Apr 3, 2014

Part 17

    Serene. That’s what it was to be lying here beneath the moon and stars with my lover nestled beside me.  It had been a crazy day but a great day.  My family had always been a spirited group, and that Lorelei had taken it all in stride and not even batted an eye, just reaffirmed that she was the one for me.  “My family really liked you, you know.” I said to her. I could see her face in the moon light and how the corners of her mouth had turned up into a smile. “I know and I really liked them too.  Though I have a feeling I may lock horns with your Mum on occasion, over how we’ll live our lives together. We’ll just have to learn to shake hands and agree to disagree on some things. Everybody made me feel really welcome and not like I was an outsider.  That meant a lot to me Liam.” She said as she snuggled in closer to the crook of my arm.

   “The kids especially took a shine to you.  You’ll have no trouble at all wrapping them around your little finger.” I said as I gazed into her eyes which twinkled just as brightly as the stars above us did. “You’re just saying that because they’ve already figured out I’m just as nutty and just as much of a big kid as their beloved Uncle Liam is.” She replied in a teasing tone. “Maybe, but I actually believe kids and animals are the best judges of human character in the world.  They’re still innocent and untouched, they have this innate sense of knowing how is a genuinely good person and how isn’t.  Like they can see your aura and know if you’re truly good and decent or if it’s all just some sort of a sham.  Kids are pretty sharp, sharper than most adults give them credit for being. As for animals look at what a great judge of character Barclay was when it came to me!” he crowed triumphantly at making his point.

     She gave me a gentle elbow in the side and giggled “I suppose all those treats and cat toys had nothing to do with it?” “Nope it didn’t I’m just a great guy and Barclay, being the smart cookie he is knows it.” And with that I leaned in and kissed her to end any further debate on the topic. We lay there wrapped in one another’s arms, enjoying the peace and solitude of just being together and staring at the heavens above us. “You know” I said breaking the silence “I’ve always loved just lying on the ground and stargazing like this, even when I was a kid.  When I got older, I’d find myself wondering what it would be like to have someone to share it with someone that would appreciate the beauty and magnitude of it all. There are magical mysteries up there.

    All those stories of Greek mythology mapped out like connect the dot diagrams, if you just know how to see it in your mind.” I used my finger to draw in the imaginary lines to flesh out the picture. “Like this one over here, it’s Cygnus the swan, and if we had a telescope you’d be able to see that the star representing the head is actually a double star.  Two stars both sparking gemstones one a brilliant blue and the other a golden yellow.” My finger outlined the wing span.  “Then there is the most brilliant of them all is Deneb which is the swan’s heart.”
   I lightly laid my finger just behind her ear and began to slowly trace it down the slope of her throat and along her clavicle to the cleft between her breasts. “You know swans have long been associated with erotic connotations.” I whispered to her my voice growing husky as I did. Her blue eyes shimmered at me as brightly as those stars above us and I drew her on top of me and wrapped my arms around her, followed by a slow lingering kiss.  One that I hoped conveyed to her that she was my swan, beautiful graceful and erotic to me. She pressed against me and the kiss we shared became deeper, our tongues searching each other out, and exploring one another.  Her hands began to roam through my hair and over my chest and shoulders.  I could sense the quickening pace of her heart, and it beat in time with my own heart.  My hand reached up and cupped her clothed breast and I began to gently knead and massage it.  I could feel the way she was responding to me her legs stretching out and slowly entwining them with mine.

    I felt the surge of adrenaline throughout my own body and a surge of it to that pole of flesh that was now rigid and straining against the fabric of my boxers and shorts. The movement of her hips grazing repetitively against mine was filling me with even more desire for the beautiful woman I now held in my arms. It may have been prudent at this point to suggest we move inside, but someone making love to her under the moon and the stars just felt like the right thing.  The back garden was surrounded by a privacy fence as well a windbreak of trees and shrubs, so I felt pretty secure in the knowledge that we wouldn’t be startling any of the neighbours with our ensuing expressions of our love for each other. “Are you sure we should be doing this?” she asked, in a breathless wisp of a voice.

