Jan 14, 2014

Part 7

     My subconscious took control as I slept and soon I was lost in pleasant dreams of the sweet and tender times that I would one day share with Lorelei. Lor I’m home, where are you sweetheart?” I called out as I came in the door and brushed the snow from my hair.  I sniffed the air appreciatively as I took off my gloves and stuffed them in the pockets of my winter jacket.  “In the kitchen lover” she called back as I finished taking off my jacket and boots and put them in the hall closet.  I followed my nose to the kitchen, where she was just closing the oven door. “It smells great in here.” I said as I sidled up behind her as she was pulling off her off oven mitts and was laying them on the counter top.   I wrapped my arms around her, and   nuzzled the nape of her  neck  affectionately. “The chef smells pretty amazing herself.” I added huskily as I inhaled the fragrance that seemed to always to cling to her tresses.

   She wriggled in my arms just enough to be able to turn, towards me. Her  loving arms reached  up to embrace me, around my neck and pull me downwards  so she could  give me a welcoming kiss.  I could tell from that kiss that she’d missed me while I’d been gone and was more than content to have me home with her once more. “Maybe I should go away more often if this is the way I get welcomed back.” I teased her. She responded by giving me a playful little poke in the ribs with her elbow and murmured, “Don’t even think about it.”, and kissed me with even more depth and there was no mistaking her meaning.  This woman wanted me by her side now and always.

    We finally ended our Impromptu make up session, but I still held her in my arms.  “Need any help with dinner?”  I inquired.  “No, I’ve got things under control in here but it would be great if you’d get a fire going in the fireplace, and pick out a bottle of red wine to enjoy with dinner, while I finish setting the table.” “Sounds good to me” I responded and set off to complete my assigned tasks.  As I set about crumpling up newspapers to use as tinder and lying in some smaller logs to get our cozy little blaze started, I could hear the sounds of Lorelei humming and the tinkling of various pieces of  cutlery and other dishes as she bustled about the kitchen.  After I had a warm fire burning in the hearth, I set about going into the living room and checking out the wine rack for something to go with our repast.

    “Impeccable Timing as Always, my good man.” She chirped as she lit the candles at the centre of the table. Between the flickering of the candle flames and the shadows cast on the walls by the fire in the fireplace, it was a cozy environment and one that I loved to share to with her.  It completely made me forget about the snows that were blowing outside and the winds that were howling, we had our own little haven here, just the two of us.  I pulled out her chair for her and pushed it in for her.  She graced me with one of her smiles as a means of thanking me, and I felt a warm glow inside myself.  I uncorked the wine and poured each of us a generous glass full.  I’d chosen a bold red wine that looked as if it would go perfectly with what was on this evening's menu. Then I took my seat.

   On a cold blustery night such as this it was pure pleasure to sit down to the slowly simmered beef stew, fresh from the oven baked bread and tossed salad she’d prepared for the two of us.  I ate heartily as we talked and laughed about the various events that had occurred during the day.  She cleared off the dishes when we were through and reappeared with steaming bowls of apple crisp with dollops of whipped cream on the tops of them. I did full justice to the generous portion she’d served me and I sighed deeply, full as a tick when I finally finished.  “That was another amazing meal.  Thank you darling.” I said as I patted my rather full stomach.  “I should probably start working some of that off, by going out and shovelling out the driveway.”  She smiled slyly at me and said oh so demurely “I thought perhaps we could find another way to work it off after we finish tidying things up a bit.”  She batted her beautiful baby blues at me for emphasis.  I wasn’t entirely sure what she was up to, but I had a feeling whatever it was it would work for me.

  I helped her ferry the rest of the dishes into the kitchen, and she began putting leftovers away in the fridge.  I added the stopper to the sink, added some dish washing liquid and ran the water.  “wash or dry?”  “I’ll wash you dry, if that’s okay with you.”  “Sure thing” I nodded. I couldn’t help giving her a playful little pat on her bottom when I passed by her on my way to put a dish into one of the cupboards,  or lift her hair back So I could nibble on her earlobe now and again.  She’d just laugh and tell me I was incorrigible, what could I do but agree with her completely?  Soon enough the work was through and order was restored in the kitchen once more.  I caught her around the waist with my tea towel and pulled her close for a long lingering kiss before I hung up my towel for the evening.  “So care to tell me what you’ve got planned to help me work off dinner now? 

