Jan 29, 2014

Part 9

    I stood waving to Liam, even after he’d become obscured from my vision by distance.  It was with a heavy heart that I finally turned and walked back inside.  As crazy as it may have been, I already missed him and he had been gone only mere minutes but it seemed like an eternity.  Barclay started to rub against my legs and purr at me as if to remind me that he was still here for me.  I leaned down and scooped him up in my arms.  I nuzzled his furry little head and gave him a kiss.  “I love you to bits and pieces Barclay and I always will, you’re my fur baby, but I’m realizing there’s more than enough room in my heart for Liam as well.” I gave him another kiss and set him down gently on the sofa. “Well buddy, I guess I’d better figure out what I need to do around here and then get on with it.”  I mentally went over the things I needed to get accomplished.  The list included everything from cleaning out Barclay's litter box to the last and best thing of all talking to Liam.

    I hit play on the answering machine and stood listening to the calls I’d missed. “Lorelei dear it’s your Mother.  Still want to know when you’re going to be able to come home for a couple of days, Jeffery’s been asking about you dear.  Let me know sweetheart, Daddy sends his love, bye for now.”  Man oh man was the news about Liam going to come as a shock to good old Mom and Dad, not to mention Mrs. Cummings and good old Jeffery. “Hey Cupcake, its Matt, just thought I’d check in and see how things are going with you and Mr. Wonderful.  Did you take my advice and at least talk to him? Give me a shout when you get a minute.  Later, Cupcake.”  I had to grin, okay maybe Matt had been right about this one.  “This is your captain calling you’ve just won a fabulous all expense cruise to….”  Oh how I loathed those telemarketing calls.  I quickly deleted that one. 

     I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of iced tea out of the fridge and pinched off a couple of fresh springs off of my potted chocolate mint plant on the window sill and popped them into my glass.  Then I meandered back into the living room and made myself comfortable, before I returned calls.  I dialed my parent’s number thinking this might be painful to say the least.  Mom meant well but she’d been pushing the whole you’re a nice girl, why don’t you find a nice young man and settle down thing for years now.  “Hello” “Hi Mom, it’s me.  I’ve got some news for you.”  “Darling so good to hear from you, does this mean you’ll be gracing us with your presence soon and I should tell Jeffery you’d love to have dinner with him?”  “Yes, I’ll be coming home soon Mom I’ll have to check my schedule at work but it should be sometime soon for sure.  As for Jeffery, sure dinner would be great as long as he doesn't mind me bringing a date along.”  “That sounds great dear, I’ll let your Dad and Jeff…… pardon me, what was that you said about bringing a date?????”  

      I could hear the shocked excitement in her voice, over my news.  “I've met this really amazing guy and I want to bring him home to meet the family Mom.  I need to talk to him about when’s a good time for him with his schedule, but it should be sometime in the next month at the very most.  Then you and Dad, and the whole family can get a chance to know him and he can get to know you.” Normally I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than take someone home to meet my family, because as I liked to say “My family puts the “fun” in dysfunctional.”  “Oh darling that’s wonderful news, I can’t wait to tell your Dad.  He’s out right now or I’d put you on speaker phone and you could tell him yourself.   So tell me a bit about him sweetheart.”  “Well his names Liam, he’s intelligent, has a wicked sense of humour, he’s sweet, thoughtful, incredibly handsome and a true gentleman.”  I couldn't believe I was actually gushing like this, and it was just so unlike me and my Mom seemed to pick up on that fact.  “Honey that’s wonderful, I’m really happy for you.  We’ll be pleased to meet him whenever you two kids can make it down for a visit.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon dear.  I hate to cut this short but I have to run over to Edna Andersons’ and drop off the crock pot I’m loaning her.  I’m tickled pink about you finally having a boyfriend at long last dear!”  “Okay, talk to you soon Mom.” And with that she was off and running to Edna’s place I presumed. 
    It was amazing how my Mom managed to make me feel like I had passed my expiration date on the whole having a serious relationship front.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t wanted one, it was just a case of I wasn't going to settle for the first guy that asked me, if it didn’t feel right to me in my heart of hearts. I rang Matt next and he picked up on the second ring.  “Hi Cupcake, what’s up?” he boomed at me.  “Hey, Matt.  Just thought I’d call you back and bring you up to speed on things.” I swear he knew I was grinning like a fool in love when I greeted him.  “Okay Cuppers, tell Matt all about it and no holding back on anything.” “Well long story short I ran into him yesterday at Joey Morellis’ soccer game.  Turns out his nephew Patrick is one of Joeys’ team mates.  He asked me out and we had the most incredible date any girl could have ever dreamed of.  It was perfect Matt, sunsets and strolls, moonlight madness, dancing and talking until dawn. 
      Then we came back here I made breakfast for us then we cuddled and had a nap together.  Neither of us wanted it to end.” I sighed with a mixture of contentment over the thrill of it all and the ache of missing Liam now.  ``We`re going to talk later tonight and we`ve got a date to meet on the way in to work tomorrow.  Matt I think this guy is THE one for real.”  I added.  “Wow, does this mean I get to be the flower girl?” he deadpanned.  “Only if you’re planning on wearing a dress with patent leather shoes and a wreath of flowers in your hair my friend.” I shot back at him and we both burst into gales of laughter, over the thought of that.  “Seriously though sounds like you two really connected, and are planning on making a go of things.” He said with all sincerity.  “I think we are too” I said soberly.  “We don’t want to rush things but we definitely want to see where this relationship can take us, even after only one date.” I added reflectively.  “Well I do wish you all the best with this, and also keep in mind that, you’re special to me too, and if he hurts you in any way shape or form, I’ll hunt him down like a dog in the street and make his life a living hell.”  He promised like the protective friend he was.  “I seriously doubt that will be necessary, but it’s good to know you've got my back buddy. What can I say you’re my wing-man.” “So when do I get to meet this guy, check him out, make sure he measures up?”  “Not sure about that, but we’ll figure something out soon.  Anyways I really should get going, as I've got some things to do, and should get on them.”  “No worries, Cupcake, we’ll touch base again soon.  Take care.”  “Later Matt.” And we both disconnected.

