May 23, 2014

Part 24

    With Lorelei curled up next to me as we sipped our glasses of wine I felt like the weight of the world was off of my shoulders.  We’d broken the news to her Mother about our living arrangements.  Although it wasn’t the way we’d planned on doing it, it’s the way it had worked out.  Over all it had gone really well and I felt like things would go well when we went to see her family on the weekend. I was in my happy zone until Lorelei’s words brought me back to earth with a thud. “Liam you may have charmed my Mother but you still have to get by my Father.  If you think mothers and sons have a close bond then you’d best think about the ones between fathers and daughters.  Ever heard the term Daddy’s little girl?” she asked me gently.

   Suddenly my mind was racing, I began thinking back to what it had been like when my sister Molly had boys starting to come around to the house and inviting her out on dates.  My Dad had clearly thought they were all a bunch of cruddy minded creeps out to deflower his precious little princess.  Okay he may have been right about that, teenage boys were noted for being crazed sex fiends due to their hormones. The reality of it though was that most of them were basically nice guys, from good families, who had the fear of death at the hands of the girls’ father deeply instilled in them. “It’ll be fine.” I stated more to reassure myself than anything else.  “I’m sure your Dad is a reasonable man, and he’ll see that I love you.”

    Lorelei burst into gales of laughter.  She then cupped my face in her delicate hands, looked me squarely in the eyes, kissed me lightly on the tip of my nose.  “I do love your cheerful optimism on the subject sweetheart.  The reality of it is though Fathers are not rational human beings when it comes to their daughters.  They tend to forget how they were as young men, or maybe it’s because they do remember their feelings and desires, that they become so crazed.” She said to me. I let her words sink in as she continued.  “Dad is going to know that we are living together, as Mom will no doubt inform him.  Not being a stupid man he’ll know that we’re not sleeping in separate rooms nor is he gullible enough to believe that we spend all our spare time together playing board games like Parcheesi when were alone. You will be branded as the beast that defiled his little girl………Oh and for the record if we ever have children, he’ll want to believe that they are immaculate conceptions or they were phoned in from an undisclosed location.” She giggled at her joke.
   I on the other hand found it quite sobering, I guess being male and despite having a sister, I’d  never given much thought to the complex way a man looks at his daughter as opposed to other women.  Don’t get me wrong I was taught to respect women and treat them courteously, and I think I did a pretty fair job of that.  I knew women were far more than just some shapely objects of desire placed on the earth for the pleasure of the male species. “Think a note from my Mom would help my case any?” I asked her “Nope, I don’t.  I think you’ll just have to be yourself and he’ll have to see for himself what kind of a man you are. That you are a good, decent person that has morals and values, and you will be the sort of man that instills those things in any child we might have one day, male or female.” She smiled at me in a way that conveyed she truly knew I possessed those qualities.

    “Just being me isn’t going to be an issue, as it’s the only person I know how to be.  I guess being single for so long I never really gave a lot of serious thought about Dad’s and how they can have some double standards towards their own children, one for the boys and one for the girls.  I’d like to think I’d treat our children all the same.” I said thoughtfully. “I think most people want to treat their kids the same but I think there are things that always seem to get factored in to the equation that can change that, whether they mean for them to or not.  Things like gender and birth order, my brothers have always maintained I was indulged as a kid because I was a girl and I was the baby of the family. I on the other hand always thought they had the edge over me being older and being male.” Lorelei said to me.

