Jan 22, 2014

Part 8

Part 8

    “That’s going to be a pretty hard act to follow Liam.”  I purred at him feeling quite breathless, when the kiss finally came to its grand finale.  Had I had the energy after that I would have stood and given him a standing ovation.  “Encore, encore, encore.” I giggled at him.  “A command performance perhaps?” he quipped back.   One of the things I had come to realize about us was the fact that we both resorted to humour of some sort when things seemed to becoming very intense between us.  It wasn’t that we didn’t care or feel things deeply but rather a practiced response, a coping mechanism if you will towards protecting ourselves emotionally.  I knew that was my reason behind it, and I sensed it was Liam’s as well.  It was going to take us both some time to open up fully to each other, but I knew that in time I would be fully able to open up to him.  Liam would be the one person I would be able to confide in fully, tell him absolutely everything.  He would know come to know my little eccentricities, my insecurities, my deepest desires and aspirations as well my darkest fears, and he would love me unconditionally and stand by me through it all, just as I would always be there for him.
    I just instinctively knew he was special, and would fulfill all the things my heart had been yearning for.  We’d already crossed one of our biggest hurdles overcoming our shyness and actually connecting.  I thought back to all those times I’d observed him on the bus, studying him, and trying not to be obvious about it.  I thought of how I’d been practically paralyzed by fear the day he’d walked into Morelli’s, but I got through it and here I was now lying in this man’s arms and realizing how truly exceptional he is.  It made me marvel to realize the way he was chipping away at the walls I had around my heart, as though he were an archeologist carefully excavating some priceless artifact.   Attentive and mindful of taking his time, so as not to mar or damage what was laying beneath the surface.
    Usually I only revealed the parts of my personality that I thought people could handle or accept.  To some that meant I was a total glass of milk, homogenized and totally harmless.  Some found me to be a wild child, the bohemian that travelled half way around the world on her own, and could be quite the party girl.  Still others thought of me as an educated, well read, book worm that could be socially awkward at times.  Of course there are many more facets to my personality than that, but no one had yet made me feel comfortable enough to fully expose them all to one person. Liam in the short time we had been together probably had seen more sides of me than most people did of me in a lifetime of knowing me.  He’d seen glimpses of my anger, over that whole misunderstanding we’d had over his relationship status.  He had seen the free spirit that danced in the moon light and dove into the lake fully clothed.  He’d seen the domestic goddess that loved to cook, and who ran around barefoot.            

     He knew I had flaws, but he still seemed to consider me a diamond, even if I was one in the rough.  Most amazingly of all though was that this man seemed to genuinely care for me and want to spend the time and effort to know me further and really discover me. His arm drew me closer, in a manner that seemed to say, “Your right, I’m here and I planning on staying by your side no matter what.”  It overwhelmed me to feel loved and to have him accept my love in return, but I was going to do everything in my power to never take that fact or him for granted. “Penny for your thoughts” he said softly. “Just, thinking.” “Possibly, more like over thinking things?” he inquired gently as he tilted my chin up towards him, and looked deeply into my eyes as he stroked my cheek with his fingertip. I flushed at his statement, as it was still unnerving to me to have someone being able to pick up on every little nuance.  “More than likely” I said looking and feeling a bit sheepish.  “So how are we going to deal with this?  “No more, night classes in psychology, complete with self diagnosis? I chirped looking hopeful.  “How about we talk about it?” “Novel concept” I responded mulling the idea over, “Are there other options on the table?” I asked looking hopeful.  “Yes, I can extend you the same courtesies that you just gave me and give you time to process all of what’s been going on. 
     Then we can talk about what happens next.  I do genuinely care for you even now Lorelei, and I know you care for me, but we are still both timid about expressing those feelings, even to each other.  It frightens the hell of out me that I care for you so deeply even now, but at the same time it’s the best feeling I’ve ever known.  I hope you can understand that.”  “ I do more than you know Liam.” “Okay then, shake on it?” “Nope, I’d rather have a kiss on it.” I grinned at him.  “Consider it done.” And with that he embraced me and drew me into one of his of his kisses that were all encompassing.  We lay there afterwards, basking in the glow of all these wonderfully warm feelings we were experiencing.  “Suppose I should get dressed and get moving.” He said glancing at the digital alarm clock on my nightstand.  “I really don’t want to though, be nice to just stay here with you.  Our first date seemed to have gone into extra innings.” He flashed me that warm easy going grin of his that I already knew so well. “Any regrets about that?” I asked trying to keep the anxious note out of my voice.
     “Nope, other than the fact there won’t be any you there when I go back to my place, and we both know it’s not right for me to stay here tonight.  Besides, I really do have to do some laundry tonight, and the romance could just fly right out the window if you see me doing a load of my underwear, unless of course you want to toss your panties in with them, that could be quite the thrill of a life time for my boxers.” He grinned widely and cocked his eyebrows at me waiting for my reaction. “Honestly, what am I going to do with you?” I said trying to look sternly at him but was unable to succeed as I broke into a grin myself and rumbled his hair playfully. “I’ve got things I should do as well.  This being a responsible adult thing is really highly overrated at times.” I sighed at him and snuggled in deeply. Reluctantly we untangled ourselves after one last lingering kiss.  I sat on the bed, hugging my knees to my chest while I watched him find his clothes and get dressed. 