    I then busied myself by doing laundry, watering my houseplants, dusting, and all those other little mundane chores that needed to be done and I’d neglected this weekend.  Today I did them with a light heart as my mind drifted to thoughts of Liam and all the endless things I looked forward to doing with him and for him.  I checked the time and debated whether or not I should ring Liam up, and fought the urge to do so as I didn't want to seem over anxious or clingy even though I was dying to hear his voice and spend time with him.  The solution of course was to find something else to occupy my time until, he phoned me, or at least I hope he was going to phone.  “Think Lorelei, think” I kept telling myself, and then it came to me. “I know I’ll make something to surprise Liam for his lunch tomorrow.”  I turned on the oven to preheat and started to get out the ingredients I’d need to make him a batch of my killer chocolate brownies with chocolate butter-cream icing on them.  I whipped up the batter and had them ready to go in the oven just as the temperature indicator on the oven beeped that it was ready to go.  Next I perused the fridge and figured out what to make for his main course, something simple but yummy.  I spied the chicken breasts I’d had marinating to make for dinner on Saturday night, and decided to grill them, since my plans had changed so drastically on Saturday.

     I’d make him a nice sandwich in the morning out of the chicken breasts.  Then I decided to make some of my tri coloured rotini pasta salad to go with it.  I put the water on to boil for the noodles and went about, cleaning the cherry tomatoes, pitting my black olives, slicing red onion, crumbling feta cheese, dicing up red, green, and yellow peppers and making a light Greek dressing to marinate it all in.  It was a perfect salad to serve chilled, and I hoped he’d like it.  The water was ready and I dumped in the noodles and removed the brownies from the oven to cool when the timer went off.  I started on making the butter-cream so I could ice the brownies when they were cool enough.  I grinned as I worked thinking how my Grandmother had always told me that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, well I intended to lay claim to both Liam’s heart and his stomach.  A stomach, which I knew was both toned and incredibly sexy. having been privileged enough to have both viewed it and run my hands over it again and again.  The mere thought of that sent surges of power running through my body which seemed to electrify my sacred vessel which I longed for him to fill.  I shuddered with the thought of sweet surrender to him. Soon enough everything was ready, and I put things in the fridge, and tidied up the kitchen so it was neat and orderly once more.  I flicked off the lights, and went into bedroom to update my journal and do some reading while I waited for his call.

    The game ended on a high note as the Jays beat the twins, 7 to 3, so I was feeling rather chipper as I flicked of the television set.  I checked my watch, to see if it was a good time to phone her.  It was just a few minutes after nine which I figured was a perfect time, not to soon after I’d last seen her, but not so late that I’d be waking her up. I couldn't wait to hear her voice again. It took me back to the first time I’d ever phoned a girl I had a crush on, my heart was racing my palms were sweaty, and back then I also sounded like Minnie Mouse at times as my voice was breaking.  Now I was feeling much more confident about it all and making the call.  I was pretty sure she’d say “Yes” when I asked her out.  I grinned and dialed her number.