     “I’d have to agree with you. I mean I was the oldest and I always felt like I had to look out after the younger ones, especially Molly who was the baby and we all doted on her.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t perfect I loved my kid sister and I always watched out for her, but I could tease the stuffing out of her until she was madder than an old wet hen at me but if anyone else tried it they’d have to deal with me.  In some ways it always seemed to Sean and I like she could get away with bloody murder because she was little and cute. Yet in some ways Mom and Dad were a lot stricter with her than they were on us boys.” I said as I continued to mull over the whole thing. “I’m sure my brothers thought the same sorts of things about me.  I also know they could drive me insane with their teasing but they wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone else and always looked out for me.” Lorelei told me.  I merely nodded in total understanding of the situation.  Kid sisters can be a pain in the rump at times but you’d never in a million years allow anything to happen to them either.  When you were a big brother you became self-appointed guardian angels over them, and I guess that intensified tenfold when it was your daughter.
      “My folks were great in some ways about treating us equally though.” Lorelei mused.  “Like in the way they made sure we all knew how to do things so we could be independent.  We all had to learn to make a meal, even if it was only a basic one, sew on a button, replace a fuse, and be able to change the tire on our bike if we got a flat and a load of other things.  I think sometimes though I learned more than a lot of girls did about taking care of themselves and being independent because I was always trying to keep up with my older brothers and their friends.” And she laughed. She seemed to be reminiscing about some of the things she’d done in her efforts to keep up with them.  “Same with my folks, they made sure we could all take care of ourselves and handle the basics.” I countered. “But when it came to dating Molly had it rougher than we did.  Mum and Dad would insist the boy come around to the house to pick her up or spend time with her there. Dad would sit in the lounge with them glaring at the poor boy over the top of his paper, until my Mum would come along and drag him out to the kitchen for a cup of tea.” Liam chuckled at the memory of poor Molly and her suitors.
“Ha!” She snorted.” I can top that, how would Molly have liked it if your father had told her boyfriends that he used to be an undertaker and he knew how to dispose of the body?  I assure you only the bravest of boys returned for a second date.” She spit out a bit ruefully.  “Tell me he didn’t.  He must have been an absolute horror to a young girls’ social life.” I said as I gave her a cuddle. “He was in the beginning he lightened up a bit after my Mother reminded him that if he trusted the boys he should have some faith in me as well.  He says he wasn’t worried about me but rather about the boys I brought home.  I’m surprised I ever got my first kiss with my Dad on the scene.” She giggled.  She could do that now but I’m sure at the time it was the bane of her existence.  “So tell me about your first kiss.” I asked her gently.  For some reason as much as I wished I had been the one that had given it to her, I hoped it was a memory that she still cherished.

    “That was a long time ago surely you don’t want to hear about that?” she said skeptically but I nodded affirmatively at her.  “It was really rather sweet, we were standing talking on the front porch after we’d spend the evening watching a movie on television.  The sun had faded from view, and the stars were trying to come out despite the fact that it had that feel in the air like we were about to get some rain.  Crickets were chirping and it was a lovely night out all in all.  He leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.  I remember being totally shocked, and asked him why he did that.  He looked down at his shoes and said “Because I like you.” Grinned at me then leapt over the railing hopped on his ten speed and took off like a streak of lightening.” She smiled at the memory. “It started raining but I didn’t care, I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world at that moment.  When I finally went inside the phone was ringing, it was him, and all he wanted was to say good night.  He rang me two more times that night on his way home as he stopped at every pay phone he could find on his way, and he phoned me again when he got home.  All those phone  calls drove my Dad nuts and he grumbled to my Mom about it.” She added laughingly.

      “It sounds like the perfect first kiss.” And I held her close and grazed my lips against her temple. “It was and I remember it fondly, but I much preferred our first kiss.” And she tilted her head towards me.  Our lips met and settled into a warm, loving affirmation of the fact that she found the kisses we shared superior to all others she had ever experienced.  I loved the way she was always able to make me feel like I was the most special person in the world to her.  The truth of that fact was evident to me whenever I looked into her eyes, saw the smile on her face, felt her touch, or heard it in the caress of her voice.  “So whatever happened to good old whatshisname?” I asked merely because I was curious more than anything if she had kept track of him after all this time. “The last I heard he was living in Vancouver and was happily married to some guy named Stephen, I believe the chaps name was.”  She answered in a matter of fact way.

    I have to admit I was a bit startled but quickly regained my composure. “That must have come as a bit of shock to you to find that out.”  She merely shrugged. “I guess, but I decided when I found that fact out years later not to let it mar the memory of my first kiss.  I still see it as a sweet innocent expression of affection between the two of us.” Lorelei added in her own philosophical manner. “It was.” I drew her close and kissed her softly. If anything the experience she had just shared with me made me have even more respect for her.  No matter what happened she just took it in stride, and tried to always see it in the best possible light.  A great many women might have found the experience of discovering what she had unsettling and perhaps even made them question themselves.  It may have caused them to ponder their own attractiveness or appeal but not her. She remained confident and secure in her own being and accepted the way that it had been at the time.  The memory hadn’t changed in the slightest for her, the only thing that had changed was what she now knew about that once awkward boy who had years ago stared at his shoes and uttered “because I like you.”

