Jul 11, 2014

Part 31

     Lorelei had asked me to give her a few minutes to get ready before I joined her in the bathroom.  So I stripped down in the bedroom and tossed my clothes into the clothes hamper before I joined her.  A soak in a hot tub was going to be a pleasure.  I kind of hated admitting it, but all those trips up and down those flights of stairs had taken a bit of a toll on me.  It hadn’t been so bad as long as I’d kept moving but once I sat down to relax for a while that had been my downfall. Now that dull ache from muscles that had been pushed a little more than usual kicked in and I was thinking how great it was going to be to sink below the depths of the hot water and let it work its soothing magic on them. As I stood in the doorway I could see the steam rising over the water, in a misty haze in the candle lit room.  The music I’d put on earlier was audible in the background and complimented the mellowed out atmosphere she orchestrated for me.  The porcelain pool she’d created for me was inviting and I was looking forward to sinking into its watery depths.

      Her knees were drawn up under her as she sat beside the tub her hand languidly stirring in the contents she’d just emptied into it.  A pleasant fragrance greeted my nostrils and I inhaled deeply.  “You’d better be careful I’ll end up smelling good enough to eat when I’m done soaking.” I said softly. At the sound of my voice she turned her head and smiled at my naked form as I lounged against the door frame.  It felt perfectly natural for me to be nude in front of her, and I no longer had any doubts or insecurities that she’d burst into laughter or worse point and laugh uncontrollably at the same time when she saw me appearing to her in all my glory. “Silly man” she said as she rose slowly and came towards me.  Wrapping her arms around my neck and drawing me down as she pressed against me, moulding her breasts to my torso. “I could feast on you for hours.”  She nibbled delicately on my ear lobe to illustrate her point as her one hand massaged the back of my neck and the other snaked its way down my chest.  Her hand crept ever lower until she cupped my manhood in it and began to knead and massage it.  A low groan escaped my lips as she did, and my flesh broke out in goose bumps as a result.  The stimulation of her heated breath on my neck, coupled with her kisses and ardent caresses was just about more than I could bear.

     Fully aroused, I would have had no issue what so ever with consummating our love there and then.  She however was the mistress of erotic performance art and loved to bring me to the edge time and time again before sealing the deal.  I knew in my heart she did it for me to prolong my pleasure, allowing it to build in me time and time again, so that when it did take me it would be the ultimate experience. She always made me a priority no matter what we were doing, and I in turn tried to do the same for her.“I can’t wait to have you devour me.” I growled into her ear as I crushed my body against hers and began to grind my groin against her hand which was responsible for the light sheen of fluids I was already releasing.  Our kisses were ardent and the desire was undeniable.  Our tongues danced together like flames licking into the darkness and illuminating it.  Body and minds were on fire, fueled with need and desire.

      When we broke apart to come up for some much needed air, we both inhaled sharply and deeply as we’d been so focused on the heated chemistry between us that even taking oxygen into our lungs was irrelevant and had ceased to matter to us.  Literally and figuratively this woman took my breath away, time and time again. Taking my hand she led me toward the bath that had been prepared for me and I stepped in, gingerly at first as I tested the temperature of the water.  I should have known it would be perfect just as everything she did for me was.  I eased myself down into the welcoming womb like warmth of the water and stretched until I was in a comfortable position. I seldom took baths being more of a shower kind of a guy but I was finding this to be a rather relaxing experience.  After making sure I was settled in and comfortable, she said.  “I’ll be right back, don’t’ move.” And with that she was gone.  I sat luxuriating in the warm scented water that enveloped me, my head back eyes closed feeling very serene.

      She’d stolen in as silently as a little mouse, yet I didn’t need to open my eyes to know she was there, I could just somehow sense her presence and it brought a smile to my lips.I opened my eyes and found her at eye level with me once more.  She held out a glass of a rich red wine to me, and I took the proffered glass from her.  “I’d like to offer a toast to the gentleman of the house, if I may.”  She said as she raised her glass to mine. “Liam you are the love of my life, today, tomorrow for the rest of my life.” And with that she tapped her glass against mine as they clinked merrily in the stillness of the room. I couldn’t help but smile at her toast as I took my first sip.  It was in fact as I had thought it to be. A very pleasant Shiraz which lingered on the tongue almost as sweetly as one of her kisses did upon my lips.She set her glass down on the vanity in the bathroom and took a seat on the edge of the bathtub.  With deft hands she began to massage the back of my neck and my shoulders.  Slowly I stretched and rotated my neck as she eased the kinks out for me.  I sighed contentedly in a blissful state at the pampering she was giving me.

