Jul 17, 2014

Part 32

     Labour Day dawned bright and clear, and with everything in order in the house, we took the day to just enjoy ourselves in our own hedonistic way.  Lounging about, making love, indulging in our favourite foods and beverages, and best of all just being together.  We revelled in a day that was solely ours and we savoured each and every moment of it.  For soon enough we’d be getting back to the routine of everyday life.  Lorelei would be back to work and I would be back to teaching classes fulltime.  The sunny days of summer would retreat slowly and be replaced with the shadowy oncoming of fall days.  Leaves would turn vibrant shades of red, gold and orange before turning brown and wafting silently to the ground.  Nights would turn crisp, and there would be that unmistakable scent in the air that could only be associated with autumn. 

      I looked forward to autumn and had visions of how my life would be different this one than it had in the past. Having Lorelei to come home to and Barclay who would keep the home fires burning while we were gone, just made everything better.  I knew there would be walks in the woods, leaves crunching under our feet, cozy meals which we’d prepare together with favourite comfort foods which would nurture both the body and spirit.  Nights spent together sipping her homemade herbal teas or hot apple cider in front of the hearth.  Maybe I was trying to idealize things but I didn’t think so. I was enough of a realist to know that the day to day grind would take place as well. I’d have to make lesson plans grade papers and more than likely get roped into helping organize extracurricular projects at school like school plays for example. Lorelei would be busy gearing up for the holiday seasons at work.  She’d begin her volunteer work again.  I knew we’d be busy but I also knew it wouldn’t diminish anything the two of us had together.  It would only bring us closer together and make us appreciate the time we did spend together even more.

     I was also bound and determined to plan and execute the perfect proposal.  The more I thought about it I also was more and more convinced I should just go for broke and do the wedding as well. I figured why not, after all neither of us wanted a long engagement so I might as well take matters into my own hands and fast track things.This would be my great coup ever if I could manage to pull it off as a total surprise to Lorelei.  Being a realist and never having planned either a proposal or a wedding I might need to be aided and abetted by a couple of people. I figured I’d line up my co-conspirators and they’d include my sister Molly, who might roll her eyes on some of the decisions I’d make but would totally support me all the same.  Matt and Skye I felt would be on board as well and be right in their element helping plan and ultimately executing the menu for the reception.  I’d get the Morelli’s to create an amazingly over the top wedding cake that would rival anything in Lor’s wildest dreams.  My brother and a couple of my buddies would round out the team by supplying any of the muscle I’d require.

       I was busy formulating my master plan in my head, and didn’t realize how wrapped up I’d gotten in my planning until I heard her voice breaking the still calm.  “Are you okay sweetheart?”  “Oh I’m great, just thinking.  Lesson plans, full days at work, how I’m looking forward to life with you.” And I leaned in and kissed her. It was sweet, gentle, unrushed and as always a perfect kiss.It was clear to see from the smile on her face that I’d given her an answer that she could totally live with, as her face flushed and she radiated genuine beatified warmth.  “I still can’t believe this at times.” She said as she caressed the sparkling band on her ring finger. “You looking to upgrade that to an engagement ring my dear lady?” I probed her gently with the question.  She smiled.  “It’s not the ring that matters to me Liam, and I would happily keep this one and just change the name of it from a promise ring to an engagement ring if that’s what you decided.  I’ve spent a life time looking for the piece of the puzzle that completes me, with my ragged, obscurely cut edges and I found that in you, so you are all that I want to make my life complete.” She told me with gentle sincerity the way that only she could.

    “I also have a sense that in some ways you are quite traditional and that you want to be the one that does the proposing but you aren’t so traditional that you’d ask me to obey you either in our marriage vows. Am I correct?” she questioned me. Stroking my chin before replying, I tried to appear as though I were giving the matter very serious and grave thought. “Yes I do want to be the one that does the asking as you put it.  Just seems like the right thing to do.” I began.  She cut me off with a “and we both know you always to the right thing or make every possible effort to.” I raised my finger to her lips to silence any further conversation on her part for the moment.  “But your dead wrong about the not wanting you to obey me part.”  She looked genuinely shocked at this pronouncement.  “Mind you” I added hastily “that’s only in the bedroom during role play.”  My little joke earned me an “Oh honestly you are such a turkey at times.” Delivered in as huffy and indignant tone of voice as one could muster when one was trying very hard not to laugh hysterically, which of course caused me to do my impersonation of a turkey, complete with gobbling and head bobs.  This cracked her up totally and she lay panting for breath as she was finally able to stop laughing.

