May 9, 2014

Part 22

    Our kisses grew warmer intensified  as things began to heat up even more between us as we became tangled in one another’s arms.  Hands mutually and freely roamed over each other’s body in a friendly greeting to the other, in a how do you do, nice to make you’re acquaintance sort of a manner. While the thought of her in modelling one of those wickedly saucy little lingerie numbers of hers for me held a great deal of excitement for me, I was still more than content to simply be here with her in my arms.  Holding her close our bodies meshed together and our lips joined as if to seal all the as of yet unspoken promises that we harboured within us.

   The energy flowed in a steady current between the two of us, and if we had been a turbine we would have been able to generate more than ample electricity to light up a major metropolitan city between the two of us.  I knew we’d both strive to keep this feeling alive long into our relationship.  Not taking the other for granted, and taking the time to make time for each other so we could express our love and our devotion to each other. Her kiss slid down my chin, over the lump of my Adam’s apple and ended with her head pressed against my chest.  My nostrils inhaled the light heavenly scent that always lingered in her locks of hair, and my arms tightened around her instinctively.

   “Still feel like having a little fashion show?” her voice cooed at me like a bird that was calling out enticingly to attract its mate. “I’m always up for anything with you.” I returned. The impish sparkle in her eyes shone brightly.  “Okay then but if I’m going to do this then I’m going to do this properly.  Give me a few minutes to get ready and you can set the stage for this little production.  I’ll need you to cue some music for me Maestro.”  With that she scampered over to the CD collection and ran her finger over the titles until she found what she was looking for and plucked it out and slipped it in to the stereo.

    She came back to where I was reclining on the sofa, gave me a deep soulful kiss and then dashed off with a quick “I’ll give you a shout when I want you to start the music for me.”   She called over her shoulder as she headed towards the bedroom.I lay back and put my arms under my head as I reflected on how drastically my life had been changing and how I couldn’t be happier about that fact. It was like being cast as the lead in some big screen romantic film, where the guy gets the girl of his dreams and lives happily ever after.  The big difference was this was reality and not a series of scenes being acted out that would end the moment the screen credits rolled down the screen and faded from view.  I was living the dream and loving it.

      “Maestro if you please” her voice sang out to me.  I flicked the play switch on the remote for the stereo and sat back in eager anticipation of my own private fashion show. The opening strains of Tom Jones “You Can Leave Your Hat On” began coursing through the speakers.  She strutted into the room and it wasn’t want I expected at all, but I also couldn’t help but smile appreciatively.  She had on my black suit jacket, which she’d buttoned but it still managed to accentuate the full curves and swells of her breasts, the lapels on either side nicely framing said breasts.  Along with a pair of black high heels which made her legs look even longer and more stunning than usual.  My eyes trailed up her luscious limbs until they reached the hem of my jacket.  Her crowning glory though was the English bowler hat she had perched on her head.

    Lorelei had some serious stage presence and I was enjoying her performance that had a definite come hither appeal to it. Even without the benefit of physical contact I knew I was being seduced by the sway of those hips which combined with the hand gestures she was making were completely mesmerizing to me. I was bewitched and completely and utterly under her spell. Slowly she began to undo the buttons of the jacket one by one. She then spun away from me and began to slip it off in a maddeningly deliberate manner leaving her bare shoulders exposed to me. In one fluid motion it was off and she tossed it at me.  It was a blur of motion and when I caught the balled up jacket and tossed it aside my eyes were greeted by the sight of her in a very provocative black satin corset.

    It had a heart shaped neckline and the swell of her round full bosoms was a pleasure to behold as they peeked over the top of it. The cinched in waistline accentuated the fact that she had what I considered the perfect figure. The song ended and she tossed her bowler at me.  I easily caught it and perched it on my own head then crooked my finger at her in a come here motion. She sashayed over to me with an exaggerated sway of her hips and slowly running her hands over her breasts and down the contour of her torso.  I opened my arms to her and she eagerly ensconced herself on my lap and buried herself in my arms.  “Did you enjoy that darling?” she asked in sensationally sexy voice that served to elevate my pulse rate even higher than it had been.  Her soft, delicate hands cupped my face and she leaned in and brushed her lips across mine in a sweeping motion, before settling in for a steamy kiss.

