Jun 20, 2014

  Part 28 

    I woke up with a jolt to the sound of a voice hovering over me asking “How do you take your coffee?”  Instinctively my arm tightened around Lorelei even before I opened my eyes.  My sleep addled brain scrambled to connect the dots, as I tried to figure out where and from whom the unfamiliar early morning voice belonged to.  Not being much of a morning person, skill testing questions like “how do you want your coffee?” from unknown sources was mildly freaking me out. Forcing my eyes open and taking in my surroundings I realized it was Lorelei’s mother.  “Good morning” she chirped at me, her own mug of coffee steaming in her hands.  “Good morning” I returned somewhat groggily but politely. Lorelei however burrowed deeper into me mumbling, “Five more minutes Mom I don’t want to go to school today.”

       This woman was unbelievable it wasn’t even cocks’ crow on a Sunday morning, and she was up, showered, dressed and ready to get on with her day and so it seemed clinging to the belief that so should everyone else around her.  As for myself I was stiffer than a Billy goat from sleeping in an upright position all night.  I probably looked a bit like a goat as well with the early morning stubble on my face, but I wasn’t complaining because my best girl was wrapped in my arms and that outweighed everything else to me. “Uh coffee, bit of milk and one sugar or honey, whatever you’ve got please.”  “I’ll be back in a flash.” And she immediately scurried off on her mission. Lorelei slumbered on.  Softly I kissed her cheek.  She opened her eyes and smiled at me, looking quite alert.  “Were you playing possum?” I asked and grinned at her.  “Yes. Better you than me to deal with my early morning happy as a lark, let’s chat now, Mom.” She giggled at me.  “Besides this way you’re the one that’s in the line of fire for dealing with the why are the two of us not in our own beds question.”
    “You’re a little stinker you know that?” I teased her but couldn’t help but think I’d do the same thing to her if the shoe were on the other foot.  “Guilty as charged. I throw myself on the mercy of the court.” She quipped back looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, the quintessential picture of total innocence.  I leaned in and kissed those lips, as they were just too hard for me to resist. “Some judge I would have made, fraternizing with the accused like that.” I thought. “Aren’t you two cute?” And a cup of coffee was thrust at me.  “Good morning dear, did you two sleep well out here?  I can’t imagine either of you being the least bit comfortable like that.” She continued, answering her own question.  Thankfully her father arrived on the scene and her mother scuttled away to get him a cup of coffee as well.  We greeted him and I took a couple fortifying sips of coffee to clear my head further.  Her mother returned with two more mugs one for her husband and one for her daughter.  The four of us sat in the lounge sipping coffee and chatting.  Fortunately neither of her parents mentioned the fact we were on the sofa together, I guess being dressed and in an upright position was good enough for them to rationalize that no hanky panky hand occurred in their home.  That coupled with the fact they had more than likely already checked to ensure our beds and pillows were appropriately messed up.

      When we finished our first cups of coffee, Mrs. Gallagher shooed the two of us off to have showers and get dressed while she whipped up some breakfast for the four of us, before we headed off to church together.  “Church” Lorelei and I both echoed in strangled voices, but we didn’t sound nearly as traumatized over this news as her Dad was.  “It’s not your birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Christmas either.” He said in a befuddled manner, counting off the special occasions he felt obligated to accompany his wife there.   He was genuinely perplexed over the news flash he’d just received. “I’m sorry but I didn’t bring any dress pants or a dress shirt with me.” I added in the hopes this would dissuade her.  “Nonsense dear the early service is always casual. You’ll be fine in your jeans and polo shirt.”  “Goody for my team.”  I thought helplessly.  My biggest consolation was that Lor’s Dad looked as disheartened over the matter as I felt.

