the treasures.

     The bolognaise sauce smelled incredible and soon we were preparing dinner together.  A pot of water was put on to boil for the pasta noodles, while Lorelei made a tossed salad and I turned the Italian loaf into slices of cheesy garlic toast. I couldn’t help but smile as she took out a red and white checked table cloth and proceeded to set the table as though we were being transported to an intimate little Italian ristorante for our evening meal.  She even managed to produce an old Chianti bottle with a candle stub stuck in the stem of it to add to the ambience.  I felt I should do my part so I rustled up a pair of wine glasses and opened a nice bottle of a bold Italian wine that would accompany our meal nicely.  I even found some mood music and slipped that on, and when I returned she was just placing the plates on the table.  I held out her chair for her “Grazie” she said graciously as I helped seat her.  I lit the candle and turned off the kitchen lights before seating myself.

      The food as always was wonderful, the conversation and laughter even better.  We even re-enacted the scene from the Disney classic the Lady and the Tramp.  Sharing a strand of pasta and nibbling our way along it until our lips met.  It was totally silly but we did silly well together, it suited us. After dinner was over and we were cleaning up, my hands covered in soap suds my thoughts drifted to the amorous evening I was hoping for when we finished.  I had a feeling she had the same inclination as after putting away the dish she’d just dried she wrapped her arms around me and I felt her breasts pressing against my back.  “I was thinking, we’ve been talking about the wedding so much lately and now we’ve got those outfits which really do look like we could get away with wearing them to an actual wedding, maybe we should start thinking about the honeymoon as well. Up to a little practicing for the honeymoon?” she purred at me.
     I spun around wet hands and all and embraced her “Oh, yeah, totally.” I responded as I leaned down and kissed her deeply. We gave up all further pretenses of being domestic and finishing our chores and I abandoned the few remaining items in the sink to be dealt with at a later date. In some frenzied dance of passion we made our way to the bedroom, sweaters and other clothing were removed and left in a trail as we travelled from room to room on the way to our destination.  Sweeping her up in my arms for the last few steps, I probed her body with exploratory kisses before finally laying her on top of the bed.

   The love making began in a frantic manner filled with a passion driven desire, finally winding itself down into a shared gentle tenderness.  Both were uniquely satisfying in their own rights. I pulled her close and drew the blankets over us against the chill in the room when we were finished.  The scents of our erotic adventures hung in air perfuming it with its distinctive essence created by the two of us.  As our lips caressed against each other, our tongues swirled savouring the decadent sweetness of our love. As she lay in my arms twirling small strands of my chest hair in her fingers she asked me almost in audibly “Do you have any idea of how much I love you and want to be with you forever?”  “I do and it’s the same here.  I love you so much I feel there are times my heart will burst because I don’t think I can possibly love you anymore and then I find out that I can and that I do love you more.  That love for you may have started as only a tiny seed in my heart but its grown and florished, the roots grow deeper with each day that passes.” We lay there just holding each other in the silence, because sometimes there was just no need for words.
   October was on us soon enough and our first major hurdle of the month was to get through Thanksgiving.  Having been a couple for such a short amount of time we had yet to come to any decisions yet as to which family we celebrated which holidays with and how and when.  It was a delicate balancing act, which I had seen all too often in the past within my own family as well as my friends. It was weirdly fascinating how those decisions could almost turn it into a suicide mission.  This year we were going to live on the edge and do family dinners with both sets of parents.  I figured if we could survive two large family get-togethers complete with the mandatory stuffing of not only the turkey but the guests, Lorelei and were golden. I’m happy to report we are golden.  It was a frantic weekend with the whirlwind trip back and forth to my future in-laws, coupled with not one but two massive feasts, but we hung in there and managed to come out of it alive.

