Dec 24, 2013

Part 5 

 I thought it important to tell the tale from both of my characters views and so when the font changes, so will the narrator, hopefully making the transition from Lorelei to Liam easier to follow. thanks for reading! looking forward to your thoughts and comments!
     Cerridwen's Heart


    My heart sang as I finished my final preparations for my date with Liam.  I’d settled on what I thought would be the perfect choice of an outfit for our day together. We wanted to keep it simple but at the same time I wanted to mark it as a special occasion.  We’d settled on spending a day wandering about the Beaches, and then a light dinner at one of the many little bistros or pubs that dotted the main street just a couple of blocks from the boardwalk and the edge of the water.
   It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright endless blue skies that seemed to stretch for ever.  I dabbed a hint of a light airy scent of cologne on my wrists, the nape of my neck, and oh what the heck I thought I’ll through caution to the wind and placed a small dab on the cleft between my breasts.  Then checked my hair for wayward strands and made sure my lip gloss was flawless.  Soon my prince charming would be coming to whisk me away.  I glanced out the window and saw him pulling up out in front, I’d have to get a move on. 

     I was pulling up to the address where I had dropped her off earlier that day after the Ice cream parlour, and as luck would have it there was a perfect spot for me to maneuver into.  I pulled my car into it and turned off the ignition and pocked the keys before going to the door to pick up my fair damsel. A woman of fifty or so was out front singing as she clipped flowers and placed them in a wicker basket.  “Good day” I said, Pleasantly as I passed by.  She looked up and acknowledged me. oh you must be the young man that’s coming by to pick up Lorelei, the doors open, just let yourself in and have a seat in the entry way, she’ll be along shortly”, she said and waved me into the house. 

    I opened the door and stepped into the entry way, and settled onto   one of the antique chairs that graced the entry way while I waited.  I was suddenly nervous, it was almost as if I was back in high school and this was going to be my first date.  My palms began to dampen and I felt that queasy, damn I don’t want to deal with her father sort of feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Steady there Liam, her Dad’s not here so you don’t have to deal with him, the landlady waved you in so she obviously doesn’t think you’re an axe murder, so get a grip.

I said my farewells to Barclay after I had made sure his food and water bowls were amply stocked, and his toys were out for him, kissed him on the head, locked the door and dropped the key into my purse and placed it over my shoulder, and headed down the stairs.

    Barely able to hear the soft tread of her feet upon the staircase, I stood when I at long last heard her approaching, she rounded the corner to descend the last flight of stairs and I had to catch my breath.  She was truly a vision and my eyes drank her in.  She’d chosen to wear a white sundress for the occasion.  It had a modest sweet heart neckline to it and the form fitting bodice, perfectly displayed the curves of her body while still managing to capture her innocence and grace. Simple, elegant and lovely beyond compare to my mind.  I drank her in.  She flashed me a smile as she seemed to float off of the final step.  She stood before me smiling, a smile made all the more dazzling by the natural tan of her sun kissed skin.  She proceeded to curtsey to me, sweeping low and gracefully as though she were a lady from some long ago court of nobles. In turn I bowed deeply to her and offered her my arm.  She laughed, a tinkling little laugh that reminded me of bells chiming. “ My dear lady may I escort you to your waiting carriage?”  She nodded her ascent and I opened the door and held it for her as we exited into the warm summer day.