     After a shower, shave and some fresh clothes at least I felt more human. When I made my appearance in the kitchen I was ushered to my seat and served a mammoth breakfast compliments of the Gallagher ladies.  I got a quick buss on the cheek from Lor as she slid into her seat beside mine.  Warm cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes and fresh fruit, along with juice and another steaming cup of coffee, a breakfast fit for a king.  I ate heartily, not realizing how much of an appetite I’d built up after my late night maneuvers in the woods.  Mrs. Gallagher of course was dead chuffed about me devouring the meal with such gusto.  I’m not so sure though she would have felt quite so warmly towards me if she knew her daughter and I had snuck out to make love last night.  At least we hadn’t done it in the house, so in the grander scheme of things it was all good.
     When breakfast was over and we’d all tidied up it was time to stop putting off the inevitable.  I offered to drive, which was met with approval.  Mr. Gallagher noticed how I opened the door for his daughter and he seemed pleased that I was treating her like such a gentleman. It was a short drive to the church and I easily followed the directions I was given. Mrs. Gallagher bustled all of us into the church like a proud mother hen with her brood. I looped along behind Lorelei down the aisle to the Gallagher’s family pew.  I felt like a duck out of water but hey sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do in life.  Her mother led the way, followed by her Dad, then Lor, and I brought up the rear and sidled in beside her.  I looked around me as I waited for the service to begin and thought it was rather a quaint looking little church.  There was a lot of nice wood work and carvings and the stained glass windows were quite stunning.  People were very cordial, smiling, nodding and exchanging pleasantries with us.
     Lorelei leaned into me and whispered.  “The gentleman over there is Mr. Bellamy I beaned him in the head when I was six, when I tossed a hymnal over the edge of the balcony.  Mom never let me sit upstairs again.” She grinned at the memory.  “There’s Mrs. Mammon over there and she’s probably never forgiven me to this day for the times I’d hop over the pews to get to my seat.  She would rebuke me and tell me it was most undignified for a young lady to behave so wretchedly.”  I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud as she kept regaling me with tales of all the naughty things she’d done as a youngster while attending church. People must have thought I had some sort of nervous tick or something the way I would shake and twitch as I tried not to let out a rollicking belly laugh.  Next to her behaviour in church as a kid my mother would have considered me to be a saint.  Lorelei on the other hand she would have considered to have been a complete and utter little holy terror.  I considered her to be an angel although one with a slightly tarnished halo at times, and that was just fine in my books.
  Somehow I survived the service without bursting into flames and having to be doused with holy water.  By some miracle of fate the adult Lorelei managed to get through the service without any type of shenanigans.  Mind you I kind of would have liked to have seen her in action as a kid, and I grinned at the thought of poor old Mr. Bellamy getting winged in the head with the book from above. We slipped out ahead of her parents who had remained behind to talk to some other people they knew. In the bright morning sunshine Lorelei grinned at me. “I’ll bet you now know there are 25 pipes on the organ, 16 pew down the centre of the church, and 19 more on both the right and left hand sides, as well as there are 468 ceiling tiles.”  I couldn’t help it I started laughing.  “Yeah I do know that, but how’d you know I’d know that after one visit?”  “Elementary my dear Watson, neither of us truly wanted to be there, so to avoid falling asleep and thus avoid snoring or worse yet drooling in public, we both zoned out and counted to keep awake.  I did it all the time as a kid when I got bored.”  I slipped my arm around her and hugged her to me.  “You’re a woman after my own heart.” I teased her and gave her a little squeeze.

    Her parents joined us and we were on our way back to the house, which meant our visit was nearing its end, as we wanted to get back in time to make my weekly game.  It had been a nice visit for the most part but I knew we were both anxious to get back to our own home. When we arrived back at the Gallagher’s place Barclay greeted us warmly, meowing and carrying on like he’d been deserted by the bunch of us for days, rather than the actual couple of hours that he had been left to his own devices.  He totally sucked his Grand meow in with his mournful complaints and was whisked into the kitchen for a treat.  Lorelei’s Dad stretched out in his lazy boy and flicked on the telly to see what games were on.  Lor and I took advantage of the lull with her parents to finish packing our things and tidying up the rooms we’d used, if only briefly.  Once we were done with that I stowed the bag in the car.