   “I like you too, you know.” I told her softly, as I managed to ease her onto my lap and cuddle her close.  “Oh do you?” she returned with that impish grin on her face and a glint in her eyes.  “Uh, huh, heaps.” Then I kissed her but it wasn’t on the cheek, and I’m pretty sure she knew that I wasn’t shy or awkward when it came to her and being able to express my affection for her. When the kiss was broken she fanned herself with her hand, and feigning her best southern belle accent said.  “Why I do declare, Mr. Conlin you simply take my breath away with kisses like that.  I shall surely need to take to my bed with the vapours if you continue such behaviour sir.”

   “I should be happy to oblige you Madame.” I scooped her into my arms, and stood up as I began to stride purposefully towards the sliding doors into the house.  Rhett Butler obviously never had to deal with sliding doors. He would have just kicked the door open for dramatic effect.  I on the other hand didn’t have that option available to me so my entry may have been a lot more awkward, but such was reality. We managed to make it, perhaps not as regally as it would have come off in the movies but still the sense of gallantry I had was evident.  Striding down the hall to the bedroom and gently laying her back on the pillows, I could almost imagine the two us dressed for the roles we had taken on in a moment of spontaneity.  I’d be quite dapper in a waist coat with matching trousers.  Lorelei of course would be a magnificent beauty in her frock, which would accentuate the curves of her body and delicateness of her features.   Soft wings of hair would frame her lovely face, while the rest would be braided and pulled back into an intricately woven bun held in place by a decorative hair net.  I’d long to remove it and free those long glorious locks of hers.

   In the here and the now I ravished her face and neck with kisses, feeling the heat of my passionate kisses searing her smooth cool flesh.  Drinking her in with my eyes as I slowly undressed her, revelling in each moment of it. Watching the way her eyes shone as I finally unclothed myself and revealed my nakedness to her. Her eyes spoke volumes as to her thoughts and feelings.  Spreading her arms in welcome to me I took my rightful place in them.  They closed around me enveloping me in a veil of her love that was always waiting for me.  Our bodies entwined themselves around each other, like vines and bound us together. It amazed me how I could feel such a strong life force coursing through my veins every time we made love. All my senses were heightened and magnified by the experience and I felt so alive.  She pushed my boundaries and challenged me in so many ways, and I was enraptured by it.

     Normally we would have engaged in endless foreplay exploring and teasing each other but right now the need was more one of needing to connect.  I was more than physically ready and I knew she was by the look of hunger she had in her eyes for me. I nudged my swollen head against her entrance to paradise and could feel the slick wetness there. Her hips rose to meet me bidding me to enter, and I slid into her in one long endless stroke.  Buried in the warmth and wetness that awaited me, my head began to swim. The sensations of having Liam caress my inner depths like this thrilled me beyond my wildest dreams.  I felt every ridge of his maleness as it sunk deep within my inner most sanctuary.   In moments like this I felt totally connected with him and felt we were unified and became one soul, joined together as completely as we ever could be.

    Sweet waves of rapture swept over me as I looked in those impassioned liquid pools of his eyes.  My hands ran through his glossy hair and my fingers traced the strong manly features of his face.  I felt as though I would burst I was so overcome and filled with love for him. Our intense need to join together having been met, we now took our time, gently caressing each other.  Savouring the tenderness between us, there was no need for us to rush the experience now.  We were alive, completely energized and so in tune with each other.  We were both tireless in our desire to explore each other and commit each detail to memory no matter how minute a detail it may seem.  I knew each small bump along his vertebrae, the muscled tone of his shoulders, arms and chest.   If you had blindfolded me and given me a single strand of hair from various destinations on his body I would have been able to tell you their origin. I knew the ones that were smooth and sleek, the ones that were coarse little bristles, and even the kinky curls which were somewhere in between the two.

