Feb 11, 2014

Part 11

On the trip back to the house we chattered like magpies, catching up on our day and all that had transpired while we’d been apart.  The conversation flowed easily between as it always seemed to and before we knew it we were off the bus and ambling  down the street towards the house together.  “It’s a lovely neighbourhood you live in Liam.” I observed taking in my new surroundings as we drew ever nearer to our destination. Kids riding bikes and calling out to friends, lawn sprinklers on ensuring the lawns never took on a dry and parched look to them. Homes surrounded by neatly manicured lawns and flower beds, which the home owners obviously took great pride in. People were sitting on their front porches sipping glasses of lemonade and iced tea and fanning themselves from the heat of the later afternoon sun. Parents called out to children to come in and wash up as it was time for dinner.  It was definitely a pleasant family oriented sort of neighbourhood and it somehow felt right being here.

   An elderly woman waved at Liam, and he in turn waved back.  “Your roses sure are beauties this year Mrs. Gruber.” He called to her, and she beamed back at him.  It seemed to suddenly dawn on her that there was someone with him today and her face took on a look of genuine curiousness. “Okay we’re home.” Liam announced with a flourish of a couple of the bags he had in his hands.  We took the side walk up to the porch steps and to the front door, where Liam set his bags down and fished his house key out of his pants pocket. He opened the screen door, and wedged his body between it to hold it open as he unlocked the front door.  He pushed it open and held the screen door open for me. “Apres vous, mademoiselle.”  I gave him a slight courtesy and a bob of my head “Merci beaucoup monsieur.  C’est vraiment gentil de ta part.” And I glided past him and into the entry way. 

    I stood waiting for him in the entry way while he picked up his bags of groceries and what not and followed me in side and shut the door behind us. “You never told me that your bi.  Er, I mean as in bilingual.” He added in a hurried attempt to correct himself.  He was beginning to blush at his little gaffe.  I giggled at him “Tis okay, no harm done, but you are awfully cute when you get flustered, and to answer your question not nearly as fluent as I would like to be. I followed him into the house and into the kitchen where we put our bags down on the counters. “Now first things first.” He said and he wrapped his arms around me and drew me close.  My upturned face meeting his gaze as he leaned forward to press his lips against mine. It was sheer bliss when our lips met and we both felt the jolt of electricity that it produced. My arms were stretched up and wrapped around his neck drawing him into me.  I had been eagerly anticipating this moment all day and was totally revelling in it now that it had arrived.  As amazing as kissing Liam was the most important thing of all to me was merely being with him, it didn’t matter where it was or what we were doing it simply meant the world to me just having him near me. I just considered the kisses and anything else that we engaged in was merely an extension of that closeness and I considered it a bonus.

    Her kisses always managed to leave me hungering for more and she was manna for my soul. She provided core energy to me and she always somehow managed to recharge and revitalize me. God she was amazing and how I loved her, and that love just seemed to grow in leaps and bounds with every moment we shared. “You my darling are an amazingly gifted kisser.” I managed to whisper to her when I finally found my voice.  She bit her bottom lip and looked at me with a most beguiling coyness. “Now I’ve really got to get these things put away, then I can either give you the grand tour or you’re welcome to poke about and explore on your own.  You’re pleasure your choice.”  I said.
“If it’s all the same to you I’ll help you put things away in here.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing some cooking in here so, it’ll be a good idea to know where you store things, besides the tour guide is awfully cute.” She answered as she gave me a saucy little wink.” The two of worked side by side, occasionally bumping into each other, stealing a small kiss now and again, little stolen glances at the other that revealed the level of happiness we felt being together.

    Before he restocked the fridge he’d removed some containers and I had a sneaking suspicion that I was happier not knowing what they contained.  When we were finished putting the kitchen in order he gathered them up.  “Come on let’s start out in the back garden.  I want to dispose of these in the composter.”  She followed me out the sliding door and on to the back deck.  I trotted out to the composter and deposited them cardboard containers and all.  When I came back I found her leaning on the rail of the deck, and I could almost imagine what she was thinking. “A few plants here and there, maybe prune a couple of the bushes, and that would make a great spot for a vegetable garden and the English herb garden could go there.” I wrapped my arms around her waist, “I’m willing to wager that you are landscaping the back garden in your mind and you’re going to have me out here helping you accomplish all this.”  “Guilty as charged.” She answered, and I found myself nuzzling her neck to signal that I was fine with it.
“Come on, I want to show you the rest of the place.” And I took her hand and led her back inside.  We started in the living room.  She was obviously at ease, like she already lived here, as she meandered about, stopping to check out book titles in the book cases and titles in my C.D. collection.

