Mar 18, 2014

Part 15 

   Sleep had somehow managed to claim the two of us after we had spent ourselves making love to one another for the first time.  Gently I eased my own eyes open to the early morning light that was streaming through the bedroom window and was ecstatic to find those inviting blue eyes of hers shining up at me, and a positively seraphic smile on her lips.  I was beyond happy and pulled her just a little closer to me and used my hand to softly caress the arm she had wrapped around my upper body.  Her fingers were playing with a wisp of my unruly chest hair and those lips of hers were just so perfect and ripe for kissing that I just couldn’t help myself I had to taste them.  The kiss that followed was perfect and everything a kiss could ever hope to be.  My mind was working over time trying to deal with my emotions, thoughts of our future together and my immediate desire to make love to her again even now only moments into waking.  The latter issue both because of the sensual woman that she is and that affliction of early morning arousal that the typical red blooded male tend to experience upon first waking.

    God how I loved her and even spending every minute of every waking hour with her I would never tire of having her by my side.  I knew I couldn’t exactly propose to her here and now but I knew it wasn’t going to be one of these long drawn out courtships either, nor did I plan on it being a long engagement period either, but I was confident that we would have a wonderful loving marriage and happy life together, on that score I had no doubts or misgivings whatsoever.  The last issue was being taken care of it would seem as she had decided to take matters into her own capable hands. She was a woman, who had a definite mind of her own, and what a mind it was. That soft little hand of hers hand had worked its way down my torso and over my thighs and had come to rest upon the rigid limb of mine. I bit my bottom lip and let out a low moan of delight at this early morning attention I was receiving from this magnificent woman. Her eyes were lit up with desire for me and she had a cat that was just about to swallow the canary look about her.  How I loved her playful sexuality and the fact she was so open about her desires for me. I felt myself growing and swelling as she glided her hand up and down my shaft.  My hips were straining as they would rise to meet her strokes.  I wanted to do something to please her as well but clearly she wanted this to be all about me and my needs.  She was definitely not a selfish lover in bed and it made me love her just a little more as I knew how much I meant to her even on a sexual level.

    She nudged me and I rolled over on to my back, she straddled me in a swift seamless transition of her body.  She reminded me of the Celtic goddess Rhiannon about to mount her mighty steed.  Her hair was mused and wild from the previous night of love making and I couldn’t imagine her looking any more beautiful than she did now. My eyes drank her in instilling pictures of her in me that would stay with me for life.  She was such a seductress hovering just above my throbbing member that was pointing directly at the heavenly body floating just tantalizingly out of its reach.  Lorelei seemed to instinctively know how to arouse and stimulate me without even having to speak a single word. I reached out to grasp her hips and help guide her on to my missile which was clearly ready for lift off.  She resisted me slightly and would only permit me to feel the petals of her flower brushing against my sensitive head.  I could feel she was aroused even without having had the benefit of any of my expert foreplay.  Her sweet juices glistening on me, driving me mad with desire.  Finally as though she had all the time in the world she began to allow me to penetrate her.  Surely this was what heaven would be like warm, inviting and oh so comforting. She took her precious time and I marvelled at the restraint she was using in not fully impaling herself upon me and sinking to the greatest depths she could on me. 

    Slow lazy strokes, a rhythmic rocking motion that was hypnotic to watch.  Her eyes would sometimes close and this dreamy look would cross over her face and her hands strayed to her breasts and she cupped them as though offering me a gift.  How could I refuse and my hands reached up to caress them and tenderly tease her nipples. This only proved to spur her on and her rocking became more fast and furious and I found myself bucking my hips beneath her trying to meet her thrust for frenzied thrust. My hands ran down her body and firmly grasped her waist helping to steady her as she rode me like a warrior princesses pounding along at break neck speeds on her mount. The cauldrons in my loins were beginning to bubble and boil and I knew if we kept this up for much longer I was going to be filling her with my own cocktail of love juices.  I was rearing up and thrusting into her for all I was worth. I could sense her own climax building as she threw her head back and moaned loudly.  I held her firmly and with a final deep thrust I exploded inside of her. 

     I could feel the rush of fluids through my shaft and the way she coaxed every precious drop from me with the way she was flexing her tunnel of love around my steely sword.  She fell towards me still moaning and convulsing with tremulous little aftershocks. I caught her in my embrace and drew her to me, holding her close, kissing her hair and stroking her back.  Still inside of her I slowly rotated my hips ever so slightly to allow her to enjoy those last small jolts that were running through her.  She signalled her gratification my scattering soft breathless little kisses over my chest neck and shoulder as she lay on top of me panting and trying to regain her composure once more. “Good morning” she finally managed to gasp at me.  “Top of the morning to you as well my lady.” And I knew I was grinning like some sort of possessed madman but it didn’t matter a whit to me.  I was the happiest, luckiest man in the world and all because she was mine.  How could I have been such a fool to have thought there was ever anyone else?