    Not surprisingly her Mother tried to convince us to stay and have lunch but Lorelei patiently explained for the umpteenth time that we really did have other commitments and that yes we’d be back.  We may have declined lunch but we still ended up with a couple of boxes of food items to take back with us.  Mrs. Gallagher referred to it as a little care package for us, I referred to it as a weeks’ worth of groceries.  I had a feeling portion control was an issue for her and always would be.  Still we thanked her profusely as we added that to the luggage in the trunk.  Next came the task of wrangling Barclay into his kitty carrier and while he may have co-operated with us for the trip down here he was not so crazy leaving the comforts of his Grandparents place.  We ended up corralling him in the guest room and eventually coaxing him out from under the bed with a handful of kitty treats, compliments of his Grandmeow.

   “At least he didn’t escape into the back garden this time.  He took a flying leap over the railing and plunked into the middle of the fish pond the last time he was here.”  Her dad said reminiscing.  “He was quite the sorry sight all wet and bedraggled.  Wasn’t any too keen on the ensuing bath he got either if I remember correctly.” And he chuckled over the memory. Once Barclay had been procured and secured, hugs and handshakes were exchanged.  I thanked the Gallagher’s for their kind hospitality, and was warmly assured I was most welcome as often as I liked by both of them.  That gave me a pretty good feeling inside as let’s face it Mr. Gallagher hadn’t been all that keen on me to begin with.  We were finally in the car and on our way with the Gallagher’s waving good bye and fading from view in my rear view mirror.
  “How are you doing after all that?” Lorelei asked me as she placed her hand on my leg and gave me a little pat before resting her hand there.  “I think it went pretty well.  Your old man and I got off to a bit a rocky start but we turned things around fairly quickly.  Your mom is a nice lady but a bit of a control freak if you ask me” I said and nearly bit my tongue thinking it may not have been my finest hour criticizing her mom like that. Lorelei merely laughed though.  “Don’t I know it, and you are far too kind saying she’s only a bit of one.  You should have tried growing up with her.  Don’t get me wrong she’s got a lot of great qualities as well but she’s someone that is definitely used to getting her own way.  I think Daddy is a saint for putting up with her at times.  You know one of my greatest fears in life is that one day I’ll open my mouth and my mother’s voice will come out of it.”
“I think we all have fears of that to one degree or another.” I agreed with her.  “I just always hope that when that happens it will be the best parts of them that come out, but at the end of the day though I just want to be the best me that I can.” I added thoughtfully. “You are the best Liam never ever doubt that for a single moment. It’s part of why I love you so much, and also why I genuinely like you as a person.” She said as she softly stroked my leg. To some people it may have sounded weird or anticlimactic to tell someone you loved so dearly that you ‘liked’ them but I totally got where she was coming from and it made me realize just how much she did care for me and how in synch we were with each other.  Years ago, I had realized that you could love someone but still not like them much for the things they did or said, so the fact that she not only loved me but liked me as well made me feel pretty secure in the knowledge that we were well suited to each other. 
  It was also a huge relief to me to know she could take a statement about such a close family member as her mother and not be overly defensive or sensitive about it.  To me I had made a simple unvarnished statement of fact about her mom, and she had taken it as such.  Lorelei was not the sort of woman that viewed life with rose coloured glasses and always thought that things were peachy keen.  She saw things for what they were, and for better or worse made the best of the situation. Traffic was flowing well and we were making good time on the trip home so we decided to make a quick pit stop and grab a couple cold drinks.  I was going to run in and grab them as we didn’t to leave Barclay unattended in the car.  I asked if she wanted a snack of some sort as well but she declined, as she was still full from that massive breakfast we’d packed away earlier. We pulled off to the rest stop and I leapt out of the car.  “We have limited time to refuel sports fans so I’ll be leaving things in the capable hands of my pit crew.”  I loved doing silly things like that to make her smile and it was better still when she rewarded me with one of her laughs as well.  Just for the record I got the laughs out of her as well.
  Bottles of cold water in hand and a snack for me, and we were off and running once more.  I figured if all things went well we’d be back at the house in another 45 minutes, give or take a few either way.  We’d have plenty of time to unload the car, get our little care package put away, square Barclay away with kibble and fresh water and I’d still have time to change and grab my gear to head out to the game. Everything went according to plan and we were casually ambling over to the baseball diamond hand in hand before we knew it.  Lor gave me a kiss for good luck before I joined the team and she veered off for the bleachers.  I saw Kaylene waving her over madly when she caught sight of her, and indicating she’d saved her a seat.  Lorelei flashed her two thumbs up as she made her way over.