    We drifted from room to room until we ended up in the master bedroom.  I kept a watchful eye on her to gauge her reaction.  I didn’t want her to feel intimidated by the fact that this wasn’t the home field she was used to playing on and I didn’t want her to feel like she was at any sort of a disadvantage as a result.  I truly loved her and I’d wait as long as it took.  She looked up at me.  “That bed looks pretty comfy and like it could easily fit two people.” She said softly. “Yes it is, and I know there’s enough room for someone special like you to share it with me.” I answered her in a sincere voice. “But only if you want to otherwise if you want to do sleepovers we can always make you cozy in one of the guest rooms.  You’re always going to be more than welcome here and there are no expectations or pressure on you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with got?”  “Got it.” And she stretched up on her tippy toes to give me a kiss.

   The doorbell rang just then intruding on our special moment.  “That must be the delivery person from Pet Smart.” Liam said and started to jog to the front door to answer it.  “But you don’t have a pet, not even a goldfish, why on earth are you getting a delivery from a pet shop?” I called after him, as I hurried along behind him. “Oh good evening Mrs. Gruber, something I can help you with?”  I heard Liam asking as I caught up with him once more.  “Oh no dear, there’s nothing I need a hand with.  I just noticed you have a guest over and I know how you bachelors can be, never anything in the house to serve when company drops by.  So I thought I’d bring over some dinner for the two of you. She is still here isn’t she dear?” She said trying to peer around Liam to get a better look at me.

    “Yes I’m still here.” I said stepping up beside Liam.  “I’m Lorelei and it’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Gruber.  It was so thoughtful of you to think of us like this.”  The older woman beamed at me.  I was obviously making the right impression on her. I took the proffered tray from her that she held in her hands.  “It smells wonderful.  Would you care to join us or at have cup of tea or another beverage perhaps?”  I asked politely.  “Oh no thank you dear, it’s very kind of you to invite me in though.  I’ll come and visit another time.  You two young people just enjoy your dinner.  Bye now, lovely to have met you dear.”  And with that she turned to leave.  “Thank you again.” I called over my shoulder as I turned to take the tray into the kitchen.  “Yes thanks, Mrs. G.” I heard Liam say as he closed the door behind her.  I heard the soft tread of his footsteps his footsteps coming into the kitchen.  “You were so getting checked out you know?” He laughed.  “Oh I know it and I think I passed muster with her.  Though she may be a bit disappointed that I wasn’t scantily clad and hanging all over you.  Nothing going on here that’s going to be considered note  worthy of neighbourhood gossip or scandal.”  I giggled “I’m more than willing to be scandalous with you.  After all I’d hate to disappoint her you know.” Liam responded giving me a rakish look, his eyes twinkling.  I reached up and rumbled his hair.

    “Kindly go and get some cutlery out for me and I’ll put dinner on the table so we can enjoy this.  Guess we’ll do dinner at mine another time, but I really should leave when we finish and get home to Barclay and check on him.”  We were soon sitting down to Mrs. Gruber’s delicious meal of homemade fried chicken, potato salad, sliced cucumber and tomatoes.  “So are you going to explain just why you thought it was a delivery from Pet Smart that was at the door earlier?”  “Curiosity killed the cat you know.” He teased me.  “And satisfaction brought him back.” I shot back at him. At which point the doorbell rang once again. “I’ll do better than explain it to you.  Come with me please and I’ll show you.”  I followed him to the door to indeed find the expected delivery man.  “Deliver for a Mr. Liam Conlin.”  “That would be me.” Liam responded in a decidedly chipper manner.”  “If you would just sign here sir and I’ll bring it in for you.”  “Thanks just leave it here in the entry way and I’ll take it from there.”