     I cuddled her to me and added “Madame you definitely know how to wake a man up in the morning.” I smiled at her. “Well I do aim to please.” She said giving me one of those dazzling smiles of her own, followed by a kiss that just served to stoke the fires of the warm fuzzy feel good feelings she always gave me. We snuggled for a while and she finally broke the silence.  “I suppose your starving?  Shall I make us something for breakfast?” she inquired.  “I’m” I began and we both finished off with “always hungry.” Then we chuckled heartily at our own little joke, sometimes being predictable isn’t always such a bad thing after all. “You relax for a bit and I’ll whip something up for the two of us and feed Barclay as well.” I gave her a quick buss on the cheek before she slipped out of bed.  I moved to my side and propped my head up on my arm enjoying the view I was privy to.  She walked over to the dresser gave me a cheeky look over her shoulder and opened one of my dresser drawers and pulled out one of my t shirts and slipped it over her head. Then spun around to face me and model it for me.

   It was far too large on her and hung nearly to her knees, and it didn’t show off her curves to any great advantage but somehow I loved seeing her in it.  It made me feel like a high school kid when your girl wanted to wear your team jersey. It was still a great feeling to have, even at my age. “It’s all the rage in Paris and Milan this season.” She quipped in a really hokey accent while she strutted along mimicking a model on the cat walk. “Oh and by the way darling last one out of bed makes it.” I laughed and tossed a pillow at her but she artfully dodged it and gave me a little finger way and darted out of the door and off to the kitchen, giggling as she went.  A small price to pay I thought for such a fantastic start to the day and a homemade breakfast.  I really was starving after we’d missed dinner the night before. I made a quick pit stop in the bathroom then straightened up the bedroom and as I did I heard music playing, “You’re Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher.” I could imagine her dancing around barefoot as she got breakfast together and it warmed my heart knowing that she was as happy as I was. I followed my nose to the kitchen after I’d finished in the bedroom, and the scents coming from there were causing my mouth to water in anticipation. 

    I grinned as I heard Liam enter the kitchen.  “Perfect timing lover, I’m just about to plate breakfast have a seat and I’ll be with you in a jiff.” Before I knew it she was whisking steaming plates of food to the table.  A perfectly cooked and rolled omelette which I discovered was filled with chunks of tomatoes, peppers, onions, ham and cheese and fresh herbs.  There was also some sliced fruits and a basket of steaming blueberry muffins, along with the fragrant cups of coffee and glasses of juice. It was gratifying to me that Liam seemed to enjoy my cooking so much, despite his protests that he’d be gaining a ton of weight if I kept cooking him such great meals.  I was still nibbling on my first muffin and he was well into his third one just peeling the paper liner off of it.  Well we did both have quite the nocturnal and early morning workouts, so having a hearty breakfast didn’t seem to put us in any immediate danger of packing on the pounds.

   I was sipping my coffee and he was eyeing the empty basket of muffins.  “There’s more over on the counter cooling, if you’re really still that hungry or I can make you something else.” I teased him.  “It’s just that they are warm and filled with all those plump juicy blueberries and I never make muffins for myself.” He defended himself.  ”Go ahead, but I’ll just have to give you another good work out like last night and this morning if you do.” I warned him, grinning at him over the edge of my coffee cup.  “In that case” he hopped up trotted over to the muffins on the counter grabbed one, ripped a piece of and popped it in his mouth and chewed happily. “Okay so now what’s on the agenda?” he inquired as he rubbed his hands together as I was beginning to clear off the kitchen table.  “What time to we have to be at your folks place?” I asked before I could formulate my answer.  “Sometime around half one or so, we usually end up having a dip in the pool, just generally hang out, and visit then have a bbq for dinner.  Nothing too over the top very casual and relaxed.” he said.  He must have noticed the shadow of doubt that clouded over my face about it being relaxed and he wrapped his arms around me, gave me a comforting hug.  “It’s going to be fine, trust me they’ll adore you.” He kissed me on the top of my head and just simply held me.