    The day after Thanksgiving I was set to pick up the rings.  When the jeweler first opened the little hinged green velvet box they came in to reveal them to me, I was completely floored.  It really hit home with me not only that I was seriously going to get married but also just how much I truly had longed for a relationship like this in my heart despite what my brain had told me for so many years. When we saw the rings they were exactly as I had envisioned they’d look, and as I removed them and looked closer at the fine detailing in them along with the sparkling gemstones, I just knew they were perfect for her. In my mind’s eye I imagined slipping them onto her finger.  I’d selected a Claddagh ring for myself as well.  Only mine was in one piece, had no heart shaped diamond but it did have the three deep green emeralds in the crown of the setting.  I’d fallen in love with the symbolism of the emeralds ever since I’d given Lorelei my old high school ring, so I thought it was apt that they play a permanent part in both our lives on a day to day basis.   The clerk took the rings back from me gave them a final polish with a cloth and placed them securely back in the box.  I paid for the rings, and securely place pocketed them in my jacket.  On the way home I kept patting them to reassure myself that I did in fact now have them in my possession.  I’d find the perfect hiding spot for them when I got them safely home.
  Invitations had been sent out, inviting everyone to our housewarming party and I had subsequently gone down the list and had also personally phoned each and every person on the list and requested that they meet us on the beach just off the board walk at 7:00 pm prior to the party but to not mention it to Lorelei under any circumstances as I had a special surprise for her that I wanted them to be able to share in it.  I had of course told Mr. Gallagher the true reason and had even formally asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage in a man to man sort of way.  It was more of a courtesy sort of thing to me as I truly believed it was solely Lorelei’s ultimate decision if she would choose to accept me or not.  I believe that it further garnered his acceptance of me and as well as illustrated my values in life towards family and my elders. It worked out well that coincidently Halloween fell on a Friday night this year.  I had arranged to take the day off work but hadn’t breathed a word of that fact to Lorelei.  I’d finally figured out the way to propose to her and it was going to take a bit of last minute preparation and I wanted to take my time and made sure I had it just right. It seemed with a little luck and a lot of help from my closest friends and family members I was going to be totally prepared for the one of the milestone events in my life.  I was oddly calm about everything, no last minute qualms or jitters.  I was as solid as a rock about my decision.
   Lorelei and I had shared some wonderful evenings together the last couple of weeks as we’d planned our housewarming and decorated the house both inside and out.  It really was a very special and magical time in my eyes and I cherished every single moment of it. After what had seemed like an eternity of waiting the day that I had so meticulously planned finally arrived. I woke up feeling a heightened sense of exuberant joy which resonated through my body.  This was the last time in my life where I could check the single box on a questionnaire form, in mere hours I’d be eligible to tick off the married category.  I had to chuckle at myself for having such a crazy random thought at a time like this but hey I could be a pretty wacky kind of a guy.

     I was watching intently the parade of expressions that were marching across Liam’s handsome face this morning.  Normally I might have questioned it but this morning I just naturally figured he was as excited as I was about our party later that evening.  Celebrating our love, surrounded by our friends and family in our home was more than enough to make me giddy with delight.I I started to slip out of bed to go and feed Barclay and get breakfast started for us, but Liam pulled me on top of him and wrapped his arms around me firmly.  “Barclay can wait for one morning of his life and I vote we skip breakfast and just grab a bagel at Starbuck’s on the way into work.”  “You’re not hungry?” Now I really was concerned.  “Oh but I am Lor, I’m hungry for you, absolutely famished.” He delivered in a low sultry voice. Pressing his heated lips against mine in a searing kiss I knew exactly what he had in mind and I was quite literally turning into putty in his hands.  Those massive hands of his removing the early morning chill from my body as he caressed my naked flesh rubbing warm and life into me.  His fingers trailed over my body and found their way to those secret hot spots of my own.  With incessant need they delved between my thighs, toying with the outer folds of my womanly charms. 

   Whimpering with need, I pressed myself against him shamelessly thrusting my pelvis to meet his probing fingers.  While one hand worked its magic on me, the other stroked my hair as he showered me with kisses.  My own hands sought him out, and one hand locked itself around his flesh sceptre and began to stroke it reverently.  Our eyes locked as we shared the intensity of the moment. Removing his fingers, he traced my lips with my own sweet fluids and teasingly fed me one of his fingers as though it were a small sample of what I had clasped in my own hot little hand. I devoured his finger just as I planned to devour his manhood, puckering my cheeks as I sucked on it greedily.  When I finally released it from the confines of my mouth I kissed the tip. He offered me no resistance as I worked my way down his body and when I reached my desired destination I devoured it ravenously.   Licking, nibbling and sucking determinedly until I would be rewarded with a release of its marrow as it flooded into my mouth.

