Mar 11, 2014

Part 14

     I easily scooped her up in my arms, cradling her to me. Her arms laced themselves around my neck and her face raised itself towards mine.  There was no need for further conversation, for our hearts, minds and souls were wordlessly communicating all that we needed.  The deep connection we already shared was going to be further strengthened and bond us together forever more. I kissed her warm inviting lips as tenderly as I could, given the way my own heart was thundering in my chest, now that this very special occasion had arrived and so unexpectedly.  I’d pictured this moment in my minds’ eye so many times but it had never begun like this. It had always been in perfect settings, with flickering candle light, rose petal trails, shared flutes of champagne.  There would be music of course the perfect song, the one that would become “our” song and forever after each time we heard it, it would bring a soft smile of recognition and it would always be a reminder of that magic moment in our life journey together that transformed us to the couple we had always been destined to be.

    Despite what my thoughts had been on what would make this the epitome of romantic settings, she’d been right all along.  When the time arrived it was perfect. The love we shared so freely between us was magically transforming even our surroundings into a realm that was in keeping with the spellbinding mysteries that were about to be revealed to us. The room was enchanting lit by only the glow of one small lamp on my desk, and the moonbeams which streamed through the window and illuminated the bed where I would soon rest the form of the goddess I carried so reverently in my arms. With great care I lay her upon our communion altar. Her head resting on the pillows, her hair fanned out like a halo around her giving her and even more ethereal look, if that were in fact possible.

     I joined her positioning myself so that I could see the fine features of her lovely face and drink in her beauty.  Reaching up to tentatively stroke her face with my fingertips, so overwhelmed and frightened that this were only another of my most fanciful dreams. My longed for dreams were about to become my reality, and it awed me. I treasured this fact and wanted to make it last forever and I knew it would. My eyes delved into hers, as I drew ever nearer to those perfect sensuous lips of hers.  The kiss sent electric impulses throughout me stirring me and making me come fully alive. I was experiencing a heightened sense of awareness and it thrilled from my head to the tips of my toes. Acting of their own accord my fingertips slowly traveled down her cheek, along the sleek line of her throat and danced lightly across her shoulders. The continued their downwards journey until they reached the bottom of the tank top that she wore.

    Slowly they slipped underneath and disappeared beneath the cotton garment which covered the gift that I was going to savour the experience of unwrapping. My hand found the silken mounds of her breasts which were still encased by her bra. Despite the size of my hands they were more than amply rewarded.  A soft staccato like breath escaped between her lips as I made the connection.  Apparently her senses were heightened as much as my own were and I revelled in that fact, for her pleasure meant more to me than even my own did. The kiss we shared deepened as I continued to gently cup and squeeze her breasts but remained unhurried in its nature. Her own hands had sunk beneath the opening of my bathrobe, and caressed my chest.  I could feel her fingertips exploring her newly found territory, her palms flattening and pressing against me, feeling the expanse of my own chest. Her fingers instinctively were mirroring my own as she grasped my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gently began to roll it between them.  Teasing me in an erotic little game as she applied just enough pressure to cause an increased rise in the heat and desire I was already clearly feeling.

     I pushed myself up on my elbows and rose to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.  I clasped her hands and pulled her up to a sitting position as well. I carefully caught the underside of her top under my thumbs and began to slowly peel it up her torso and over those tanned shoulders and over her head.  I unceremoniously tossed the garment aside.  Her full plump breasts framed by the cups of her bra made a most enticing tableau to be sure.  I lowered my face and ran light kisses over the exposed flesh. Her hands ran themselves through my hair as I did so, and her cleavage rose and fell with the deep breaths she was taking, it had a most mesmerizing effect on me to say the least. 

    My fingers found the clasp at the front of her brassiere and to my surprise and great relief deftly were able to unhook it.  I had secretly harboured the fear when this moment did arise, I would be clumsy and awkward and my large hands would make me appear clumsy and oafish to her. Being a strapless number it fell into my hands and it too became a thing of past as it was flung aside. My hands cupped each precious mound, marvelling at the perfection of them, capped by delicate buds which were obviously very aroused. I lowered my face once more, spilling soft butterfly kisses over them and gently taking those buds between my lips, my tongue flicking across them in turn, doubling my efforts as I heard her soft cries of delight and felt her fingernails trailing up and down my spine through the covering of my robe. I was in heaven or at least well on my way there.

