May 30, 2014

Part 25

     Between busy work schedules, packing up and transporting as many items as we could during the evenings, along with a myriad of other activities and commitments the week flew by for us.  I loved every minute of it though, because I had the woman of my dreams by my side. Life had taken on new meaning these past few weeks, and had given me a whole new perspective on life.We naturally spent as much of our time together as we possibly could but the times we were apart or pursuing separate activities were made somehow better by knowing that we’d be soon seeing each other and be united once again.  Each and every day brought new experiences and they only served to draw us closer together.
  The house was starting to take shape and becoming more of a collaboration of our two joined households.  Our individual styles being fairly similar we found we had several duplicates of things that just reinforced the fact we were in fact kindred spirits. I also found I was right about some of my earlier thoughts about how things would change around the house if she were ever to take up residence there.  I now had brightly coloured little pots of herbs lining the kitchen sill, as well as other plants scattered about the house which gave it more of a homey feeling.  Pictures of my family and friends that had previously been homeless and just scattered about or taped to a mirror or on the fridge with a magnet holding them in place were now framed and clustered in artistic little groupings throughout the house.

There were indeed more feminine touches around the house as well that at one time I might have considered an infiltration and intrusion  into my personal space but now I welcomed them with open arms. Even losing some of the space in the bathroom wasn’t an issue for me.  I was gaining so much from having her here full time, and was coming to the realization of how much I’d been missing out on and just how lonely I’d actually been in my previous life.  Sure I had my friends and family, and don’t get me wrong they were and are great people to have in your life, but now I realized how much had been lacking as well.  Now I had a full realization of what it was like to have that one person you couldn’t wait to share everything with.  The person who you could bare your soul to and know it was safe with them.
By the time Friday night rolled around we both decided to take it a bit easy since we were going to be leaving Saturday morning and would be away overnight.  Taking it easy meant no trip over to the apartment.  Instead it was devoted to yard work, laundry, and other household chores.  We functioned like a well- oiled machine, conquering and dividing tasks and had things finished and order restored in no time flat. “Whew, I think you must have been a drill sergeant in a former life.” I teased her as we flopped down on the sofa together when we finished.  Which earned me a playful poke in the ribs with her elbow, but I knew I wasn’t in the dog box for the comment either, as she snuggled into me and nuzzled my neck.
    “I’m just organized is all………..besides I like getting everything out of the way so we can spend some quality time together.”  She smiled with that little glint in her eyes that I knew and loved oh so well by now. “I’ll buy that for a buck.  Quality time works for me.” And I flashed one of my devastatingly sexy grins back at her.  As we sat flaked out on the sofa, my feet were propped up on the coffee table and hers were draped over mine, for ultimate contact. “I think we’re all set for the weekend with the exception of tossing in a couple last minute things like our toothbrushes.  Are you sure that you’re going to be okay with doing an overnight stay with my parents?” She asked me anxiously.

  “It’ll be fine. I’ll hate not having you next to me as we drift off to sleep but we shall persevere and get through it and live to tell the tale.” I reassured her. I took my hand and cupped her face and turned it up towards mine.  “Whatever it takes to show your parents the proper respect and let them know I love you and am committed to doing whatever it takes to have you in my life, I’m going to do.  I’m in this for the long haul my dear.”  I leaned in and brushed my lips against hers, then settled in for a long, lingering kiss. “You always manage to make me feel like anything is possible, Liam.” She said softly as she gazed into my eyes. “Everything is possible, when we tackle it together.  We make a great team Lor, the best.” I murmured as I stroked her delicate facial features with my fingertips. 
  I honestly did believe we were capable of handling anything.  She believed in me and supported me like nobody ever had before.  I thought back to the day I’d finally learned her name and realized just how much her name truly suited her.  She was my rock, the most solid foundation I could ever build on.  “I love you so much, you are the world to me, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I’ve found you.” My words caught on the way out as I uttered them, as I was so overwhelmed with the depths of my love for her.  I knew there was no reason for me to explain my sudden surge of emotions.  With her own eyes misted over I knew she too was overcome with the deep bond that we shared.  We both knew how deeply the roots of our love ran and that our love for one another would sustain us through the coming years.