  I protested when he pulled away and I tried so hard to entice him to let me have my wicked way with him, but he wanted something else. He rolled me on my back and my legs opened to him as he slid between them and with a practiced accuracy entered me with one fell swoop.  I felt every inch of him opening me up and filling me.  I bit my lip, as my head rolled on the pillow beneath it lost in the thrill of having him inside of me and filling me so completely. My hands trailed up and down his spine my nails lightly raking over each and every vertebra, as he drove into me again and again.    I cried out my love for him over and over again, until we finally reached that plateau of orgasm together.   Tremors shot through our sensitized bodies sending us into this heavenly orbit together.  We clung to each other as our bodies  ricocheted over the planes of pleasure together.
    At some point our bodies calmed enough to draw a non-laboured breath of air.  It was quickly replaced by panic as I spied the time on the alarm clock.  “Oh crumb.” I muttered as I leapt out of bed.  “Liam that was awesome as always but if we don’t hustle we’re both going to be late.” Liam sprang out of bed.  “I’ll take care of Barclay, you get the shower started. I’ll drive today and we can still make it by a cat’s whisker.”  There was a mad flurry of activity but we were both going to make it on time.  It was totally worth it to have to rush so madly after the amazingly wonderful love making that had just taken place. I also knew it would leave lasting smiles on each of our faces as well. With hurried kisses we said our good byes as Liam dropped me off in front of the bakery and pulled away.  I rushed in to the shop to start my work day. It was a wonderful day and it seemed that everyone else there was feeling as high spirited as I was.  I knew several of them I’d be seeing later at the house warming party, and I just naturally figured they were looking forward to the get together as much as I was.
  I had quickly made my way back home as soon as I was safely out of Lorelei’s sight.  I was currently in the kitchen with my Grandmother Conlin’s recipe for barnbrack on the counter.  I got out the ingredients, measuring cups and spoons and set to work mixing up the dough for it.  When it was done and covered for the first rising I went and retrieved the ring that I had so carefully hidden for the past couple of weeks.  I tied a ribbon on it and wrapped the ring itself in a carefully constructed protective coat of tinfoil to. After I kneaded the dough I’d need to insert the ring into the flattened round loaf I was going to fashion out of the dough.  I had a few modifications to make to my costume and a couple phone calls to make, and then after the bread was baked all I need to do was spruce up a bit and go collect my soon to be fiancé.
    Freshly showered, shaved and I thought looking especially handsome in a devil may care fashion in my jeans and sweater I was ready to go.  I literally bounced as I walked, unable to contain my excitement on the way to the car.  I flicked on the radio and sang along with them in a jubilant voice.  I was starry eyed and filled with that hope for the future as only one in love can be.

   This was totally going to be my way nothing was going to stand in my way or get me down.  Even though it was chaotic in the streets of Kensington Market with people doing last minute shopping for the weekend and picking up orders to be served later at Halloween parties or rushing about to find last minute items for displays such as pumpkins to carve or gourds to put on display or even finding that last minute costume I knew today I was the golden boy. My point was proven as someone pulled out of a parking spot in front of the bakery just as I arrived.  I easily maneuvered into it and knew the gods in heaven were smiling down on me today.  It was a good omen for such an auspicious occasion as this. I tripped into the bakery, high on life and with so much spring in my step I might have been confused as a slightly tipsy pogo stick.  Lorelei was behind the counter as I entered and her face lit up when she caught sight of me.  She quickly glanced at the clock on the wall and looked slightly puzzled by the time of my arrival.  I just returned the smile and kept my gaze locked on her as she worked.  Finally the last customer was served. 

      “So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company at this time on a Friday?  It’s a bit early for you to be done teaching classes and you know I don’t get off work until 5. Not that I’m not happy to see you.” She added hastily but with a look concern on her fact that something was out of place and she was desperately hoping it wasn’t bad news of some sort. “First of all everything is fine.” I assured her. “I am not playing hookie, classes ended early today because of a football game this afternoon, and since it wasn’t my turn to chaperone the event I thought I’d see if I could possibly convince the Morelli’s that I needed to kidnap you.” I grinned at her. “Oh Liam” she protested “I’d love to be kidnapped by you but it’s simply not possible.  We are totally swamped today.  I’ve decorated so many Halloween cookies and cakes today it’s unbelievable.  Even, Mr. Morelli has broken out his piping bag and is working on a wedding cake for pick up later tonight.  I think it’s the best one I’ve ever seen him do. It’s so unique.” She enthused.