   I knew the location, size and shape of every scar on his body.  I knew the story behind each and every single one of them and knew how and when they came to be.  I loved the fact we shared everything, we shared our hopes and dreams and even our darkest fears.  Liam was my best friend, my lover and my world and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Liam was such a gentle lover, taking his time with slow even thrusts and my hips would rise to meet him.  Our thighs would press against each other, meeting in their own form of a kiss, with each thrust.  The gentle way he rained kisses over my shoulders, neck and face when he’d remain buried inside my depths.  His hands cupped my breasts and massaged them. The warmth of his breath thrilling me to my core as it whispered across my flesh.

     Most of all I loved to look deeply into his eyes, and they wordlessly told me everything that was in his heart.  Best of all I knew they reflected what were in my own eyes, all the love and devotion it was possible to have.  They weren’t tangible gifts but were inestimable in their value, for they encompassed all the best things that life could offer.  We each gave and accepted the others gift, for they were given with open and willing hearts, and had no limitations placed upon them. Even with the slow deliberate movements the passion in us rose and our climaxes became inevitable.  We already knew the signs in the other that it was approaching, and we wanted to hold on as long as we could so that we could cross the line into that magic realm together.  To be lost with each other, carried on wave after wave of pleasure, to float through the sea of ecstasy and share the experience as one.

   At its neared I coiled my legs around his torso and threw my arms around his neck and drew him into me. His body tensed before finally allowing himself to begin to empty himself into the abyss and my own creamy secretions mingled with his, as I called out his name again and again. My body of its own accord coaxed each drop of that precious viscoscious core energy of his into my own. We clung together in the aftermath, basking in the closeness we had just shared.  Whispered, repetitions of “I love you my darling’” echoed back and forth between the two of us.   It became a mantra that allowed us to enter a higher state of consciousness.  “Do you think it’s always just going to just keep getting better between the two of us?” Liam asked his voice barely audible as if he were afraid it would break the spell we were under.

   I nodded at him.  “I do.” I intoned softly.  “Please remember those words Lorelei. They’ll come in handy in the future.” Liam reminded me.  “Darling man of mine, it shall be my great honour to exchange vows with you, and it will be a day I shall always cherish and will hold in my heart forever.”  With that pronouncement his lips sought out mine and they melded together. We lay coupled together, until the realization that the hour was growing late came upon us, in the form of a furry four footed chaperone named Barclay that was demanding his nightly snack with plaintive meows as he landed on the foot of the bed.  “When we start a family we are so going to have to remember to shut the door to the bedroom and teach the kids to knock before entering.” He grumbled good naturedly at Barclays’ interruption.  I started to get up to go take care of Barclay.  “No, you stay I’ll take care of the little guy.  Might as well get some practice in with this Dad stuff.” Liam quickly said. “Thanks sweetheart and I suppose this gesture had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you’re famished after working up an appetite?” I teased him.  “Well you know, now that you mention it I could force a little something down.” He answered back with that distinctive twinkle in his eyes.  “Go on.  I’ll be there in a minute to join you two boys.” I giggled at him as he slipped out of bed and padded across the floor.
   He was of course still naked after our love making session, and I couldn`t help but appreciate his form as he sauntered away.  “It really is rather magnificent isn’t it?” he called over his shoulder.  “Rats, I’ve been busted, yet again.” I thought “How does he instinctively know that I’m checking him out. Does he have eyes in the back of his head or what?”  “The answer is years of teaching my dear.” And with that he disappeared out the door as I called after him.   I chuckled inwardly apparently there would never be secrets between us as we could read each read the others mind it appeared.  I went in to the bathroom to freshen up a bit.  I thought of slipping on Liam’s bathrobe but changed my mind and left it hanging on the hook behind the door.  I pranced to the kitchen naked as a jay bird, to find Barclay with his nose in a bowl of yogurt, and Liam lounging against the counter with a glass of milk in one hand and an apple in the other.