  Lorelei somehow managed to look great both coming and going I thought as I watched the natural sway of her hips as she walked away from me.  She moved like the waves in the ocean, and I found it incredibly sexy.  “You can go into libido over drive a bit later right now you’ve got to focus on the game old man.” I chided myself.  It wasn’t easy to put those thoughts on the back burner but for the sake of the team I had to. I had a new understanding of taking one for the team as a result. We were slated to play one of the top teams in the league and I can’t say I enjoyed playing these guys as they were as cocky as a bunch of bantam roosters.  It would give me a great deal of satisfaction if we could take these turkeys down a peg or two and give them a lesson in humility.
   Everyone was in top form today and seemed to be of the same opinion as I was about the other team.  We ended up trouncing them a very respectable 11 to 5, which must have left them with a bitter taste in their mouths judging from the amount of cursing they did and their refusal to line up and shake hands after the game.  My team of course was totally psyched by yet another victory, and the fact we were moving up in the standings.  We did a cheer for the other team of course as we didn’t want to be brought down to their level and lack of sportsmanship. After we did a couple of the other team did come over and grudgingly offered a couple of us congratulations.  Hey at least it was a step in the right direction I figured.
  I watched Lorelei as she nimbly scampered down the bleachers and ran across the field to me and my waiting arms.  I picked her up and swung her around and around, both of us exuberant and laughing over my latest victory on the field. “So when’s the big day mate?” came the booming voice of my friend Jason, as he slapped me on the shoulder.  “Huh?” I responded not sure what he was talking about.  “You know, when are you two planning on making it official?  You can’t keep it a secret from your best mates Liam.  Especially once my missus gets wind of it.  She pounced on Lorelei the second she saw that ring on her finger.  Had do get all the details out of her.” He laughed. “Well we haven’t officially set the date yet and I am planning on a more proper proposal before we do but it will happen sooner rather than later I can assure you of that.”  I grinned massively as I said it, already thinking about joining the ranks of my married buddies.