   “Score one for my team, she loves her wedding cake.” I thought to myself but out loud said, “That’s cool.  Now about sneaking you out of here early we won’t know unless we ask, will we?” I wheedled her. Just then Mr. Morelli stuck his head in through the swinging door at the back of the shop.  “Liam” his voice boomed “I a thought I a heard youra voice outta here.  Whatta can I do for you today?”  He added with his thick unmistakeably Italian accent. “Well sir I was hoping to squire this lady away if you could possibly see your way clear to letting her off early today.” I inquired of the older gentleman respectfully. “Well” he said as the pretended to think my proposition over but his eyes betrayed him as they twinkled.  “I think maybe I could do that this once.”  Lorelei let out a little squeal of shocked delight and gave him a spontaneous hug on the spot and a kiss on his wrinkled cheek.  “Oh thank you so much Mr. Morelli.  Are you sure it’s okay, I mean I know how busy we are today and all.”  “Well if you don’t want to go with thisa boy, who am I to challenge you?” he teased her.  “No, no I want to go with him.” She protested laughingly and began to undo her apron as she hustled out of the room to change.
   “Thank you, sir.”  I said as she disappeared out of earshot. He shook my hand then embraced me in a bear hug and slapped my back.  “You’ra good man, you a love her and she loves a you.  You two a crazy kids ara gonna be just fine.”  “Better than fine.” I assured him. Lorelei had indeed done a quick change and now skipped lightly in through the door, every inch the high spirited filly my father had pronounced her to be the day we had told them of our plans to move in together.  She linked her arm through mine and stretched up to give me a quick buss on the cheek.  “Thank you again Mr. Morelli, I so appreciate it, especially with us throwing that party tonight.” “Nothing to a worry about Bella, you two kids justa go and have fun. I’ll see you later tonight at 8 right?”  “Yes that’s right.  See you then, can’t wait to see your costume.” And with a final little finger from Lorelei we turned and exited arm in arm. I was definitely a happy bunny as we cruised home.  We both sang and laughed and just enjoyed being free in the late autumn sunshine.  Her left hand rested on my knee as I drove tapping out the rhythm of the songs that were playing.  Every so often I’d steal a quick glance at it and the ring that shimmered on it, which would soon be replaced with something I hoped she’d love even more.