   He grinned upon seeing that I had remained naked as well and held the apple out to me.  “Care for a bite?”  “Shouldn’t I be the one offering you the apple?” I questioned as I accepted the proffered fruit and took a bite out of it, and returned it to him.  He shrugged “What can I say I’m an equal opportunity kind of a guy.” And we both laughed  I took a glass out of the cabinet and went over to the fridge where I poured myself a glass of milk, then joined him back at the counter. He’d finished the apple by the time I rejoined him.  “Would you like me to make you a snack?”  I offered. “I would but it’s usually not a good idea for me to eat too much so close to bedtime.  It’s tempting though to say yes as I know it would be a totally awesome snack. I’ll take a rain check on it though.” He said a bit wistfully obviously thinking a snack would have been a rather good idea.
   “Okay, I’ll just tidy up a bit then we’ll, get ready for bed.” I bent over to pick up Barclays’ now empty dish that had contained his snack and I could feel Liam’s eyes running up and down my legs and fixating on my bottom. He gave me a low whistle of appreciation and I giggled as I stood up and placed the dishes in the dishwasher.  “There are some definite advantages to this living together stuff.” He’d silently sidled up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck playfully. “I know.  I’ve discovered a few of my own.” I said as I reached behind me and caressed the semi hardness that pressed against me.  One of his hands slowly strayed up to my breast and he cupped it his hand and squeezed it gently. “We start this again and we’ll never get any sleep and you’ll be cranky in the morning.” I warned him.  “True, but isn’t it a great reason not to go to sleep?” He whispered into my ear and the heat of his breath sent shivers through me.
    Reluctantly we opted for being responsible adults, after exchanging a few passionate kisses and warm loving caresses.  He padded off to lock up, and I had to grin as his joy stick which brought me so much pleasure bobbed about as he walked. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when he returned from locking up and making sure lights were turned off and the little nightly things one did prior to retiring for the evening.  I reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek as I finished and then went and turned down the bed and crawled in while he brushed his teeth and freshened up a bit. His silhouette moved silently through the darkened room and he slid into bed beside me.  My body curled around him and snuggled in.  This was one of my favourite parts of the day, just being able to lie next to him, secure in his loving embrace, talking quietly, sharing laughter and kisses, before finally drifting off to sleep. “I hope we’ll always be this happy with each other.” I sighed. 
   “Oh we will be.” He assured me.  “It might not always happen quite so naturally in the years to come, especially if we decide to raise a family together, but then we’ll just work harder to make it a reality for us.  Some things are just worth investing the time and effort in, and you and I are totally worth it.” “Sounds like you’ve already given the matter some serious thought before this.”  “I have, I used to have a lot of time on my hands at night, when I’d be lying here in bed to think.  I’d wonder if that beautiful woman I saw every morning on the bus could ever possibly come to care for me even a little.  Then my mind would fast forward to the future I’d build with you, if I was ever fortunate enough to make you mine.  Everybody tells you that you’d better enjoy the honeymoon phase as it’s over all too soon.  But I never thought it had to be like that, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic or maybe I just view relationships differently than other people do Lor.  I just know I wanted it all and I’m determined to have it.”

    “I think I know exactly what you mean Liam and I feel the same way you do.  Life takes over and throws a lot of different curve balls at you that you have to deal with in daily life.  Things happen, children come along, parents will age and need more of your time and help, there are work demands, bills to pay, unexpected illnesses and so many other things it boggles the mind, and can send your brain into sensory overload.” I told him.  “Exactly my point, see I knew we were on the same page about things.” And he excitedly continued. “You have to take the time to make time for things that are important in life.  I always want us to be a priority for each other, and if that means things like arranging a specific date night, and setting aside a specific time to be together each day then we’ll do it.  I’m a romantic Lorelei but I’m also very much a realist with my feet firmly planted in reality. 

    Things won’t always go as planned and we’ll have our disagreements, but I know we can work through them, but I want us to go on forever.  I want to make this work, not go down in flames and then fizzle out.  I’ve seen it happen too many times before to people, they get complacent take each other for granted and end up alone and bitter.”    “That’s not going to happen to us Liam, not ever.  You and I know how to communicate with each other, and yes we will have the odd row over things I’m sure, but we’ll sort it out and become better and stronger as  a couple as a result of having worked out our issues.  You and I together Liam will be a force to be reckoned with.” I promised him. “That is just more validation as to why I love you so much and why you truly are the one and only woman for me.”  With that said he enraptured me in a kiss that stole my breath and if he hadn’t already possessed it, it would have stolen my heart as well.

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