     “Come on Liam, spill, what’s in the boxes?” and I was curious what all this was about.  “It’s for Barclay.” He said, closing the door.  He rubbed his hands together delightedly as he set about opening the boxes.  “Barclay?”  “Yes.  The way I figure it, it’s no different to me then if you had a child and I’d fallen in love with you.  Barclay is your “fur baby” as you put it and so he’s part of the package. I figure there are times we’ll want to hang out here or you might want to spend the night or weekend and I know you’d fret about leaving him alone.  So long story short I figure he might as well have things here to make him at home as well.  So I got him all the necessities as well as a few toys.  Mind you I plan on making him a scratching post in my shop. Its highway robbery what they charge for those things and most of them lack imagination, so Barclay shall have a custom designed one.” 

I my mouth formed a perfect “O” of amazement, as I was completely taken back by all of this.  “Liam you have to be the sweetest, most thoughtful man in the entire universe.  Actions speak louder than words do and you doing this for Barclay is speaking volumes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for going to so much trouble and expense for him. No wonder I love you so dearly.”  I threw my arms around him and pulled him into me and gave him a very deep and heart felt kiss of gratitude. “I love the way you thank a fellow.  Now let’s go finish our dinner get tidied up I’ll show you the house and we’ll find a place for all this stuff then it’s time for us to go see Barclay together and get some more of those to die for brownies of yours.” Then we linked arms and waltzed into the kitchen to finish our meal.

    As we were tidying up I noticed one more bag on the counter.  “Seems we forgot to put some things away earlier Liam.”  “No we didn’t.  You did.  I don’t know where you want it.”  “Liam” I began to protest, “It can’t be mine I didn’t have anything with me other than my back pack and some of your shopping bags when we came in.”  “I’m not daft woman, I’m quite certain its yours.  Now take a look.” I opened the bag and peered in.  “Why it’s a new tooth brush and my brand of shampoo, conditioner, body wash...how on earth did you remember all my favourites?”  “Easy peesy, you my dear, do not have the exclusive ability to store information for use at a later date.  I got to thinking about you asking if I’d have a tooth brush for you if you ever did decide to sleep over so I figured you should have a few things here to make you feel more at home and not make it a huge deal when you did need or want to fresh up here, like after doing some gardening with me.  So you go and put them away where you want, guest bathroom or in the ensuite off of the master bedroom it makes no difference.” And with that he waved me off.

    I headed off and knew exactly where I planned to leave things.  I marched purposefully into his room and though it into the ensuite bathroom attached to it.  I put the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in the shower next to his.  Tooth brush in the toothbrush holder next to his and soon I had everything neatly stowed away.  I smiled in satisfaction.  Thought to myself a nice fern would really brighten it up in there and headed back to the kitchen where Liam was waiting for me.  He didn’t mention where I’d decided to leave things and I didn’t offer an answer, he’d find out soon enough.  Okay a quick tour of the basement, laundry room, and my work space nothing major really, but you might want to see it.  So off we went.  I was blown away by how many tools and machines he had down in his work space.  “You must really be talented with wood working and home repairs and things.” I marvelled.  Liam just shrugged in a nonchalant manner.  “I do okay.  I’ll show you some of the things I’ve made sometime.”  I had a feeling he’d probably made and finished several of the pieces I’d already seen in his home but I didn’t push him for details, he really was a very humble sort of man.  A quick peek in to the laundry room and we were done our tour of the basement area.

    We traipsed up the stairs to the main floor.  “Give me a sec and I’ll grab my keys and your things and them we can be off to check on Barclay and have some of those dynamite brownies you make.  We’ll go out the side door and directly into the garage.”  He was back in a jiff as promised and reached around the corner to hit the automatic garage door opener and flick on the light switch.  I expected to see his car and more than likely the standard things you’d find in garage.  A garbage bin, recycling box, rakes, shovels that sort of thing.  But a gleam of chrome caught my eye.  “HOLY SNICKERDOOLES.” I blurted out excitedly and rushed over to get a better look at it.  “That’s a bloody Ducati…………a Multistrada 1200 S Sport.”  “Just one of my little indulgences.” He grinned broadly and he added “I take it you aren’t going to have a cow like my Mum did when I got it and beg me to sell it?” “No way, I will beg you to take me for a ride though.  Please, please, please, pretty please.”  “Well” he said as he stroked his chin between his thumb and forefinger as if he was deep in thought on the matter.  “We can take the bike over to your place tonight, but you have to dress for it.  I know my old stuff won’t be the best fit for you, but I want you safe.  I don’t worry about my driving abilities but you can never tell about other people and I don’t need you with a severe case of road rash as the result of some fools stupidity.  We’ll get some proper gear sorted out for you in the very near future if you seriously want to ride with me, deal?” 

