Jun 27, 2014

Part 29

     One hand cradled her head, while the other was on the small off her back as she pressed her head against my chest.  I knew she was listening to the beating of my pounding heart as it slowly returned to its normal steady rhythm. She often fell asleep in my arms like that at night.  I believe it acted as her security blanket and assured her I wasn’t just a dream.  My lips lingered as they pressed against her temple and her arms clasped me even closer in response, clinging to the moment and not wanting to let go of it. “We’d better get out of here, or we’ll look like a pair of old wrinklies.” I smiled at her.  The radiance of her smile was her only response as she reached around me and pressed against me while she turned off the faucet. I slid the shower door open and reached out and snagged a large fluffy towel off the towel rack to dry her off with.  I patted the droplets of water that still clung to her flesh shimmering like opulent little jewels, sparkling in the light of the room. It somehow seemed fitting that she was covered with those natural little gems, as it befitted a queen to be so adorned.

I grabbed another towel and after quickly drying off myself, wrapped it around my waist.  In her eyes I could see the way she truly viewed me.  With my bared chest, and legs, and a towel encircling my torso, she was the one person that saw far more than that.  She saw the man within and that was what was always most important to her.  Yes she truly did appreciate my outward appearance and find me attractive, but it was the inner qualities that drew her to me and bound her to me even more.  We were a great deal alike in that fact.  Yes, I did find her to be a beautiful woman, perhaps not in the most conventional of senses but her energy and love of life that was contained within her managed to rise to the surface and radiantly shine. Fortunately I was gifted with the ability just as she was to look deeper into someone and see their authentic self.  She looked at me intently as she ran a single fingertip along my jaw line, trailing down my throat and along my chest until she placed her hand over my heart.  The surge of energy I felt was electric and immediate as she seemed to transfer her love and energy into me.  I leaned down and kissed her sealing the transfer of energy from her soul to mine.
     I led her over to the comfy chair in our bedroom and had her take a seat.  She curled her feet up under her as she so often did, making her look innocent and childlike with the natural ease that it came to her.   Spinning on my heal I returned to the bathroom and came back with her hair brush in my hand. “Are you planning on spanking me with that for being such a naughty girl with you in the shower just now?” she teased me a glint of playfulness in her eyes. “No” I chuckled at her, “We’ll save the Fifty Shades of Grey thing for another time.” As I began to brush out her hair, being careful not to tug on any tangles that were in her still damp tresses.  The more I brushed it the more her hair dried and took on the silky soft sheen that I knew and loved so well. “Your hair is so beautiful in the light I love the spectrum of colours that are captured in it depending on the way the light catches it.  Honeyed blonde, burnished gold, stands of auburn copper to highlight it.” I said my words hanging in the air.

     “Stop when you get to the gray ones.” She teased me, clearly relaxed with the intimate act I was performing.  I loved the fire and the snap to her hair, as it managed to personify the owner that it crowned. I noticed in those photo albums at your folks place that you went through quite a few hair colour changes and styles, over the years.  I’m curious about that.” I said as I continued to brush her hair and make it shimmer. “I think part of it was simply my rebellion against my parents, part of it was to assert myself, as tried to find out who and what I truly was.” She responded.  “After years of my Mom trying to get me to conform and be a “little lady” as she’d put it, with my hair in curls or ballerina buns, I needed to just be me.  I experimented a bit as a teenager but when I moved here to Toronto I really cut loose and it drove my parents bonkers.” And she began to giggle at the memories.

     “Let’s see” she said reminiscing.  “There was the ultimate blonde, Madonna like a virgin period, with lace sock and gloves to complete the look.  There was the jet black and straight as an arrow Morticia Adams Goth girl look.  My mother referred to that as my Johnny Cash period as I only wore black.  She also wasn’t too keen on me dating a guy named Lance Romance at the time either.” And she laughed out loud at the memory. “You dated some clown named Lance Romance?” I asked her rolling my eyes.  “Yes, I did indeed.  I realized pretty quickly he wasn’t the right guy for me but at the time he represented the epitome of Gothic chicness to me. I loved grooving to Shakespeare’s Sister and the like. He also had the added bonus of driving my parents crazy because he wore black eyeliner and lipstick and had more piercings in his ears than I did.” She chortled. “I can see how the fact he drove your parents nuts was a bonus to you.” I quipped back.  I waited for her to continue as I continued to brush her hair bring out its natural lustre.“Oh and let us not forget rocker chick red hair.  Which my Dad claimed made me look like an Irish setter.  They didn’t dig the guy I dated then either, a tattooed bad boy musician type.” She said.