     She sat there watching me as intently as was barclay, only the look on her face was one of unabashed deep affection and love for me.  Whereas Barclays seemed to say, “You’re a nice enough guy but it’s time for me to resume my position as the lord of the manor.” “You look pretty happy” I observed as I finished buttoning up my shirt.  “Am I that transparent?” she responded uncurling herself and slipping off the bed to embrace me.  She straightened,  the collar on my shirt and gave me one of those smiles of hers that I had already come to cherish, and fortunately she was extremely generous in bestowing them on me. I kissed the top of her head and held her close.  “Did you want me to make you some dinner before you head out?  I just have visions of you snarfing down a jar of olives or something while you hang over the sink in the kitchen.”

   “I’d love to stay but the longer I stay the less likely I am to ever leave.  I`m sure I can find something to munch on at my place, but your right I`ll probably bolt it down standing over the kitchen sink. I’m going to miss you like crazy though until I see you again.” He responded as he stroked my hair.  “So tomorrow morning, you’ll save me a seat?” he asked, with a plea  to his voice. “You bet, it’s a date, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” As I gave him a high five.  “Cool.” He grinned back.  Liam had his arm draped over my shoulder, drawing me to him and I had my arm wrapped around his waist, as we walked to the door.  The silence between us was almost deafening as neither of us knew quite what to say.  It wasn’t as if this was good bye for us, but it seemed so strange to be parting company with each other even though it was only until tomorrow morning.  “Do you realize I don’t even have your phone number?” he asked.  “I know it’s not like I don’t know where you live, but it would be nice to be able to call you later and wish you sweet dreams.”
   “You’re right, and I don’t have your number either.” I laughed as I went to retrieve a pen and pad to write it down on.  I quickly scribbled down both my land line and my mobile, and presented it to him.  He wrote his numbers down with a flourish of the pen and handed the pad back to me. 

   “I’m going to miss you like crazy, woman.” As I enveloped her in my arms and kissed her deeply wishing that it never had to end. It struck me as I held her close and kissed her that it would have been great to have been her first love, but it was going to something that would be beyond perfection to be her last and greatest love.I slid my hands over the soft curves of her body, and pressed into her wanting to give her something to think about later when she was alone.  I could envision her having a soft flush to her cheeks as she thought about my hands caressing her committing the contours of her body to my memory.  “I’d better go” I mumbled as we continued to kiss and explore each other, but it was so bloody hard to let her go, and she obviously was feeling the same about our parting company. Finally reluctantly we somehow managed to pry ourselves off of one another.  I gave her hand a final squeeze, and turned to leave.  It was like ripping the band aid off of a cut when I was a kid, I knew it was best to just do it and get it over with, but I still had to try to gently peel it off.

“Go on” she said as though she sensed my distress, and patted me on my behind to get me moving.  “It’s okay the two of us still have  a life time of tomorrows ahead of us.  I’ll miss you my darling Liam, but I’m a tough cookie I’ll survive, and so will you.” “I like the idea of a lifetime of tomorrows with you.” And with one final kiss I headed down the stairs.  I looked up when I reached my car only to see her standing on the widows walk like a damsel in a castle in some sort of fairy tale waving at me.  “Safe home” she called out as I pulled out into traffic.