    I lowered my hands and brought them to the front of Liam’s robe, and caught the point where he had belted it around the trunk of his body. My hands quickly undid the knot and I ran my hands up along his already exposed chest admiring its masculine girth as I did so. My hands caught the lapels of his robe and I eased them slowly over his shoulders and it fell still covering his manhood in a pool of forest green cloth. He stood and the remainder of his robe fell from view onto the floor and at long last he unveiled himself to me.  Undeniably he was even more stunning then the images I had conjured up in my countless fantasies of him.  My eyes drank him in from head to toe and I smiled appreciatively up at him from my vantage point on the bed. He climbed back on to the bed to join me and with his eyes locked on mine he found the button on my jeans and slipped it open.  The silence in the room was broken only by the soft noise of the zipper as he pulled it down.  

     His fingers hooked in my belt loops.  I lay back on the nest of pillows he had provided for me, and raised my hips, and thus in my own way signaled for him to continue.  Never once did his gaze waver from me as he took his own sweet time in sliding them down my legs and pulling them off of me.  Now they were nothing more than a crumpled ball of denim at the foot of our bed.     Only a thin gossamer layer of cloth now stood between us, which at one point in my life would have made me acutely self conscious and would have greatly embarrassed me.  Yet with Liam there was no guilt or shame, as this was a natural extension of our beings.  He teased me by running his index finger over my mound of Venus at the crux of my thighs.  His tender stroking was having its desired effect on me and my body was indeed responded to his exquisite touch.  My heightened senses were alive and on high alert.  My nostrils picking up the unmistakable scent of both of our arousals, and they combined to make a musky scent that was intoxicating. I could hear wild beating of our hearts, pounding behind the chests which had previously been our shields and guarded us from romantic entanglements in our pasts.  The touch of his skin against mine, caressing, the warmth of his breath on my flesh causing sweet shivers of anticipation down my spine.

     I could feel the moistness of her arousal on my fingertips as I gently caressed the filmy fabric that housed her treasure.  The only thing that now separated us and the time had come to eradicate this last barrier between us.  I hooked my thumbs on the waist band of her panties and began the slow leisurely reveal of this natural wonder I would soon be privy to viewing.  She willingly raised her hips facilitating this for me.  My hands trailed over her shapely legs as I slid the panties down and freed her from them.  She lay before me like a blank canvas on which I was about to unleash my creative talents and desires upon. I could not contain myself any longer I needed the creative process to begin and to lovingly etch my work into the recesses of my mind.

     I knelt by her feet and leaned forward, gently stroking and caressing those smooth tanned legs of hers. As I slowly worked my way up them, often taking the time to brush my lips against the warmth of her nakedness as well. Her legs opened slowly oh so slowly before me like the petals of a flower being captured by time lapse photography unfurling their beauty. I stroked the soft folds of her mound her with loving fingers, finally running my finger along the dewy cleft between, which were puffed and swollen with her desire.  Her heady scent only served to arouse me further.  Her soft mewls told me I was on the right path with my loving administrations.  With her own natural lubrication my finger slipped easily between those folds, and I instinctively zeroed in on little pearl of hers nestled within her exterior shell of Venus. 

   Looking up at her face it was radiant as she was bathed in that glow of growing ecstasy.  How I loved knowing that I was giving her such pleasure and joy. She truly was the centre of my universe.  I continued to tease that precious jewel of hers being sure to vary the temp or my explorations. It was driving me over the edge myself and I could feel my own arousal growing and beginning to strain with its own need to be sated. I lowered myself my mouth hovering over her, and she gasped when she felt the warmth of my breath upon that tender nest of hers.  My fingers parted the petals of her delicate flower and my tongue though ravenous for a taste of her, began long languid strokes, exploring her inner most sanctuary of hers.  Her hands slid over my shoulders and up to my head where she began to run her fingers through my hair.

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        I could see the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing became more rapid and i could feel the heat that was radiating from every inch of her flesh. Coupled with her soft moans of rapture that was sweet music to my ears and I was in my own euphoric state. She arched her back and her hips slowly rose and became my altar where she offered me the privilege to sip from her holy grail. My lips touched that beautiful chalice of the flesh and her sweet honeyed nectar filled her cup and it’s amazing essences and aroma was pure ambrosia. I experienced a connection so deep that this was more than just lovers entwined but a ceremony of communion with my goddess that changed my soul and would linger in my memory forever.