    “Seems like you had a different identity for each hair colour you experimented with and a new guy as well.” I said as I tried to sort out in my own head how I felt about that fact. “Yes I did.” She said as she reached up and grasped my hand, but you should also know they weren’t my lovers.  Yes I’ve dated a fair bit over the years and I enjoyed the experiences, but I was very particular about whom I got intimate with and that list is very short, with only a couple of people on it, but the only one that matters to me is the last one, and that my dear Liam would be you.  You are all I shall ever want or need in a lover.  You are my Twin Flame the other half of my soul and you and you alone complete me, my love.” She informed me so sincerely that I knew she spoke the complete and utter truth.  There was no need for me to be jealous of her past or be insecure .

       Setting the brush down on the dresser I took her other hand and drew took her other hand as well and drew her up to me. She slipped one of her hands out of mine and brought her finger to my lips, to silence the words that were on them. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me down to her and she kissed me. As she did my mind thought of an old song I knew and the truth of it struck me hard.  “If you want to know if she loves you so it’s in her kiss, that’s where it is.”   “Oh yeah it definitely is in her kiss.” I thought as I surrendered myself to her. When the kiss was finally broken I whispered in her ear “You sure know how to make a guy feel like a million bucks.”  She swivelled her head so she could look me in the eyes.  “Then I’ll have to try harder, because to me you are priceless Liam.” She said to me as her eyes shone with the love she felt for me.

     The moment was broken as Barclay circled our ankles mewing piteously.  “It must be feeding time for the big guy here.”  I surmised as my own stomach rumbled in empathy for him.  Lorelei must have heard it as she smiled and said.  “I hear you loud and clear. How about we toss on some clothes and I’ll get you to gentleman something to eat.”  “Sounds like a good idea to me, my little love bunny.”  She stuck her tongue out at me saucily at being referred to as a love bunny. Since it was just us, all I did was slip on a pair of shorts and she slipped into one of my tee shirts which could have served as a dress for her.  We padded into the kitchen in our bare feet and soon we were rooting through the refrigerator.  I got out the plates, glasses and cutlery while, Lorelei got the rest ready to go.  It didn’t take long with all the things her Mom had sent home with us, and soon we were ferrying things out to the patio where we had decided to dine al fresco and discuss plans for the coming week and what we’d need to do to prepare for the final move on the weekend.  I had also fed Barclay who was a happy camper once more and was busily chowing down on his dinner while we dined as well.
     “Your mom is a pretty good cook in her own right.” I said between forkfuls of the tasty meal.“I know.  I actually inherited that from her side of the family my maternal grandmother was an awesome cook as well.”  So she said “Kind of hard to believe that this time next weekend all my things will be moved in here permanently.  It’s all been such a whirlwind with us.” She mused.  “I hear you.” I smiled at her.  “It’s just happened at warped speed.  If anyone had ever asked me if I ever saw something like this happening to me it would have been a resounding no. However I wouldn’t change one single, solitary, crazy thing about it.” I said as I clasped her hand in mine and squeezed it firmly. “Me either.” She responded firmly. We sat in companionable silence together, just taking in the last rays of sun as they were slowly beginning to fade as the sun began a slow descent in the horizon.  “This is going to be another wild and crazy week for us.  Thankfully I’ve got this week off so I can get a lot of things out of the way while you’re at work Lorelei.” We’d gotten a lot accomplished the preceding week as well when I’d been off between the break between the start of the new school term that would start in September.
     “I still feel guilty about all that you did last week on your own Liam. I don’t want you to think I’m not willing to pull my weight and pitch in.”  “No not at all, I’d never ever think that about you.  I think you’re a trooper to work all day and come home and not bat an eye over the things you do around here as well as lugging boxes down the stairs at your old place with me.” “Things are coming along pretty great though.  This week I’ll go over to the apartment and start taking apart the bed and things like that so that will be one less things to worry about on Saturday when the gang helps us move it.  I also want to keep working on some of the things I got a start on last week like finishing off the basement and moving at least some of the furniture so we’ll have the space for all the new stuff.”
“We also need to try and get some idea of how many people we’ll have to feed on Saturday.  I’m thinking an assortment of muffins and coffee will be a good start for when they first arrive at the apartment.  I’ll have cookies for a snack later, and then I’m thinking about what to make when we’ve finished hauling everything back over here finally. I want it to something they’ll really enjoy, and show them I’m grateful to them for all the help, especially with it being a holiday weekend and all.” “Honey I am sure that whatever you decide to feed these guys will be amazing and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven.  No offense but I’ve seen these guys eat and they’ll eat pretty much anything”