   “Now if I did that it wouldn’t be a surprise would it now?” She graced me with one of those sexy, flirtatious smiles of hers and stretched up on her toes to give me a kiss on the tip of my nose.  “Why don’t you pour us a bit more wine, slip a c.d. into the stereo and meet me in front of the fireplace.” “Sounds like a plan” I responded and headed off to complete my tasks and keep my date in front of the hearth with her. She silently padded down the hall and upstairs to our bedroom, I heard the soft click of the bedroom door, so I took that as my cue to let her do whatever it was she had planned in solitude. I started sifting through our C.D. collection trying to find the right music for what I was hoping was going to be yet another of our amorous adventures together. Then off to pour some wine for my lady and I.  Next I decided to light the candles on the mantel and in the wall sconces over the sofa.  I had to smile as I lit them remembering the time we had decided to make our own candles so we could infuse them with our not only the scents of our own choosing but with the positive loving intents we had for our future together. 

     Our own little bit of candle magic you might say.  I took a couple of oversized throw cushions off of the sofa as well and tossed them on the floor to make it more, comfy for snuggling.  Now I had the perfect scene set or so I hoped to whatever it was Lor had up her sleeve for me. Stretching out on the pillows, my hands locked behind my head, I shut my eyes and allowed my thoughts to stray to what she’d come up with to delight me with this time. “So what are you smiling about?” I heard her soft feminine voice inquire.  I opened my eyes and took in the vision before me.  A low whistle of appreciation escaped from my lips as I sat up, so I could give her my full attention. She graciously modeled her outfit for me what little of it there was. I started at her feet and slowly worked my way up her lusciously displayed figure. White stiletto heels, legs encased in milky, white, thigh high stockings which heightened the shapeliness of those legs that I knew oh so well.  A satin corset with tiny red bows where the garters met her stockings as well as one small red bow at the  apex of her cleavage.  I loved the way it framed her figure and showed off all of her curves to her best advantage.  As fantastic as she looked in it, I also couldn’t wait to help her slip out of it either. I grinned at the prospect.
     “So mind if I join you?” she seemed to purr at me.  I cast a come hither look at her and crooked my little finger motioning her to join me.  She came and settled herself down in my lap and slipped her arms around my neck and nestled her head against my chest. I kissed the top of her head and wrapped her in my embrace. “Still want to go out and shovel the drive?” she murmured   “Absolutely not” I replied empathically and took my hand to tilt her head upwards so I could kiss those luscious red lips of hers. I started softly, caressing her back and running my fingers along the silky smoothness of the bodice of her outfit.  As the intensity of my kisses grew, my one hand began to stray and explore other textures and delights of not only her outfit but the contours of that body that I worshipped.  I began to kiss my way down her throat and to the tops of her breasts which were full and inviting especially the way the corset drew them together and seem to make them even plumper and more inviting.  I couldn’t help but notice the pink flush that had risen on her flesh, and the way her throat was elongated as she tossed her head back, eyes closed.  As though she was captured in a moment of ecstasy even now, and yet I had only just begun to pay my homage to her. She was beautiful, if only she could ever fully comprehend that fact, the way that she allowed herself to be so vulnerable when she was with me and still allow herself to open  up to me so openly and completely.  I treasured her and now I was going to illustrate that for her, with the way I would make love to her and with her.
    The tips of my fingers lightly skimmed over her breasts and down to that coveted spot, the sheer film of cloth that covered what I knew to be a succulent, peach with the sweetest nectar a man could ever desire.  I could already feel the moisture through the gossamer triangle of fabric that concealed it.  I teasingly rubbed my thumb along it tracing the cleft between the swollen folds of flesh and heard the soft mewls of delight from her in response.  In response to my own efforts, her hand had found its way to my own erogenous zone of pleasure.  She cupped me in her hand and massaged me though the denim of my jeans. My body responded of its own accord by pressing into her, as wonderful as it felt I wanted and needed more from her.  Lorelei seemed to sense my distress and began to unbutton my shirt with deft movements of her fingers, and soon she was brushing it off my shoulders and I was tossing it aside carelessly.  She leaned in and kissed me deeply as her fingers found the button on my jeans and managed to unhook it, and slide my zipper down.  Her fingers slipped into my belt loops and began to work the denim down and  over  my hips.  They slid as far as my knees and then she sat back and pulled them off for me, along with my socks.  She smiled at me appreciatively.  At the same time her eyes also sparkled with laughter over the boxers I was wearing.  They were a pair she had gifted me with months ago, a air of silk boxers that bore a picture of Scooby doo, and the words “I rove you” on them. 