     “I had you going for a second there didn’t I?” I teased her.  “Yes you did but I was going to give you a chance to explain before I considered knocking some sense into you.” She teased me back and gave me an elbow to emphasize her point. “Seriously though I never want you to promise to obey me, because for starters it’s archaic and secondly we both know you couldn’t because you have your own mind about things, and thirdly I’d never want you to.”  I told her.  “Well we’re agreed on that then.” She said as she smiled and leaned in for a kiss. As we sat snuggled together and we’d already sort of broached the topic I felt it was a good time to test the waters and find out what she really did want or expect out of the wedding itself.  “You know” I said trying to make it sound as casual as I possibly  could manage to “maybe we should start talking about the future more starting with the wedding.  I actually loved some of those ideas your Mom was ranting on about that weekend we spent at your parents.  Do any of those ideas you had growing up still fit into your ideal wedding now?” “As crazy as it may sound, all of them still do on one level or another.

      For starters you know how much I love the beach and being near or on the water, so to me that would be the ideal setting, and the time of year really wouldn’t phase me at all.  If the waters were calm and serene that would be fine with me. Yet if the wind was blowing and the waves were choppy I’d see the beauty and feel the raw passion of nature in the element.” She told me. “That actually makes sense to me and neither of us are the sorts to want to be confined in the four walls of a church.  We need our space and to be in touch with something that has meaning and significance to us on such a momentous occasion.”  The more I thought about it and the more we talked I discovered she’d had some pretty sound reasoning to her choices even when she’d been a kid. “So tell me more.” I encouraged her.  “Well I’ve always loved autumn and Halloween especially. Halloween was always special to me and I’d eagerly start planning my costume and even my pranks months in advance in preparation of it.  It was the ultimate day to play dress up and make your wildest dreams come true.  There’s just such magic and energy associated with it and besides its fun.” She added animatedly and giggled.

   “I couldn’t agree with you more, and I’ve always had a rather soft spot for Halloween myself.  I still decorate the house for it and usually go over the top doing it.  I’ll get into some crazy get up myself and after the trick or treaters have come and gone I’ll either head down to the village for the street party or off to some other venue with my buddies to have a good laugh and celebrate.” I agree with her finding myself really getting caught up in the whole conversation. “It’s not just the fun of it all, but as we all know I do love to have fun.” And she giggled over such an obvious statement.  “But ask yourself how many times have you gone to a wedding and been really uncomfortable in your suit and tie?  Or your dress shoes pinch your feet because you seldom wear them?  Or you felt obligated to go buy a new suit to wear, even though you knew you’d seldom wear it again and it cost you far more than you really wanted to spend for a few hours?  Now let’s move on to your date for said wedding, as it’s not a piece of cake for women either at these things.  A new dress for the occasion so you don’t clash with the colour scheme of the bridal party, heels that give you blisters and you end up kicking off at the reception as soon as you can so that you can dance properly, and besides they cover up the pedicure you just got with that really cool shade of nail polish on them.  Oh and make up having to be flawless and heaven forbid your mascara run if you get emotional and cry.” She finished up with an almost vehemence to her voice.

     “You know you’re so right about all of that.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to just get comfortable and relax and enjoy the event and just ended up suffering through it like everyone else.  We were all in the same boat but we all go through this let’s dress up to the nines and look stiff as boards and be all proper about the formality of it all.”  The method to her madness was really beginning to dawn on me with amazing clarity.  “What the focus should be on is having fun and celebrating the event and what better way to do that then with love, laughter and doses of silliness wrapped up in being comfortable.”  I was really getting on board with her ideas more and more all the time. “This is part of why I love you so much Liam, you are such a quick study.” She said as she pulled me in and kissed me deeply with a great deal of tongue action that caused a stirring in my nether regions.  This was only accented by the way her hand and found its way into my lap and was caressing and kneading my family jewels through the crotch of my jeans.