   When the kiss came to its close, I murmured to her “That was totally amazing, you are amazing.” And I kissed the tip of that cute pert little nose of hers. I was in heaven, and then a thought struck me, one that troubled me deeply. Why on earth did she have such titillating forms of intimate apparel? She’d obviously bought it before we were a couple, did that mean she’d worn it before for some other guy?  Even the thought of her being with anyone else, other than me for that matter left me with a dull ache inside. Logically I knew she’d had other men in her past just as I had other women, but still the thought of her with someone else completely gutted me, as completely as a fish being eviscerated would have been. 
      In a mere instant Liam’s mood had changed, I could tell from the seemingly tortured look in his eyes and the shadow of gloom that fell over his handsome face.  The reason came to me in a flash.  “You want to know if you’re the first and only person to see this outfit on me, don’t you?” I asked him softly. “Yeah” he mumbled, and I could tell he felt almost foolish admitting it to me but the thought that he wasn’t clearly caused him pain. “Liam, I know it might seem like its odd for me to have such naughty intimate apparel, when I’m clearly most often a jeans and t shirt kind of a girl, but I’m also a woman.  I may have not been in a relationship for some time before you and I finally connected but I still had the desire to express my sensuality.  Sometimes I just wanted to feel pretty, to feel desirable. So every now and again I’d buy something like this and I’d do things like paint my toenails, just so I feel good about myself, even if nobody else had a clue as to what I was wearing or how I looked underneath, I still knew.” I told him embarrassed by my admission, as well as fearing he might think me a wretched little fool to boot.

     “So I’m the first then.” He asked me, the clouds of consternation that had once cast a shadow over his features beginning to evaporate.  Yes I nodded mutely at him, and chewed on my bottom lip nervously as I did so,   I was taking in every nuance of his reaction to my revelation. “So tell me more” he said drawing me closer. “More?  Tell you more about what?” I asked him puzzled by the question and not sure of what my response would be. “Tell me more about what you’d do to feel special or good about yourself before we met.”  He could see the hesitation in my face at his request, so he continued.  “Trust me I won’t think you silly or vain.  I really want to know what sorts of things you’d do, because now I’d like to be able to share them with you.  Do you think that we could?” he asked with such sincerity in his voice that it melted my heart. If I wasn’t already madly in love with him, this would have been one of those things that would have swayed the scales in his favour.

“    It might sound pretty boring and dull to you or really goofy even.” I told him. “No it won’t. Scouts, honour.” He said giving me the traditional Boy Scout salute in an effort to reassure me.  “You can trust me, I earned my Chief’s Scout Award after all which should help attest to the fact that I’m a stellar kind of a guy.  You, know honest and trustworthy.” He added for my benefit.  “Okay if you’re really sure than I will.”  I told him. “I’m sure.  Really, really, sure I want to know the answer to my question.” He told me as he brushed his hand along my cheek then kissed it softly. “Well” I began tentatively “At least a couple of times a month I’d make sure that I’d have what I called a “Me day.” I could see the question of what a “Me day” was forming in his mind. So I went on to explain.  “A me day was where for at least a few hours I’d allow myself the luxury of doing something that I really wanted to.  It could be something completely frivolous and silly.  It could be a lot of different things.”

