Apr 11, 2014

Part 18

     Despite the fact that it had been a perfect day, waking up with the woman I loved and spending time with her, the elation of batting in those winning runs, and some great time with my friends, I was feeling somewhat deflated.  The day was slipping through my fingers as quickly as a handful of beach sand would.I drove along in silence trying my damnedest to figure out the solution to my dilemma.  I wasn’t a morose person by nature quite the contrary but right now I felt about as low as I could get. How was I supposed to go back to not greeting the dawning of each new day without her by my side or ending the day with her in my arms?  Was I just being selfish and thinking only of myself and my own needs and desires?  The questions multiplied and circled around and around in my brain at an almost dizzying rate I found myself clutching the steering wheel in a death grip my knuckles turning white.

    “I don’t want to do either” her soft voice quavered, and a quick sideways glance at her told me she was facing the same dilemma I was.  Her lip was quivering, as tear drops slid down her cheek.  She quickly brushed them away with her hand, and placed it on my knee and gave me a little squeeze. She amazed me the way she could get inside of my head and into my thoughts the way she did. We were always on the same wave length about the things that mattered most to us. With my right hand I released my vice like grip on the steering wheel and gently covered her hand which was resting on my knee.  I continued to pilot the car along using only one hand while I tried to formulate my thoughts.  Everything was moving so fast, more rapidly than I had ever thought possible during all those months that I   harboured my secret crush on her. 

    My mind strayed back to when I’d just been a little shaver and my Dad had taught me how to ride a two wheeler. I was shaky and the bike wobbled at first but he held on to the seat firmly behind me running after me.  I was peddling madly and I didn’t realize that he’d let go and I was on my own, and when I did for the first moment I was filled with sheer terror that I didn’t have the safety net of my Dad there.  Now I was reliving that same moment of fear, only now it was my Lorelei that wouldn’t be there by my side keeping me on an even keel. I blew out a long steady sigh. “You know” she began in a soft tone of voice. “Everything is moving at warp speed with us, and if might seem crazy and impetuous to some people but it all seems to be so right for you and I Liam. I knew I wanted you in my life the first time I ever laid eyes on you. It was always you and it will always be you that I want in my life and by my side.  Now that you are here, I don’t want to miss a single thing with you.” She cuddled in and rested her head against my upper arm. “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

     I loved the way she could always manage to find the humour in things and make me smile, no matter what it was.  “The same thing we do every night Pinky-try to take over the world!” I returned taking her cue and carrying on with it. “Why, oh why, couldn’t life be summed up that easily?” I thought as I slipped my arm around her and gave her arm a little squeeze. Choosing my words carefully I began “I have actually been giving it some pretty serious thought.  I don’t want to be apart from you any more than I have to be and it’s not just because we’re lovers now either.  Though making love to you is pretty spectacular and definitely a two thumbs ups, five star rating sort of an event to be sure.” And I gave her a lopsided grin, as I continued to keep my eyes focused on the flow of traffic. “We both know it’s only a matter of time before we get married.” It was a simple statement of fact and we both realized it and accepted it at face value.

   Soon we were back and the house where we could pick up the conversation in earnest and not have to worry about interruptions or be concerned about traffic.  We decided to sit out in the back garden on the deck in the afternoon sun.  We stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cool drinks.  Barclay opened one eye and glanced at us as we came in, then wrapped his tail over his eyes and continued on with his nap in the sun on the back of the sofa as we slipped out the door and on to the deck. We settled in next to each other and Liam wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into him.  I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed. “Your right” I said cutting straight to the heart of the matter “You and I are going to be married one day, but until then what are we going to do?”

     “Well” said Liam, thoughtfully stroking his chin with his thumb.  “I seriously have thought about it and I hope you’ll hear me out before you say anything okay?”  I nodded. “In fact I think it’s the only solution to our problem short of hopping in the car and heading off to either Niagara Falls or the airport and catching a flight to Vegas.  I don’t think either of us really wants to get married by an Elvis impersonator.” We both giggled at the thought of some quickie, quirky wedding and as much as neither of us were main stream and wanted some big formal church wedding we knew our friends and family would want to be there to celebrate the occasion with us. “I think we should move into together.” He added with a very serious tone to his voice.  “It makes perfect sense if you think about it. We’re already spending every possible minute we can together, its sheer hell not having you here in my arms at night and I’ve thought that since the night of our first date, actually it’s been hell not having you in my arms from the first day I laid eyes on you nearly a year ago.  I would have given anything even then to have been able to just hold your hand.” The words spilled out of his mouth in a rush as though he thought I’d begin to protest.

