Jun 13, 2014

Part 27

     My parents were up from their afternoon naps when we returned from our walk.  Mom was out in the kitchen with Barclay, who was busily lapping up a bowl of what wouldn’t surprise me if it was 35% whipping cream and if I dared try to question her about it, I’d get a blank look and a “But he likes it dear, and isn’t my right to spoil him a little now and again?”    “Sometimes it’s best to pick and choose your battles in life.” I mumbled to myself.  Liam just looked at me and I knew he understood.“Did you two have a nice walk?” My Mom inquired, as she wiped her hands on a tea towel. “Yes it was great thanks.  It was great to see where Lorelei had grown up, and there was the added bonus of getting some exercise and working off that fantastic lunch we had earlier.” Liam answered her. My mother beamed at the compliment to her cooking.  The next thing Liam knew though he’d been ushered over to a seat at the kitchen table and was being served “a little something to tide you over until dinner,” as my mother put it to him.  Leaving him a bit bewildered as to how quickly my Mom had taken charge of things.
   I grabbed myself a glass out of the cupboard and poured a glass of ice tea out of the pitcher in the fridge, before I joined Liam and took a seat at the table.  Barclay having finished his snack, rubbed against my mother’s ankles purring like a maniac before getting a scratch under the chin from my mother, and prancing off to the living room to reclaim his throne and have a nap. “If you think you got bamboozled into a snack wait until she starts in on the wedding.  Your Mum is a piece of cake next to Annaliesa Gallagher.” I whispered hotly.Right on cue my Mom sat down at across the table from me and started in.  “So why don’t we start discussing the wedding plans before everyone else arrives?  I’ve got some wonderful ideas about colour schemes, floral arrangements, venues etc.”  I just rolled my eyes in desperation and Liam started to choke and sputter “Criminy crickets” I thought as Lorelei passed me a glass of water, and patted me on the back.  I thought my Mum was blunt and a take control kind of a gal, but Lor is right this woman really does take the cake.
  “Mom” Lorelei began quickly switching into high gear to head her mother off at the pass. “We may as well get this straight right from the get go, this wedding is going to be about Liam and I, and we’ll be calling the shots.  We love you and Daddy, and we love Liam’s folks as well, but they’ve already been told politely but firmly we’ll be doing this our way.  Yes, we more than likely will ask your advice on some things but ultimately this is a celebration about our love and how we are going to choose to honour and express that.”  Her mother was not about to be dissuaded easily though and plowed ahead. “But dear I’ll have nightmares if you any of the dream weddings you planned for yourself growing up. Let’s see you wanted among other themes a Goth wedding, a Steam Punk one, a Halloween themed one where the guests” and this point her mother shuddered visibly “wore costumes to it.  Oh and for the worst of them all was the jean cut-offs, bare feet and tie dyed tee shirts on the beach, some hippie dippie peace and love thing!” Her mother finished obviously not impressed with her youngest child’s ideas on wedding themes.  Personally they sounded like a lot of fun and ones that would be relaxed, memorable not to mention loads of good fun.  They sure sounded like they’d beat any of the weddings I’d attended over the years hands down.
  “Sweetheart why can’t you just do what everybody else would do and have a nice normal wedding?” She implored her daughter. “Mother, have you actually met me?  I don’t do normal and conventional. Taffeta dresses with horrid massive bows on the backs of them and all the formalities that go with them simply aren’t me and I don’t believe that’s for Liam either, but if it is, then we’ll find a happy medium that we can both live with and be happy about.  Mom I hate to break it to you but this is about Liam and I, not you.”  Lorelei’s voice cracked slightly on the last few words.  I knew she didn’t really relish conflict but this was one time in her life she was going to stick to her guns and hold firm. My mother cast her eyes on me, willing me to weigh in on the conversation and hopefully prove that I was the sensible one in this relationship and would side with her.  “Mrs. Gallagher.” I began after a moment of reflective thought.  “With all due respect I can and do clean up rather well for formal occasions, but they honestly aren’t my favourite thing.  I also think Lorelei has had some pretty creative and fun ideas for wedding themes while she was growing up. Over the years, I’ve never given wedding planning all that much thought as well I guess for one thing we guys don’t tend to do that.”