  “That’s more than fair.” I squealed and was jumping up and down clapping my hands in delight.  “You’re a nut, you know that?” he asked me.  “Yes I am, but I’m a cute nut and I’m your nut.” I laughed.  “No, you are my beautiful nut and don’t ever forget that” he flashed me a dazzling smile  and swept me up in his arms lifting me off the ground and swinging me around in a circle while he kissed me passionately. When he finally put me down I had to catch my breath.  “Okay my Dark Wing Duck let’s rock and roll.”  “You’re on McQuack.” And we both burst into fits of giggles as we got dressed to go.  I loved the way he could follow my thoughts and seamlessly follow them no matter where they took us. It was a good excuse to hold Liam close as I sat behind him on the bike my arms wrapped around his waist.  I loved the power and the speed of the bike and I looked forward to taking it out for longer spins on deserted stretches of road so we could really put it to the test.  Too soon we were in front of my place.  I climbed off reluctantly and removed my helmet, and shook out my hair.  “That was such a rush.  Thanks baby.”  “My pleasure you little speed demon you.”

   We headed up to my apartment helmets in hand.  This time Liam was ready for the catapulting ball of fur that would be headed his way when I opened the door.  “Good catch.” I observed. “How’s Mommy’s little man in the fur coat been?  Did you miss me?” I asked him giving him an affectionate cuddle, and kisses on the top of his head.  I took off my riding gear, and headed towards the kitchen.  “Make yourself at home Liam, and I’ll bring you some brownies and milk if your still hungry, just as soon as I feed Barclay.” RrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwEnough with the small talk people, you two are late coming home, I’m famished and wasting a way to nothing.  You’re lucky I didn’t phone the Humane Society for this cruel and unusual punishment.  Feed me now, adore me later people.”

    “I’m always up for a snack, especially when its brownies.” I called out as she dashed in to the kitchen to dish up Barclays dinner. Barclay was hot on her heals to enure she did in fact perform this most important of parental tasks, filling his food bowls. Soon the sounds caused by the clinking of the medallion attached to his collar reached my ears and I could tell he was heartily eating his dinner.  Lorelei then entered the living room with a plate of brownies in one hand and a large glass of cold milk in the other hand.  “Aren’t you going to join me?” 

   “Nope I’m still full as a tick from that meal you neighbour sent over for us to enjoy.” I said handing him the plate, and placing the milk on a coaster on the coffee table. “You go ahead and enjoy though.” Liam took a brownie then leaned forward and put the plate down on the coffee table. I sat down beside him and cuddled up next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in giving me a little squeeze as he did so. “This is the life.” He said contentedly as he munched on his brownie and rubbed my arm gently as we sat there in companionable silence together.  He managed to polish off the other brownie and the glass of milk in what seemed like record time.  “More?” I inquired of him.  “Thanks but I should probably pass on that for now.  I wouldn’t say no however to a container to take home later though.” He grinned in that endearing boyish manner of his. 

    “Right now, I want to focus all my time on you.” And with that he faced me and took my face in his hands and gazed intensely into my eyes.  I felt my lips begin to tremble in anticipation of the moment his lips would touch mine. My body ached for his touch, the overwhelming desire I had for him swept over me in waves, and washed away any misgivings I may have harboured deep within me.  I loved him, I had loved Liam even before we met, and I would love him now and always.  The love I felt was without beginning or end, no time continuum could ever contain it. Time, space and blurred dimensions, Liam remained the constant factor. It was always such a sweet surrender, giving myself to him and I did so in perfect love and perfect trust.  Every molecule of my being was alive and it was all because of him.  