   He needn’t have bothered as I’d felt the same way ever since I had first seen him on that day that now seemed so very long ago and now it just seemed as if he’d always been a part of my life. “Lor” he said taking my hand and gazing into my eyes “I can give you any number of reasons why we should start our lives together now, including practical ones like financial ones if we do, but the bottom line is that I love you more than anything or anyone in the universe.  If I’m being selfish or if it’s not what you want I’ll have to abide by that, but it just seems so right to me.” His eyes were focused on me and I could see the fear and hope mingled in them.  The fear was there in case I turned him down and hope that I’d agree to this proposal of his.

   “Everyone will think we’ve lost our minds and are being incredibly rash and impetuous, but I don’t care about all of that.  All that matters to me is what you and I think Liam. So the answer is yes. “Yes” he said slowly as if processing the fact that I had so readily agreed.  Then as it seemed to register “YES!!” he shouted out in glee and he broke into the broadest grin yet that I had ever seen cross his handsome face.  His dark eyes were flooded with love as he began to laugh until the tears began to roll down his cheeks.  “Yes, you said yes” he kept repeating over and over again as though there was a magical power in the words.  He pulled me into his lap and threw his arms around me as he kissed me firmly and deeply on the lips.  Then he pulled back and kissed the top of my head in rapid succession as he kept murmuring “How happy I’d made him and that he loved me more than anything”

   I laughed until I cried as well, my sides aching from all the laughter, filled with joy at the knowledge that I was going to be starting my life with the man of my dreams in earnest.  Not just weekends of sharing our time and our precious love for one another. “We have to make plans.  No, no first we have to celebrate Lor.” He babbled at me excitedly as he jumped to his feet. “Sweetheart” I chuckled at him, tickled pink by his happiness which was contagious.  “All I need, all I’ll ever need to celebrate is to be with you.” I caught his hands in mine, and he pulled me up and began to twirl me around like we out on a dance floor tripping the lights fantastic on some ballroom floor.  Had anyone been privy to seeing us in such a state I’m quite sure eyebrows would have been raised and the questions such as “Have the two of them completely lost what little of their minds they have left?” “They have to be higher than kites nobody can be that happy without some really good pharmaceuticals!”  But we were that happy. Love was the best drug in the world and it made our spirits soar

   Liam leaned down and kissed me as he held me in his arms still swaying to the music that only the two of us were able to hear.  For it was a duet that was being played so beautifully and sweetly by our hearts and souls coming together. Finally breathless and still laughing we collapsed and took a seat once more.  We sat snuggled together revelling in the fact we had found the perfect solution to our not having to be parted any more than possible ever again. Suddenly Liam’s face lit up and he stood up and dashed into the house calling over his shoulder.  “Just stay put Lor, I’ve got something for you!”  I have to admit I was curious but remained seated anxiously waiting his return. He finally returned a triumphant look in his eyes. He got down on one knee before me and held out his clasped hand towards me and slowly opened it.  Resting on his open palm was a ring with an emerald in the centre of it.

    “I know it’s not much just my senior class ring from St. Michael’s College School, and it’s my birthstone not a diamond but it’s the only ring I have and I want you to wear it.  It’s not an engagement ring but I still want to give you a token of my commitment to you and our future together.  I love you with all my heart and all my soul Lorelei Brigid Siobhan Gallagher, will you do me the honour of wearing my ring and knowing my heart is true to you and to you alone?” A flood of emotions enveloped me and I found tears of joy escaping the corners of my eyes as I shook my head yes, until I must have looked like some crazy bobble headed doll on somebody’s dashboard.
  “Yes, yes, yes a thousand times and more yes Liam.” I burbled at him in my excitement. He took my hand in his and slipped the cool metal band over my ring finger, then leaned in and kissed it. Then turning his face towards me he locked his eyes on mine and we both knew in that instant that this was just another of many firsts yet to come for us.  Despite the solemnness of the situation I couldn’t help but inject some form of humour into it. “So is this a Mafioso sort of a thing or kiss the Bishops ring sort of a thing? I asked my eyes twinkling at him Always quick to pick up on my sense of humour he readily quipped back, “Take your pick, either way you step out of line with the Mafia or the Catholic Church and you’ll end up getting burned.”  I burst out laughing at his answer, “Liam that’s very naughty of you” I chided him despite the grin on my face. “What would your Mum say about you being so blatantly flippant?”

    “Simple” he shrugged  “My Mum would start by calling me Liam Padraig Conlin, young man, and whenever she uses my full name I know I’m in the dog box with her for certain.  Then she’d box my ears drag me off to confession and hand me a set of rosary beads out of her purse so I could do penance. Things are pretty cut and dry with my Mum about things like that.  My Dad however would see the humour in it but go along with my Mum to keep peace in the house.  You know the whole happy wife, happy life thing.” He kissed my hand once more than got up and slid into the seat beside me.  His arm rested comfortably around me and I snuggled into him my hand held out before me  admiring the ring he’d just placed on my hand and what it had meant for him to do such a thing.