    “You can’t seriously be thinking about letting her carry out one of these harebrained schemes of hers of hers can you?” her mother questioned me. “Oh I most certainly can and not only that I am. I will aid and abet her in any way, shape or form that I can to ensure that all of her dreams come true.  Please don’t push your ideals on her or on me.  Remember what it’s like to want to start your life with the person you love, and your need to do it in your own way.  If you can do that it will be the best gift you can ever give Lorelei and I.” I told her in as firm but kind manner as I could muster. None of us had noticed that Lorelei’s Dad had been silently listening to the conversation, until he advanced and placed his hand on my shoulder.  “I think I can actually learn to more than just tolerate you.  You genuinely want to make my little girl happy at all costs.  Even if that means standing up to my Mrs. And there aren’t many that would do that.  You’re either a dear brave lad or an utter fool.” He said as he slapped his hand against my shoulder.  “I can respect a man that has some backbone and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself, as well as the fact you’ll do it so readily for my daughter.  You’re all right in my books Liam.”
  Lorelei looked rather stunned at her father’s change of heart about me.  “Thank you Daddy.” And she got up and gave her Dad a warm hug. “Oh we all knew I’d come around about him sooner or later.  I just had to see for myself that he was genuine and not some city slicker trying to pull the wool over the eyes of a country bumpkin like myself.  You love my daughter, respect her and will do anything to protect her and ensure her happiness, and that’s all that I can ask of you.” He said finishing his little speech. “Now what say you and I fire up the grill and get ready for the locusts that are about to descend any time soon?  We’ll grab a drink and do that whole male bonding, get to know you better thing, and leave the ladies to their own devices” This rapid fire turn of events I think threw both Lorelei and I for a bit of a loop, but we were both tickled by it none the less.  Her mother was still a bit of a loose cannon though, and I was a bit reluctant to go and join her father on the deck for as he put it male bonding time with me.
       Lorelei reached up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  “It’ll be okay, Mom is used to me speaking my mind though she’s not as used to other people putting in there two cents worth and telling her to back off.  You’ll see, I’ll sort it out with her.” She whispered in my ear. I gave her a peck on the temple, and gave her a gentle squeeze in return.  “You sure you’ll be okay?” I asked her quietly.  She nodded affirmatively. So I was off with her Dad, drink in hand, to discuss the merits of various marinades for steak vs chicken, along with who was going to be the most likely candidates to take the World Series this year, what kind of mileage my car got and a slew of other topics.  All in all he wasn’t such a bad guy, and like Lorelei, I was quickly learning his bark was worse than his bite. I also think I kind of understood him better on some levels if I allowed my mind to fast forward into the future.  I’d probably play hard ball with the guy any daughter of mine brought home to her mother and I as well.  You’d want to suss him out and make sure he was worthy of your little girl.
    We were actually having a pretty good time together the two of us, when Lorelei and her mother joined us outside on the deck.  He’d even invited me back to do some fishing for pickerel and perch, so as I’d like to say I was in like flint with her Dad.  We were both much more visibly relaxed with each other now, but maybe that was in part due to the now emptied glasses of scotch on the table. It certainly hadn’t hurt my case any to have a drink with him. Lorelei leaned down and slipped her arms around me from behind to give me an affectionate hug.  “Everything still okay with you two?” She asked me lightly, as she planted a quick kiss on my cheek. “Yes indeed.” I replied as I slipped my hand over hers and rubbed them gently.  “How’s it going with you and your Mom?” “It’s all good.” She responded.  “Yes, it’s all good.” Her mother echoed. “We’ve mutually decided it’ll be for the best to let you two do your own thing when it comes to how you want the wedding to be.”   I grinned at that news.  Now we can, finally just both relax and enjoy this visit I thought to myself.
   We heard a few car doors shutting and soon there was a steady stream of people arriving.  Introductions were made, hands were shaken, and people bustled about, setting up extra lawn chairs they’d brought with them.  Lorelei and her Mom began to ferry out various appetizers and snacks to tide people over until her Dad started grilling the main course. I know Lorelei had mentioned that she was the youngest and her brothers were a fair bit older than her but I’d had no real idea about what the age gap had been until now. I was guessing there was a good decade or more between them, and based on the ages of her nieces and nephews who were much older than mine were, it gave some validity to my theory.They were all quite clearly fond of their spirited Aunt Lorelei and had me in stitches as they shared some of their favourite memories of things they’d done with her over the years.  Lorelei just took it all in stride and laughed good naturedly over them as well. Things escalated when someone prompted their grandmother to dig out some old family photo albums so not only would I have the stories in my head but some concrete images as well to back them up. 