  “That may well be the case but you’ve met me and know I’m a going to do put some kind of effort into this.” I grinned at him. “Oh don’t I know it, and I have to admit I’m looking forward to it.  I hereby offer my services as official taste tester and guinea pig for this project.  I know, I know it’ll be a major sacrifice on my part but sometimes you just have to take one for the team.” He said as he waved his hands in a no, no, no need to thank me manner.   “You are too good to me.  You are also a complete and utter nut.” I told him then leaned into him and kissed him on the nose, and we both burst out laughing. I slipped inside quickly to grab a pad of paper and a pen to start jotting down the menu, and things that we’d need to pick up and do in order to pull this thing off.  By the time we were finished I had the menu planned, a grocery list made up as well as list of things to pick up like the paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery as we wanted to keep the clean up to a minimum as we’d both more than likely be totally wiped out at the end of all of this.  We’d also pretty much figured out home many people we’d be entertaining when we calculated in team mates those with spouses or girlfriends, and the ones that might bring their kids along as well.  We were figuring on about 30 give or take a couple.

    I was totally in my element planning all this and I think Liam was getting a big kick out of watching me madly scribbling things down and talking to my self about what should or shouldn’t be included on the menu.  I did notice he looked a tad apprehensive when I tossed the word vegetarian out but regained his composure when I reminded him there would have to be some items for people like Kaylene to enjoy as well as everyone else. “You are amazing the way you remember things about people even after only knowing them a short time.  It’s just part of what makes you so special, that you actually listen to people and care.” He told me.  I flushed at his compliment. We sat together for a while longer snuggled in one another’s arms when we’d finished all our planning, until a frantic pawing at the door made us decide to gather up our dishes and clean up.  With the clean up behind us and confident that we’d gotten all our ducks in a row and were well on our way to being organized it was time to relax and unwind before bed.

     Opting to curl up together and watch the game on television we discovered it was already in progress and the bottom of the third inning.  We cheered for our hometown boys the Jays of course.  During a commercial break Liam got up and grabbed a cold bottle of beer out of the fridge for him and poured a glass of wine for me.  We were having a blast watching the game.  We’d get up and do the wave when they scored a run, right along with the rest of the fans who were actually at the stadium were doing.  We bantered about the players, the other team and who we thought would be in the playoffs for the World Series this year. As the game ended and we snapped off the television with the remote I asked Liam.  “Did I ever tell you about the time I made dinner for Bucky Dent?” He eyed me warily unsure of where I was going with this, was it just a casual statement since we’d been watching the game or was I about to reveal some long past fling to him.  If it was to be the latter and a revelation of a past fling it certainly wasn’t going to increase his love of the Yankees a team he’d never been keen on.

     “So do tell.” He said slowly “Was he a guest at one of the restaurants or hotels you worked at?”  “Nope it was at a friend’s place.  She dated him very briefly years ago. Pamela was a great girl but she couldn’t cook to save her soul.  Let’s put it this way she was the kind of girl that would bake muffins at 500 F and then wonder why they were charred on the outside and raw on the inside.  Anyways I prepared this great meal for the two of them and while he was coming in the front door I slipped out the back door.”   “Lorelei to the rescue eh?” he laughed.  “Yeah something like that, I never did figure out her attraction to him I mean he was okay looking but nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean.” I shrugged.  “I guess some people get caught up in the whole dating a pro athlete thing.  You’d never do that though would you? Your way too grounded and down to earth for anything like that thought aren’t you?” he asked me.