   “I love you.” She intoned softly. Three such simple little words but they managed to say it all.  Those words were the keys that unlocked our hearts and souls to each other.  They bound us together more than any piece of paper ever would, even our marriage certificate would not have the value to us those three words possessed.  We sat snuggled together in companionable silence, and just enjoyed the fact we were together.  The sun was setting now and we were treated to the spectacular show Mother Nature was putting on for us.  Blinding red and gold tones shone brightly on Barclay who was stretched out in the sunshine and his fur took on a burnished fiery glow of its own.  As the sun sank ever lower the colours softened to pinkish tones which ebbed into misty blues and mauves.  It was an awesome experience watching the brush strokes of light colouring the giant canvass of the sky.  Silently viewing the show that was unfolding before our very eyes, wrapped in each other’s embrace it was to say the least picture perfect.
       Liam’s voice broke the silence.  “You know” he began in a conspiratorial tone as if he was about to unburden himself of a long kept secret. “Before you and I officially met, I’d watch these sunsets by myself.  Sometimes it would be here on the sofa like we are now, sometimes out on the deck, and I’d even hop on the bike and take off down to the beaches and sit out on the rocks or wander barefooted along the edge of the shoreline.  No matter where it was, as I watched them I’d always find myself wondering if it were possible that you’d be watching those same sunsets at the same time.  Then I’d wonder if you were and I’d find myself desperately hoping that I’d be the one you’d be dreaming of sharing them with.  Guess that makes me sound like a major goof doesn’t it?” and he gave a small chuckle of embarrassment. 

  “Well if you are then I guess I’d have to be standing right there beside you in the major goofball line.” I told him.  “I’d do pretty much the same thing myself. I’d go down to Cherry Beach or Ashbridge’s Bay just to be alone with my thoughts of you. I felt drawn there, like being near the water brought us closer together. Where I was didn’t matter though, I’d always find even a minute or two no matter how hectic things were, to make the time to stop and watch the sun go down every day, and I’d think of you and pause to wonder where you were and just what you were doing at that exact moment.” “Wow.” Was the way he summed it up as he sighed.  “It boggles my mind that we could be yearning for each other the way we both did.  Silently our hearts would call out to each other, and yet never managed to connect until I accidentally 
wandered into Morellis’ Bakery that day.”

  “Oh I’ve never considered that an accident.” I shook my head at him to emphasize that point. “I’ve always believed that there is no such thing as fate and that things happen for a reason.  Call it Divine timing, if you will.  It was just our time to finally connect the day you walked into the shop.” I continued quite seriously.  “You know, I think sometimes we try too hard to find the person we’re meant to be with.  Good grief, I even went so far as to join local online dating sites, hoping I’d come across you and your profile.”  I chuckled heartily at the thought of it. Liam quirked an eyebrow at me, “I’ll take it that, that had less than favourable results for you?” “It was a major fail” I summed up for him.  “Don’t get me wrong there were some genuinely nice guys that tried to engage me and ask me out for coffee or a movie, or whatever so we could get to know each other but I never accepted.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, it would have felt like I was………I dunno, being unfaithful to you.”
  “How would that have been being unfaithful to me?” he asked me, genuinely curious as to my thoughts on that. “Maybe unfaithful wasn’t the right word to use, maybe betrayal would have been a more apt word.  If I tried to date someone, that I really wasn’t into, then it wouldn’t have been fair to them, as I’d never want to lead someone on making them think they stood a chance of winning my heart.  I’ve never been one to play head games with people.” I told him. “I realize that, you’ve got way too much integrity to use people or lead them on, but I still don’t quite fathom how or why you’d feel you’d be betraying me if you accepted a simple coffee date.” He asked me gently.“Elementary my dear Liam, my heart already belonged to you.” I said to him as I slipped my hand into his and looked him straight in the eyes.  “The first time I saw you I just had it hit me like a ton of bricks.  You were the one for me, the only one.”
     “Oh I tried to rationalize it half to death, that I was just caught up somehow by your superior good looks, or other things that in the grander scheme of things really are quite trivial.  I just kept coming back to my initial reaction I got from you.  You know that gut feeling, we all have but try to deny?” “There was just something about the way you carried yourself, the aura that surrounded you and the vibrations you were sending out that attracted me.  I wanted to shout “Eureka!!” this guy is the real deal.  So as crazy as this all might sound, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. It truly was a case of love at first sight for me.” I laughed, “I know I’m babbling but there is a point to all of this and I will finally answer your question.  It would have been a betrayal to you as well as me to even think of being with someone, anyone that wasn’t you.  I don’t do casual relationships, one night stands or friends with benefits.  If I’m with someone I’m with them all the way, I don’t waver just because something might appear to be momentarily more intriguing or appealing.  So in all good conscience I simply couldn’t be with anyone other than you.”
  “My only downfall was trying to force things and find you.  Things have to be right for both people for it to work, not just one of them, so while I waited for you, I found things to bide my time.  I through myself into my work, I did volunteer work, I wrote in my journal, I worked out, I read.  I kept myself busy to pass the time, but my thoughts never strayed far from you.” “This is my fault, I should have approached you sooner, told you how I was feeling too Lorelei.  So much time that we’ve wasted and it’s all been my fault all along that we weren’t together sooner.” Liam started to apologize. “Oh hush Liam.” As I placed my finger against his lips to quiet him, “Don’t be daft, it’s not your fault at all, not in the least little bit.” I reassured him.  “We just both needed to be in the right time and the right place for our journey as a couple to begin. It was supposed to turn out the way it has and so let’s just be grateful, okay?”  He nodded his head in agreement with me and kissed the finger I had pressed against his lips.
  Gently he scooped my hand in his and pressed it against his lips.  “You really are one of a kind and I do realize what a rare find you are.  I also know how truly fortunate I am to have you in my life and next my side.  You are perfect.” I balked at being referred to as perfect.  “I’m far from perfect Liam.” I corrected him. “But I do try to be the best person that I can be, because I owe that to myself and I know you don’t deserve anything less than that from me either.” His face and eyes were lit with a glow of respect for me as he leaned into me and kissed me.  If either of us were truly perfect in this relationship I would always steadfastly maintain it was Liam. “It’s getting late and we’ve got a big day ahead of us tomorrow, so what do say we head to bed?  I’ll need a good night’s sleep if I’m going to be in top form to meet your family.” Liam said as he stretched his arms and gave a small yawn.
“Well, going to bed sounds reasonable to me, but are you sure you’re ready to call it a day and go to sleep?” I asked in a husky voice, which I clearly hoped signalled my intent of wanting to stay up just a bit later. “I think I could see my way clear to staying up a bit later and keeping you company my dear lady.  Did you have anything in particular in mind to pass the time?” he inquired as his lips curved into a smouldering sensual smile and his eyes took on that certain sparkle. “I might have a little something in mind.” I added trying to make it sound like there was an air of mystery to the plans I had in store for the two of us. “Will you step into my parlour said the spider to the fly.” Liam teased me as he quoted a poem I was quite familiar with.