     Leaning into me her clothed breast grazed against my cheek and sent a special little thrill throughout my body. The scent of her shampoo still clung to her hair and it mingled in the air with the scented waters I was soaking in.  As nurturing as she was being, there was still an underlying sensuality to it. When she dampened the wash cloth and applied the shower gel to it and began to lather my body, she was delicate, almost reverent in her caresses with it.  Circular motions on my chest matted my chest hair together with a sudsy froth.  Long strokes along my arm and legs felt heavily as the soapy cloth glided over my flesh, cleansing away the stresses of the day. Her hand with cloth in hand sank beneath the watery abyss and stroked and caressed my manly parts as well.  It was arousing to have her bathing me this intimately and my hips rose to greet the gyrations of her hand on me.   She was taking slow long strokes of my ever lengthening member, and naturally I rotated my hips and would thrust forward to greet her downwards strokes.  We moved in unison in our own little synchronized water ballet.      The feelings within were building and soapsuds be damned I wanted her, I needed her. I grabbed her and drew her to me and kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue, with an urgent neediness.
       “I’ve gotten you all wet.” He said with mock horror in his voice at this discovery.  “So you have, what ever shall we do about that fact?”  I queried.  “Maybe you should get out of those wet clothes of yours and join me.” He volleyed back with a sensual smile that could not be ignored or turned down. I peeled off the shirt I’d had on, as it was sopping wet now and hugged every curve of my body.  I dropped it unceremoniously on the tiled floor.  Liam caught one of my nipples, in his mouth as my breasts dangled over him briefly as I stood to take off my jeans and panties.  It was only a fleeting suckle at my breast but it put my senses on high alert and my nipples protruded, plump and swollen like luscious red raspberries after the brief encounter. His eyes were riveted on me as I slipped out of my jeans and kicked them aside.  Feeling a little naughty as well as very aware of my sexuality I ran my hands over my breasts and down my tummy and over the sheer fabric mound between my thighs that was as wet as my t shirt had been but for an entirely different reason.  I hooked my thumbs under the elastic waistband of them and inched them down over my thighs, past my knees and then let them fall naturally the rest of the way.

     Liam held his hands out to me and I took them in mine as I stepped carefully over the edge of the tub and sank down into the water.   Space was limited with both of us now in the tub and a wave of water spilled over the edge as I sank down into the water.  After some skillful maneuvering what we found worked best was for me to sit between Liam’s legs with his long legs draped over mine. He wrapped his strong arms around me, and began to kiss and nibble on my throat and earlobes.  Early in our relationship he’d learned this was but one method to unlock any inhibitions I might otherwise have. His hands strayed to my breasts and he cupped them as if weighing them in his hands.  Tweaking my nipples between his thumb and index finger produced the effect he had been going for when I moaned and arched my back against him, my breathing becoming more laboured and intense.  As one hand fondled my breasts the other trailed down my tummy and prodded gently at the apex of my legs.

    They parted readily of their own accord and he stroked his finger tip lightly up and down the slit that was wet both externally and internally.  He continued to tease me like this with slow even strokes, and I would arch my hips forward, willing him to explore my depths further. It was a sweet release when he finally parted my folds and began to stroke deeper, delving my depths with his fingers and discovering my hot little pink, throbbing pearl nestled within.  Alternating between quick tight little circles around it and slow gentle massages over it was driving me insane with need for him to be inside me.  My thighs tightened around his hand trying to squeeze it and draw it deeper into me.  Another finger began to toy with my love canal and explore its snug warm depths.  His large hand cupped my mound as his fingers worked their magic within.     Pressing against him and mewling with delight and frustration I more than willing to beg if that was he required from me.  His kisses had taken on even more heated urgency as he kissed and nibbled on my throat and shoulders.  Liam was lost in it and I wasn’t going to be the least bit surprised if I ended up with his brand on my throat,  The playfulness and the intensity of the passion we were giving and receiving from each other would be worth any inconvenience caused by having to shield it from other peoples prying eyes after the fact.  For now the two of us lived in the moment which was intense, carnal with a feral abandonment for society and its conventions.