    Mrs. Silverton looked up from her gardening as we exited and descended the steps into the small walkway in the front garden. “You two make a very handsome couple together, I hope the two of you have a wonderful day. Enjoy my dears!!” her voice sang out melodically, as we thanked her and carried on.   Being the gentleman that he is Liam held the door to the car open for me as I slipped into the seat and buckled myself in. Then he went around the car and settled in as well.  He started the car, signalled and we pulled into the Saturday afternoon traffic, which at this time of the day was fairly light.  As he concentrated on the driving for the moment I drank him in doing an inventory of this stunning man beside me.  He was dressed in an open necked long sleeved dress shirt, with pearly white buttons on the cuffs and up the front of it. He wore a pair of light tan dockers belted at the waist with an imported fine leather belt and a pair of casual brown deck shoes. 
    His dark hair was perfectly coiffed and I longed to run my fingers through it, to give it that sexy dangerous look, I imagined he could pull off only too well. I leaned into him trying very hard not to be obvious about it so that I could catch a better hint of his cologne that I had detected earlier when he had first offered me his arm. He caught me in the act, but said nothing, just flashed me a teasing smile.  I blushed slightly.   Any tensions or prickles of nervousness, evaporated as we began to chat like two long lost old chums who had suddenly been reunited, and time and distance had not mattered we merely had picked up where we’d left off.   
    The conversation flowed with no awkward silences as the topics just came fluidly.  We laughed and chattered and sang along with songs on the radio and the time soon passed and we had arrived at our destination.  We found a parking spot in front of the Lion on the Beach pub and glided into it.  “So what’s first my lady?” he inquired as he turned off the ignition.  I shrugged, “Let’s just go with the flow and see where the tides take us it’ll be more of an adventure that way.”  He quickly rounded the side of the car and opened my door for me, and offered me his hand to help me out.  He did not relinquish my hand either and continuing to clasp it as we began to stroll along the street.

We did a little window shopping and popped into the odd shop that truly piqued our interest, eventually we ambled down to the boardwalk and strolled along, hands still clasped. The sun was brilliant on the water, and it shimmered, the waves lapping against the sand.  Sailboats and people in canoes and kayaks drifted along in the deeper waters of the lake.  Children and families splashed in the more shallow waters along the edge.  Kids were building sandcastles, people playing games of volleyball out on the sands.  People zipping along on the board walk with rollerblades on, joggers clipping along with i pods on, some with dogs on leashes.   Bikini clad young women flirting madly with bronzed young men.  Lifeguards in towers kept a diligent eye on all of it while seagulls made lazy circles in the sky.  Life was happening all around us, but we were in our own blissful little world, and we only had eyes for one another.

   We stopped at one of the many little parks off of the boardwalk and explored the little paths and flower gardens, discovering little treasures along the way.  Liam stopped at one flowering bush and plucked a single blossom.  He gently tucked it into the hair behind my left ear and smiled in satisfaction. “Your even more beautiful now if such a thing could be possible” and he leaned down and wrapped me in his embrace and gave me a kiss that was sweet and lingering.  It was like a sonnet and it caressed my soul with its warmth. We carried along his arm now wrapped around my shoulders, hugging me to him, it wasn’t in a possessive way, but it still bore testimony to the fact that I was his.  It suddenly struck us that with all this walking and fresh air we were famished and it was time for us to select a spot to have some dinner.  We headed back to Queen Street with its many places to stop and enjoy a meal.  We selected a quaint little bistro with an outdoor patio attached to it.  

    It was our intent to sit at one of those little wrought iron tables for two and enjoy the setting sun and the magical colours that it was painting across the horizon in strokes of mauves, pinks, yellow and oranges in a variety of hues.  We marvelled at the masterpiece that nature was creating just for the two of us, and we sat together clasping one another’s hands, in companionable silence and awe.   The reverie was broken when our waiter arrived to fill our water glasses and drop off menus, and politely inquire if we’d like to order a drink or perhaps take a few minutes to make a selection.  We opted to order a bottle of wine then to enjoy while we made our menu selections.  It was a bottle of white, perfectly chilled with a subtle essence to it that made it light and refreshing on such a warm summer evening.  We sipped it slowly and deliberately already conscious of the fact that we were already deliciously and hopelessly intoxicated with one another.

   When the waiter returned we opted to share an appetizer together and each ordered an entrée.  We continued to sip from our glasses even entwining our arms on one occasion to sip from the others glass.  It was then that he leaned into me and tenderly kissed my lips, the taste of wine still upon our lips.  He pressed his tongue between my lips and they yielded willing to him, his hand was on the back of neck and he encouraged me to draw ever nearer to him.  My own hands found their way to his dark hair, my fingers began to dance through it, and even clenched slightly to give a gentle pull on it as I drew him nearer to me and deepened the intensity of our kiss.  I was growing heated from the growing intensity of our kiss and I felt the colour of arousal rising within me as my skin took on a rosy pink hue and my heart was fluttering faster than the wings of a bumblebee.  