   “Good on ya, mate she’s a great little Sheila.” He replied slapping me on the shoulder once again in congratulations.  The news of our unofficial engagement spread rapidly amongst my team mates and their wives, girlfriends and kids.  People were congratulating the two of us left right and centre and I was a bit over whelmed by how happy everyone was for us. “Oh and we’ve heard about your new living arrangements as well so we’ve all decided to pitch in and give you a hand with shifting her things over to yours.  How’s next Saturday morning work for you two?  We’ve got several vans and pickup trucks between us. We’ll supply the muscle, if you two supply the beer and snacks when we finish up.  Sound fair to you two?   “Sounds perfect, thanks guys I don’t know what else to say.” I was truly touched that I had such a great group of friends in my life.  Lorelei echoed my “thanks” to everyone and I could tell she was overwhelmed and truly grateful to them for everything they were offering to do for us and how readily they were welcoming her into the fold. “Now, let’s get moving we’ve got a lot to celebrate today, let’s go grab something to eat and a couple of drinks.”  Jason said rubbing his hands together gleefully.  We picked a spot to meet up at and then packed up and headed off.  It was a cheerful group of revellers that took over the restaurant we choose.
    I was awed and overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of Liam’s friends, and I knew after I got a few of my friends on board with the plan as well we’d easily be able to accomplish the move on Saturday. I was already plotting on having a couple of them help me with some of the food preparations as after lugging my furniture and what not down three flights of stairs the least I could do was to give them a proper feeding up.  I’d be in my element planning for it and I knew Liam would happily be my chief taste tester. Liam and I exchanged looks between all the congratulations and well wishes, and he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into him.  “We are such incredibly lucky people.” He whispered in my ear, and I whole heartedly agreed with him.”  When it was time to settle up and head out the waitress just waved us on.  “Oh your friends took care of it for you, said it was a little gift to get you too started off together.” She informed us. “You guys are the best.” Liam told them as we said our good byes to everyone amongst promises to see us first thing Saturday morning.
      We were a pretty happy couple as we headed back to our home.  It was amazing what a relief it was to know we’d be having so much help with the move and that it was being given to us so willingly, by the people that cared about us and supported us.  We were more than lucky we were truly blessed to have such great people in our life. When we arrive home, Barclay made his presence known and had to get his fair share of attention. Lorelei scooped him up and carried him into the living room like the little fur prince he believed himself to be.  She sat on the sofa with him in her lap and he was absorbing all the attention like a little love sponge the more he got the more he absorbed.  I sat down beside her and put my feet up on the coffee table as I stretched out to relax. “You really should remember to take your cleats off in the house you know.”  “Yeah I know.”  “Trust me cleats in the house aren’t a good thing.” And she blushed, a rosy shade of red.”  “I detect a Lorelei Gallagher moment here, now will this be a suitable tale to repeat in front of Barclay or should we wait until we’re alone?” Liam teased me as he waggled his eyebrows at me.  “Oh it’s suitable for all ages, and I’m surprised my brothers didn’t tell you the story to be honest with you.  They love reminding me of that whole fiasco.  Man oh man did I ever get grounded after that one.” I reminisced as I shook my head, and grinned.
    “Just exactly what did you do?” Liam questioned me, intrigued at hearing more about my formative years. “Well I’d just had this really great game, and came running into the house to tell Mom all about it.  Now Mom was big on the take your shoes off at the door, and put them in the closet thing but I was excited and totally forgot.  I went running through the house calling for her and ended up in her and dad’s bedroom where she was putting away laundry.  At the time she and dad had a water bed.  Well I was demonstrating this great catch I’d made and leapt up on to the bed, smack dab in the centre of it.  Long story short my metal cleats totally perforated the bed.  It sprang more than a little leak shall we say.” I told him.  “Oh tell me you didn’t seriously do that?” He said looking somewhat horrified that I had done such a thing.  “I wish I could. Oh how I wish I could but we agreed no lies between us.”
      “Man you should have seen the mess it made. I can’t remember how many times we had to dump the shop vac trying to get all the water out of the room. My parents were pissed about it to say the least.  I thought I’d never get off of being grounded for that one.” And she laughed over the memory now but at the time I’m sure she viewed it entirely differently.  “To this day I never wear spikes of any kind in the house.  It’s the kind of thing that stays with you.”  “I’ll remember that.” Said Liam as he undid his shoes and slipped them off.  “You know I wish I’d known you when we were younger, you were a complete nut and we could have had heaps of fun together.  The two of us would have been unstoppable.”  “We’re unstoppable together now my darling Liam.” And I grinned at him and gave him a kiss that would surely leave him desiring more. “I think it’s time for me to hit the shower and freshen.” Liam said in that smoulderingly sexy voice of his.  My mission of launching his desire cycle had indeed been set in motion. “I don’t suppose you’d like some help in there.  You know lathering up and making sure everything is squeaky clean?” I asked trying to appear as the picture of innocence and failing miserably at it.  “I thought you’d never ask.” He growled at me from deep in his throat and slid a kiss down my throat in response. It sent shivers through out my body and I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin.
   “Let’s go then stud.” I purred at him and leapt up eagerly.  “First one there is in charge of the soap.”  And with that I led him on a merry chase to the bathroom.  Clothes were abandoned in a fever pitch of excitement with a good many caresses and kisses exchanged as we did so. After turning the water on we engaged in some more pre shower time foreplay. Liam cupped my mound and caressed the downy soft fur that covered it.  His finger slipped between my folds and he began to tickle my little man in the boat.  What he didn’t know about pleasing a woman I’m sure wasn’t worth knowing anyways. I mewled softly from his playful touch and was yearning for more.  He happily obliged me by also inserting a lone finger into my tight little slit and probing me as he continued to massage the captain of my boat who was now saluting him and engorged to twice the size he had been. I was busily working on getting my own salute from Liam as I stroked the beast of flesh between his thighs. I was determined to tame it and have it submit to me, and I was pretty confident that Liam would allow me that privilege. Liam slipped the sliding door to the shower open with his elbow as he was in no rush to engage his hands elsewhere for the time being, and I was truly happy with his decision.  He carefully backed me in the shower guiding me so that I’d not stumble.  He was always so protective of me no matter what we were doing.  I loved him for it.