    “We’re safely tucked away from the neighbours eyes my love.” I assured her and kissed the tip of her nose as I gazed into her eyes.  “No, not that silly, I mean should you be expending so much energy before the big game tomorrow?  Aren’t you athletes supposed to conserve your energy before the big game?” her eyes were bright and filled with mirth as she spoke the words.“Sweetheart, we’re just a bunch of guys having some fun, our glory days on the field are in the past. Your my future, and you’re the most important team I’m ever going to be a member of.” She smiled at me obviously pleased with my response.  “So, what do you say, shall we my dear?”“I say, time to step up to the plate slugger and go for a home run.” She giggled and at the same time cupped her hand around my Louisville slugger and began to massage me, which only made me moan with pleasure and desire her even more.

    It was a quickly ensuing frenzy as we quickly disrobed and abandoned our shirts and shorts now only our undergarments remained.  I had to admit her matching bra and panty set was much far sexier than my blue boxers were. The swell of those perfect breasts of her rising out of the cups of her lacy bra was enough to spike my temperature by several degrees.  Round and as full as the moon above us, I brought my face to them and nuzzled them gently.  I was conscious of my five o’clock stubble and treated them with the utmost of gentleness.

      The silky white panties that covered her succulent little honey pot had an embellishment of lace on them and made her look incredibly sexy and desirable.  The night air was had cooled and a light summer breeze licked at our exposed flesh.  She shivered slightly and I drew her into a warm embrace and wrapped my body around her. Her skin was silken against my own and I revelled in the softness of it and the sensuous curves that my hands were running over again and again as I caressed her.  It was pure joy to have her in my arms, to feel her skin on mine to hear her breath and feel its warmth against my own flesh, and to hear her little moans of pleasure and her deep throaty purrs. With some skillful maneuvering on both our parts we were soon naked as jay birds in all our glory.  Being outside like this seemed to heighten all of our senses, the feel of the grass brushing against us, the scents of earth, roses and lilacs wafting through the air.  The sounds of crickets chirping and the good night calls of birds to their mates as they settled in surrounded us. It was a very peaceful and idyllic scene for us to make love in.

    Life was going on all around us but the most vital thing of all was the two of us and our need to consummate our love once more.  The kisses were generous and gentle, no need to rush, the touches and caresses deft and meaningful. There were graceful swan like movements as she glided over my body, covering me with butterfly like kisses.  She claimed her ultimate prize and loving administered to it.  My hips rising to meet her exceptionally deep kisses of the gift I gave so willing to her eager mouth.  I stroked her hair as she did, and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she truly loved pleasuring me and making sure that I was genuinely aroused.  I felt the same as I returned her affections and tasted the sweet honeyed nectar that ran so freely.  It gave me such a deep sense of satisfaction knowing how much pleasure she derived from my attentions as well and I felt myself growing even harder.