   I had always been a pretty logical sort of a guy but what I had with Lorelei seemed to defy all forms of logic.  She represented magical mysteries that to me had never even entered my thought process.  I had always been grounded in cold hard facts and rationalizing things in a scientific manner, but she was opening my heart and my mind that there were a lot of things I had been missing out in my life. This mistress of the metaphysical was opening my eyes to so many things. I knew this was not lust that I felt this was in fact a love that was timeless.  Never had I felt something so pure and honourable about my desire to be with someone prior to this.  My need to become one with her was all encompassing. Her lips pressed against mine, I could feel the heat and the passion pulsing through my veins. I knew we weren’t ready to take it to the next level yet and I would be left aching with desire for her, but it was all worth it just for the intense pleasure that her kisses gifted me with.  I hadn’t even realized the effortless way she had shifted her body so that she was seated over my lap her knees reverently as though I were an altar and she was here to pay homage to a mighty deity. Her arms encircling me fingers strumming along my spine, her body pressed so closely against mine.

   The kiss took on a life of its own, tongues that seemingly danced in unison bodies that were moulded to each other, sounds that would be incomprehensible to others were a joyous melodic song to our ears. When we finally did become full-fledged lovers it would be a memory that would indelibly leave its mark on my heart and mind. No one had ever had such a complete command over my senses before Lorelei.  Sure I’d had a few shall we say romantic tussles of my own over the years, and they’d been enjoyable in their own way, but this just seemed to defy everything.  A single word, a mere glance, a touch of her hand, a simple kiss and it could just evolve into a fever pitched passion in the blink of an eye.  The intensity of it a driving force to be reckoned with, and yet at the same time there was such gentle tenderness between us as well.  At the present though my body was pulsating with need and desire for the woman I loved. 

   I could feel her full breasts pressed against my chest as we continued to kiss passionately and how I longed for the day it would be a flesh on flesh experience and we would be unfettered by the convention of clothing between us. I could hear the pounding of our hearts crying out to each other.  I could feel the heat rising in my loins, and I knew Lorelei must be as acutely aware of it as I was, especially from the vantage point she had on my lap.  If we kept up this pace I feared I would lose all pretenses of being a gentleman, and scoop her up in my arms and carry her into the bedroom for some proper lovemaking. 

    I began to feel as though my body were on some sort of circuit overload and was overheating and about to explode in an eruption of need and desire for Liam. The manifestation of his being a healthy red blooded male that was clearly aroused was evident despite being shielded by his jeans.  If we kept up this frantic pace, I would be soon begging him to whisk me into the bedroom where we could properly consummate these needs and desires we shared. Instinctively we sensed the others thoughts and the kiss began to soften and develop a gentleness to it. The desires we had were still very much alive and well but for now we had managed to turn down the flames of our passion and replace them with glowing embers.  I nuzzled the nape of his neck and whispered in his ear “I do love you Liam”.  He gently bussed the crown of my head with his lips and held me in his loving embrace.  “I love you too.”  He whispered in return.  It always sent a thrill through me each and every time he said it, I could never imagine being tired of hearing him say it, and I knew in my heart I’d hear those magic words each and every day of our lives together.

    We were now stretched out on the sofa together, feet propped up on the coffee table, his arm draped around my shoulder and holding me close as my head rested on his shoulder.  “Just keeps getting better doesn’t it?” He said as he pulled me close and gave me a squeeze. “That it does.” I smiled up at him and snuggled in further. “So I’ve been thinking about this weekend.” I ventured a bit timidly. “Are you getting cold feet about meeting my family and friends this weekend?” the obvious concern reflected in the tone of his voice. “No, no, well okay it is a bit daunting, and my nerves do get a bit frazzled at the thought of meeting them. I’m sure they are really great people but you know things like this are almost always a bit terrifying on some level.  I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that one of the top ten phobias in life is meeting your partners, family and friends for the first time, right up there with public speaking and dying.” I chuckled at him

   “True enough, and I have to admit meeting your family and friends and being grilled by them about my intentions and what not does tend to make me think it will rank up there on the fun factor of life somewhere between having a root canal and dropping a bowling ball on my foot. But it’s totally worth it to me to go through all of that because I want you in my life and I want people to know that I love you and care for you and have only the best intentions when it comes to you Lor.”  He said earnestly. “I know and I feel the same.  I do hope they’ll like me and accept me as being part of your life, but at the end of the day I’m just me, faults and all.”  “Well I think you’re pretty terrific and that’s the main thing here. But if it’s not meeting everyone that’s got you thinking about the weekend what is it?” His curiosity obviously peeked. 