     A plate appeared from out of thin air and glided to the table top between us, Bon Appetite, chirped our waiter, as he refilled our wine glasses, and scurried away.  I think the poor man was a bit embarrassed by being privy to such an intimate moment between us. It looked lovely.  We had chosen some phyllo wrapped prawns for the appetizer, which were golden brown and looked as though they would be succulent morsels. They came with a small saucer of a delicately spiced Thai sauce to dip them in.  We each reached for a prawn and dipped them into their savoury little pool of sauce.  As though in perfect sync with each other we opened our lips only to discover that each of us was choosing to offer the first bites to the other.  It was as though it were a long standing practice of ours to meet the others needs first.   We savoured that first bite, shared in such a familiar and loving manner.  Then having pronounced it delicious, we dug into the savoury treat relishing each morsel as we did so, seemingly fueled by a combination of hunger and passion.

   The entrees we had selected were excellent as well and soon our hunger, at least for food was sated.  The waiter whisked away our plates and returned to inquire if we would care to have coffee and perhaps a bit of dessert.  I responded affirmatively to the offer of coffee but was about to pass on dessert when Liam looking like a mischievous little boy, chimed in and decided we’d like to try an order of the chocolate raspberry mousse with the raspberry coulis, and he as well ordered a cup coffee.  Dessert it turned out was a smooth rich melange of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the berries.  I could only manage a small forkful though and watched happily as Liam enjoyed the treat, and repeatedly offered to share the rest with me. Lingering over coffee, we hadn’t even realized that the sun had completely vanished and that the moon was beginning to make its appearance.  Liam signaled the waiter we were ready to leave, and took care of settling up our bill.    
    I did offer to pay or at the least pay for mine but Liam would have none of that, this was his treat. I thanked him warmly, and genuinely appreciated his gesture.  It was sweet and old fashioned and made me feel as though I were the leading lady in some vintage old time black and white movie.  We found ourselves back on the street in front of the Bistro, streetcars rumbled by on the tracks, people passed with their dogs out for evening walks.  The activity of earlier in the day was dwindling down as night began to set in in earnest and yet it was still too early for the bars with their live bands to really begin to come alive.Having no particular agenda, we crossed the street, my arm had slid around his waist hugging him to me and he had his arm once more protectively wrapped around my bare shoulder it sent thrills through me to feel his large masculine hand upon me, and he seemed to be massaging my shoulder ever so gently as we walked.  We sauntered through a different little park on our way back to the beach, and stopped beneath a romantic little ivy covered gazebo for yet more tender stolen kisses from one another. 

    The beach for the most part was deserted now and we could easily find spots for some very friendly cadoodling.  I’ve always loved the water and it brings this sense of inner peace to me to be near it.  The water was gently and rhythmically lapping against the shore.  The moon was fully out now and sent down its luminous rays, and the stars twinkled like thousands of tiny fairy lights in the inky night sky.   I don’t know what possessed me perhaps a call from some mythical water spirit, perhaps a bit of moon madness, but suddenly I dropped my purse, kicked off my sandals and pulled the clip from my hair allowing it to fall in waves over my shoulders and down my back.  I waded into the water and plunged in ever deeper, until I dove in and swam out several feet under water until I returned to the surface and broke through into the moonlight dancing upon the waters.  I could make out the outline of Liam in the shadows of the beach and he was pulling off his shoes and socks, in a comically endearing manner as he balanced on first one foot and then the other, teetering back and forth.  Then in a flash he was unbuttoning his shirt, tossing it upon the sand and running full tilt towards the water.  With long powerful strides, like a wild stallion he thundered into the water and made his way towards me.

 Look at her rising up from the waves a water nymph that wants a playmate in the surf.  Her arms outstretched towards me silently beckoning me to come and join her in her games.  There was no need for her to speak, or even sing her sirens song.  My desire is and always will be to follow her to the four corners of the earth should she so desire it.  Her dress now drenched, clung to the curves of her body, displaying a pair of very shapely legs.  The skirt of her dress had managed to wrap itself around her in such a fashion that had I not realized it was merely the shadows playing tricks with some clinging fabric I would have sworn she was a flesh and blood creature that until now I had always believed was only a myth found in childhood fairy tales.