   I blew out a little sigh “Okay I’ll trust you.  Now let’s sort out what needs to be finished from last night and what needs to be done for today.’  We put our heads together and divided up the tasks once more.  I’d clean up and make some things for us to contribute tonight’s dinner, and he’d take over finishing the laundry and marking the last few papers he had to do.  Then we’d shower, get dressed and head out. Liam and I exchanged a few sweet, lingering kisses and hugs before we got on with things.  I could hear him bolting down the steps do the basement to take care of the next loads of laundry and I was busily filling the dishwasher, and wiping off the table and counters.  Soon I heard his tread on the steps and from the sounds of it he was taking them two at time.  I was reaching into a cupboard at the time he arrived in the kitchen and felt his arms encircle my waist.  “I just needed a little fix before I get back to work.” He said as he gave me a quick hug and leaned down and kissed my cheek, a gentle caress down my torso and over my bottom and he was gone, whistling as he went. I had to smile or more accurately grin from ear to ear as I bustled about with my preparations.  Before I knew it I had rows of cookies lined up on the counter, a tray of brownies cooling, the icing made and in the fridge and a batch of baked donuts coated in cinnamon sugar.  I tidied up the kitchen and decided I’d curl up in the living room and at least start reading Liam’s journal.  I figured that the less distraction he had the sooner he’d be done with his grading and we could get back to us.
    My feet were tucked up under me as I curled up a corner of the sofa and Barclay who had been keeping an eye on me in the kitchen was now stretched out on the back of the sofa lounging in the morning sunshine.  Opening the journal I started to read.  Knowing that I was the subject overwhelmed me and flooded me with emotion as I continued to read the words he had written. How he had longed to have the courage to even say hello to me, how even the first time he had laid eyes on me he had thought me to be beautiful and someone that he wanted the chance to get to know.  The way he had placated himself with stolen glances in my direction in the hopes of a smile, some small bit even momentary bit of eye contact that might give him the resolve to approach me and say hello.  The endless nights he had laid alone in his bed thinking of me, wondering where I was what I was doing and if he dared to wonder could I possibly ever be thinking of him?  

     Dreams of soft kisses and gentle caresses, moonlight walks and late night heart to heart talks spilled out from the pages of his journal.  His secret desires to be able to one day know that I loved him and the sweet surrender of consummating that love for one another.  I was so entranced by his words and the way he was able to express himself and I felt the tears beginning to prick at my eyes and flow down my cheeks.  I was humbled and awed that this man had a love so deep and endless, and that it was all mine. Unbeknown to me Liam had entered the living room, he’d been standing watching as I read page after page of his musings, completely immersed in them.  He silently crossed the room with his long easy gait, and knelt before me. He gently laid his hand on mine and removed the book and put it aside.

   I looked into her eyes and it was as though she were exposing the deepest and most vulnerable parts of her soul to me.  I could read her very thoughts the connection between us was that intense, and she in turn could read mine as we were the most kindred of spirits. She uncoiled her legs and began to stand as I rose from my knees to my full height.  Our arms wrapped around one other and we embraced one another holding on as if your very lives depended up it. Her face rose to greet me, her eyes still dewy with tears and her cheeks stained by those same tears of her happiness. My own eyes had misted over as well but my vision was clear and I only had eyes for her.  The kiss that followed was tender, filled with warmth and promise.

“My darling had I only known” she began but I hushed her softly.  “It doesn’t matter, none of it matters how long it took us to reach this point all that matters is that we are here now.  We’ll only look ahead my love, not spend our precious time together fretting over the time we spent apart.”  I held her close to me so in love with her. We somehow managed to settle ourselves onto the sofa, clinging to one another our lips finding each other once more.  The kisses we shared were always of a superior calibre and whenever I thought that it would never get better than this it always managed to elevate to an even higher level between us.  Being with her was the ultimate high for me.

   The phone began to ring, and it was shrill to my ears an annoying intrusion on what was an opulent moment of my life.  I could have cheerfully flung it across the room to silence it.  She gave me one of those smiles “You might as well answer it. I’m willing to bet it’s your Mum making sure I haven’t backed out of today and you’ll get no peace unless you answer it or she’ll just keep ringing you back.” “Hello Mum” I said as I picked it up off the end table and put it to my ear. “Now how on earth did you know it was me dear boy?” she laughed at him.  “A little bird told me” he responded, grinning at me.  Lorelei began to rise to leave and give me some privacy but I clasped her hand in my silently imploring her to stay, she nestled into me and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and gave her a squeeze. “Well dear I just wanted to make sure that you and your friend are still going to be able to make it this afternoon was all.” His mother said. “I assure you we’ll both be there, in fact she’s already here and sitting beside me this very minute.” I informed her. “She wanted to make some things to bring with us, when we came.” Liam added as if trying to cut off any inquires she might have as to why I was here so early in the day.  “Isn’t that sweet of her?  It’ll be a new departure for you to be bringing something along homemade.” She teased her oldest son. “Yes, I know Mum” and I rolled my eyes.  Lorelei gave me a little poke in the ribs with her elbow and whispered a quiet “Behave” in my direction.