   “I think, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to spend the weekend over at yours.  I mean it makes sense since we’ll be spending Saturday with your family and then Sunday with your friends.  We could pick Barclay up after work on Friday, and he could get used to the new surroundings, I can do some baking or cooking to take over to the bbq, and we could just sort of hang out and relax instead of you having to commute back and forth between here and your place.  So what do you think?” I bit my bottom lip and looked up at him to try to gauge his reaction to this bit of news.  “I’m for it.  The rule still stands though no pressure from me about sleeping arrangements or what does or doesn’t happen between us.  I admit I love the idea of holding you in my arms and drifting off to sleep, and waking up and having your face be the first thing I see, and I really am fine with it if that’s as far as we take things.  Good things come to those who wait, and I truly think you are worth the wait my dear.”

  “So getting frisky with you is out of the question then?” I asked in mock horror and gave him a shocked look. “Well if you really can’t control yourself I suppose I could always submit to your many charms my dear.” He returned with exaggerated formality.  The twinkle in his eyes gave him a way and I gave him a playful little poke with my elbow.  “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much here.” He quipped. “You are such a total goof at times Liam.  Please don’t ever change.” And with that our lips united to share an achingly beautiful kiss. The evening slipped by far too quickly for either of our liking and all too soon it was time for Liam to bid me farewell and back to his place.  “I don’t want to leave, I really don’t but papers don’t grade themselves and lesson plans don’t just manifest out of thin air unfortunately.” He sighed. “I know, but you have things to do and I totally understand that.  I’ve got things I should do as well.  Mind you, you are one of the best reasons I’ve ever had for procrastinating about doing something.” I grinned and gave him a quick kiss. 

    “I’ll walk you down with you. I should take my recycling down for tomorrow morning anyways.” I added nonchalantly.  “Oh woman you are so transparent, you just want to have another reason to kiss me good night again.  Face it I’m just totally irresistible to you!” and he gave me a look that managed to somehow be oh so boyishly charming and seductively devilish all at the same time. “Move it mister.” I said trying to sound gruff and failing miserably.  I grinned and thrust a bundle of bound up newspapers at him in response. He good naturedly tucked the bundle under his arm and grabbed his helmet with his available hand. “Funny, but it’s a lot nicer to be taking out the recycling and trash with you, than it’s ever been when I do it on my own.  Everything just seems that much better when you’ve got someone special to share it with, even the everyday mundane things.” “I agree whole heartedly” I said as I followed him out the door and shut it behind me. We descended the steps together, and headed out the front door and down the steps to drop off the bundles of papers and the box with the other recyclable items in it, where they would be picked up early the next morning.

    “This is the part I still have trouble dealing with, even though I’m hoping we still have our standing date to meet before work tomorrow.”  “We do.” And I nodded affirmatively.  We walked a few steps further and were standing in front of the Ducati.  He reached over and balanced his helmet on the seat of the bike.

  “I wish I was coming with you.” I added in a wistful tone of voice.  He looked down at me and gazed deeply into my upturned eyes.  “You will be this Friday” his voice caressing the words as his finger skimmed along my jawline and down the arch of my throat. My body quivered at his touch and my heart beat quickened as he did.  It was almost maddening how readily by body responded to his touch with such a natural ease. 

    “You know I want a life time of coming home to you.  To me this will be the greatest adventure I’ve ever embarked on in my life and I want to do it right, and I am certain that you are the one that I want by my side for this adventure.” He leaned down embraced me tenderly and gave me a sweet soulful kiss that filled my heart with the affirmation of his words. “I’d better be on my way if I plan on getting any work done before bed so one more quick kiss and I’ll be like a classic romantic film riding off and fading into black.” The kiss as always was perfection. I put on my helmet and started the bike. She placed her small hand over my now gloved one and wished me a “Safe home” over the roar of the engine.   I gave her a final grin and began to pull away from the curb.  I’d phone her the minute I got home, and I knew she’d be by the phone waiting to hear from me, to know I was safe and to tell me good night and that she loved me.


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