     We often gifted each other with silly little presents to make the other smile, small gifts or gestures like foot rubs small everyday reminders that each day was special and a gift, “just because gifts” is how we referred to them.  Lorelei was unlike any other woman I had ever been with yes, she appreciated the efforts I but into celebrating special occasions, but what meant most to her and was nearest and dearest to her heart were the little everyday things.  Giving her a hand in the kitchen, finding a special stone or shell on one of our adventures together, bringing her a pint of her favourite ice cream that we’d share while we snuggled to watch a movie together.  I loved that about her and it made her very precious and rare in my eyes. “As adorable as you look in those lover, I think they need to come off for what I’ve got in mind for you.” She said trying to sound coy about it.  “Your wish is my command” I responded and found myself wriggling out them as quickly as possible.

     Now there was no mistaking the fact that I already aroused and in need of some serious attention.  She traced the outline of her lips with her tongue, making them appear glossy and I moaned thinking of those lips working their magic on me.  “Lie down sweetheart, and make yourself comfortable.” She said and I immediately complied and lay back on the pillow bed I had created earlier.  She crawled over to me and took my feet in her hands and began to massage them, then she started to work her hands up my lower legs, and she also leaned in and began to trail small kisses alternately between my two legs slowly working her way upwards.  It was driving me wild to feel the coolness of her kisses then feel the warmth of her breath flutter against those moist little areas.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when her hand began to stroke my hardness.  I felt the soft tresses trailing over my skin as she began to lower her head.  Feeling the warmth of her kisses on my throbbing member, the sensations of her tongue beginning to explore, one hand lightly stroking my inner thigh the other cupped around me massaging me.  It was sensory overload and when her warm welcoming mouth took me inside and she slowly slid her mouth up and down I thought I was going to be over whelmed sooner than I intended.  She knew me so well though and how to read my body so that she could prolong my pleasure as long as possible and share that moment of ecstasy with me. 

     She crawled up my body and straddled me.  She smiled at me as she slowly lowered herself and began to rub that moist membrane of fabric that was the only thing separating the two of us.  I groaned and reached up to undo the ribbon at the top of her corset so I could unlace it and free those sensuous curves of hers.  I slowly undid the ribbon as she continued to tantalize me with her movements.  I unhooked her garters from her stockings so that I could fully remove her corset.  Finally I had it open and gravity naturally pulled it from her body.  Those perfect orbs of flesh were now freed and I reached up to pull her towards me so that I could tease her back with my own skills.  I rubbed my cheeks against her soft flesh before I began to kiss them softly as I held them cupped in my hands.  I soon found my way to her nipples which were already firm and sensitive.  My tongue flicked against them alternately and it had the desired effect on her.  She began to press against me with even more need and desire. I grasped her hips with my hands and she instinctively untied the sides of her panties and hurriedly tossed them aside.  Now our little session was really beginning to heat up.  She slipped back down and resumed her naughty little maneuvers.  It was so incredibly sexy to see her naked save for her white thigh high stockings. 

     I couldn’t resist and pulled her down crushing her against my chest so that I could hold her close.  We kissed deeply lost in the moment of it all, hearts pounding, skin flushed, electrified by the fact we were connecting on my more than just a physical level  I loved just being with her, and I knew she felt the same.  She leaned into me and began to purr into my ears, throatily.  “Purr. Purr, purr, mieow??” I jerked my eyes open only to be confronted by Barclay staring at me with those liquid green eyes of his.  I raised my one free hand and gave him a scratch behind his ears and he rubbed against me affectionately.  “I guess this means that you’re starting to accept me, hey big guy?  Good to know because there’s room in your Mistresses heart for both of us. She’s a good woman, the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She’s some kind of wonderful in my books, and yours too eh?”  Lorelei began to stir slightly from her slumber.  She was still snuggled against me her head on my chest, her hair fanned out around her like a halo, which only served to add to the angelic look she had about her. 

    She had her arms wrapped around me, and I have to admit it was one of the best feelings in the world just to have her near and be sharing the first moments of her waking consciousness with her.  I cherished that I was here with this magnificent woman by my side.  I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life waking up with her by my side.    I gently kissed the crown of her head, and it drew a wider smile upon her lips.  “Five more minutes”, and she snuggled into me, and never once opened her eyes.  I had to grin at that, as it looked as if we were compatible about waking up as well.  She wasn’t snarling me at, nor was she leaping out of bed all psycho pep squad cheerleader on me, she needed to take a few minutes to adjust from one state of being to the next.  Snuggling was a great way to wake up in my books, so it worked for me that all she was capable of was some friendly cuddles.
Finally her eyes blinked open as she became accustomed to the light, stretched, wiggled her nose like a bunny, and kissed my chest, “Hiya handsome, sleep well?” she inquired softly, still finding her voice,  as she nestled into me.  “Indeed I did.  How couldn’t I with you in my arms?”  “Good answer” she responded as she graced me with one of those dazzling smiles of hers.  We remained entwined, bathed in the afternoon light that was streaming in the open window. Neither one of us uttered a word, as there was no need.  We were totally connected, and it wasn’t just in the physical sense.  There was something deeper than that here between us, but I couldn’t define it either.  This was all new territory to me, feeling this strongly about a woman that in reality I still barely knew, yet at the same time I knew she was the best thing that ever had or ever would happen to me.