   “So tell me what sorts of things Lor.  I really do want to know.” He assured me. “What I’d choose to do varied as much as my moods and desires did.  I’ve done a bit of everything I guess you could say.  “I’ve gone to the AGO and spent hours wandering about, in awe of the art works there, and I’ll admit perplexed by some of them as well, but then art after all is subjective.” I grinned at him and he nodded in agreement.   “I’ve gone and sat on some quaint little patio at a bistro sipping wine or cappuccinos while I people watch.  Watching life actually unfolding is fascinating to me and I’d also imagine various lives for them outside of the small glimpses I caught of theirs. Sometimes I’d scribble things into the little journal I always carried in my purse, for future reference when I finally sit down one day and write that book I’ve always yearned to.”
   “Nights sitting on a blanket in Hyde Park watching productions of things like a Midsummers Night Dream, beneath a canopy of darkness lit by the moon and the stars.” “A rainy afternoon back in the day spent at the McLaughlin Planetarium spent watching things like laser Beatles and laser Floyd. It’s a pity that the grand old dame may be soon torn down.” I said the note of regret in my voice over losing my old friend but not the fond memories of it. “Days and nights spent exploring various parts of the city.  Dancing in the streets of the Danforth during Greek festivals and getting swept up in the energy of it all.  Dim Sum and endless pots of green tea in China town, strolling Queen Street West feeling the vibes from the street musicians and artists, watching the Goths, the preppies, and the beatniks all of them in a harmonic state.  Or a trip out to the Island, the wind in my hair as I stood on the deck on the ferry ride over, then the day spent cycling the island, tanning on the beach, renting a canoe or kayak and time spent in tranquility out on the water. Guess they sound silly to you, Liam.”

    “No quite the contrary I find them brilliant ways to spend your time.  Please tell me more.” He urged me. “One time I had my feet and hands decorated with intricate Mehdi art work and danced like a whirling dervish in little India at a Diwali festival celebrating the festival of lights.  Afternoons spent rummaging through shops in Kensington Market like Courage my Love and the Blue Banana.  I’ve cheered myself hoarse at a game at the AC or at a concert. An afternoon Matinee movie, where I might be the only one in the theatre, getting lost in the action on the big screen and munching on popcorn.  Curled up reading a good book, the ringer on my phone turned off so I won’t be disturbed.  A “Me Day” can be as simple as staying in my bathrobe all day and watching favourite movies and ending with a luxurious soak in a bubble bath complete with candle light.  There are other things I do as well but those would be some of the highlights.” I finished and waited for his reaction to my long rambling dialogue.

    He slipped two fingers under my chin and raised my head so we were eye to eye.  “I love you.  I love your energy, your spirit, your sense of adventure, your confidence and the way you express yourself.  You are the embodiment of everything that I’ve ever been seeking in a woman to share my life with. Thank you for coming in to my life.” My eyes began to grow misty and my heart ached with all the love I felt for him.  I couldn’t begin to fathom what my life had been like before he became such a vital part of it.  The time before Liam seemed to be nothing more than a vague memory to me now.  On a deeper intuitive level, I knew in my heart that it always had been Liam that I’d spent my life searching for.  Now that I had found him I would never have to agonize again about how I’d tell him how dear to my heart he was and how deeply I loved him, for Liam was the world to me and always would be.

   It was unbelievable to me with all that she had just revealed to me that I had never crossed her path before I had seen her on the bus that morning so long ago.  How had we never bumped into each other prior to that?  We travelled in the same orbits and it seemed that while we were both social people we both valued our time spent alone as well.  Call it destiny call it fate or whatever you choose to, the two of us were meant to be together.  There was no doubt in my mind she was the piece of the puzzle that had been eluding me in life. “I can’t believe that we didn’t somehow manage to meet years ago Lor.  So many of the things you just told me about doing, I’ve done myself and countless times I’d fervently wished I had someone to share them with.  Someone that genuinely resonated with and understood the allure of the same things I did. The passion and joy that you take from the things you just described, just blows me away totally.  You will never cease to amaze me my dear.” I told her as I cuddled her to me.
  “I think your pretty amazing yourself Liam and I am honoured and humbled to share all that I have and all that I am with you.” And upon delivering that pronouncement she raised her chin, I lowered my head and then my lips met hers in a celebration of our love. “You know, I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to finish this conversation in the bedroom.” She whispered in my ear, the heat of her breath sending shivers down my spine as she did. “Should I leave my hat on?” I asked her in what I hoped was an incredibly sexy British accent. “Only if you don’t want to go full monty for me.” She returned her eyes two smouldering pools of desire. My response was to toss the hat on the coffee table and give her a kiss that I was pretty sure conveyed my decision that I was indeed willing to go the full monty for her pleasure.
I stood up and took her hands in mine.  She squeezed them and slid her arms up the trunk of my body and wrapped them around my neck.  I leaned down and nuzzled the top of her head, my hands clasped her firmly under her buttocks and I easily lifted her and slid her upwards. She clasped her legs around my waist and I carried her entwined around me to our bedchamber. Her arms clung to me as I carried her and she only released them when I laid her on the bed, her head resting against the pillows.  I kissed her with a lingering longing and then stepped back.  I peeled my shirt off and over my head, and dropped it on the floor. Eyes that shone with appreciation for me stripping away my clothes greeted me. I could feel her drinking in my body and studying me as I undid my jeans and slipped them over my thighs and allowed them to slide down my legs before I stepped out of them .  Next hooking my thumbs at the waist of my boxers I slipped them off and kicked them aside.  Now gloriously naked before the woman I loved, I felt empowered.  I put one knee on the bed and crawled towards her, than as I lay facing her, I stroked her soft cheek with one finger and traced the contour of her sweet lips. 