    “Whoa there missy, you just focus on the topic at hand here.” I told her sternly.  Sensing that I was going into teacher mode on her she responded.  “But sir, I was doing just that, focusing on the topic with my hand.” She responded with a look that was trying to appear as innocent as a lamb but came off more like a total imp.  “Your naughty and I’m going to have to make you stay after class young lady.”  “Promise?” she responded swiftly and eagerly. “You can count on it.” I returned and rubbed her nose against mine in an Eskimo kiss. “Now where were we?” she asked if only to refresh her own memory.  “Oh yes wedding planning and you really have to stop distracting me like that Liam.” She teased before plunging back into the topic with zeal.  “I want people to be comfortable and be able to have fun and if they get to live out some secret fantasy of theirs by being a superhero or whatever they choose, to me that’s a bonus.  Besides people will be talking about it and remembering our wedding long after the fact thinking, man was that ever a great celebration.  If you think about how many weddings you’ve attended over the years how many of them just sort of meld together into one big composite wedding?

       They all pretty much end up being cookie cutter copies of each other with the exception of the colour scheme.  I don’t want people looking back years later going “oh yeah same old same old that was, chicken or beef, wretched wine on the tables for the toasts, the speeches went on way too long and the music was pretty standard.”  If I’m going to do this I want it done right, and I want it done my way.” At which point she started belting out the old Frank Sinatra classic in a falsetto voice.  It left me slapping my knee with one hand and laughing in delight, as I pulled her tighter with my other arm and told her, “You are a total nut, don’t ever change.” And I couldn’t help myself I just had to kiss her that crazy woman of mine. My speed course in wedding planning 101 was coming along brilliantly and I was gaining so much insight into what it was going to take for me to make this her ideal wedding.  This wedding was going to be so such a blast when I was done with it. “So what about the Goth element you’re Mom mentioned?”  I inquired.  “Oh” she said waving her hand breezily “I just always found the whole Gothic/Victorian clothing thing to be romantic and eloquent.  Not to mention having the ceremony lit with flickering candles.  I guess there is a side of me that is truly a girly girl at heart.” She giggled.

       “Yep it is a wedding and about celebrating love so a touch of romance and class makes total sense to me.”  I really felt like she had a firm handle on what a lot of people would find the ultimate experience and just allow them to let their hair down and have a wickedly good time doing it. “What about the hippy dippy free love aspect?”  I asked trying to sound genuinely interested which I in fact was but at the same time not seem like I was plotting something.“Is there a reason for your sudden interest in wedding planning?  Thinking of taking up a new career?” she teased me softly.  For a split second my heart leapt into my throat and I thought for sure I was busted.  “Nope, no plans for a new career other than future husband.” I protested.  “Besides I just want to know what your thoughts are and you know I don’t want to drag things out for years.  So I figure if we start talking about it and begin to work things out its half the battle.”  She mulled it over quickly. “Okay I’ll buy that for a buck.” She quipped back at me. “So what about the hippy dippy free love thing?” I prodded her gently. 

     She shrugged slightly.  “Guess that has to do with the fact I’ve got a definite free spirited wild child outlook on life and when you couple that with my love of music and nature it just seems to work for me.  I’m a lover not a fighter at heart.” She summed up.  “Hmmmmmmmmm and what a fantastic lover you are.” I concurred as I broke into a grin and pulled her into my lap for some serious kissing and caressing.  She offered no resistance what so ever and a very pleasant shared tenderness between us ensued as a result.

      Our clothes were askew and our hair was disheveled when we broke apart but neither of us seemed to mind one little iota. The more we shared ourselves with each other the closer we drew together uniting in our shared joy of life. I let out a small sigh.  “Everything, okay?” Liam questioned me quietly.  “Things are better than okay.” I assured him. “It’s just I wish times like this with you never had to end is all.” I said wistfully.  “I know, I know. I feel the same way” he affirmed as he cuddled me close and he rained kisses on my cheek like early morning drops of dew.  I imagined they gave a soft lustrous sparkle to my face just as dew on a lawn would glimmer as the early morning rays of sun shone on it. It was time for a wee dose of reality now as we untangled ourselves.  There was a ravenous little cat to be tended to, dinner to be made, lunches to be packed for the morning, as well as ensuring we both had everything ready to go for work the next morning.  We continued talking about the wedding and what we both thought would be perfect for us.