     As I was on the verge of a mind shattering implosion in my nether regions I needed to become one with Liam.  He instinctively sensed my need for him to enter me as he very gently rolled me over, the grass blades prickling against my highly sensitive flesh.  Every nerve in my body was on high alert. He positioned himself at the entrance to my love canal teasing me as he slid his swollen head over my slickness.  I bit my lip as I willed him to ease himself into me and fill me completely.  His dark eyes pierced into my very soul. The rush I felt as he slid into me sinking into the hilt of his shaft, holding himself there, filling me becoming a part of me.  His kisses were aflame with passion as he kissed me deeply.  My hips would rise with his so that I could maintain that feeling of fullness and the connection we shared.  Slowly I surrendered myself to the inevitable and our bodies found a natural flow to our movements. I ran my hands over his body, feeling the tautness of his muscles as he dove into my depths again and again. Like a honeybee gathering his nectar from the depths of my flower and storing it before he released his own sweet stickiness inside of me. 
   The sweet friction between us, building and pushing us both closer to our ultimate climaxes, sweat gleaming on our bodies in the moonlight. We both worked together to achieve not only our own pleasure but the pleasure for each other. I could see it in his eyes, feel in in his kisses and caresses he wanted to give me all that he could.  I could feel the quivering convulsions of my orgasm beginning to crest as he drove into me with one great final thrust.  I held on to him as if my life depended on it, riding on a sea of delights at the hands of my Liam.  His own body was shuddering and convulsing as he spent himself inside of me.  He clasped me tightly the weight of his body falling against mine, panting, breathless.  Fervent kisses were smothered over my face and shoulders, whispers of “I love you” sprang from both of our lips over and over again. A sweet little song, a testament to the love we had just made.  The spasms and little tremors finally ceased and the jaggedness of our breathing and pulses began to calm. We lay bathed in the glory of our sexual congress.  Soft kisses, gentle caresses, whispered intimacies that were for our ears only eased our transition from the afterglow back into the reality around us. I shivered slightly in the night breeze as we lay there still coupled together just enjoying being together, and I snuggled into the warms of Liam’s chest and arms.

     “I think it’s time for us to head inside.” I said responding to her little involuntary shivers from the cool air on her naked flesh.  She sighed and seemed reluctant to break the spell we were in, but nodded in agreement.  We could feel the dew starting to settle as we gathered our stray clothes in our arms.  Giggling like a couple of teenagers who were stealing out of their cabins at summer camp to take a forbidden skinny dipping session in the lake, we streaked into the house.I took the clothes from her arms and tossed them in a pile by the door, and then I took her in my arms.  “Dance with me” I requested. “You want to slow dance now?” she questioned me a curious smile.  “Yeppers” and I began to serenade her as I held her in my arms. “We get it on most every night when that moon is big and bright it’s a supernatural delight everybody’s dancing in the moonlight” and I persevered and continued on until the end of the song despite my lack of ability to carry a tune. I could tell she was delighted by my spontaneous serenade by the way she rewarded me with the broadest of her smiles and the sweetest of kisses. 

“I love that song you know, but if we’d stayed out much longer you might have had to sing me “Blue Moon instead.” She joked.  I slid my hands down her waist and cupped my hands around her pert little bottom.  I massaged them with my ample hands feeling them warm under my palms as I did so.  “Never fear my dear I’m always going to take care of you.” My eyes still smouldering with my desires for her, I scooped her into my arms and carried her into the bedroom. I knew we were both tired and I loved looking at that dreamy smile on her lips.  I gently laid her in the bed and slipped in beside her and covered her up.  She snuggled into me her head resting on my chest. Her one arm wrapped around my chest the other rested on top of it.  My own arms held her close and I kissed her softly on the forehead through wisp of hair that had come undone from her ponytail and now framed her face.

     Her eyes half closed in slumber a peaceful contented look up on her face and a smile upon her lips.  She was so beautiful to me and I wondered how I had ever managed to get this far in my life without her by my side.  It was as if she had always been a part of me and a part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way, as I drifted off to sleep myself knowing I was loved, and that I loved my Lorelei. I woke in the morning and stretched out, easing the tension out of my body.  Making love in the great outdoors last night might have seemed romantic at the time but I had to admit to feeling just a wee bit stiff this morning.  I had to grin though at the thought of it.  It had totally been worth it though and I’d do it all over again with her in a heartbeat no questions asked. I rolled over expecting her to be there but her place beside me was empty.  For a brief moment I wondered what had become of her. It was funny but after only a couple nights of her sharing my bed, it seemed suddenly very large and empty without her in it beside me.  My question was soon answered as she appeared in the door way carrying a breakfast tray.

