Dec 18, 2013

Part 4

I could feel the warmth of the sun’s rays bathing my exposed flesh, warming me the way one of Liam’s smiles did.  I resisted the urge to open my eyes, I just wanted to savour this moment and the feelings that went with it.  Besides I’d always found it difficult to get moving in the morning, and what better way to procrastinate than to lie and think of Liam.  A warm breeze brushed against my nipples and they stiffened, and tingled the way they would had it been the warmth of his breath. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm sheer bliss. 

Reluctantly I half opened my eyes and squinted at the digital alarm clock on the night side table. Nine o nine it glowed.  Well I guess I should get a move on if I’m going to make Joeys game on time.  I rolled out of bed and padded off to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face to wake me up a bit.  I plodded out of the bathroom and through the living room to the kitchen, where I ground some coffee beans and got a pot of coffee brewing.  I then slipped back into my bedroom, quickly made the bed and tidied up my room.  It’s quite liberating to be running around doing everyday tasks naked, it struck me.

    Next I rifled through my drawers and closet looking for the right thing to wear, it was going to be a hot humid day and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible.  I decided on a pair denim cut offs, and a white form fitting white scooped neck t shirt, a pair of socks and some sneakers and I’d be ready to rock.  I passed by the bathroom on my way to the kitchen, then turned around and flicked on the switch.  I was feeling pretty good this morning, so why not a little something to make me feel a bit sexy and special.  I glossed my lips with a little pink bikini coloured gloss then slipped the tube into my back pocket in case I need a top up later on. 
    A couple of strokes of mascara, and oh why not I thought, a little dab of cologne on the lobes of ears, the nape of my neck, wrists and even the backs of my knees.  I looked in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction, perfect casual and a wee bit flirty but not over done.  I had never been one of those women that tried to create something that I didn’t naturally possess.  The perfume had a light lingering scent which made me grin, thinking of Liam being driven slightly wild by the scent, and wanting to discover the source of it.

   I danced, as I followed my nose to the heavenly scent of freshly brewed coffee, and poured a large mug and took a tentative sip so as not to burn my tongue.  I caught a quick glance at the kitchen clock and hurriedly filled up bowls of food and water for Barclay.  I grabbed another quick couple of sips of coffee and bottle of water out of the fridge to toss in my shoulder bag.  Kissed Barclay on the head, scratched him under his chin, and told him I loved him and would see him in a few hours.  I skipped down the stairs, and was feeling rather giddy and spirited to the point I actually considered sliding down the banister.  I thought better of it though as coordination had never been one of my strong suits.  I jogged down to the bus stop and headed off to the game.

    I got off the bus at the Christie stop, and ambled over to the soccer field.  The bleachers were already filling in rapidly with parents, and siblings, aunts , uncles and other assorted friends and family of the two teams playing in the championship game.  I spotted the Morelli’s along with their son and daughter in law, I waved a friendly greeting and looked for a place to sit.  I finally spotted a spot about seven levels up in the stands and made my way up to sit down.  I took out my water bottle and took a sip, replacing the cap and putting it down beside me.  I scanned the field looking for Joey and saw him doing some warm ups with the rest of his team. 
    I sort of zoned out and was startled to hear “Lorelei, hey Lorelei” I turned my head to the direction the voice seemed to be coming from and I couldn’t believe my luck it was Liam, perhaps he would prove to be the proverbial luck of the Irish for her  He made his way over to the bleachers and up into the stands.  I hope I didn’t appear to look as startled as I felt, I also silently prayed I was not grinning from ear to ear like a total fool and looking mildly deranged. 
    Beautiful day for the game, I’m surprised to see you here, but it’s a most unexpected and pleasant one, he added.  Do you have a son playing? He asked trying to sound casual about it. He took a seat next to me, brushing against me as he did so and it sent tingles throughout me.  No, no, I came to see the Morelli’s little grandson Joey.  Number  7, on the Tigers. Damn he just keeps getting better looking every time I see him, how on earth does he manage that?  Cool he said and gave me a boyish grin and I simply melted inside.