      I couldn’t help but smile as I thumbed through the pages of the albums.  A cute pink cheeked, chubby baby smiling at the world with those blue eyes of hers, curious about what life held in store for her.  A demure looking little girl in a frilly pink and white dress in one shot stared back at me and in the next she stood proudly displaying a catch of fish, wearing a pair of jeans and a t shirt.  One photo I particularly liked was of her dressed as a blushing bride in a picture taken for Halloween.  I did a double take at the woman in the photo with her.  I squinted at it to make sure I was right, but she beat me to the punch.  “Yep, that’s Daddy he went trick or treating with me and went as the Mother of the bride.”  I laughed until my sides ached over that one. There were other photos of her as well in Brownie and Girl Guide uniforms, horseback riding, as a teenager looking quite cute in a red and white baseball uniform with Nighthawks emblazoned across it, and her cap cocked jauntily to one side.  There were pictures of her as well as a junior bridesmaid at her brother’s weddings. “Are those sneakers peeping out from under that long dress?”  “You bet they are” piped up her oldest brother “and did Mom ever freak out on her when she found out.” Lorelei merely shrugged her shoulders, “Hey what can I say in my own defense, they were more comfortable than those stupid high heels Mom had picked out for me.”
 There were pictures of her cradling one of her nieces or nephews at christenings clearly comfortable with having a wee one on in her arms even then.  I flipped through the pictures watching her transform from the cute and sometimes awkward looking kid she’d been to the beautiful and confident woman she had become.  There were changes in her hair colour, hair styles and of course the style of clothing, but there was always that same energy captured in the photos that was uniquely her.  I hadn’t realized how engrossed I’d become strolling down memory lane and stealing glimpses into her past, when I realized that dinner was about to be served. I put the albums aside until a later time when I was determined to share some of more of the moments from her life that I had missed out on.  Dinner was laid out smorgasbord style and it was quite the spread I must say.  , Barbequed steaks and chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, cold slaw, Caesar salad, deviled eggs, various pickles, rolls and butter, crowded the table top.  I joined the throng along with Lorelei ahead of me, and grabbed a plate and some utensils, and made my way down the row of food.  I would definitely never go hungry hanging out here with these people.
  Dinner was excellent and I kind of wished I’d paced myself better and had saved more room for dessert.  There was apple pie, pecan pie, rhubarb pie, various cookies and squares as well as three kinds of ice cream for those that wanted it. I needless to say was in heaven, and so would it appear was the rest of the family.   Lorelei and her Mom may have had their differences but being excellent cooks and knowing how to feed people wasn’t one of them. There had been a good deal of chatter and laughter as we ate and I think it gave both Lorelei’s family and myself a better understanding of each other.  It had turned out to be a pretty pleasant meet and greet session with her family.  The kids drifted off first as some had dates and parties they were planning on attending, a couple were off to part time summer jobs.  Despite wanting to get on with their own weekends I couldn’t help but notice they all made sure they said good bye to Lorelei and hugged her good bye. “Make sure you don’t strip Muffins’ gears” she reminded her youngest nephew. “I won’t.” He grinned at her and he flashed his aunt a thumbs up before giving her a quick hug and taking off.

     “Is that code between you two for something?” I asked mildly curious if there was some hidden meaning to the warning she’d given him.  She started laughing “No Muffin is my old jeep and the last time I was home he still hadn’t quite mastered the art of driving a stick shift is all.”  “You named a vehicle Muffin?” and grinned at her.  She did the hands up gesture “What else would you expect from a baker?” and she laughed one of those tinkling infectious laughs of hers. After the kids left and the few remaining leftovers had been put away, the remaining adults sat around talking.  Her brothers were quick to point out what a character she had been growing up and what a character she remained to this day.  I think it was their own way of trying to warn me she wasn’t exactly a slave to convention. Eventually the evening wore down, and the rest of her family took their leave.  Her parents were wiped out after all the day’s activities and soon toddled off to bed leaving us to our own devices.
  “So what should we do now?” I asked her as we snuggled up together on the couch in the family room in the basement.  We’d chosen to go down there so that we wouldn’t keep her parents awake with whatever we decided to do until we went to bed ourselves. “I know what I’d like to do.” She grinned at me mischievously, “but that would not go down well at all with my folks.” She giggled.  “We can shoot a couple of games of pool, or pick out a board game to play, or pop a movie into watch.  Any of those appeal to you?” she asked me. “Not nearly as much as you’re original idea, which I can pretty much guess what it was.” Liam answered me rakishly wiggling his eyebrows at me and nuzzling the nape of my neck.  As always his kisses managed to arouse certain primal urges with in me, and I was dangerously close to giving in to them. “Pool it is then.” I decided quickly before things somehow got out of hand between us.  “I thought you’d opt to break out the Parcheesi board.” He teased me, obviously remembering an earlier comment I’d made about what my father would not assume we did with our evenings.