   My mind and senses were no longer my own as I floated a drift in a vast sea of rapture.  My body the vessel which glided across the waves was safe in the knowledge that Liam my captain would pilot this maiden voyage and would bring me back to the secure harbour of his arms at its conclusion.  My trust was fully his as he navigated me through this watery abyss. His tongue plucked at my pearl as though he were coaxing it to emerge from its hiding place.  My fingers curled around his dark locks tugging at them urging him to claim his gemstone.  I was on the brink of an explosion when his course changed and he tenderly allowed the petals of flesh to close and he grazed my womanly mound with a kiss so sweet so gentle that it made me swoon. Slowly seductively he began to work his way up the bronzed flesh of my stomach.  Alternating between teasing me by snaking his tongue along my nakedness and gently nibbling on sensitive flesh, it was a sweet blissful form of torture, as I yearned to have his lips on mine.

    His hands cupping my breasts, gently squeezing and kneading them, and I was aware of just how intensely my body was responding to him. His fingers strummed lightly across my nipples taunting them so that they strained even more to rise to meet his touch. His fingers danced with languid movements across my nipples causing them to stiffen and quiver.  The vibrations that were humming throughout my body intensified when he placed his mouth over one of my delicate throbbing nubs and he began to flick his tongue rapidly against it.  The other stiffened nubbin he had ensnared between his thumb and forefinger and was expertly toying with it.  Low moans of delight were now being emitted from between my lips, which only served to spur Liam on in his efforts to propel me to even greater heights of arousal.

        With a regretful final suckle of my granite pebble of flesh his kisses began to slide up over the swells of tanned orbs, up my collar bone to the slope of my shoulders and finally the long assent of my upstretched throat.   His journey only interrupted long enough to nibble delicately as though he were savouring a favourite delectable little morsel of delight.  Gentle kisses on my chin, cheeks, nose, eyelids and forehead were next before he looked deeply into my eyes, the invisible thread that bound us pulling tighter.  Now his lips were on mine.  His body pressed against mine. My hands took on a life of their own sliding over his naked form, feeling the contours of his toned body, the firm roundness of his perfect buttocks.  The contrast of the coarseness of the hair of his body hair against my own smooth legs and arms, appreciating those differences as our bodies seamlessly melded together.  Finger tips stroking his spine, feeling each and every vertebrae. Wanting him, needing him, and knowing that he was mine and always would be mine.

    There was a certain sense of urgency for me even as my hands roamed freely over Liam’s nakedness.  I wanted with all my heart, with every fibre of my being to gratify him, to show him that he was my ultimate priority and his joy and happiness were mine as well.  I could feel his increasing ardour as we lay tangled together, the firmness of his male appendage throbbing against my thigh as we remained tangled together, our hands and lips active participants each vying to please the other.   My hand began to descend until I made my way to that swollen staff of his.  My hand wrapped around its intended target and I began to gently stroke him as I began to explore the way to touch him and allow Liam to derive the ultimate pleasure from it.  His breathe hissed between his teeth as though he were trying desperately to contain himself, and prolong his enjoyment of my attentions.  His responses only served to fuel my own desires to drive him to even great heights of enjoyment.

    In the same instant that she wrapped her delicate hand around my appendage I felt her connect with my core energy and deeply rooted surges of electricity rushed through my veins.  The oak tree between my thighs rose to the heavens and how I longed, no needed to enter her with it.  I needed to consume her, to become one with her to have her become a part of me, a transubstantiation of our bodies and souls.  She on the other hand seemed to have other plans of her own and a need to pay homage to me before the final ultimate consummation of our love.  Her fingers fluttered over my exposed flesh and she rained sweet cleansing kisses over my face and shoulders, washing away any wrongs of my past and purifying me. As tense and ready as my body was I instinctively knew I would have to persevere and become as fluid as a willow, bending and yielding to her and her desires, yet it only aroused me further knowing how much my gratification meant to her.

       She worked her way down my chest, fingertips brushing against me sending shivers down my spine.  Kisses combined with playful little nips turning it all into some delightful little erotic game.  She was obviously was on a mission so I felt the least I could do was allow her to enjoy it. She reached her intended goal and grasped it firmly.  She looked up at me and made sure I held her gaze in mine as she ran the tip of her tongue oh so slowly over her upper lip, before her tongue emerged fully and began to tease my sensitive swollen tip.  She teased and probed with her tongue eagerly lapping up those first few dew like drops of my arousal.  She reminded me of a playful little kitten savouring a bowl of freshly poured cream.  Her lips then descended over the mushroom like cap of my penis, slowly twirling her tongue first one way and then the other around the underside of it. 