      Liam was increasingly warming to the topic which didn’t really faze me all, as to me it was just as much his day as it was mine.  I laughed when he told me that I was so not bridezilla material like so many of his friends had horror stories about.  He recanted a couple tales to me, which left me in stitches but empathizing heavily with the poor bridegrooms in question.  I never could understand women that didn’t want their partners input. Nor could I fathom how some women became such control freaks, not to mention drama queens over weddings.  When we were nearly finished in the kitchen I’d shooed Liam off, telling him to get go ahead and get started on the last minute things he needed to do before his first day back at school.  I wanted to sneak a little something extra into his lunch bag in honour of the start of a new school year as a surprise for him. We laughed and reminisced about getting ready for the first day of school when we were kids.  Heading back to class with book bags filled with pencils with no teeth marks in them, freshly sharpened pencil crayons, and a box of fresh unbroken Crayola crayons in a rainbow of colours, binders containing freshly lined sheets of paper. In those days you’d even find a peanut butter and jam sandwich in your lunch bag unlike now where everything had gone nut free in schools.

    As our day wound down to a close, we turned off lights and headed off to bed.  It wasn’t really sleep that was on our minds though as we slipped between the crisp cotton sheets.  There so no longer any pretense about wearing pyjamas to bed, nor would there be unless perhaps we had overnight guests in the future such as nieces and nephews that might make impromptu late night visits to our room if they needed something. The exploration of each other was still a thrill and we savoured the sensations of skimming over one another’s bodies with featherlike strokes of finger tips. Lips would trail kisses over hills and valleys of flesh.  Tongues that trailed warm moist routes over bodies until they discovered treasures that were thoroughly explored.  The exploration causing ripples of delight to wash over both the discovered and the discoverer.  There was the unmistakable scent of arousal permeating the air with its luscious lingering essence. Soft moans, pounding hearts, rapid breath and whispered words provided the naturally sweet song that only lovers are privy too.

     Two very happy souls would drift off to sleep in the aftermath of it all.  Secure in our knowledge that that were indeed loved.  Never a furrowed brow creased our faces only dreamy smiles graced them as we wended our way into the land of sleep, nestled in one another’s embrace. Mornings always seemed to dawn way too early for either of our likings. I felt confident that we both harboured some pretty sinister thoughts towards the alarm clock at that hour of the day. The saving grace of the situation was waking up to each other and that tempered and conquered any reluctance on our part to awaken and start our day in earnest. Loving nuzzles, eased our transition into the waking world. Caring for Barclay, enjoying a hurried breakfast, some shower time play and hurriedly dressing rounded out the first couple of hours of the day.  It was a happy couple indeed that headed off the steps together hand in hand and made their way to the bus stop.

    With the start of the school year public transportation was packed to the rafters and it was standing room only on the bus this morning.  Liam and I were crushed together in the throng of bodies but we hardly considered that to be a hardship. In fact I think we both considered it a bonus.  At the subway station we exchanged hurried kisses before each rushing off to our respective destinations. I had to grin as I looked over my shoulder and saw him rooting through his back pack looking for his tie.  As a faculty member he had to set an example for his students and uphold the dress code, even if he felt like he has his neck in a noose.  I somehow knew he’d been happier in the summer school sessions where the dress code was relaxed, but for next few months he’d have to stoically suffer through this wardrobe requirement.