“Hello” her soft lyrical voice answered on the second ring. “Hi Lorelei, its Liam.” And I would have sworn that I could sense that her face lit up and she became more animated just from hearing my voice.  It was torture for me to hear her voice and not be able to take her in my arms and hold her close. “So did you get all your laundry taken care of and is this the part where I talk dirty to you?”  She giggled at me.  “Pardon me??” I asked not the least bit sure where she was going with this.  “Sure” she said “You know, Dirty Laundry.” She said in a very sultry voice then giggled hugely at her own joke.”  I had to laugh, it was contagious. “Yes I got it all done and several other things as well.  I’m quite the domesticated fellow when I put my mind to it.” I added quite proudly.  “Then I watched the last few innings of the Jays game.  How about you?  What have you been up to since we parted company?”

    “Pretty much the same thing, I transformed into a domestic goddess and whipped my apartment into shape.  Do I lead an exciting life or what?” she said. “An alter ego as a goddess, I’d say that makes me a pretty lucky guy indeed.  I’m the only guy that has a girlfriend that’s a goddess.” He chuckled.  “Oh and I talked to my Mum today as well.  Seems Molly told her about meeting you and also that we had a date this weekend.” I added not quite how she would take that bit of information, but I figured I might as well bite the bullet on this one and cut to the chase, so I plowed on.  “She and my Dad would like to meet you, and Mum wants to have a family get together so you can meet the rest of the tribe.  Nothing formal, just  a casual back yard bbq sort of a thing. How’s that sound to you?” I asked. As I physically crossed my fingers in an effort to increase my luck and ensure she’d be okay with it.

      “Well” she ventured and my heart sank thinking it was way too much to ask of her this soon into my budding courtship of her.  “Please don’t let her be thinking of ways to turn me down on this request.” I silently prayed. “I’ll do it on one condition.” And I thought I detected a playful tone in her voice and I perked up immediately.  “Okay, go on, I’m listening.” I told her. “I’m willing to. Provided you’ll do the same for me and come with me to meet the nuts that make up my family tree. Do we have a deal?”  “Hmmmmmmmmmmm, That depends, you know some nuts really aren't classified as nuts, I mean take the peanut, it’s technically considered a legume despite its name, are your family seriously nuts or just technically nuts?” I couldn't help but crack up at my own wit.  She joined along in my laughter “Great I get stuck with a wise guy that’s up on his botany, keep it up and your Christmas gift this year will be a membership to the Royal Horticultural Society.” She Laughed and added “I love my family dearly Liam but to answer your question I’m going to go with actual nuts.”

    “Sweetheart if you think my family are the poster people for sanity then you are sadly mistaken. They are a bunch of characters in their own ways but I think you’ll grow to care about them as much as I do, or at least I hope you will.”  “I’m sure that I will just as you’ll come to accept and fit in with my loony family.”  “Good now that that’s been settled will you come with me?  My Mum was thinking next weekend. I told her it would depend on your schedule at work, and that I had to check with you first.” “Sure, next weekend will work for me I've got weekends off most of the time unless it’s a peak season like Christmas or Easter and then I’m there six or seven days a week. Ask your Mother what I can bring with me to contribute.” How typical of her I thought didn't know my family from Adam but wanted to pitch in and do her part, I had to respect her for that.  “I’ll check with my Mum and get back to you on that okay?”  “Sure sounds good to me.” I was pretty relieved that this was going as well as it was, I knew how nerve racking meeting parents and family for the first time could be.

    Given the choice I think most people would have ranked it somewhere between having a root canal and filing your income tax on the fun metre of life. “Oh yeah, and on Sundays I usually play baseball with a group of guys.  Nothing organized just a bunch of us getting together, getting a bit of exercise and having some laughs. Then we go have a couple of pints at either a pub or one of the guys’ places afterwards.  Would you like to tag along and watch the game”  “Sounds like fun, shall I bring my pompoms with me?”  “Nope a foam finger would be more appropriate for these guys, but I wouldn't mind seeing you in the cheerleader outfit sometime, bet you look like a total knockout in it.” 
     For some reason I could picture an impish grin on his handsome face as he delivered those words and I had to smile myself.  “Why I do believe your flirting with me sir.” I teased him.  “You can’t blame me for trying can you?” he inquired. “No, I can’t as long as I can flirt back.”  “I wouldn’t have it any other way Lor, and you are the only one I have any desire to flirt with.” “You know something?” he said changing the tone of the conversation to something deeper and more telling.  “I can’t think of ever having a better time with someone in my life than I did with you.  It wasn’t anything grand and planned but it was just perfect, and I’m glad I got to experience it with you, Lor.” He said.  “I feel the same way.” I answered him softly.  He continued, “It’s kind of freaking me out at times how well things are going and how strongly I feel about you.  I just feel like we were connected even before we met.” He laughed and added, “Yes, I’m completely sober, I had one drink while I watched the game and I swear that was all.  I probably sound like a total goofball to you, but for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve met the one person I can say anything to, and we can talk about it.  Am I making any sense at all to you?” he added with a slight note of anxiety to his voice.