      My juices were flowing as fast and as freely as the water that tumbled down upon the two of us. My legs were stretched tautly as I reached up to make it easier for him to kiss me.  His free hand roamed over the swells of my buttocks.  It ran over my tummy and upwards so that it could cup the bronzed flesh of my breasts and tease my nipples.  In the steamy shower I could well imagine the two of us in some tropical destination making love under a waterfall as the air steamed around us from the heat.  No matter where we made love it could always transport us to anywhere our hearts desired.  One day in the future I was certain we would live out the image that had just flitted through my mind.  I was squirming and writhing with pure unadulterated passion in his magic hands.  I desperately needed and wanted to please him and I sank to my knees.  At first he must have thought my knees had become too weak to fully support me as he began to sink down with me.  Then realizing what I needed and wanted he lovingly used his hands to shield my face from the downpour of water.

     I inhaled my own scent that lingered on his fingers and it was a powerful aphrodisiac for me as I engulfed his swollen member in my warm willing mouth. Liam groaned in pleasure as I worked my own magic on him, taking slow long deep thrusts of him so that he could feel the sponginess at the back of my throat.  His own natural mating dance took over as he would thrust his hips forward to greet my deep kisses of his most intimate flesh.  It was an erotic tableau to be certain and the voyeur in me wished that it was being captured so I could enjoy the moment with him again and again. I could taste his salty secretions leaking into my mouth and it just sent me into a furfur of delight.  His sack which I held in my hands gently squeezing and massaging was full to bursting and on the verge of doing that very thing.  I turned from him at that moment and walked my hands up the wall of the shower, bent over and inviting him to enter me and take what was rightfully his.

   He massaged the cheeks of my bum before deftly parting them with his strong firm hands and teasing my swollen and highly sensitive little kitty with the tip of his engorged penis.  “Liam baby, please.” I begged him until he finally granted me my release and slid it into me deeply.  His swollen sack rested against my cheeks. I let out a contented sigh of fulfillment at finally having buried inside me.  I clenched the walls of my love muscle around him and my bottom wiggled against his full sack of seed.  That has the intended effect upon him that I desired and he began to plow furrow after furrow into me, gripping me firmly at the waist as he did so, to ensure I didn’t end up plunging my head into the wall. I cried out again and again as he drove into me, not caring how loud I had become.

Liam’s own guttural cries were equal to my own and we called out to one another caught up in our wild dance of lovemaking.  The fever pitched madness came in a swift torrent, as that final deep thrust send him over the edge and I could feel his sticky seed spreading its warmth deep within me. It triggered my own climax knowing he was sated. I gave myself over to the pleasure of it all, and together we rode through it.  When it was over he tenderly helped right me once more and his grateful kisses for the experience rained over me. “Oh how I love you.” He murmured to me over and over.

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