   During the first day assembly to welcome back students and introduce the faculty to them my mind strayed to the multitude of things I had to accomplish to pull off a proposal and wedding in rapid succession.  I knew the type of ring I planned on getting for her and I knew the perfect place to find it. It meant a clandestine trip to The Claddagh House.  It was easy to picture the perfect ring in my mind’s eye.  The perfect ring for her would one that was two pieces but would fit together to unite as one just as we had.  A plain white gold band with a heart shaped diamond to set it off.  The second piece I’d use as her wedding band and it would slip over the first band to unify and make a complete claddagh ring. I’d have three little emeralds set in the crown portion of the ring. It would be perfect for her and I knew she’d love it and treasure it always.
  My mind snapped back to the present when I heard my name called and I stood and acknowledged the student body.  After the assembly ended the day passed quickly for me.  Shepherding first year students to their classrooms, filling in seating plans until I got to know all my students by name, handing out textbooks and course outlines for the semester.  My lunch break left me grinning ear to ear as I found a note from the woman I was wild about tucked inside my lunch.  It was so like her to let me know she cared and was thinking about me even when we were apart. I also appreciated the special care she’d taken in what she’d chosen to pack for me and the brownies were a welcome treat as well. Since it was the first day I had nothing pressing to keep me at school any longer than necessary, and checking my watch I calculated how much time I had before popping around to the bakery to meet Lorelei.
     I’d texted Molly on my lunch break and she’d agreed to meet me at a local coffee as she’d arranged for the kids to head over to their grandparents after school, so we’d be uninterrupted.  I was raring to go with this wedding planning and I needed to get people on board as quickly as possible to help me pull this whole thing off. “Let me get this straight” said Molly after I had explained my plans to her.  “You are going to organize a beach wedding in October on Halloween after proposing only hours earlier and you want it to remain a surprise?  Are you delirious or merely tripping big brother?” She questioned me looking at me like I had truly lost it this time.  “No, no I’m fine.” I assured her though I couldn’t help but laugh at her assessment of my current mental state.  “Look neither of us has wanted to have a long engagement nor do we want to wait to get married for ever.  So I figured why not, just do it?”  I explained.  She rolled her eyes at me “Life is not a Nike commercial you know Liam.” She chided me.

    I hurriedly explained our visit with her parents and our subsequent discussions on the subject of the perfect wedding, as I knew my time was limited before I had to leave.  Her face softened when she realized I was completely and totally serious about this.  “It it’s really want you two want and it will make you happy then you can count on me to help you pull this off. I still however think you are nuts and I’m beginning to suspect she’s as crazy as you are.” She said looking me dead in the eyes.  “She is which is part of why she’s perfect for me and thanks kiddo.” I added as I got up to leave.  She hopped up and gave me a bear hug and made me promise to let her know eas soon as I had more things planned and that she could start implementing for me.  I was elated as I met Lorelei knowing that I had the ball rolling and I was in fact going to pull things off.  She sensed my euphoria and joined in it, though not entirely sure what was behind it other than we were back together again hand in hand.

     Every spare moment I had without her that I wasn’t working became devoted to executing my master plan.  Sean could expedite any necessary permits I’d require for the wedding on the beach was enlisted to my team as well.  He shared Molly’s initial sentiments that I had finally totally flipped out, but when he realized I was for in fact dead serious about this he willingly and whole heartedly agreed to pitch in.  My family were pretty cool about most things and it was nice to know they cared enough about me to make sure I’d have no regrets about my actions. Skye and Matt took the news totally in stride as it would seem they were used to such wacky things being friends with Lorelei for so many years.  They were thrilled to be asked to participate and I left the menu planning in their more than capable hands after explaining themes.   I was totally sailing along with this whole thing and it was building as it went. I had even figured out the way I’d present the whole idea to Lorelei so that she was actually helping plan things but was also totally oblivious to the real purpose. 
“So how would you feel about having a blowout bash for Halloween this year?” I asked her as we were washing dinner dishes together.  “I’d love it.” She responded without batting an eye.  “It could be our house warming party as a well.  It would be a perfect time for a celebration. I’ve always loved Halloween and this will be so much fun.” She enthused. “Awesome” I responded.  She began to list things we’d have to do.  “We’ll need a list of who to invite and we’ll have to send out invitations, and I’ll have to plan a menu and of course we’ll have to decorate and….” I wrapped my dish towel around her waist and pulled her tightly into my arms and kissed her deeply.  “And, and, and.”  I teased her.  “I give you my word this will be the best party we’ve ever throw.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down so she could kiss me back. “The best ever.” She echoed between kisses. With Lorelei knowing that something was being planned was making my life so much easier and taking a lot of pressure off me and the rest of my band of merry men.  The hardest part was ensuring that everyone remembered the word wedding was strictly forbidden to be used in her presence.

    I was pretty dead chuffed with myself. Who else could have managed to pull something of this magnitude off, enlist the help of the guest of honour and still manage to keep it all under wraps and a secret?

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