   We uncovered the pool table and I set about racking up the balls while he selected a cue, and chalked it.  I on the other hand went and retrieved a small case which when I laid it on the table and opened it revealed a custom made cue which I began to assemble.  “You’ve got your own cue?” he asked more amused than anything by this discovery.  “Doesn’t everyone?” I teased him back.  I snapped the clasps on the case shut and moved it out of the way.  “Best 3 out of five is declared the champion?”  “Sounds fair to me.” He answered back.  I lost the lag for the break, so Liam took the first shot and managed to sink a couple of stripes.  He ended up winning the first game, but I managed to trounce him in the next two games.  We bantered back and forth as we played, teasing each other with good natured competitiveness.  It wasn’t what either of us really wanted to be doing but we’d both decided to make the best of our current situation and lack of some serious alone time.  In the fourth game I tied things up, and we mutually decided at that point to declare it a tie and try to get some sleep.
       We clung together, after saying our good nights and exchanging kisses that would have to last us until the morning.  Liam declined my offer of walking him to his room, he assured me he’d be fine as my Mom had left the light on in the guest room so he wouldn’t have to fumble around in the dark. A final kiss, and reluctantly we broke apart and went our separate ways.  I could hear the soft tread of his footsteps over head as the guest room was just above my own. As I got ready for bed, I good well imagine him stripping down, and the mere thought of it quickened my pulse.  I’d packed him a t shirt and some comfortable shorts to wear as pyjamas, to guard against any potentially embarrassing scenes between him and my parents.  As I listened to the faint sounds from above me I changed into a similar garb myself. Pulling back the covers I slipped into bed, and flopped back against the pillows.  It was frustrating knowing he was so close and yet so far away from me.  I couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned, finding that even snuggling my pillow and willing it to be him offered me no comfort tonight.
 Finally I gave up any pretense of sleep, and stole out from under the covers and slipped up the stairs, padded through the kitchen and out on to the deck.  It was a beautiful night.  The moon was especially luminous this evening, and the stars twinkled brightly.  “Oh if only I were able to share this with Liam” I thought to myself, as I sighed and leaned against the railing.I heard the soft click of the door as it opened, and I didn’t bother to turn around as I figured it was my mother, who had always had ears like a cat when we were kids and seemed to instinctively know when one of us was out of our bed late at night.  One of those mom superpowers, and I smiled wondering if I too would one day inherit those superpowers. Strong arms encircled my waist and pressed me against him.  “I couldn’t sleep either. It just doesn’t feel right not having you next to me.  I miss the scent that lingers in your hair, the smooth silky warmth of your skin next to mine, the way you make those soft contented little sounds as you snuggle into me and drift off to sleep.” He intoned softly in my ear and followed by a flurry of feathery kisses on my shoulders and throat.
 I let out a frustrated little mewl of understanding. “I came out here for the same reason, thinking maybe some fresh night air would make me drowsy and help me finally succumb to sleep. It didn’t though, I ended up just thinking about you even more and how wonderful it would be to share this night with you.” I said as I turned to face him and slid my hands slowly up his chest until my hands were cupping his face.  He lowered his head so that my pursed and waiting lips could join his own. Before I knew it I had his hand in mine and was tugging on it, silently urging him to follow me.  We slipped as fleet footedly as a pair of cats down the steps and off of the deck.  The dew covered grass was cool on our bare feet and our footprints left shimmering imprints in the moonlight as we lithely made our way across it.  Neither of us said a word, not wanting to risk our voices carrying into open windows in the still of the night. We headed into the woods, and Liam allowed me to lead the way, knowing full well how I had travelled them many times over the years and knew them as well as I knew the back of my own hand. I led him to a secluded little spot not far from the edge of the water.  The small pond was glimmering in the moonlight, giving it the appearance of a large mirror.  Fireflies flitted about amongst the trees, crickets chirped and night owls hooted into the darkness.