    Liam bounded into the water with long determined strides, his arms reaching out to me.  Until he caught me up in his powerful embrace, lifting me from the water and twirled me about. We laughed like two children who had just discovered a much longed for gift under the Christmas tree, in this case it was the gift of each other.  Something we had each spent a life time looking for, and now it was finally ours and we were going to celebrate.  He set me down gently his arms wrapped firmly around my waist, and I reached up on tip toe to wrap my arms around his neck and draw him towards me.  There was no uncertainty or awkwardness despite the absurdity of how we had come to be standing here together like this. He leaned down and his lips grazed my forehead, eyelids, tip of my nose and my cheeks gently, with a deliberate urgent, tenderness. His lips found mine and settled into a warm union. The kiss deepened, as our tongues began an intricate tango as they probed and explored. My hands having taken on a mind of their own roamed freely over Liam’s body.  Fingertips explored his toned, firm chest and ran up and down his spine feeling each and every vertebrae.

    I’d never been so completely drawn into a kiss before.  My hands caressed her shoulders, and slid down to the curve of her waist and the flair of her hips. They explored the contours of her body, and I could feel the heat that was rising in my loins.  I desired this woman, from the softness of her skin, to the firm roundness of her womanly assets.  I cupped my hands on her pert bottom and lifted her up, she responded by wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck, we held on to one another as if our lives depended on it. I broke the kiss, but only so I could look deeply into her eyes, and in those eyes I found the same love and desire that I felt mirrored back.  The simplicity of it all struck me like a bolt of lightning, I loved her.  Lorelei was the rock that was going to be the foundation of the rest of my life.  

     Liam scooped me up into his arms cradling me against his chest and began to walk back to the shore.  I basked in the warm glow of having him so close.  He set me gently down in the sand, and held his hand out to me as if inviting me to dance.  We coupled together like to teenagers slow dancing under crepe paper stars at the senior prom.  There was no need for music though, as the gentle rhythm of waves lapping against the sand, combined with the beating of our hearts, seemingly to conduct its own song for us to sway in perfect sync to. I felt as though I was the female principle dancer in an intricately choreographed dance and Liam was my leading man.  The hours of intense practice, had finally paid off and had come to fruition as we shone on our opening night performance. The movements were fluid, and spoke to the divine connection we shared as we merged in unison and we formed one entity, joined by invisible but very tangible threads that had no beginning and no end.  There were no doubts in my mind, Liam was more than my soul mate, he was my twin flame. Until now my soul had been lacking, and now through some fate, I had found the missing piece, and he fitted seamlessly, the puzzle was now complete.  My core being was acutely aware of the fact, that I loved him, and him alone, and it was with a love that transcended both time and space.

   I can’t deny that I wanted more from Lorelei than just her kisses and I felt confident that she was in the same frame of mind as well, but for now I wanted to be a gentleman, to assure her that I respected her and loved her. I had every intention of wooing and courting her and that meant showing her that romance was not dead or wounded, but very much alive and hers for the taking. I was going to be the man that would win her heart and also know that I was worthy of that honour. I had never known anyone that made all of my senses feel so alive before, it was overwhelming yet I knew I didn’t want to miss even a micro second of it. This woman that stood before me continually amazed me with the ease at which she morphed from one person to the next.  It wasn’t in a freaky Sybil multiple personality sort of a way either. 

    It was as if she was a kalidiscope, even a subtle turn and the images would change and be even more dazzling than they had only moments before. One minute she was guileless and as innocent as a new born.  The next a worldly sophisticate, then a child filled with wonder at the smallest things and wanting to laugh and play.  A cunning little minx that would challenge me in no holds barred battles of wit, a seductive siren that would make me fall to my knees and beg for her favours.  She was a mystery, like a beautifully wrapped gift that you couldn’t wait to start unwrapping and find out what was nestled with in the layers of tissue paper that protected the treasure inside.