        My thoughts were consumed by ones of Lorelei as I cruised back to my place in the late afternoon hour.  There was just something about her that made her stand head and shoulders above other women I had known in the past.  She had a certain confidence to her, that was alluring, and I have to admit that it was a huge turn on to me as well.  I adored her playful, whimsical side, and that awesome sense of humour she possessed.  She was intelligent as well and had no trouble carrying on a conversation.  Couple that with the facts she was naturally sexy, and could whip up a dynamite meal in no time flat, and I was in heaven.  I pulled into my driveway, and ambled up to the door and unlocked it.  I slipped off my shoes and tossed my car keys on a table in the front entry.  I ambled over to the fridge and grabbed a carton of milk and took a long swing out of it.  I suppose when Lorelei was around I’d have to be more civilized and use a glass but for now I was exercising my bachelor prerogative and saving dishes. 

     I looked around the kitchen and thought it would more than likely look a lot different in here if Lorelei had a hand in things, in fact I’d probably even have actual homemade cookies in the cookie jar on the counter instead of having it filled with miscellaneous things that I didn’t even have a clue any more as to what was in it. I wandered into the living room, and hit the play button on my answering machine which was blinking away madly indicating messages waiting.  “Liam, its Molly, how’d your first date go?  I’m dying to know. Call me back when you get this.” “Liam its Sunday morning and I still haven’t heard from you.  Call me.”  “Liam this is your Mother, your sister tells me you took a young lady out last night.  Your Father and I would love to meet her, why not bring her over to dinner sometime soon.  Love you.  Bye for now.” “Dude where are you?  Not like you to miss our weekly pickup game in the park like this, everything okay?  Give me a shout or come meet us for a couple pints at Finn Mccools.” “Liam its Sean, I’m just trying to warn you big brother that Molly is trying to track you down like a bloodhound, and what is this about you dating?  Did I understand her correctly?  Call me back.” “Liam I know you seem pretty smitten with this girl but where the devil are you???  I’m almost ready to send out a missing persons report on you in you don’t surface soon.”

     I shook my head as I polished off the carton of milk and wiped off my milk mustache, which reminded me I really needed a shave.  Good old Molly, already tipped Mom off to my relationship with Lorelei, not to mention Sean.  At this rate my entire extended family would be privy to my relationship status change, and for once in my life I honestly didn’t care, I was pretty confident that this was the girl for me and I didn’t feel the need for the cloak and dagger approach I had reserved for dating in the past, in keeping it a secret.  It was almost as though I knew on some deeper level they weren’t the right one for me.  I was coming out of the closet about being in love and it was a whole new world for me.

    I decided to face the music and call everyone back and put their minds at ease that I was indeed alive and well.  I propped my feet up on the coffee table and drummed my fingers on the arm of the sofa while I waited for Molly to pick up. “Well” she squealed at me “Tell me, I want details!!” I loved my little sister and no matter that she was a married woman and a mother as well, she’d always be the tag along little sister that wanted to know every detail of my life.“How was what?” I teased her.   “Oh give me a break” and I swear I could hear her rolling her eyes at me in dismay that I wasn’t spilling the beans to her, without her having to work for it. “Was it a good date?  Are you going to see her again?  What did you guys do for fun and remember I have children lurking about.”  “I was a total gentleman for your information.  We went down to the beach window shopped, strolled along the boardwalk, had dinner, went for a swim, then sat on the beach and just talked until dawn. Then I” which is when Molly interrupted me.  “Back it up a minute you two went swimming in the lake?” she asked incredulously  “Oh my God you two went skinny dipping are you out of your minds????