“I’d like to think I choose wisely and well, and I believe I did.  You are a man of character and someone I can respect Liam.  I don’t care about material things, I never have and your bank balance is immaterial to me.  I love you for simply being you.” I told him as he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. “Now if you would be so good as to join me in our bedroom I have a little something in mind for you.” “Will it involve nudity and adult situations?” He asked with a glint in his dark eyes.  “You can always hope it does.” I teased him.  I spend off to the bedroom and ran into the bathroom and turned the hot water on in the sink.  I heard him entering the room, and called out to him.  “Would you please take your shorts off and just make yourself comfortable on the bed.  Oh and lie on your tummy please.”

    “I’m always happy to oblige a lady.” He called back to me.  I had taken out a bottle of baby oil and held it under the hot running water to warm it up slightly as I waited for him to get into position.  As I came into the room I appreciatively drank in the view before me.  Stretched out on the bed those strong broad shoulders of his, those long well-toned legs, and saving the best for last I focused my gaze on his firm lush looking buttocks.   It was a superb specimen to say the least and one I could have easily sunken my teeth into. “I thought maybe you’d enjoy a nice massage.” I said using the most seductive and sultry voice I could manage. “I’ve even warmed up some baby oil to work into those muscles of yours.” He patted the bed beside him in welcome before tucking his hands under his chin in anticipation of my beginning.  I walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it. Cupping my hand I poured some of the warm oil into it and placed the bottle on the nightstand for later use. 

     Slowly and I began to merely rub the oil over his shoulders and back more like a back rub to begin with, and then the massage began in earnest.  Using my fingers and thumbs to knead his flesh and hunt out all those knots and kinks in the muscles that I would work out with various forms of pressure and circular motions on them.   I took my time, savouring the fact I could do this for him just as he had relished brushing out my hair earlier. I could feel the tensions ebbing out of him as I worked on him.  Listening carefully to him I could tell by his little moans and groans exactly when I hit the right spots and if the pressure I was using to in my hands were working their magic on him or not.  I inched my way down his back leaving nothing untouched.  Working on that magnificent arse of his was particularly enjoyable for me.  Then slowly down and up one leg then down and back up the other, never breaking the connection with my hands to his warm oiled flesh.  When both legs were done I worked my way up his back and shoulders once more and when I was through I leaned in and whispered in his ear.  “Roll over please.” I purred in his ear and got a muffled dreamy   mmmmmmm yeah sure” from him in response,  as I think he’d gotten so relaxed on me that he’d very nearly drifted off to sleep.

    He rolled over onto his back and smiled.  “That was fantastic I feel like a new man, thank you.” “It’s not over yet Liam.”  I informed him as his smile deepened.  I pulled the tee shirt off over my head and dropped it on the floor figuring he might enjoy the view while I worked. Straddling his torso I leaned forward and my breasts hung freely and brushed against his chest, as I grabbed some more oil to work with.  I slid into position, and leaned forward and began to work on his shoulders and chest. It was impossible for me not to become aroused in this position and I could feel my own natural internal lubricants beginning to flow.  As I worked my way down his chest I felt his arousal matched my own as his firm member bobbed against the curve of my bottom. Pressing myself up with my hands framing his groin I started to massage the head of his throbbing tension filled member with my own secretions. I was slick with my natural wetness and I easily glided over him.  He bit his bottom lip and moaned, as he tried to buck his hips forward to catch me and impale me upon him.  Grinding my pelvis against him I could tell it was driving him wild. But I wasn’t ready for penetration quite yet.  I wanted to finish his frontal massage before his internal massage of me began.