    “Actually believe it or not, I do get what you mean, and I feel exactly the same way.  It’s never been easy for me to fully open up to anyone, but I know in my heart that I’ve found the one person I can be totally genuine with.  You won’t judge me for the mistakes I’ve made in my past, and you’ll be there for me in the future.”  Suddenly it struck me as how very unlike me it was to be this open and candid with a man that I cared for so much.  “In a great many ways I’m an incredibly private person, and over the years I’ve put up a multitude of walls around me to protect me from getting hurt.  But with you I taking a leap of faith and letting my guard down, and its scaring me half to death.  You know something else?  I’m not sure, but having a serious talk with you like this over the phone is easier, than it would be face to face.” My voice trailed off.

    “It’s okay.  I understand more than you may think I do.  You and I are cut from the same cloth it would seem.  We are both the type to feel deeply, but aren’t always able to express it the way we want to.  This is a whole new world for me as well, and I’m still nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, that I’m going to get hurt in one way or another.  For once in my life though I’m more afraid not to open up and let you in, I don’t want to lose you, because of my inability to be able to tell you everything that’s in my heart of hearts.”  There was a moment of silence then a very audible gulp.  “I so can’t believe I just had the guts to say that to you.” He blurted out and then laughed a small almost hysterical hiccup of a laugh, and added.  “If I’d tried saying that to you face to face I’d probably have turned fifty shades of red on you.” “Not Fifty Shades of Grey” I snorted at my own goofy little joke in an attempt to break the gravity of the conversation.

    “I’m sorry did you just snort at me?” his voice tinged with humour inquired.  As he did I could envision his face lighting up and his eyes crinkling up in that endearing way they did right before a smile enveloped his lips.  “I believe that you did in fact hear me snort at you.” I giggled.  “Sometimes I do that when I’m extremely nervous.  Liam, I am touched that you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and share things with me that are obviously difficult for you.  But there is still a part of me that is living in abject terror that I’ll wake up tomorrow and all of this with you will all just be a dream.  I don’t want to mess this up, with by going too fast.  I just need to slow it down a wee bit.  I just hope that makes sense to you.” I added in a still, small but very determined voice.

    “It’s all good” he responded in that easy good natured way of his.  “So how about those Blue Jays?” he asked.  I loved the way he understood me so well, and I adored him for it.  We fell back into an easy rhythm of banter once more, and I began to relax again.  We jibber jabbered away like a pair of magpies until a small yawn escaped. “You’re tired, I should let you go.” He said, obviously having picked up on my yawn.  “No, no, I’m fine really I am.” I protested.  “I don’t want to go either if that’s any consolation to you.” He said.  “Why, are you afraid of sleeping all by yourself big guy?”  I teased him playfully. “Nope, but I will admit it won’t be nearly as much fun.  I like having your body curled up next to mine.  You fit so perfectly into my arms, and it doesn’t hurt either having those smooth, silken legs of yours entwined in mine either.  Not to mention how certain contours of your anatomy seem to fit so snuggly against my own.” His voice sounded almost wistful at the thought of not having me next to him” and he ?let out a sigh.

   “Somehow, I don’t think wrapping my arms around my pillow and fantasizing that it’s you in my arms, is going to cut it for me tonight as well.  It would only be a hollow imitation, now that I’ve had the real thing.” Instantly I felt my cheeks flooding with colour, at my revelation, I wanted to bite my tongue.  “Silly girl I chastised myself, he’ll think you've had some school girl crush on him for ages now.  Well you have.” I argued back silently with myself. “That’s how you've been falling asleep?” he inquired softly, almost stunned in one sense, but you could tell he was chuffed about it as well.  “Yes” I mumbled “Before we actually met and started dating it was one of the few ways that I could manage to drift off to sleep.  My head would be so filled with thoughts of you when I lay down at night.  It wouldn't matter how crazy my day had been, how tired I was or anything else, my last thoughts of the day always involved you.” I waited to hear him break into amused laughter at my revelation. “I bet you think that’s one of the dumbest things you've ever heard in your life.”