      I laughed until I had tears in the corners of my eyes, “No, don’t be silly I said I was a gentleman, we just dove in and went for an impromptu  midnight swim, clothes and all.”  “My brother the lunatic, I should have known that it was your idea.”  I didn’t have the heart to correct her after all I had my reputation to protect as being the family nut.  “Then you just sat around and talked, is that all you did?” she asked as though she were a member of the Spanish inquisition. “My dear sister, the mark of a gentleman is that he enjoys but does not talk about it. But seriously we talked and held hands and shared a few kisses.”   “Uh huh, just a few kisses eh? Sure you did, and that’s all Colin and I ever did before we got married too” She laughed “End of this topic of conversation, too much information about my baby sis.” I replied. “Fair enough, and seriously I know you were a gentleman with her. I suppose I should mention that I told Mum you had a date last night.” She added sounding a bit guilty about it. “I know.” “You know” she sounded shocked.  

   “Yep, Mum already rang up and left a message on the machine for me, wants me to invite Lorelei around for dinner to meet her and Dad.” “So I’m going to phone Mum and find out when is good for her and then I’ll phone Lor and see if she’d be available to attend.” I said matter of factly. “Oh, that’s so unlike you Liam, this girl really must have made an impression on you.” She said soberly, as she mentally weighed the magnitude of my desire to introduce her to the family. “She has Molly, she has.  Lorelei is a keeper, simple as that.” “I’m happy for you Liam, for both of you actually.  It’ll be nice to have  a  another sister in law.”  She added slyly to see if I’d react, and start to protest vehemently to the contrary.

     “True enough” and I left it at that for the time being.  There was shocked silence on the other end of the line, so I used it to make my escape.  “I’ve got a couple other calls to make and I need to toss in some launary, so I’ll catch you later.”  “Okay, later.” She responded and I hung up the phone and made my next call. “Hi Mum.  It’s just me, returning your call.” “How are you?  Your sister had some pretty big news about you the other night.  I’m dying to ask but don’t want to be a butinski, after all it is your life.  You’re a grown man after all.” “Mum, it’s all good.  She’s a really lovely person and her names Lorelei.  Molly and the kids met her at Patrick’s game the other day.” “I know, and your Dad and I would have been there the other day as well if we didn’t already have a prior commitment with Jim and Helen Morrison to go to that matinee performance at the Pantages Theatre. So I thought it would be nice to invite her over for something simple like a nice family backyard BBQ.  Keep it simple and casual as I know how overwhelming it can be meeting the family for the first time.”

   “Sounds great Mum ,  when were you thinking about doing this?” “Would next Saturday be too soon dear?  We really are anxious to get to meet  your young lady friend and get to know her.”  “I’ll check with her and get back to you in the next day or so okay Mum?” “Sounds good dear, now I really have to dash, my timers going off on the oven. Love you.” And with that she hung up and was gone. Saved by the bell on that one, as I really didn’t feel like playing twenty questions and besides Molly had probably already had a heart to heart talk about Lorelei and I with Mum already.Next a quick call to Doug then I could get on with the things I needed to get done. “Doug its liam.  Sorry about missing the game man, but I should be good for next Sunday and I’ll more than likely be bringing a date along.” “It’s cool dude, and did you say a date?” he asked sounding a bit shocked at this revelation. “Yeah I did, and I think you guys are really going to like her, she’s a great person.  Very cool.”“I’m intrigued, Liam with a lady, I can’t wait to meet her.  So you coming down to have a couple pints with us or what?” “I’m going to pass for tonight need to get a few things done around the house, been kind of a crazy weekend for me.” “No worries, I’ll catch you later then. See ya.” “See ya.”

    Okay now that was out of the way, time to grab something to eat, have a shower and a shave, toss in some laundry, do some tidying up, and then phone Lorelei.  That was going to be the best part of all.  It was amazing the way she could turn something as simple as saying my name into a vocal caress with her voice. I found something to munch on in the fridge and ate it standing over the sink just as Lorelei had predicted I would.  I looked around the kitchen and thought more than likely if she got her way, there would be a few changes in here as well.  I suddenly had visions of neatly lined up little pots of fresh herbs blooming on the window sill, cutlery that actually matched and other little things that living on my own I wasn’t inclined to pay much attention to.  I liked the idea though of us sharing this space, preparing meals, the laughter over little jokes, long talks over morning cups of coffee on the weekend, just the little things would make this place become more alive.