    She looks so perfect he thought.  Skin that had a healthy sun kissed glow to it, a cute little nose, eyes that were warm and welcoming, lips that looked as if they need to be kissed, and he was aiming to be the one to do it.  There was a delicate floral scent that clung to her, and just seemed to enhance the magical aura that seemed to exude from her.  Oh and those legs, tanned and, he knew were silky soft, his leg having brushed against hers as he was getting seated.  Soft and as delicate as the skin on a newborn child, how he longed to run his hands over those silken legs and thighs of hers. 

    The instant he grazed his leg with hers he had felt the electric charges flowing throughout his body.  He had to remind himself that he was a gentleman no matter how she seemed to manage to bring out primal urges in him, even at a little league soccer game, while she was dressed perfectly casually. I hadn’t really noticed her at first but a stunning auburn haired beauty with the loveliest sea foam green eyes was making her way up the stands.  I thought she was carrying on to one of the higher seats but no she took a seat next to Liam and proceeded to give him a peck on the cheek and a small hug. 

   I sat stunned beyond believe, Liam was involved with someone quite obviously.  No, no it was worse than that, they were married, the word left a bitter taste in my mouth.  I could see the band of gold glinting in the sun on the ring finger of her left hand.  My world was crashing in around me.  A myriad of emotions flowed through me, anger at myself for being taken in by him, anger at him for not telling me he was a married man, did he think me fool enough to be mistress material?  Not bloody likely, I thought angrily.  Sorry for her for having married such a louse.  Worst of all I was struck by the sobering realization that I was very much in love with him and yet could never have him.  It was no puppy love that I felt for him, but a very deep and enduring love.

   My life was over, the devastation and the heaviness of my heart loomed over me and consumed me. I felt myself go very pale, and the colour and happiness drained out of me. Get a grip Lorelei I told myself, better to find out now than months or years later, and don’t you dare cry.  You are not going to give him the satisfaction, your better than that, and you have too much class to out him to her.  I’d made a promise to Joey and I was staying come hell or high water.

    Lorelei, this is Molly.  She smiled and offered her hand to me, but all I could muster was a very stiff and formal, pleasure to meet you, and I pointedly ignored the hand she held out to me.  She seemed puzzled by this but took her hand back.  You look pale Lorelei are you feeling quite well?  His handsome face registered genuine concern.  I’m fine thank you, I responded but it came out clipped and not very convincing even to me.  I eyed him cooly though I was fuming inside.  Cheeky bastard I thought introducing me to his wife, his wife!!! The word grated in my mind, and just a few minutes ago I would have thrilled to my core at being his wife, and the word would have been full of sweetness and joy not the bitter bile it was causing me now.  I wanted to weep and be cradled like a child in the comfort of some ones arms.

“Mommie Mommie” a little red headed  girl shouted in her high pitched voice as she nimbly scampered up the bleachers towards Molly.  Tommy says they are gonna win the game Mom, he’s even promised to get me a goal.  She climbed into Liam’s lap and he gave her ponytail a playful tug and said “how’s my girl?”  Great she said wrapping her arms around him and giving him a bear hug.  This was almost more than I could bare, especially after dreams of having Liam’s child growing in my womb.

     The little girl smiled at me and grinned.  I’m Megan she announced stoutly “And I know who you are, your Lorelei and Uncle Liam’s right your pretty.  He told Mommy and Daddy all about you at dinner last night, I think he likes you a whole bunch, cuz he gets this dopey look on his face when he talks about you.” She said rather matter of factly, you look kind of sad now though, would you like me to give you a hug?  Would that help?” I nodded mutely and help out my arms to her. I looked at her over the top of her head as I looked at him, now genuinely shocked and majorly confused. “Uncle Liam” I said softly, questioningly.  Yes, and this is my sister Molly Madigan, her son Tommy is on the Tigers. Oh, and I felt some colour returning to my once ashen face.  Relief swept over me like a tide rolling in to shore, to cleanse and swirl the sands along the shorelines and leave them smooth and even its wake.