     “Good morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?” she grinned at me as she came over and waited for me to sit up and get comfortable before she rested the tray on my lap. She leaned in and kissed me and I had to grin as this time she’d nicked one of the dress shirts from my closet and had it buttoned and the sleeves rolled up.  I had to admit she looked great in it and I whistled appreciatively as I drank her in.  She giggled, and backed up and twirled around modeling it for me.  I was beginning to love her little fashion shows first thing in the morning and I thought she looked pretty damn sexy wearing my clothes. She leaned in and kissed me sweetly.  “Now sit up and dig in enjoy your breakfast.”  I sniffed the air and my stomach grumbled reminding me that once again I was famished.

    “Once again this smells and looks amazing.  You’re totally going to spoil me though if you keep cooking like this for me.”  I said as I dug in.  I thoughtfully chewed and swallowed the first mouthful and was in culinary heaven. “These are the most perfect eggs benedict I’ve ever had Lor.”  She beamed at my compliment.  There was also a cup of freshly brewed coffee, orange juice, and a bowl of yogurt that had a freshly sliced peach fanned out in a flower shape with a centre of fresh plump blueberries.  She always went out of her way to make me feel special, and even her special attention to the presentation of the meals she made for me, never escaped me.“Aren’t you going to join me?” I asked her in between savouring mouthfuls of my delicious breakfast. She shook her head.  “No I’ve already eaten while I was waiting for you to wake up.  You looked so peaceful I just let you sleep and figured I’d treat you to a nice breakfast in bed.”

     I placed the now empty tray on the nightstand, and she moved up beside me and leaned in for a proper good morning kiss.  What more could a man want in life a beautiful woman by his side, a full stomach and a great nights’ sleep.  I felt like I was on top of the world.  I felt totally energized and ready to face the day that lay ahead of me. “So what time’s your game today?” she asked me, when our lips finally finished communing with each other and saying good morning.  “Half ten.” I responded. “Then afterwards we’ll more than likely head out and grab a bite of lunch together somewhere have a couple beers or whatever.  Are you going to be okay with that?  I know things like that can be a bit daunting the first time you meet so many people at once.” “I’ll be fine, but thanks for the concern.  I ended up doing well meeting your family, so your friends should be even easier to deal with.” She responded.

     I furrowed my brow as I tried to process that bit of information.  “It’s really quite simple silly, you don’t get to choose your family but your friends are people you choose to have in your life.”  Somehow it made perfect sense to me and I understood exactly what she meant. We spent the rest of our morning in leisurely pursuits, just relaxing and enjoying being in one another’s company.  To neither of our surprise, we ended up having another steamy torrid session of love making as we once again choose to join each other in the shower. The love making was incredible as it always was between us but the shared intimacies after of bathing each other and exploring territory that we were beginning to know oh so well was also a thrill to me.

   After we’d toweled off and had wrapped ourselves in large fluffy towels, we jockeyed for positions over the sink for teeth brushing, shaving and the like.  I wasn’t finding it the least bit difficult to share my once male dominated world with her. Now and again we’d brush against one another, or stop for a small tender kiss, and now and again I’d catch her ogling my chest or buttocks and I’d have to admit that I found myself  preening a bit for her benefit. I felt a bit like a peacock spreading my feathers to attract my mate, and it seemed that my efforts were greatly appreciated by my audience of one.

    We were finally dressed, had our water bottles filled and were ready to take off.  I thought I cut quite a dashing figure in my uniform.  Apparently she did as well as I caught her giving a rather prime piece of real estate otherwise now as my arse some appreciative glances.  My glove in one hand and my arm around her we headed out to the car.  She was quite the cheeky little minx as she planted her hand on my bottom and gave it an affectionate little pat.  I opened the car door for her and gave her a quick kiss.  Soon I was seated beside her and we were pulling out of the garage and were driving along. I’m sure we amused several people along the way at stop lights as we seat danced and beat out the songs rhythms on the dashboard.  Some people probably thought we were a pair of nuts, others might have thought us a cute couple, but neither of us cared what anyone other than us thought.  We were just happy being madly, deeply in love and being with each other.    We pulled into a parking spot not far from the ball diamond and headed over to where several people had already started to gather.  They saw us walking towards them and several waves at us and shouted out friendly greetings.
    Liam was busily pointing out friends of his on his team.  “There’s Jason, you’re going to love his wife Lor she’s a real spit fire and you two will get on like houses on fire.  Oh and there’s Doug, Stevie”, and he reeled off a list of names.  Liam had I had our arms around each other’s waists as we walked over to the chattering throng of people. There were high fives and handshakes as we were greeted and Liam introduced me to each of his teammates in turn.  They seemed like a great group of guys and they welcomed me warmly to their ranks, though perhaps with just the slightest of scepticism seeing as how I was still a pretty much unknown quantity to them, which to me was totally understandable.  I could appreciate the fact they were looking out for their old chum and had his best interests at heart. He offered to walk me over to the bleachers and find me a seat and introduce me to some of the other guys wives and girlfriends but I assured him I was going to be just fine left to my own devices and that I’d see him after the game. He gave me a quick kiss and a squeeze of my hand and then he jogged off to the rest of his team.