    She was so beautiful to me and I sincerely doubted that she fully realized the extent of the beauty that I saw in her.  One of my goals though would be to tell her and more importantly show her as often as possible. Her beauty came from within her, her sweet gentle soul radiating it so that it could be seen outwardly. My lips found hers and brushed against them, delicate, sweet and unhurried before sinking into a more intense kiss that hungered for her, and demanded to be sated. Before Lorelei I don’t think I had realized just how much of an art form a truly satisfying kiss could be.  Every intimacy that we shared was elevated to a higher and purer form than I had ever realized existed. Pulling her on top of me I realized I was already more than a little aroused as my hands stroked and fondled her lovely attributes. My hands running over the satiny smoothness of her outfit one moment and the smooth warmth of her flesh in the next. I traced the tops of her breasts along the neckline of her corset, and felt her involuntary little shivers of delight as I did.     

      My lips worked their way slowly down the dip of her throat and over the swells of the tops of her breasts.  My hands cupped her breasts just under them and pressed them even higher and tighter together and I brushed my cheek against each of them and kissed them reverently.  Her chest rose and fell more rapidly the more attention I paid to it. Moving my hands down her back and over her satin covered bottom I encouraged her to move up my body.  Finally in a sitting posting straddling me my hands further encouraged her to move up my body. Until her body hovered just inches over my head.  She placed her hands over the edge of the head board clasping them in an effort to support the weight of her body. My hands on either side of her hips guided her downwards exceedingly slowly, and I could see her arousal flowering through the fabric between her thighs, as well as inhale the scent of that musky natural perfume that only a woman could secrete.

     With my fingertip I stroked those shiny dewy petals that peeked through the silk stretched over her precious mound and with deft fingers I pushed it aside.  I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation as my finger softly stroked her moist slit and caused her to moan.  She lowered herself and I could feel the shift in her body weight as she put more pressure on the bed board to take the brunt of her. I fully planned on savouring this delicacy that was about to nourish my desire for her. My tongue trailed along this cleft of flesh again and again back and forth, before I finally allowed myself the luxury of penetrating her with it.  Maneuvering my fingers I pressed back the petals of flesh to expose my treasure, and took joy in caressing it with my tongue.  I then created a seal over it with my mouth and began to suck upon it coaxing it bloom between my lips.

    The trembling began in her thighs and as a result she had to lock them even more tightly around me to gain her composure, and her arms stiffened as she clutched the head board to steady herself. I instinctively knew that her head was thrown back in ecstasy her elongated throat would have been perfection to nibble upon and nuzzle as her long hair raced down like water rushing over a waterfall. I had no intention of stopping until I knew she had released her sweet nectar and that I had lovingly captured each and every precious drop of it.  She pressed further into my probing tongue, and somehow she managed to use her talents to allow us to play a sweet symphony of our own, as we both mutually manipulated this instrument of hers.  The rush of her fluids as we hit the crescendo together crashed into my waiting mouth.