   I cupped her face with my hands, reverently, admiring her beauty that was far more than just what was apparent to the naked eye.  I could still detect the faint traces of her perfume, despite our little midnight frolic and I inhaled the lingering scent. I ran my fingertips from just behind her delicate little ears down the slope of her throat, and felt the fine chain of silver she wore about it, I followed it down to the pendant which dangled in a tantalizing manner just above the swell of her breasts.  The pendant on it glimmered like a small silver pool in the moonlight, an intricate Celtic knot with an oval stone with a milky lustre set at its base. I recognized it as a moonstone, a gemstone fit for a goddess such as Lorelei.

   I thrilled to his touch the way he stroked his fingers over my bare flesh, and it sent small shivers through out my body and awakened my senses. I wanted this man and feared I would unleash the feral feline inside of me and pounce on him. I wanted to share the ultimate experience of giving myself to him.  To fill him with desire for me, to ravish, me and more than that I wanted to have the most sacred and intense communion a man and would could experience.  As much as I wanted Liam I also wanted him to respect me, just as I respected myself.  I’d never thought of myself as one of those type of women that was altar bound, but Liam was making a very convincing case to the juries of both my heart and mind.  I seemed to realize innately that, this was something far beyond my control and I didn’t want to fight it, I would yield to him like the bough of a tree, but would never break.

   The kisses and caresses we exchanged, varied in their intensities, taking us through gentle valleys of tenderness, to the peaks of the highest mountains of yearning, down winding roads with new discoveries to be made around each bend, to tumultuous thunder and lightning filled night skies with unleashed passions.  They were all wonderful and magic filled in their own rights and I cherished each and every one.  Not a word was uttered but our hearts were speaking volumes to one another.

   It seemed we were locked together only mere moments a blink of the eye, but the reality was the moon had already sunk low in the sky and the sun was beginning to stretch its early morning rays along the water, reaching out to greet the two of us. Quite literally it would seem we had danced until dawn in our own private ballroom provided compliments of mother earth.  I started to giggle when I realized we had somehow managed to stay out all night, making out like two teenagers who were thoroughly besotted with one another and now would have to face the music of having been caught breaking curfew.  Somehow I didn’t have to explain my fit of the giggles to Liam as he looked at me gravely and said, “Well I suppose this late night escapade of our means  I shall have to take you home and explain to your family that my intentions are completely honorable where you are concerned my dear.  That it is my full intent to court you as a lady should be, and thus win you and make an honest woman of you so that your reputation shall remain unsullied by the risk of any scandal we’ve just caused by staying out all night without the benefit of a chaperone. It is my intent to ensure that your virtue shall remain intact and untarnished.”  
    He took my hand and skimmed it with his lips. His eyes twinkled as he raised them to me, and I somehow intuitively knew that despite his mock graveness with me there was truth in his words.  I felt my bottom lip begin to tremble, ever so slightly and could feel the tears beginning to well with in my eyes, and I tried to fight them and keep them at bay, but it was not to be and the drops began to fall and streak my face.  I lowered my face not able to look at Liam embarrassed by the way I was becoming so emotional.  He clasped my hands firmly, “Lorelei, look at me, please”, he pleaded, I couldn’t respond, just continued to sob silently.  He took me in his arms and embraced me while kissing the crown of my head, trying to comfort me.  “Lor, Lor, Lor, would you talk to me, tell me what I did or said, let me make it right, please Lor.  What’s wrong?”

  I finally raised my head enough to look up at him and began to hiccup as I fought back the tears.  “Well that’s a step in the right direction, now talk to me, please, what’s going on?”  He wiped my tears away with his thumbs and continued to look at me intently, with a look that I couldn’t entirely decipher, as though it was a mixture of deeply felt concern, love and even a shade of fear.  Like a river overflowing during the spring thaw, the words just somehow seemed to stream out from my lips “Oh Liam, I’m not losing my mind or maybe I have.  I’ve just spent the more incredibly amazing night of my life with you.  It was absolutely perfect, you’re absolutely perfect, and I don’t want it to end, I never want it to end.  I’m in love with you.” I blurted out fiercely.