I rose up and over him and went back to settled back once more to concentrating on his lower regions and legs.  His full attentions were focused on me as I stroked his steely rod with my one hand and worked my other one over his now oil covered sac of family jewels.  Satisfied groans escaped his lips and his eyes were begging me show him some mercy.  Shaking my head no, I continued to work on him and finally began a very slow and sensual massage down first one leg and then the other.  When I got to his feet I would spend extra time on them massaging the arches. The growing look of anticipation on his face filled me with a great deal of satisfaction and only served to heat up my own desires several notches as I began to work my way up his legs and once more straddled him.  Liam could no longer contain himself as he placed his hands on my waist and slid them down to my hips which he grasped firmly, and guided me on to his now extremely tense muscle of love.
      I sank down burying him in me to the hilt moaning in satisfaction as he filled me.  His warm oiled flesh against my cheeks as I wiggled my bottom against him making sure he was in as deeply as I could possibly get him.  The foreplay had been minimalist at best but neither of us seemed overly concerned with that fact.  Our need to couple and bond was far more urgent to the two of us.  He began to jiggle my hips and I took that as my cue to begin to ride him with lusty abandonment.   My hair flew out in waves as I did and in no time at all we reached a rollicking rhythm.  I would press down and he would thrust upwards our bodies connecting time and time again.  The collisions of our flesh were our genitals way of kissing each other deeply and passionately. Uninhibited and free spirited the two of us galloped along together.  We were in our own world unencumbered by the need for anything other than each other and our ultimate satisfaction being reached in unison.  Thundering along I could feel my climax building and was trying to hold on until I could feel Liam’s ready to hit the apex with my own.

      Urging him on with the way I tightened my love bridal around him and riding him for all I was worth the sheen of my efforts glistening on my flesh along with the oils that were now smeared over each of us. With one final deep thrust and a guttural growl from deep within him Liam held on to me for dear life as he emptied his seeds of life into me. I continued to ride him though it and finally he reined me into his arms and held me close.  Trembling and shivering from the aftermath of it all he eased me down on top of him and held me close.  My head was on his chest, his heart beating like a booming bass drum, echoed in my ears.   Stroking my hair he was tender and gentle as he whispered his love for me to over and over.  As corny as it may seem or maybe it was just us, we always thanked each other profoundly for the experience of making love to each other.  It was our special little ritual that we always shared with each other and we both considered it an imperative one to maintain as we never wanted to take each other for granted on any level.

Lying with his arm crooked around me, I was in heaven.  The quite loving words shared in whispers and silent looks thrilled me to my inner core. He rolled me over and slipped his softened member out of me.  “Do you know that you always pout just a little when I do that?”  I flushed crimson at his observation, even though I’d never realized that I did that very thing of which he spoke.  “It’s true you do darling.  You’re like a child who’s had their favourite thing in the world taken away from them.  I think it’s wonderful to know just how much you truly enjoy what we share together.” He told me as he cuddled me closer.

“You are the only person in the world that I know that would make an observation like that Liam.” I told him softly.  “Only because I know you better than anyone and I’m learning more and more about you all the time my love.  Each discovery I make is like a little gift to me and I cherish and horde them away like a squirrel stockpiling nuts in my memory banks.  In case you need me to tell you, you’re pretty special to me my lady.” He said looking into my eyes as he did so. “Ditto on my part Liam, I owe you so much, you teach me every single day in ways you probably don’t even realize.   You make me want to strive to be a better person, to be the best woman I can be for you.  I want to be deserving of you.”  “You are my love you are.  You are more than I could have ever hoped for and I cherish you.”  “I cherish you as well Liam.” With that we exchanged a most wonderful kiss that sent those pulses of energy though me that had also become a part of our ritual.

     We lay there cradling each other never wanting it to end. “We should probably try to get some rest.  We’ve got a majorly busy week ahead of us.” Liam said gently. “I know.” I sighed.  “It’s a pity we couldn’t just live on love and coffee and nothing else.”  This elicited a chuckle out of him.  “We’d be total stars at if we could.  Totally world class, no one would be able to hold a candle to the two of us.” Mirth was evident in his voice as he delivered his words.  “Truer words were never spoken.” I agreed with him.  We moved into a warm kiss, after which I snuggled against his chest my ear pressed to his chest and drifted off to sleep with the slow even beat of his heart lulling me into dreamland.

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