    I wasn’t what you’d call a monk, but at the same time this wasn’t the norm for me to spend the entire night with a woman on our first date. It was almost as though she had cast a spell upon me, the way I was so drawn to her.  Nothing had ever felt so perfectly natural to me, as being with Lorelei did.  Without even trying she seemed to breaking down the walls I had built around myself some of them that I hadn’t even realized that I had in place.  She was such a breath of fresh air to me, and I didn’t quite know what to make of her at times.  She was so different to the other women that I had dated over the years.   Never once did she even hint about what my financial standing was, nor did she just automatically expect things from me, as so many women had, I mean she`d offered to treat me to dinner, and that had said a lot to me about her and the type of person she was.  I still marvelled at the fact she had made me breakfast, and it was from scratch, not catered in from some chic bistro.  She was running around in bare feet and a rugby shirt but I still knew despite her outward tom boyish appearance she was a lady and possessed the element of grace.  I thought it was great she had the confidence to be herself around me, her face devoid of makeup, a natural unpainted canvas that showed the little crinkles around her eyes when she laughed.  She was beautiful to me and I sincerely doubted that she realized just what a stunning woman she was in reality.

  It also occurred to me as I had been going through her music collection and books earlier that she truly did have a great many tastes that matched my own.  It wasn`t some contrived set up to make me think we were compatible, I`d experienced that before with other women.  She genuinely enjoyed these things and would gladly share them with me I knew, as I remembered her singing along with me in the car, and she never once twitted me about being off key.  She just laughed and had me sing louder and get caught up in the infectious energy we were generating together. It was beginning to dawn on me that, as cynical as my past experiences had made me about relationships and love, that this woman was in fact the genuine article, exactly what my heart had yearned for and who I had been seeking all these years.  She was what I jokingly referred to my buddies as a “Package Deal” when we’d talked about our ideal woman.

    Lorelei was intelligent and I had long ago realized that no matter how great looking a woman was or how good the sex was eventually you had to get out of bed, and if she had the I.Q. of a broom handle, and couldn’t carry on an intelligent conversation, well then you were quite literally screwed. I loved her sense of humour as well, and the fact it was in sync with my own was a bonus as far as I was concerned.  From her silly little puns and the facial expression she made when she made one of them, to the way she could find the humour in any situation even if it meant having a laugh at herself.  She was genuine in the way she interacted and treated other people.  I’d had other women that were brilliant when they were with me, but didn’t treat other people with respect and kindness. I had to smile when I thought about the other day and how she behaved with Patrick and Megan.  She was engaging in the way she listened to them and chattered away with them animatedly. I also thought of the way she had handled herself when she had thought that Molly  was my wife and not my sister.  She was fuming inwardly and I could see the snap in her eyes with her anger, but she’d remained composed, and didn’t cause some dramatic scene.  She wasn’t a drama queen as so many other women would have been under the circumstances.
    If I were making a list of pros and cons about Lorelei the pro side for her was definitely ahead by a landslide.  Made me feel pretty damn good inside knowing she seemed to feel the same about me as I did about her.  I grinned broadly at that thought. “Sharing is caring you know.” She said softly.  “Care to tell me what on earth it is that you happen to be smiling about?” I hugged her close and kissed her on her forehead.  “Just  thinking.” I responded as I cuddled her close. “I know, I’ve just been lying here watching you Liam.  You seemed so deep in your thoughts I didn’t want to disturb you and I don’t want to pry now if it’s something, you don’t want to share.” I knew in that instant that she was going to be the one that I would be able to open up to completely.  She was the one that would break down all of the defenses and walls I’d put up, and just love me unconditionally.  Faults and all, she understood my silences and would give me the time and space I needed to express myself in my own time and my own way.

“You woman are some kind of wonderful.” I said as I fluidly rolled her on top of me and wrapped my arms around her and I kissed her with more passion then I had ever felt before.  I knew I didn’t have to explain to her what I meant as we seemed to have this telepathy between the two of us that defied all explanations. I could feel the surges of love ebbing and flowing between us.

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