     As we entered the house, she delicately sniffed the air with her pert little nose.  “That’s funny.” She said mused “it smells like I’ve been baking in here. How can that be possible?”  I merely shrugged in response, “Haven’t got a clue.  Just one of life’s mysteries I suppose.”  I already knew the answer of course but I wasn’t quite ready to share it with her just yet.  We wandered into the living room and took seats together side by side on the sofa.  I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her into me.  “Well look at the two of us, we’ve come a long way together in a short time babe.”  “That we have and tonight it will mark yet another major chapter in our lives together.” She answered as she snuggled into me.Since we had everything under control for later in the evening we just decided to relax and unwind with our feet up enjoying our time together.  Barclay got in on the act by intermittently entertaining us with his antics like a little court jester and snuggling in our laps for some down time.
   As the afternoon began to slip past I suggested we get into our costumes and get into character as it were.  “But what about making some dinner first?  I know we’ll have tons of food tonight at the party but we both missed breakfast and knowing you since I didn’t have your lunch packed you either skipped it entirely or mowed down something down that really wasn’t all that satisfying.”  “We’ll order in, now please will you indulge me in this, let the fun begin?” I pleaded with her.  “Oh no not the puppy dog eyes Liam, you know I’ll have to give in.” she laughed at me as I looked at her with my big soulful eyes.  I’ll feed Barclay while you get changed and do your hair and makeup.”  “Okay” she agreed after one more small protest that she should take care of me and my appetite first.  We exchanged a sweet little kiss in an effort to tide us over while we were apart.
   While she retired to the bedroom to get dressed I hurriedly fed Barclay.  The I quickly assembled a sterling silver tray with the barnbrack on it, a knife to slice into it, two plates, linen napkins and a bottle of champagne along with two champagne flutes.  All that was left to do was get dressed and get down on bended knee and propose my heart out to her. I didn’t want to see her before I proposed so I jetted past her as she sat at the dressing table putting the finishing touches on her pretty features.  I called out to just meet me in the living room and I’d be with her shortly as I shut the door behind me. I heard the rustling of her dress as I stood listening at the door and knew the coast was clear.  I quickly headed to the closet and got out my suit as which I had moved and hidden further in the closet just in case she were to see the modifications I’d made to it.  I quickly changed, then checked the mirror to ensure my ensemble was flawless as I adjusted my bow tie and clapped the top hat on to complete the full look.
     I quietly padded into the kitchen to collect my booty and proceeded with great care to the living room.  She was standing with her back to me fussing over a vase of autumn blooms that were part of the décor for later tonight.  She obviously heard me come in to the room as she began to speak. “Honestly, I don’t know how Barclay manages to be such a little scamp but I just know he was chewing on this arrangement earlier and I want everything to look perfect for tonight.” I placed the tray on the coffee table and walked over to her. I wrapped my arms around her form and nuzzled her neck softly.  Her hair shone beautifully in the fading light.  She purred contentedly and turned so she could embrace me in return.She immediately spied the first of my modifications and stood back a couple of steps to take it all in.  “Oh my god, I totally love it!!”  My bow tie, suspenders and vest had all been tie dyed in vibrant hues of blues, greens, purples, yellows, reds and oranges.  “When on earth did you find time to do that without me finding out about it?” Then she spied the tray on the coffee table.  “What’s that all about?” she said appearing to be totally mystified by all these little surprises I had for her.

   I merely held my hand out to her. In perfect love and trust she took it and I led her to the sofa.  I made sure she was seated comfortable and I took a seat beside her.  “I have a confession to make, I actually booked the day off work, and it was me that was baking in the kitchen.  I wanted to make you something for a change and it’s an old Irish tradition one for Halloween.  I got my Grandmother’s recipe and I made it from scratch myself.” I told her proudly.  “It’s called branbrack and hidden inside of it are little trinkets which are used as a method of fortune telling.  Depending on which trinket is in your slice it gives you a glimpse of what your future will hold for you in the coming year.”  I took the knife and carefully sliced two pieces being careful to ensure that she got the special slice.  I presented it to her on the small china plate along with a fork.  I spread the linen napkin on her lap to ensure she wouldn’t get any crumbs on her dress.
    “This is so sweet of you Liam.” She said as she accepted the cake and once I had my slice began to delicately nibble on it.  “This is really good, I’m impressed.  You’ll have to teach me how to make it.  We’ll make it one of our annual Halloween traditions as well.”  At that moment her fork connected with the treasure hidden in her slice.  “Guess I’m about to find out what my future holds.” She said as she carefully extracted the foil wrapped object. As she revealed the prophecy that was to be her destiny I removed my top hat and dropped to one knee before here.  She gasped when she saw the sparkling diamond and her eyes began to well up with emotion.  “Does this mean what I think it means Liam?” she asked me softly.  I took her hands in mine.  “It means exactly that. I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you and that love has only grown with each and every day. I told you I didn’t want to wait for ever nor do I want a long engagement and I sincerely meant both of them.  Will you do me the honour of continuing to be my best friend, lover, partner in crime, straight man and take on the additional role as my beloved wife?  It might not always be easy but I promise it will never be dull.” I said as I squeezed her hands.
    She began to shake and her head nodded up and down.  “Yes” she finally seemed to trust her voice to say.  “Yes, the answer is yes, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be more in this world.”  She was laughing and crying all at the same time as I took the ring from her trembling fingers. I deftly removed the first ring before I slipped the new one on her finger.  It looked so perfect upon her delicate little hand.I popped open the champagne with a dramatic pop and poured us two glasses. I offered a toast to the two of us and to our future together. Then we shared our first tender kiss as a happily engaged couple. Phase one of my plan had gone perfectly and soon it would be time for me to move into phase two.

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