      Wriggling my bottom against his groin I could feel his engorged member rubbing against the channel between the mounds of my buttocks.  Knowing how inflamed with desire his love muscle was swollen only served to spur me on with my actions. Not being able to stand it any further I scrambled onto my knees, and braced my hands against the wall.  “Baby, please.”  I begged him repetitively as I looked over my shoulder at him.  With no regard to the logistics of the situation or to any discomfort it might cause him, he sprang into action.  It was unnecessary to sway my hips and nether regions at him but I couldn’t resist the urge to do so. Overtaken by my animalistic urges to merge with my mate in a primal coupling was all that mattered, so I presented myself to him.   He massaged my cheeks before parting them with his large strong hands and entering me with a loud grunt of satisfaction as he buried himself in me, feeling every inch of his member filling me, intensely aware of each ridge and swollen vein as he slid in and out of me.  Clenching my muscles around him wanting it as tight as possible for his pleasure, bucking back to meet each and every one of his deep thrusts, as his hands held onto me firmly at my waist as he dove into me time and time again.  Our cries of triumphant ecstasy reverberated off the walls of the bathroom, in our own song of passion which was sweet music to our ears.

     No matter where or how we made love we always threw ourselves into it heart, body and soul.  The chemistry between us was undeniable and each and every time it became more intense as we grew together as a couple.  Any other sexual experiences in my past paled in comparison to what I had with my Lorelei. I knew it was the deeply founded love that we shared that made the difference.  We were best friends, first and foremost who wanted to share all that life had to offer the two of us.  Our relationship was solidly built on a foundation of honesty, trust and mutual respect, all building blocks that were required to have our love last a lifetime and beyond.It was such an all-encompassing rush of adrenaline as we moved together in unison. I could feel that well spring go from a slow simmer to a rapid, rolling boil in my loins and I knew I’d soon be emptying every ounce of it into her precious vessel.  I knew her own climax was emanating from deep within her and was ready to burst to the surface and wash over her.

    A final deep thrust and I unleashed myself into her womb. I wrapped my arms around her and drew her upwards.  My chest pressing against the contours of her back as she in turn pushed back into me.  I held her tightly as we reached this grand crescendo together.  Her body shook as she pressed her lips against any available inch of my flesh that she could and kissed me in a feverish manner. I stayed inside her the entire time with the occasional small thrust as we rode out the spasms that raceked our bodies. Finally I was able to gain enough composure to stand fully, and I drew her up with me, still nestled in my arms.  I rained soft gentle kisses over her whispering affirmations of my love for her as I did so.  Her soft gentle voice echoed my sentiments in return.She turned to face me and buried her head against my chest.  I cradled her to me and rocked her in my embrace. “You’ve still got soap in your chest hair.” She teased me as she twirled the damp strands around her fingers.  “You seem to have some yourself.” I countered as I brushed back her damp locks with my fingers to better view her beautiful face with those eyes that shone with such a luminous glow.
     After pulling the stopper in the tub and a quick shower the situation was righted and we were both clean and fresh as daisies after our wet and wild adventure. As we dried off we both seemed to realize just what a long day we’d had and how tired we truly were. We ambled into the bed room and stretched out comfortably on the top of the bed. Liam was on his back and I was on my side curled into his form with my head resting on his chest.  We talked in muted tones about everything that had unfolded and been accomplished that day, and eventually so overcome by exhaustion we drifted off to sleep together in midsentence. Summer days were slowly drawing to a close and when we awoke from our slumber the room was cool and dark.  It took a few minutes for our eyes to become accustomed to the shadowed room and two glowing little eyes greeted ours when we glanced over at the alarm clock on the nightstand to try to determine the time and how long we’d slept. “It’s half seven I can’t believe we were out that long.” Liam said in a voice still drenched with sleep which gave his voice a husky air to it. 