    Good going I thought to myself, now you’ve gone and done it, you’ve become all overly female, cried like a girl and told this man you love him, it’s the first bloody date and your last, stupid, stupid woman I berated myself.   “Thank God” he exclaimed as a huge goofy grin over took his face and he began to laugh hysterically until he too began to tear up.  “I love you too and have since the first time I laid eyes on you.  I just knew there was something special about you, even the first day. I have dreamed about you and wanted to talk to you for months now, but I was just too damn shy to even say hello to you.  When I walked into Morelli’s bakery that day and there you were I wasn’t sure if the fates were smiling upon me or if I was totally going to blow any chance I might ever have with you.  Don’t you have any clue how nervous I was that day?  It was torture, finally having a reason to talk to you and feeling so tongue tied all at the same time. That’s all behind us now though, because here we are.  So I’m puzzled now, if you love me why the tears, what’s troubling you?”

   “You love me too????” I stared in dumbstruck amazement at his revelation. “Yes, I do.” He stated firmly. “But I made you cry, and I obviously upset you.  Please tell me what I did wrong, I’ve finally got you and I don’t intend to lose you now or ever.”  “Oh Liam, I’ve been such a little fool forgive me I beg of you, please!! He sat down in the sand and pulled me down into his lap.  “Now fess up Lor, what’s this all about? It was comforting to be in his lap and cradled in his arms, I felt very safe and secure here. As I tried to collect my thoughts, and calm myself enough to be able to articulate what started the flood of tears. Lorelei, I’m the one person on the entire planet you should be able to speak your mind to, you can tell me anything, I’ll listen, please trust me.” He looked deeply into my eyes and encouraged me with them. “Liam” I said softly taking a deep breath and finding the words began. “Never in my life have I felt the way I do about another human being, as I do you. It’s not rational and my common sense tells me to be wary, but my heart is alive in a way I never dreamed it could be.

      I’ve thought I was in love before, but it was nothing like what I am experiencing with the way I feel about you.  What I had in the past pales in comparison to what I have now, even after such a short time with you.  I realize that  on a logical level all of this is completely crazy, and completely mad, but what I feel for you just keeps growing and the more I know about you the more I want to know.  I want to share everything with you, spend every second I can with you, but not because I want to be controlling but because I simply want to be with you.  But the demons from my past, lurk in the corridors of my mind, and tell me I’m never going to be loved, the way I want to, but I made up my mind some time ago that I would never just settle, for the sake of having a man in my life, and being part of a couple.  That would just be deceiving to me, and I simply can’t do that.  I think I just freaked out when you made the comments about your intentions being honourable, yes, yes I know that sounds insane on my part, and I know in my heart you meant it sincerely.  
     I just allowed my past to take over and my old insecurities to rise, the ones that told me you were totally out of my reach you were in a different more elite league, and unattainable to someone like me.  Your perfect,……….and I’m just me, how could you possibly want just me?”  The tears were once again staining my face, and Liam just cuddled me all the closer and stroked my hair.  “Now listen woman, I am not perfect, but all that matters is that I am the perfect fit for you, and I believe I am.  As for how could I want you?  It’s really quite simple, that’s exactly why I want you, because you are you.  Your genuine, no pretensions to you like so many women, you are who and what you are and you make no apologies for it. You’ve got kind eyes, Lor, and I know you have the heart to back them up.  You’ve still got a soul, when so many people have lost theirs in this day and age.  You are also precious and as a rare as a blue star.” “A blue star? I don’t get it”, I said shaking my head.  “Yes a blue star.  

   When you look into the sky at night and its clear and there are hundreds of stars out like there were last night, they shine and they sparkle, but if you look very closely you’ll find small stars, and when you truly see them you realize the blue hue they have to them and you’ll notice that despite their size they are stunning, and they actually are the stars that shine the most brightly and stand out the most.  You just have to seek them out, and once you find one it’s nearly impossible to tear your eyes away from it.  They are mesmerizing, pure magic and mystery. You Miss Lorelei are one of those precious stars, and I intend to make you see that.  I love you and I`m not going anywhere, I`m here to stay. Just try and get rid of me, he added resolutely.  I snuggled into him, and nestled my head against his chest.  I could hear the steady even beat of his heart and feel the warmth of his breath, and knew he was looking down at me.