    The exertion of its intensity took its toll upon her and I felt my precious flower beginning to wilt as her weakened limbs trembled and she could no longer fully support herself.  Steadying her with my hands I gently eased her into a prone position on top of me, and wrapped my arms around her to soothe her as she allowed her body to return to its post climactic state of being.  Stroking her hair, I thanked her again and again for sharing that precious gift of herself with me. Our mouths sought each other out, and as we connected the knowledge that her taste and scent was still very much a part of me as well as the fact that she could  taste herself upon my lips and tongue only served to make  the kiss more intimate to me, thus creating yet another bond  between us.

     Never one to be selfish, this open and giving woman that I loved so wisely and well, untangled herself from our embrace.  The intent in her eyes was clear to me as she began to run her hands down my body and slip down my body.  Her hands easily found the object of her desires, and wrapped around it. Working their way up and down this pillar of flesh, which twitched and jumped to attention with each touch of her hands, she was well aware of the fact that she was its soul mistress as was I aware of that fact. The look of anticipation and total desire in my eyes was breathtaking to me, and it awed me.  With one fell swoop she devoured my rigid pole of flesh in one swift motion and I could feel the spongy back of her throat and knew how deeply she had taken me in.  It caught me off guard to be taken so deeply so suddenly but I knew that she would never have been able to accomplish it if she had not had the intense need and desire to satisfy me fully.

    Wonderfully warm and wet was the haven I was ensconced in. Her mouth and tongue played upon my flesh as though it were an instrument she was determined to accomplish and provide me with world class concerts.  Her talents caused my body to vibrate and hum with artful way she was executing her skills, and my hands grasped handfuls of the duvet and I clenched at them as the sweet song she was playing on my body rushed through me chord after glorious chord, with each one rising and taking me to new heights. Fingers strumming my flesh as she played upon me with her mouth, and I felt an inevitable climax building deep inside me, with vibrations rumbling that soon began to overtake my body. My deeply welled secretions sprang forth inside that tight orifice that so lovingly coaxed from me spurt after spurt of it.  Like a guitar rift that hung in the air my body wafted along with it floating in a sea of delight.

    My body felt spend and drained as she tenderly tongued me in that still sensitive spot, then found her way once more into my arms.  Her kisses were sweet and now they contained a mixture of the two of us and the sweet salty combination lingered on my tongue.  She rubbed her hand over my genitals as she kissed me and I sprang to life once more at her life affirming touch. I pushed the top of her bodice down to free her breasts and they sprang forward to greet me. I caressed and fondled them, and pinched her nipples as they swelled between my fingertips.  I brought my mouth to these now protruding sensitive hardened bits of her flesh and began to suckle them. Lorelei ran her fingers through my hair and whispered her love for me in hot staccato little gasps of breath.

    She was still on top of me so I rolled her over beneath me, and pushed the fabric that encumbered her mound to the side and slid my erection into the depths of it.  She gasped at the fullness, and my eyes searched hers ensuring that I had in no way harmed her by this intrusion.  There was only love and adoration in them that greeted me, and an understanding of my need to be gentle with her. So small and delicate she felt in my arms and I never wanted to harm her even while trying to give her the ultimate pleasures of the flesh.  My large body fit over her like a protective sheath and we made love slowly and sweetly.  Our bodies rocking in unison, tenderness that only lovers like us could experience or understand the depths of.  Feathery strokes against flesh, gentle caresses, heightened awareness of all that was happening and the pure and unmitigated joy of loving and being loved by each other brought the two of us to a unified climax.

    We lay huddled together, enraptured with one another as our love making played itself out on the stage of our bed.  I took her hand which bore my ring and drew it to my lips and kissed it. I kept it firmly clasped in mine as I rested them both on my chest.  She snuggled into me, my softened member still inside of her, with her head resting on my chest listening to the beat of my heart.  That was how the two of us drifted off and transitioned into the world of sleep.

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