   Barclay took that as his cue that we were in fact alive and that now he could start his campaign to finally get his dinner served to him.  The persistent meowing and rubbing against the two of us and butting at us with his head commenced in earnest as he joined us on the bed and made his demands known.  He only allowed himself to be temporarily placated with cuddles and pets and soon we were dragging ourselves out of our cozy bed to take care of the needs of our small four footed fur child. We each grabbed a bathrobe and trudged off to the kitchen with our furry entourage and got him his longed for dinner.  We then ambled into the living room and flaked out, side by side on the sofa.  With one arm around her I drew her close to my side, with the other hand I picked up her small delicate one in my massive one.  “Well roomie, we did it.  You’re completely moved in now.  So how does it feel?” I asked her as I surveyed the various boxes and pieces of furniture that still needed to be put into place and unpacked.

     “It’s great but a bit over whelming, there’s still so much to do.” She said with a small sigh.  “It’s okay we’ll manage it together, sweetheart.” And I massaged her shoulder with one hand, while squeezing the one I held in mine reassuringly. “I know.” she said as she raised her hand and softly caressed my stubble covered face and kissed me lightly. “I’m just too pooped to put anything more away tonight.” She added.  “Ditto on that for me, and before you ask yes I am hungry and no you are not going to go into the kitchen an whip us up a little something. We’ll order in have another glass of wine from that bottle you opened earlier and just chill out.  Understood?” I told her with a mock sternness in my voice.  I knew if I didn’t put my foot down with her she’d be out there cooking up a storm and then start trying to get everything organized so the house was comfy and cozy and not looking like a bomb had just gone off in it.  She was neurotic about some things but I loved her not in spite of it but because it was part of whom she was as a person.  Making a comfortable home and keeping it tidy was important to her but for one night I’d insist she let it go.

         “Message received loud and clear Liam.” She said as she snuggled into me.  “So what are you in the mood for Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian or Ethiopian perhaps?” She inquired.  “I’m really not fussed just as long as I get fed.” I chuckled at her, as I got up and fished out the folder I kept take out menus in.  It came as no surprise to me that she’s sorted them all out, tossing out of date ones and organizing them by the types of cuisine.  I’d always sort of employed the catch of the day method when it came to ordering out.  I’d simply fish one out and whatever it was that was what I’d order. We settled on Thai food and phoned the order in.  We got up off the sofa only to gather up some cutlery, napkins and pour some wine to enjoy while we waited for it to be delivered.  Stretched out listening to music, sipping wine and cuddling we were getting fairly mellowed out by the time dinner arrived.  I got up and retrieved my wallet from the dresser in the bedroom when the doorbell rang, signalling the arrival of our dinner.  She’d offered to grab her purse but I declined citing the way she was dressed or rather not dressed may be more of a distraction than the poor delivery guy could reasonably handle.

     Dinner smelled great and we set everything up on the coffee table and sat cross legged on the floor enjoying the delicious meal together off of our make shift dining table.  Clean up was a breeze with popping dishes into the dish washer and tossing a few emptied containers into the trash bin.  Then it was back to settling in on the sofa while we sipped our wine and talked about our plans for putting things to rights in the house. Barclay strolled out to keep us company and was lounging in Lorelei’s lap as we talked.  We both had the next couple of days off with no real plans other than getting things organized.  I was looking forward to it because when we finished it would truly be our place once and for all. The need and desire for sleep over took us once more and soon we were back in our bed. I’m not sure how or where we found the energy but we made love again, only this time it was very slow and gentle.  It was a cathartic release after the past couple of week’s frenzied activities and it was with rapturous smiles on our lips that we drifted off to sleep in one another’s arms. 