    “I also happen to know” he continued, “that you’ve got a mind of your own, you can be stubborn and willful. I’m also well aware of your temper and how it can flair up.  I looked up at him rather shocked.  “Don’t try to deny it, and don’t think for a minute I didn’t realize how furious you were that day you thought Molly was my wife, and that I’d been playing you.  Your lovely blue eyes were turning green and you were madder than an old wet hen.  I could practically see the steam rising from your ears.” And with that he kissed the tip of my nose. “I wanted to think even then it was because you already cared for me and thought of me as yours.  There are times you’ll be a real handful to deal with, and you know something I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I don’t want some Barbie doll with the perfect body, whose brain cells were siphoned off by her breasts, and will never have an opinion or an original thought in her head. I really do want a woman like you, perfect and beautiful in your own unique way.  
    One that has a passion for life and the things she believes in.  Some one that can be as comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t shirt as she is dressed for a night out on the town and I can flaunt with pride that she choose to be on my arm, either way. Lor, you’re only limited in whatever you choose in life, and I’m hoping you’ll choose me.”  I sat there trying to absorb all that he’d just said to me.  After a few brief moments of silence between the two of us, he finally spoke, “A penny for your thoughts?” he murmured.  “Sorry just trying to process all of this, it just seems to be happening so quickly, it’s wonderful and scary all at the same time.  Things like this just don’t happen to me.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by it all, but at the same time I already know how much I want you……..and I need you to complete me.  I feel like by having you in my life now I’ve found something that’s been missing. I do love you, truly, madly deeply.”

    With that he leaned me back in the sand, which was cool against my back, and a stark contrast to the warmth I felt as he leaned over and cloaked my body with his. His arms encircling me he drew in close and brought his lips to mine. The kiss was soft and reassuring, I revelled in it.  All of my fears seemed to be melting away and evaporating into nothingness that was replaced with a calm reassurance, one that filled me with a sense of peace I had never known previously.  The kisses were tender, sweet and leisurely.  There was no need to rush, we had all the time in the world, and we both seemed to know it and just enjoyed being in the moment together. We had a life time ahead of us, and nothing needed to be forced, we were free to forge ahead and set a pace that was right for us.

    Reluctantly we untangled ourselves, and sat up, aware that the beach was beginning to come to life with people out for early morning strolls and runs amongst other activities that were being undertaken by various individuals and groups.  We slowly stretched our limbs and began to gather up our long ago discarded clothes and accessories and brushed the sand from them along with ourselves.  “I must look quite the sight about now.” I giggled as Liam slipped into his shirt and began to button it.  “No please don’t” I said as I slipped in front of him and undid the couple of buttons he’d managed to do up already.  “Like what you see madam” he grinned in response.  “Indeed I do, besides it gives you that carefree sexy beach bum look, coupled with that stubble your sporting” I purred at him as I reached up to stroke his face affectionately.  “I’ll make a mental note you go for the dishevelled look then.” He teased me back.
We started to make our way back to the car, our arms wrapped around the other.  Just rambling along, being sure to stop for plenty of kisses and private little affirmations of our blossoming romance. Liam unlocked the car opened the door for me while I slipped in and buckled up. He came around the front of the car and hopped in himself.  I tried to stifle a yawn, with my hand over my mouth.  “Am I boring you?” he smiled.  I laughed, “No, no, not at all, just sleepy.  It’s been a very long but very special night.” I murmured as he leaned in and kissed me.  “Good, to know” he winked at me rakishly and I snuggled into him as much as the seat belt would allow me to and rested my head against his shoulder. My one hand rested upon his upper thigh as I did so. I settled in for the drive home, my eyelids fluttering shut.
    She’s so beautiful and peaceful looking when she’s asleep, I thought as I stole a quick glance at her now and again as I navigated the car back to Lorelei’s place.  She let out a small sigh as though perfectly contented and slumbered on as I drove.  I didn’t mind though as it gave me a bit of time to process my own thoughts about all that happened in the past few hours.
It was pretty obvious we already had a lot of good things going for us, and were attracted to each other on more than one level.  I also knew I was right that someone had hurt her badly in her past, and it angered me to think of any one doing that to her. How could anyone hurt this gentle creature by my side?  It completely baffled me, sure she had her faults, we all do, but nobody deserved the kind of heartaches she harboured within in her. 