“So what time will the two of you be arriving?” she inquired.  “We were planning on being there about half one.  Spend some time relaxing, have a swim, have a good visit with you and Dad and the rest of the clan.  Mum, this is really important to me.  I want you to get to know her, and I want her to get to know all of you.  She’s in my life to stay, I’m certain of that.”  I added in a calm level voice. The colour began to rise in Lorelei’s cheeks as I delivered that bit of my news, but she was also beaming at me, and there was a soft warm glow in her eyes. “Mum, are you still there?” I asked after the prolonged silence on the other end of the phone. “Well saints be praised!! I’d never thought I’d live to see the day you were going to think of taking a bride.  You’d best not be taking the mick out of me.  You’re not so grown that I won’t box your ears good and proper.”  Good old Mum I thought.  Lorelei obviously had an image of my Mum boxing my ears and she was trying to control her mirth over it and not laugh outright.  She’d seen pictures of my family around the house and knew my Mum was a diminutive woman even lesser in stature than she was.  My Mum definitely had that Irish spirit deeply ingrained in her though and was fearless.  “I’m dead serious, and if you want us there on time I have to get going and get on with things.  I love you Mum, bye for now.” I intoned firmly.  “Good.  We’ll see you a bit later then.” And she disconnected. 

 Liam put the phone down and sighed. I snuggled into him deeply. “I understand” I added soothingly.  “If I told my mother I the same thing you just told yours she’d be on the phone reserving the church and picking out floral arrangements the moment she hung up.”   Liam snorted “And mine will be on the phone with Father McManus and lining up altar boys for the occasion.”  We both burst into laughter at the absurdity of it all.  Neither of us were the type to want some formal ceremony with all that pomp and formality.  We both loved our families fiercely in our own ways, but we’d stand our ground when the time did come, and we’d do things our own way, of that I felt quite certain. Our chuckles finally subsided and we were able to catch our breath and collect ourselves once more.  “Okay so what’s next?” he asked his arm still wrapped around me. “Just finishing up the last bit of laundry and a couple things in the kitchen, grab a shower get dressed and off we go.” I said.

  “We could always be environmentally friendly you know.” He said flashing that devilish smile of his while his eyes shined warmly at me. “Oh, really?  Do tell kind sir. Enlighten me please.” I inquired a saucy glint in my own eyes.  “Well we could always shower together. It would save both water and time.” He delivered looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.  I arched my eyebrows at him.  “You really think it would save time?” “Nope” he laughed  “But it would be loads of fun.” And he waggled his eyebrows at me and began to nuzzle the nape of my neck.  I loved the way he could be so playful and silly one minute and so sensual in the next heartbeat.   When he began to nuzzle on my neck that was it for me it was game over and I knew I’d be putty in his hands and agree to anything.  Not that it was going to be a hardship by any means sharing a shower and lathering up with Liam.  “You win, I’ll be your shower buddy.” I purred at him.  His hand had slipped up to my breast and he cupped it and squeezed gently making me moan softly.  “You’re so bad.” I murmured at him.  “Quite the contrary, I’m extremely good at it.  Correction we are extremely good at it.” He whispered in my ear the heat of his breathe sending shivers up and down my spine.  I knew we were going to be good little environmentalists together today.

    We somehow managed to eventually untangle ourselves and get the tasks we still needed to do taken care of.  I’d just finished up in the kitchen when Liam joined me after putting away the last bit of clean laundry. It never ceased to thrill me when I’d feel him brush against me, and I doubted that that thrill would ever fade.  The elation I felt just having him near made life vibrant for me.  He drew my still dishevelled hair aside and kissed my cheek.  His eyes warm and inviting looked into mine. “So about that earlier proposition of mine, yeah or nay to it my dear.” I could already feel the electricity between us flowing throughout my body. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I said softly in response. Slipping his arm around my waist we navigated our way to the bedroom and through to the en suite.  Liam turned on the shower and slid the shower shut.  He looked at me his eyes smouldering with his desire for me.  Moving towards me, he pulled me to him and embraced me giving me one of those toe curling kisses that made me swoon.  He pulled away but only long enough to grasp the t shirt of his that I was wearing and slide it up my torso. My arms rose to ease the process and soon I was naked once more as he slipped it easily off of me and tossed it aside.  With one hand he stroked my tousled hair and with the other he ran it over the contours of my body.  “You are so beautiful to me.” He said quite simply but at the same time it spoke volumes to me.  He leaned down to kiss me as he continued to caress me.