Megan slipped out of my arms and went to sit beside her mother.  Liam looked at me still trying to figure out what exactly was going on, “you seem to be getting a bit of your colour back Lorelei, here take a sip of water, it might help” he said offering me the bottle I had sat down beside me earlier.  I nodded weakly at him.
   Your sister? I said feeling incredibly sheepish and feeling just awful for being so standoffish with Molly. “Yes, who else would she be?” he asked softly.  “I” faltered, I thought she was your wife I said my eyes downcast and nearly burst into tears.  He took my hands, gently and intertwined his fingers through mine, I looked up at him my eyes misting over, no, no wife, no kids not even a goldfish or house plan, but maybe one day if I’m very lucky he said smiling at me.  A single tear began to run down my face and tenderly wiped it away with his thumb.
     Molly realizing there had been some sort of misunderstanding between us wisely decided to leave us alone, well alone as we could be in a bleacher full of sports fans. It was nice to meet you, I hope we’ll see you again soon Lorelei”  I was about to respond when Megan piped up “Don’t be so silly Mom of course you’ll see her again, she’ll be Uncle Liam’s date for ice cream after the game. Bye Lorelei she waved as she started down the bleachers after her Mother.

     How could you possibly think Molly was my wife he asked genuinely mystified?  Well the way she greeted you with a kiss, the wedding band on her left hand, and you calling Megan your girl.  I just, assumed you were married and Megan was your daughter I blurted out.  He replayed the events in my mind, holy crap I didn’t introduce her as my sister either did I?  Oh god Lorelei I’m so so so sorry, I never thought you’d think I was romantically involved with her.  Please give me a chance to make this whole thing right with you.  I sniffled back some tears, I was silly and jumping to conclusions before I got the facts, and if I ever want to know something again I’ll ask you out right and you’ll give me an honest answer.  Deal he responded. 

Now lets’ put this behind us and one day I’m sure we’ll see the humour in it, maybe not today, I can see your feelings have been hurt, and I never want to do that to you.  So let’s start fresh.  How about you and I watch the game and then would you do me the honour of being my date for ice cream afterwards? He smiled, and my face lit up as I nodded my agreement. He slipped his arm around my shoulders and drew me close to him, protectively as we watched the game.  Cheering the Tigers on, and rooting especially hard for Tommy and Joey, shouting out encouragement, and jumping up and down and applauding wildly when they scored a goal.  I couldn’t think of anything I would rather be doing then spending time with Liam.  It was like being in a Disney movie, the skies were bright, the sun shone, birds sang, flower bloomed, life was perfect sitting her next to Liam.

The game ended on a high note with the Tigers winning the championship trophy.  I was glad to see they were good sports and sent up a cheer for the other team, and lined up on the field to shake hands like little gentleman.  The players began to drift off the field and excited family and friends ran out to greet the players.  Tommy a freckled face red headed little  fellow, like his mother and sister , bee lined it towards his Uncle.  Congratulations Tiger!!! and he scooped Tommy up in his arms and swung him around in a circle before setting him down.  Tommy laughed in glee.  Did ya see me Uncle Liam, did you see the two goals I got?  He chattered away excitedly.  “Don’t forget you promised, you’re taking the team out now for ice cream!”    Nope I haven’t forgotten Liam laughed, after all a promise is a promise, I don’t make them unless I can back them up, and he looked over meaningfully at me as he said it.

   We ended up at Dutch Dreams,  a wonderful little ice cream shop that made delicious homemade treats on the premises from old world family recipes.  The kids had a ball, and I enjoyed being caught up in their youthful energy and joy as they celebrated the big win.  I even had a chance to talk to Molly some more and she sagely didn’t mention my earlier coolness to her, but I apologized to her none the less.  Think nothing of it, it’s in the past, as she waved her had dismissively, the issue over and done with, and a fresh slate started between us.

Parents arrived to pick up their children, and the crowd in the shop began to thin out.  Molly too , gathered up her little ones and headed off, which left Liam and I together seated side by side in a little booth together.  Well he said, I don’t really want to say good bye Lorelei, so if your free this evening I thought maybe we could get together, spend some more time together.  How does an evening in the Beaches sound? A little dinner, maybe listen to one of the local bands, a walk along the beach afterwards.  Sounds perfect to me, I’d love to accept your invitation. Good he said as he placed his hand over mine on the table and gave it a squeeze.

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