    Laughing at his little joke about my thinly veiled efforts to entice him into some fun and games I quipped back.  “Are you trying to bug me?”  “Bee assured, I would never intentionally try to do that.” He protested with a mocked innocence to his voice.  We both burst into a fit of giggles over that.  Sharing quirky little things like puns was just one more of the silly little lighthearted little things we enjoyed indulging in together. “Come on” I said hopping up from my place on the sofa and holding out my hand to him. Liam clasped my hand and stood up.  Then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly to him.  “And to think your father is worried that I’m the one that will try to lead you astray.” He mumbled in my ear.  He earned himself a wee swat on the bottom for that, and we headed off to the bedroom together. It was wonderfully freeing to have the knowledge that there was no need for either of us to feel shy about either undressing or being undressed by the other.  The mutual appreciation we had for each other was abundantly evident in the slow caresses and kisses we exchanged as we somehow managed to unfetter ourselves from the clothes that bound us.
  Her pert little nipples stiffened as they were exposed to the cool air of the room and my natural instinct was to warm them for her.  I kissed my way down her throat, and slid my lips over the upper swells of her breasts.  My lips automatically found their way to their intended targets though my eyes remained up cast so that I could see the expressions in her eyes and upon her face. She inhaled sharply as my mouth formed a tight seal around her little granite pebble of flesh.  Her eyes were half closed in a dreamy state of rapture.  With one hand she cupped the back of my head, pulling me closer, as I nuzzled her tender nub of flesh.  With the other her fingers played through my hair, all the while moaning her approval for me and my efforts.
  I wrapped my arms firmly around her waist and danced her gracefully back the few steps to our bed.  I eased her gently back on to the bed, and lowered myself to the floor.  Her legs hung over the edge of the bed and I parted them with my hands, bringing them to rest over the broad expanse of my shoulders. Deeply inhaling that heady sent of hers that always sent my blood pulsing wildly through my veins, I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation of the enticing delicacy I was about to feast upon.  My mouth watering at the mere thought of tasting her.  Running my fingers over, her little treasure box, I marvelled at the shape of it, as well as how soft and delicate it was.  Using my thumbs I gently eased open the flesh covers to uncover the little pink pearl she had nestled with it.  Unable to contain myself my tongue made contact immediately with it, making slow lazy circles around it again and again. 
The response from her was spontaneous as her legs gripped me tighter, her hands on my head guiding me to explore her further.  I loved that she was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted from me, more than happily I obliged her with the expert administrations of my tongue.  I coaxed the creamy secretions from deep within her, savouring their distinctive flavours on my tongue.  “You’re not playing fair Liam.” She panted at me interspersed with little yelps and moans of pleasure.  “On the contrary my dear, all is fair in love and war.” I volleyed back to her as I immersed myself once more in her most intimate pleasure zone. 
     I loved knowing that I was exciting her and taking her to greater heights of pleasure.  Feeling her body stiffen in one moment, convulsing with little tremors the next, her breathing sharp and laboured, and the way her voice would be breathy whispers one moment and deep raspy purrs and growls in the next.  “Enough” she cried out as she instantly tried to pull me up her body.  I relented but only after several playful nips on her inner thighs and running my tongue slowly and teasingly up and down the slick wet folds between her thighs.  At this point I was extremely excited and could have easily penetrated her with my swollen helmeted warrior of love. But it wasn’t what she wanted, not yet anyway.  I clearly got the message what she did want the way she firmly wrapped her hand around me and began to stroke me with a confident gleam in her eyes that I found incredibly sexy.  “Remember all’s fair.”