     “Are you kidnapping me?” Liam inquired as he grinned at me. “Would you like it if I were?” as I smiled back with what I hoped was a captivating come hither look into his eyes.  “Most indubitably.” He responded.  I laughed at his answer but added quite seriously.  “That’s just one more reason why I love you so much, you are the only person in the world that I know that would answer with a word like indubitably.”  “You didn’t date many English majors over the years have you?” He teased me, which only earned him a playful poke in the ribs with my finger, and being smothered with kisses. As we embraced we sank to our knees in slow almost rehearsed unison.  Neither of us gave a thought to the moist earthy ground beneath us.  Liam slipped his hands under my t shirt and began to caress my breasts which were already beginning to heave slightly with the anticipation of the things that were to come.  My own hands worked feverishly to remove his t shirt and expose him to the night air.  Not surprisingly I also found myself void of my t shirt as well.  
  A light summer breeze brushed against my flesh and my nipples stiffened in response.  Liam not one to overlook the gift of nature arousing me took matters into his own hands and coaxed them to harden even more as he rubbed them between his thumbs and forefingers.  I moaned my approval and it only caused him to try to arouse me even further.  Tweaking and pinching my hardened nubs until they ached with desire.  I could feel the flow of liquid love beginning to run between my thighs.I slipped my hand down the front of his shorts and clasped his already hard member as his tongue which had been dueling with my own beat a hasty retreat and began to work its way down my body until he was in such a position that he could catch my throbbing tender buds in his mouth.  Lost in the sensations I could feel myself on the brink of an explosive orgasm.
   It was evident that I was succeeding in arousing him as well for I could feel the drops of pre cum leaking from his sensitive tip onto my hand.  He let out a groan as he leaned me back and in one swift motion removed my shorts.  I had no doubts in my mind as to what he had in mind for me next.   He used his hands to part my thighs, his gaze fixated first on my face, then dropping to the mound between my legs which was covered with a dew all of its own.  Rubbing his stubble covered cheeks lightly over my inner thighs before he set about devouring his favourite late night snack. My hands were balled into small fists which I hammered against the ground feeling as wild and free as any animal that was out roaming the night.  Liam brought me to new heights of exploring and enjoying my femininity and sexuality.  He was expertly stoking and exploring my inner most realms using both his talented tongue and equally talented fingers.  His fingers internally caressed my love tunnel while his lips were pressed against my little pink rosebud coaxing it to blossom, as his tongue flicked over it rapidly.
  I writhed beneath him, my hips bucking forward to meet his tongue and thrusts from his fingers.  I squealed and groaned with that intense satisfaction that only he could provide me.  No longer could I fight the feeling and I surrendered to him totally.  I was his, heart, body and soul.  He was the master and I was his domain to claim as he saw fit. Always ready for adventure, but always so quick to ensure my pleasure he eased me through the throes of my climax.  Only then would be even consider, planting his flag pole in my mound of Venus.  He was more than ready for the challenge as he slipped his shorts over his tight firm buttocks and past his knees. It was a magical wand of flesh to me as it waved over me. I wanted it all to touch it, to taste it to feel it deep inside of me.  Being a gentleman he was always happy to oblige me with my desires.

   He straddled me and lowered himself over my open mouth, which was willing waiting to welcome him.  He teased me by rubbing his glossy headed tip over my lips, only serving to drive me into a wild frenzy.  I clutched his hips and drew him down, determined to pleasure him with my own oral skills It really didn’t take long for me to feel that familiar launch cycle beginning to activate with in him.  He withdrew from me though, and I pouted petulantly at being denied my favourite oral toy.  “It’s okay my love there will be plenty of other times for that.” He promised me as he prepared to enter me. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed as I felt him slip between my slippery folds, and begin to slowly stretch out my canal.  Liam consumed me with his strength and his passion and we were swept up in the primal dance we were joined in. Our climaxes came quicker than either of us planned and perhaps it was only because we had been denied our earlier desires to couple and now we were bound and determined to ensure the opportunity was not lost.
   Sometimes I think neither of us was quite certain as to what meant more to us the physical act of making love or the glorious aftermath of it all, being able  to know the all empowering feeling of having been loved so wisely and so well and to be able to revel in it. We hurriedly dressed and spend back towards the house, on the off chance her parents had awakened and decided to check on us.  We breathed a sigh of relief to discover the house in quite stillness.  Only Barclay was up and moving about at that hour. On the way back we’d decided trying to sleep apart was futile so we came up with something that surely would not offend my parents.  We took places on the sofa in the living room, Liam half reclined, feet on the floor just like out of some old black and white movie, to ensure the heroines virtue would remain intact. I snuggled up under the crook of his arm as though we were watching a movie together, all perfectly innocent looking to the casual observer.  A long lingering good night kiss, and finally we drifted off together, comforted by the fact we were together once more.

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