    I ambled over to the benches and found a spot about four tiers up beside a stunning woman with a raven black mane of hair. I liked her energy straight off, and she seemed to be a friendly sort. She grinned at me and asked “Did I happen to see you with Liam?”  I nodded affirmatively and said “Actually yes you did.”  “I’ve been dying to meet you.” She said matter in a manner of fact voice and I detected her Australian accent right off the bat.  “Hi, I’m Kaylene.  Kaylene Walters, I’m Jason’s wife.  You’ve been the talk of the entire team since Liam went missing in action last week.” She gave me an appraising look “I can see why he went missing too.” She added. I introduced myself, “I’m Lorelei Gallagher, and it is so nice to meet you Kaylene.” I could tell in a split second that we were going to be firm friends and more than likely partners in crime as well on occasion.  She was an animated women and we carried on a lively banter like we were old friends during the warm ups.  It never ceased to amaze me how much information two likeminded women could exchange when they went into it full throttle, as we did.

    By the time warm ups were through we both discovered a lot of common ground.  We were both music lovers and I could see the four of us, her, Jason, Liam and I totally rocking it out at a concert in the not too distant future. We were both animal lovers and she cooed over the picture I took out of my wallet and showed her of my furbaby Barclay, referring to him as “a little precious.”  She was excited to learn I’d actually done some travelling in her homeland of Australia and had totally fallen in love with it.  We reminisced about a great many things and then the game began in earnest. We both cheered lustily for our guys and for the entire team.  There was a good deal of hand clapping and shouts of encouragement on both our parts as well as laughter.  I could only imagine her going totally berserk at a rugby match. There were some real cliff hangers in the game and I was tempted on a couple of occasions to actually bite my nails something I hadn’t done in years.  The teams had gone into the last inning tied and it was now the bottom of the ninth. It was quite the pressure cooker.
  Liam was last up to bat and the bases of course were loaded.  I was on the edge of my seat fingers crossed.  The pitch was thrown and the loud crack of the bat met my ears, He went flying around the bases as each of his teammates before him crossed homeplate. Liam just seemed to lope the last stretch and crossed the plate with a flourish.  His teammates met him with shouts of congratulations, hugs and congratulatory slaps.  All hailed the conquering hero, and even though he didn’t wear a cape he was my hero too and always would be. Kaylene and I high fived before both rushing down to congratulate our guys on winning such an action packed game.  Liam spotted me and broke away from his friends.  He took his baseball cap off and slipped it on my head, picked me up in his arms and swung me around my feet twirling behind me as he swung me.  He was kissing me as well and we hugging and babbling excitedly oblivious to the others around us, lost in our little world.

    “I’ve always been envious of the other guys being able to celebrate with their special girl  or have  someone there to console them after a not so great game. Now I’m the luckiest guy of all because I’ve got you.” He whispered in my ear and gave me a wink.  I blushed at his compliment. They finally composed themselves enough to line up and shake hands with the other team.  These guys were all class acts and from what I’d heard in the stands some of the guys on the other team weren’t always the best of sports, no matter if they had won or lost.  So I was proud of my guy on more than one level. They somehow managed to decide, despite the ongoing revelry that we were going to have lunch at Wise Guys over on the Danforth for the victory celebration.  My mouth watered at the thought as I knew how great the food was there. We all arrived at the restaurant within minutes of one another and soon had pretty much taken up the entire restaurant save for a few tables that were already full of people enjoying their meals.