  She devoured me with one fell swoop and I just about hit the roof the way it made me feel to be taken like that.  She was clearly in no mood to show me any mercy and was going to make sure that she had her way with me while ensuring at the same time that I was more than satisfied. Lorelei definitely knew how to make my body hum and vibrate.  She knew my body and its responses so well already, and she used it to ensure I was a very happy camper.  She knew how to take me so close to the edge and when to back off to prolong my pleasure.  It was mind blowing to me to know how much she was spurred on by her desire to please me.  She seemed to feed on it and become even more aroused and passionate knowing I was being fully sated.
  The way she varied her grip, the movements with her tongue and lips, but it was the look on her face that struck me most.  Pure and unadulterated love, a wild eyed passion and desire and it was all for me.  She was exquisitely beautiful to me, with her tousled hair, starry eyes of blue and the rapturous look etched on her face. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer and she finally granted me my release.  My liberated fluids flowed through me and into her warm welcoming depths of her mouth.  I was extremely sensitive as I rode the crest of the waves of pleasure ebbing through my entire body.  Never once did she waver as my body writhed beneath her, she knew how to take me to an epic peak and she knew how to gently ease me down from it as well.
Not a single drop of my precious seed escaped her, and she was incredibly tender as she used her tongue to bathe me in the aftermath of it all.  I softened in the warmth of her mouth and grudgingly relinquished her hold on me.  Soft, tender kisses trailed up my stomach and chest until she was in my arms once more. As spend and as exhausted as I felt after what must have been the most incredible release I had ever experienced, I still found the strength to cradle her against my chest.  “You’re amazing and I truly do love you Lor.” I managed to whisper to her.
Stretching her face up to mind our lips met and I could taste the slight salty aftertaste of myself on her lips.  Our mouths parted and our tongues came together entwining and probing.  Hands roamed fondling, caressing, and brushing against flesh.  I was astounded to find myself becoming aroused again so quickly after the magnificent release I had just experienced.   “Please Liam make love to me.  I want to feel you inside of me. I want us to become a part of each other.”  It was a heartfelt request and as long as I was physically able to I would never deny her.
     Lying on our sides face to face, I gazed at her with my heart full to bursting with love for her. With one hand I stroked her hair and with the other I cupped the fullness of her breast. Burying her head in my chest she kissed me again and again.  The warmth of those kisses penetrating my breastbone and warming my heart.  Using my hand I gently redirected her face so I could gaze into those trusting blue pools that reflected her deep and abiding love for me. Our legs naturally slid into an open scissor position so that I could enter her and fulfill her wish, for us to join together and unite as one. We clung to each other, as our hips would slowly thrust forward and we rocked together endlessly.  Taking our time to experience and enjoy all the sensations of this truly beautiful act we were sharing. Each time we made love there was something unique about it, and the experience only served to strengthen and deepen what was between us.
   There was no need for either of us to rush to the finish line, for this was an unselfish giving of ourselves to the other.  The only competition that ever occurred between us when we made love was our desire to give ourselves completely to each other in perfect love and perfect trust, and to put the other first. I honestly believed that was one of the secrets we shared that made our sexual congress so unbelievably amazing. When our climaxes rose and peaked we shared that intimacy with each other as well. Our lips were locked together as closely as our loins were joined.  We remained coupled together allowing the moment to linger between us. “Thank you for loving me so completely.” She whispered in a still small voice.  Then she kissed me with an unbridled passion that I readily returned to her with equal fervor.

   Lying together still joined at the hips and ensconced in each one another’s arms I felt like I had the world by the tail.  I was the king of my own perfect realm and with my beautiful queen by my side, what more could I possibly ask of life?  All was well with my soul and I was at perfect peace with the cosmic universe. Exhaustion on various levels began to take its toll upon us, as our eyelids grew heavy.  Eventually we would succumb to sleep and when it finally took us, we would welcome it, together still locked in our embrace. I loved her so completely and I knew that she too loved me with everything that she had and everything that she was.

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