     My body stiffened and convulsed in little spasms of delight from her attentions.  I had to restrain myself from thrusting my hips up, my hands grasped at the duvet and I balled them into my heads holding on to the for dear life.  It was the sweetest torture of my life as she took my manhood and inched it further and further down her throat until her nose was buried, and I knew the scent of my arousal was filling her nostrils.   I needed to touch her to connect with her and I released my vice like grip on the duvet and my hands began to stroke and caress her now tousled mane of hair.  I couldn’t contain myself any longer and my hips rose in a natural unison with the movements of her mouth and we moved in harmony.   She magically was coaxing a throaty tune from me as I growled deep in my throat as though I were some feral jungle cat. I wanted to roar like the king of the cats and I could feel the boiling volcano in my loins that wanted to erupt. 

    She was reading the responses of my body and changed tactics allowing me to descend ever so slightly from this high I was experiencing.  She now rested her head on my thigh and the warmth and softness of her cheek against my thigh sending a new thrill through me as she stroked me, ever conscious of changing the firmness of her grip, which drove me insane, especially when her tongue would stretch out and tease the exposed head.  The other hand she was using to cup and gently squeeze and knead that other gentlemanly bit of my anatomy that I was certain were swollen by now to the size of baseballs.  I couldn’t take it any longer.  I managed to somehow in one fluid motion pull her up my body and have her facing me.  She had a fire in her eyes that matched my own. I pressed my lips against hers and our tongues began a rapid fire duel with one another my hands stroked her back and ran over the smooth firm globes of her buttocks and she ran her fingers through my hair and would sometimes tug at it.

     We rolled over until I was on top of her pressing against her unable to break our kiss.  I felt as though I would die if I did not release all this energy we were creating I needed to ground it or I would surely implode. I raised myself up and looked into her eyes her need and desire were as great as my own. Her legs parted allowing me access to her chalice of love.  I couldn’t resist a little final teasing of my own as I ran the tip of my mighty erection against the warm welcoming wetness of her moist womanhood.  Finally I began to part her lips as I slipped between them, then carefully oh so carefully I began to allow myself to slide into the depths of her warm pool of wetness.  I was afraid of hurting her or causing her discomfort she seemed so small and delicate with my body covering hers.  But she had no qualms whatsoever her legs rose and wrapped around my waist and she raised her hips as if urging me to hurry.  She was silently signalling her own desperate need that she had to have me inside of her to become one with me.  God how I loved her how I wanted her, how I needed her, I could feel the tear welling in my eyes I was so overwhelmed by my feelings for her.

    I fought them back as I wanted to see the look on her face to drink it in to savour it a memory I would always treasure.  At first it was slow even strokes and we fell into a gentle rhythm together.  Slow long deliberate strokes feeling her contract around me and hold me tightly inside her when I was buried to the hilt.  It was as though she could will her muscles there to massage me.Her hands were now running up and down my torso and back and the frenzied desire was building and needed to be sated.  I began to thrust harder and faster and she met me stroke for stroke.  My hand were now braced on the bed and she’d somehow managed to have her arms around me as well and she was clinging to me as if her very life depended upon not losing her hold on me.

   I knew she was on the brink of her climax and I knew I was close and I wanted us to explode in an earth shattering crescendo of our song.  I could feel the urge to empty myself and spill my seed deep inside her womb.  She was crying out in ecstasy and I let out my own mighty roar as our bodies were rocked with our thunderous climax.  I could feel her contracting around my shaft milking everything I had to offer her. I felt the sheen of sweat on my body and continued to rock gently back and forth inside of her as she rode the waves of her orgasm.  Finally in utter exhaustion I collapsed upon her crushing her body against mine.

    I had never experienced that intensity, and I had to wonder if my heart would stop entirely from the exertion of it all.  Somehow I found the strength to find her mouth and kiss her so sweetly. I rained soft kisses over her nose, eyelids, forehead, cheeks, chin and her lips once more.  I rested my head upon her chest which was still heaving and I could hear the pounding beat of her heart.  I lay there mesmerized by it as in time it slowed and her breathing returned to a more normal state.  I was going to slip out of her but she was having none of that.  She managed somehow to get me on my side so that we were facing one another lying side by side, still connected. Legs and arms were entwined.  Eyes locked on one another “I love you.” She purred softly at me and curled into me holding me tightly and “I you my love.” I crooned back at her stroking her hair and shoulders.  The moonlight danced over us as we lay together naked and coupled together, basking in the warm glow of our love.

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