   My own hands found the elastic waist of the shorts he had on and soon was tugging them over his hips and they slipped to the floor.  He stepped out of them and kicked them aside with his foot, never once breaking the contact he had with my body.  Soon my hands joined in as they began to roam freely palms flat against his chest fingers creeping upwards to his shoulders, feeling the expanse of his broad chest and the definition of his muscular shoulders.  His body was perfect in my eyes, if he had any imperfections, I couldn’t see them, and if he did they simply didn’t matter to me, I loved this man and he was and always would be handsome and my ideal man. Liam was clearly feeling quite frisky the way he was caressing my body and those kisses of his, there was nothing in the world like his kisses.  It was also evident from the way his manhood was pressed against me firm and prodding against my flesh, as though it were seeking a safe haven in which to bury itself.  It was gratifying to me to be able to find the one person in the world that I could be with so intimately and feel no guilt or shame.  Being with him was the most natural and lovingly perfect thing in the world.

    We gently danced our way to the shower and Liam slid the door open and we slipped inside together.  The warm water rained down upon us like an impromptu summer shower that was warm and welcoming.  We kissed with unrestrained passion and desire our hands and fingers freely exploring each other. His index finger teased the lid of my womanly treasure box.  Sliding back and forth along its opening indentation but never delving further in an effort to gently pry it open and continue his treasure hunt.  He was an expert at teasing and pleasing me and it made me feel special as well as loved that he was always so attentive to my needs.  I buried my head against his chest covering it in dewy kisses. Finally he relented and his finger slipped into the wetness between my thighs and began to seek his lustrous pearl.  I through my head back throat upstretched, my eyes closed as the warm water washed over me, Moans of pleasure escaping my lips, a throaty purr that grew to the sultry growl of a tigress whom had every intention of merging in a sexual union with her mate.

    Even in the throw of my own passion and pleasure I reached out for Liam determined to make him as feral and in need of coupling with me as I was with him.  My hand wrapped around his steely sword of flesh and began to squeeze and stroke him.  Soon his own low rumbles of pleasure were emanating from deep within him and growing in their volume.  He grasped me as a dancer would his partner and lifted me easily lifted me and I instinctively wrapped around his waist and he backed me against the wall of the shower for support.  He slid into me and began to slowly slide in and out.  Our ravenous mouths found one another and the kisses were passionate demanding to sate our hunger for one another.  Tongues danced and dueled as our dance below our hips mimicked our kisses.

     Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck as I plunged into her again and again.  It felt amazing to be inside of her to be able to feel her climax building with in her.  I wanted to send her completely over the edge.  With each thrust she would somehow manage to greet my hips as they advanced, ensuring I filled as completely as possible. Our hips and sensual assets were uniting and sharing their own special version of the same kisses our lips and tongues were engaging in.  Unbridled sensual delights were being savoured and enjoyed by all parts of our being.  I could feel my own climax building, my muscles tensing like an animal about to pounce and finally claim its trophy. I held her firmly against the wall for support and with one final thrust I felt myself begin to empty every ounce of the life source I had within me.  She cried out as I did and I felt the flow of her own river of fluids washing over me, just as the water from the shower was.

  We clung to each other riding the ebb and flow of our climaxes as we did, the sweet waves of the aftermath washing over the two of us.  Her legs unfurled from around my waist and dropped to the surface of the shower. She was as weak kneed as a new born fawn, and I can’t say I was much more stable myself.  I pinned her against the wall of the shower with the weight of my body in an effort to keep us upright and keep us from collapsing.  I stroked her hair and smothered her face and lips with kisses and she responded in kind. Finally when we were able to calm our racing hearts and regain some form of composure, we began to silently and lovingly bathe one another.  Gentle caresses and soft touches were exchanged as we lathered and rinsed one another.  The acts as themselves on a level of intimacy all of their own and we took our time savouring every moment of it.  

Eventually Liam turned off the shower and we stepped out. We took turns toweling one another off and drying each other’s hair.  The performance of these personal acts just drew us closer together, and added yet another dimension to our relationship.  A final soulful kiss and it was time to dress and leave on the adventure of meeting with his family.

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