     I rinsed the crumbs out of the sink and put the dish, in the dishwasher and decided I should add some detergent and run a load through, since it had been a while and it was pretty full now. With that under control I ambled into my bedroom and surveyed the scene.  The bed was still messed up from when I’d leapt out of it Saturday morning.  A pair of jeans was draped over a chair, a couple of towels lay in a pile on the floor, next to a discarded pair of running shoes that I hadn’t even bothered to undo before I’d kicked them off.  The desk top was littered with various paperwork of both a personal and work related nature, my i pod shuffle lay abandoned on top of it in a tangled jumble, and half drank cups of coffee completed the tableau there. Okay so maybe I could be a bit neater and more organized. I mean it would be nice to know where everything was and not have to hunt for it all time.  I could envision Lorelei’s hand in here as well.  The pictures of my family would finally have frames not just be stuck on the mirror with scotch tape to hold them.  The bag of half eaten bag of Oreos on my nightstand would probably get replaced with something loads better to nibble on when we watched a movie late at night in here.  I had to grin. I liked the thought of having her next to me in bed snuggled in enjoying a favourite movie with me.

  Moving right along I headed into my en suite bathroom and turned the shower on.  I’d have to make some concessions in here as well, I figured as I waited for the water to get to just the right temperature.  I’d lose half of my cabinet and shelf space for tubes of lipstick, pink razors and perfume bottles but I’d be gaining so much more in the long run that it was going to be worth it.  I slid the shower door open and slipped in.  The hot water felt great as it cascaded over me, and I began to lather up with some body wash. My mind was soon wandering to what it would be like to have Lorelei here.  I could almost picture her standing there gently caressing me with a soapy washcloth, massaging my back and shoulders, running it over my chest, and down past my belly button.  Shivers went up and down my spine, as I felt the ache of my unrelenting desire for her touch on the rigidness of my masculinity.  To feel the warmth of her delicate hand enveloping me and caressing me with just the perfect balance of firmness and force to drive me insane.

   Leaning forward to nuzzle her neck playfully and use some of my best moves to drive her as crazy with desire as she was making me.  Running my hands over her firm breasts, titillating her by tweaking those firm buds that bloomed on their tips.  My fingertips slid easily along her wet soapy flesh, she had curves in all the right places, and oh how I loved to explore them.  To hear her little moans of pleasure, was like an aphrodisiac to me, knowing that I was satisfying her needs and more. “Holy crap” I shouted as an icy blast of water jolted me back to the present.  When would I learn not to start the damn dishwasher before I got into the shower?  When it changed water cycles so did the shower. I quickly rinsed off and hopped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off.   I wrapped it around my waist, while I shaved. I pondered how often that she’d nick my razor to shave her legs with and how many little nicks off my own I’d get as a result.  At least I knew there would now be band aids in the medicine cabinet with Lor around.  I wasn’t trying to stereo type the two of us into traditional male/female roles, but I knew she was an organized and nurturing type of person, and she was going to take care of me, just the way I intended to take care of her.  I had a sneaking suspicion she could hold her own doing repairs around the house, and mowing the lawn and what not, so we were going to be equals in this relationship, which suited me just fine.

   I rinsed out the sink, and went back into my bedroom to grab a pair of shorts to slip into while I gathered up my laundry and dragged it downstairs to the laundry room, to get it started. When I put my mind to it I could be quite the little domestic god. By the time I collapsed on the sofa, I had unloaded the dishwasher and put them away, done my laundry, and had it folded and put away.  I`d also cleaned the bathrooms, tidied up my bedroom, vacuumed and dusted and things looked quite respectable.  My mother would have been shocked at this burst of domesticity, but it just felt right to make it nice for when I brought Lor by to show her my humble abode.I went out to the fridge and grabbed a beer to enjoy while I flicked on the television to catch the last couple of innings of the Jays game.  I was itching to call Lorelei, just to hear her voice again but figured I`d better wait for a while longer as I didn`t want to appear overly anxious to her.  Besides I had to find the right words to ask her to accompany me over to my folks place on the weekend to meet the family.  I knew it was a major step for me, and I knew it might be overwhelming for her to be faced with my folks, brother and sister and their spouses and kids all at once.  It was going to happen sooner or later anyways, may as well be sooner, and I hoped she`d feel that way about it as well.        

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