   A couple of cheerful waitress appeared to take our drink orders as we perused the menu cards that were already on the table.  We were all animatedly gassing on about the game and the big play at the end.  Kay and Jason had snagged seats with Liam and I and we were all having a great time, chatting and laughing over the events that had just passed.  The drinks arrived and we gave our lunch orders to the waitress.  I was dying to sink my teeth into one of their donairs and a side of their famous Annapolis cold slaw.  We gave the star of the day Liam a toast which made him blush as he wasn’t big on having a fuss made over him, but he did his best to accept it with grace. “Darlin I thought I knew that laugh. How’ve you been?” I spun around in my seat at the sound of the voice.  “Neil” I squealed and got up and gave him a bear hug.  Liam I noticed had tensed up at the presence of this unknown quantity. 

       I hurriedly explained. “Neil this is my boyfriend Liam and some friends of ours Kaylene and Jason.  Liam here just batted in the winning runs, a grand slam as a matter of fact, and were here to celebrate.” “Ah, the famous Liam himself, I was wondering when we’d get to finally meet.  Oh and congratulations on the win man.” He struck out his hand to shake with Liam. “Lorelei and I used to work together years ago and have been firm friends ever since.” He added by way of explanation and Liam visibly relaxed at the knowledge he wasn’t an old flame of mine.“Well it’s been a pleasure meeting you all but I’d better get back in the kitchen and help out with your lunch orders.  Much obliged to you that chose my little place to celebrate at.  Let’s all get together soon and hang out, maybe you’ll come out to one of our gigs sometime, and bring Matt and the rest of the gang with you as well. Great to see you again Lor.” And with a quick hug he was gone again.

“Gig?” mouthed Liam.  “Yep, gig.  Neil is a responsible business owner by day, in fact this is the second restaurant he’s opened and a third one is in the works.  But by night he’s a local rock and roll legend and to a lot of the ladies a rock god.  He plays with Fuzz Brand.  They are really good to.” I added emphatically. “Sounds like a great night out to me, I’m totally game.” Chipped in Kaylene.  Jason and Liam nodded their assent as well. Soon our meals arrived and we all dug in and enjoyed Neil’s hearty home cooked Nova Scotian delights.  I didn’t think I could possibly manage another bite but after our plates were cleared, steaming bowls appeared in front of the four of us.  “But we didn’t order dessert” I began to protest, and then realized much to my delight it was Neil’s absolutely to die for blueberry grunt hot from the oven. 

“Neil says desert is on the house, to help you celebrate the big win. So enjoy.”  “Thanks and thank Neil for us as well please.”  “You’ve got it” she grinned at me and disappeared. We all tucked into the tasty treat and somehow managed to polish it all off despite earlier protests that we couldn’t possibly manage another bite. When we finished we all chatted a bit more, then made the supreme effort of getting up and heading for home, after we settled our tab with the waitress and left her a generous tip for her attentive service. Liam and I were a bit silent on the way home partially having been sated by all the great food and also by the sobering fact that we’d soon have to decide where we were both sleeping tonight.  We both knew in our hearts we didn’t want to be parted not even for one night.                  

**Author’s Note:  There truly is a Wise Guys restaurant located at 2301 Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Ontario Canada and the food is totally amazing!! Be sure to stop by and check out either this location or his original location the Fuzz Box at 1246 Danforth Avenue.  Also Neil is very real as well and a talented musician and singer be sure to catch him live on stage or check out his videos on U Tube.  Keep rocking, keep reading and thanks to Neil and all those that have supported us.  Cheers Cerridwen aka Miss Kitty or Beth.

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