    We both woke up the next day feeling more human than we had in days it seemed. Knowing we didn’t have to rush anywhere or that we had any pressing commitments to attend to seemed to help as well. Early morning love making and a leisurely breakfast with the woman you love also can do wonders for a man.  I felt invigorated and like I could and would take on the world and be triumphant in doing so. After we got dressed we set about tackling the job that lay in front of us.  With a little luck we hoped to get the majority of it if not all of it done today so we could have the holiday Monday to ourselves to do anything we choose to. I set about assembling the furniture that needed to be put together again, and she began unpacking boxes and filling book shelves and the like with her things.  We worked steadily for the most part, but would take a moment here and there to check on each other and see how things were progressing and if either of us needed a hand with anything.
    The transformation that was unfolding before our eyes was pretty amazing.  The house was taking on a definite balance of both male and female energies, and I loved the yin and the yang of it all, as it just felt so right to me, like it had always been meant to be this way. When we took a break at lunch time I insisted on making lunch and she laughed when I brought out a tray that contained peanut butter and jam sandwiches along with tall glasses of milk.  We took them outside and had a picnic with our gourmet cuisine.  Now I’d always made a great p.b. and j but with her homemade jam in them they were over the top in the taste department.  We made such a great team and quite literally went together as well as peanut butter and jam did.

    Lorelei thanked me for my delicious lunch and I believe I got tipped a heck of a lot better than the delivery guy had last night.  Her kisses and hugs were the best thing in the world to me, and you couldn’t put a price on them. We got back to work, knowing that the sooner we finished the sooner we could just relax together.  By late afternoon things were pretty much picture perfect in our home, and we viewed the surroundings with a sense of deep satisfaction at a job well done as we broke down the last of the cardboard boxes to put out in the recycling bins.  Books and C.D.’s were a dominant presence in the living room, and accented with framed pictures, candles and various little knick knacks.  One of my favourites that she’d artfully displayed on a bookshelf was this rather funky vase that was filled with various coloured sea shells.  She’d told me when I’d first seen them at her apartment that each one had a special meaning to her as she’d collected them on various trips she’d taken over the years, or had found them on what she had considered special outings to the beach and had kept as a memento of the occasion.

     There was a beautiful little pink and white scalloped one that she’d found on our first official date, along with a small heart shaped stone that she’d found that night in the vase as well.  She’d told me about it long after the fact how she’d discovered them while we talking on the beach and had unceremoniously tucked them into her purse to mark what she had felt in her heart was going to be a life altering event for the two of us. She’d been almost reluctant to tell me about the collection when I’d inquired about it initially, perhaps fearing I might find her silly and overly sentimental, but in reality it was just one more thing that I found charming about her and endeared her to me.We had even managed to hang her art work without any little spats which I knew that a great many people would have found a miracle.  Everything we added seemed like it just naturally belonged there.

       “Happy darling?” she asked me softly as she wrapped her arms around my waist.  “Yes totally and completely happy.” I said as I leaned down and kissed her softly. I was truly happy and only one thing was going to make me happier and that would be the day she became my wife.I knew that now the move was complete, that fact would be in the forefront of my mind pretty much constantly. I didn’t want to take forever to propose to her but I also wanted to put some thought into and make it something she would remember for all time. I believe she would have proposed to me in a heartbeat and I would have accepted but there was also a part of me that was very old school and I wanted to be the one that did the asking. It was an unspoken thing between the two of us that we would be traditional about the proposal in that sense anyways.

The visit to her parents had actually enlightened me in some ways, especially after hearing about what some of her dream weddings had entailed growing up.  Her mother might be horrified to discover one day that she’s actually planted the seeds of the ultimate proposal plan in my head.  I could imagine her mother rolling her eyes when Lorelei related the details of the event to her, and it made me grin hugely at the thought.“What’s that sly grin of yours all about?” she asked me.  “That princess is for me to know and you to find out.” I told her as I kissed the tip of her nose.  She pouted in protest at this news but it was only temporary. “Okay, I’ll trust you to keep your own council on this for the time being.”  She studied my face carefully and I believe she had, had an inkling inside as to what my thoughts had been about.  Graciously she dropped the subject and didn’t pursue it any further for the time being.

We decided to make some dinner together and Barclay true to form was on hand for the event, and to ensure he got his meal as well.  I dazzled her in the kitchen with my cooking prowess proving that I did in fact know my way around the kitchen and I was capable of much more than making just an awesome sandwich.Laughing and chattering as we worked side by side, brushing against her would bring me a small thrill each and every time it happened.  A favourite song would come on and she’d start with her toes tapping in time to the music and before I knew it she’d have me dancing around the kitchen with her.  It was so easy and natural being with her, like it had always been this way.Life as I now knew it was good and it was getting better all the time.

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