    “I think that is one of the sweetest things any one has ever said to me Lorelei.  To think that I would be the last person that you thought of at the end of your day, speaks volumes to me, about how you feel about me.  It’s humbling to know that I have such a special place in your heart.  I sincerely hope that I’ll always have it.” I intoned in a deep caressing voice. “While we are confessing things, I’ll own up to my thoughts straying to you, and I’ll get this warm, fuzzy feel good feeling deep inside and it’s like, you’re thinking about me at the same time, sending me your energy.  I never had that before but it’s a total rush when it happens. Now I bet that sounds dumb to you.” 

     I had to grin broadly at that news.  “No Liam, I feel the same way when I think about you during the day, which I do a lot.  It amazes me that I can actually get anything at all accomplished at times.” I said to him and felt that delicious fluttering in the depths of my tummy that gave me that warm, feel good feeling all over.  It was like an electrical surge that radiated good vibes throughout my entire body and made me tingle.  To me it felt like Liam and I were members of a very exclusive mutual admiration society that had a membership which included just the two of us, which to me was just perfect.

   This time it was Liam that let out a yawn.  “Am I boring you? I teased him gently.  “Nope but if you want to come and tuck me in, I wouldn’t say no to you.  Hey I wouldn’t even say no to you if you wanted to tuck yourself in next to me.  I think we could have an awesome sleep over.  I’ve even got a spare toothbrush you can use.  Am I a good host or what?” he chuckled “You goof.” I chuckled back at him.  “It is an awfully tempting offer though.  The toothbrush is a nice touch but what about jammies, would I have to bring my own?” I probed him.
   “Good question, I have a/c in the house but  am willing to make the sacrifice of holding your very close to keep you warm, I don’t want you getting a chill  especially if you don’t want to wear pajamas which would for the record totally work for me if you don’t want to wear them.  To answer the question about do I have jammies here you could wear, well I think I may have a pair still in the box my Mum gave to me for Christmas a few years back in one of my bureau drawers.  I’m not much on wearing them myself, more often than not I’ll wear a pair or track pants, boxers or if you’ll pardon the expression just let it all hang out and go au natural.  But if you’ve got something you wanted to bring with you that’s lacy, silky or see through, I mean I don’t want you to feel that you couldn’t dress as you’d like.” He added with a very sexy undertone to his voice.
   “Naughty boy, does this mean you were not impressed with my Wallabies shirt earlier today?”  I laughed as I thought of the tomboyish appearance I must have presented to him. “Quite the contrary my dear lady, I thought you looked incredibly desirable and sexy in it.  You really got my heart racing when you were dancing in it and the hemline would sneak up on you.  You’ve got some amazing legs for the record.”  I found myself blushing as I had never been well to take compliments well especially with regards to my appearance.  “Thank you” was all I could manage to counter. “So my offer still stands, want to come tuck me in?” he asked hopefully, but with the resigned air of one that already knew the answer. “Can I take a rain check on that?” I inquired.  “Anytime and as often as you want” he affirmed.  “Now I know that it’s getting late and we both need to be up early tomorrow as we’ve got a date to meet before work.  I’m looking forward to it already and can hardly wait.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive.”
    “I can’t wait either, and I’ve got a surprise for you too that I can’t wait to give you.  Opps, I wasn’t going to tell you that.  Forget I said anything.” I giggled.  “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep secrets from you Liam.  It would appear I’m hopeless about that, because I want to share everything with you.” Lorelei I don’t want us keeping secrets from each other, not now or ever.  Okay maybe little ones about fun little surprises we’ve got for the other, but I want to be the one person you can come to about anything and everything got it?” he added in all sincerity. “Got it.  The same goes for you as well Liam.  We share everything.” As much as I hate to do it, it’s time to wish you good night and put the phone down.  I love you, you know.” He intoned and the way he said it, was like the sweetest caress in the world only a verbal one. “I love you too, my darling.” As the words clung to the air, we disconnected and each vowed to ourselves to try to get some sleep.  A seemingly daunting quest to find sleep as we were both so wound up in our thoughts of one another and longing for the breaking of dawn and a new day where we could connect again once more.  

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