    I could cheerfully punch the bastard, whoever he was squarely in the nose and not give it a second thought.  That thought rather startled me as I’m not a person given to violent outbursts but there was something deeper inside of me that wanted to protect her, to be her knight in shining armour and ensure that any tears she ever shed over me would be ones of joy.  The only type of pain I ever planned to cause her were having her sides  ache  from shared laughter, and with desire for me when we made love.  I had every intention in the world of making love to her and with her love as often as possible.  Before that happened though I needed to make sure she knew I was hers, hers along and here to stay and that I wanted her on all levels, not just on the physical ones.  She needed to know this was forever, not just a night or a few months or years, but the whole until death do us part deal.

   I already knew that I loved her quirky sense of humour, which was in harmony with my own.  She was also free spirited, and I grinned when I thought about her running out and diving into the water, she didn’t care for a minute about her dress or her hair, she just did it for the fun of it, she could live in the moment and enjoy life. I’d dated women before that would have been horrified to do something like that, it would have been “Ruin my dress and break a nail, honey, I don’t think so.” To me Lorelei was fearless, she was the sort that would give anything a try just for the experience of it, and be the type to laugh and dust  it off of  herself and give it another go if she didn’t succeed at it the first time around. 

     I loved that she was so good with kids, like little Joey Morelli and my own niece and nephew that day at the soccer field. She’s patiently listen to them, talk to them like they were intelligent human beings, and not talk down to them like they were some sort of cumbersome nuisance to her, and she’d enthusiastically cheer them on, encouraging them to do their best. She’d make a great mom to our own kids one day.  Me with a wife and kids, none of my buddies were going to believe that, but I didn’t care what they’d think.  I just knew she was the one I wanted those things and so much more with.
As luck would have it the parking gods smiled upon me once again and there was a spot right in front of the walkway up to Lorelei’s apartment.  I pulled in and turned off the ignition.  She looked so adorable all curled up next to me and I hated to wake her. Gently I stroked her cheek with my fingertip and her eyelids fluttered and a small, kitten like mew escaped her lips.  She slowly opened her eyes and smiled, dreamily at me, still caught between the two worlds of sleep and consciousness. “hiya handsome” she cooed at me and snuggled in closer. I leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips, and she immediately responded and pressed her lips against mine. We savoured the moment together and she reached up and stroked my hair, and traced her finger along my earlobe.  “you spoiling me Liam,  I could get used to being woken up like this.”  

   The smile that accompanied those words was somehow demure but also managed to be incredibly flirtatious all at the same time. She was charming, and I was completely under her spell even now.  “I suppose I should be a gentleman and see you to the door, make sure you are safe and sound.” I said, reluctantly not wanting to be apart from her for any reason.  She wrinkled her brow, forming her mouth into a petulant little pout, at the idea.  Whatever she said next I somehow already knew I’d agree to it and be putty in her delicate little hands.  “Why don’t you come up, I’ll make some breakfast for the two of us and we can just hang out for a while.  Please?” her eyes seemed to plead with me to accept the invitation, but she needn’t have bothered as wild horses weren’t going to drag me from her side.

    “sounds great, I’m always hungry.” It was a true enough statement especially in this case.  I wanted to drink her in with my eyes, I wanted to taste her skin with my lips, I wanted to devour her body with my hands, I wanted to nibble on all her sensitive places.  I was famished and she was the feast laid out before me.  But for now Breakfast would have to suffice as I was bound and determined to be a complete and total gentleman with her. She clapped her hands and squealed with delight when I accepted. She had such enthusiasm even for even the tiniest of things.  I never thought letting someone make me breakfast would receive such a response.

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