    “You know, I’ve never given any woman or girl for that matter a ring before, not even back in high school.  Guess I’ve always been waiting for the right one all these years.” I said smiling at Lorelei who was still admiring the glittering band and emerald.  She read the Latin inscription on it aloud. “Quis ut Deu”, it translates to “who is like unto God” doesn’t it?” she inquired and began to continue, until I cut her off. “I know, it’s not a diamond, and I’m sorry about that you deserve the best Lor, but I’ll get you one, one day I promise.” I vowed to her.  “My Mum and Dad had my birthstone set it when they gave it to me a birthday gift my senior year.” I added by way of explanation for what she might consider a major faux pas for something of this magnitude even if was only a promise ring from our future.”

   “No” she said firmly “It’s the perfect ring for me Liam, don’t you know what emeralds represent?  They signify the humility of the giver and the acknowledgement that they don’t have everything figured out yet, and that’s so true in our case.  We know where we want to be but just haven’t sorted out all the fine details yet.  They also are associated with Venus the goddess of love and when given with a pure heart will bind lovers even closer in their love and faithfulness to each other. They also represent growth, especially fertility.” She added and blushed furiously over this last revelation. I knew exactly why she was blushing so divinely red.  Even though we’d never discussed the often delicate issue of birth control nor had we discussed trying to have a family of our own one day.  Of course I’d thought about having children with her which was another first for me, but we’d yet to discuss the matter. 

     Her lip was trembling now and her eyes were downcast.  “Hey” I said taking my hand and tilting her head up gently so I could look her in the eye.  “I love you, and we’re in this for the long haul, so children are a distinct possibility for us one day.  In fact the way we’ve been carrying on the last couple of days it’s a possibility that we already have created a new life together.  We’ve never talked about birth control or anything like that, and I’m not the sort to just assume it’s all your responsibility.  I mean I could have abided by the baseball theory on making love.” She looked a bit puzzled so I continued.  “You know you can’t pitch without your glove, no glove no love.”  The irony of the fact that I was wearing a baseball uniform and I was the pitcher as well wasn’t lost on either of us and we started to grin.

    “Ideally I do want children with you someday Liam.” She answered softly and I noticed her hands were stroking her tummy and she was lost in deep thought.  I placed my hand over hers “And when and if we do have kids they’ll be perfect like their beautiful mother.” I reassured her.She squeezed my hand and laughed.  “If we ever have kids they’ll be holy terrors to be sure.  Cute as buttons, too smart for their own good and spirited little imps that will drive us nuts, but we’ll love them to bits and pieces.” What could I do but agree with her.  “Yep you’re probably right that they’ll be quite the little characters and a real handful but they’ll be good kids as well. They’ll also be kind hearted and thoughtful just the same as you are my dear.” I said smiling at her. 

   She cuddled into me seemingly reassured that pregnant or not we’d deal with things as they came, and we’d do it together.  She giggled but said nothing.  “Okay what’s so funny?”  I inquired of her. “I know that you’ll be a totally awesome Dad when the time comes Liam but my mind just flashed to our kid in a tied dyed onesie and you singing “China Cat Sunflower” to lull them to sleep.” She laughed again at the thought. “Now what makes you say something like that?” I asked even though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer to the question. “Sweetie I’ve seen your leanings in music, books and videos, and let us not forget I’ve also done your laundry and put it away.  I don’t exactly have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what some of the influences in your life have been.  With a Dad like you are kids are going to be cool little hipsters.”

    “Busted” I laughed realizing how spot on she was. I also had to think the dancing bears would make a nice border in the nursery, but maybe she’d consider that pushing the issue.  I’d keep my own council on that for the time being. It was both sobering and exhilarating to the two of us to think that there was the possibility that we were already on the verge of parenthood. May have been crazy but we also mutually made the decision to keep on doing what we were doing and if and when it happened, we’d be secure in the knowledge our child was conceived in love and was truly wanted by the two of us. We spent the rest of the afternoon making plans for the future.  We decided it made the most sense for her to give notice to her landlady that she was going to be moving out.
      I knew it would be hard on her as she truly adored Mrs. Silverton and would miss seeing the old dear each day. We figured we could spend a few hours each night packing boxes at her place and moving smaller items over in the car.  The bigger items like furniture we’d enlist a few of our buddies with pickup trucks and take care of it on a Saturday.  We in turn would supply a great meal to them to show them our thanks for the help.  We’d even figured out pretty much when and how we’d break the news to our parents that we were going to be as we knew that they’d put it “living in sin” and I had images of my Mum branding up a pair of heathens, despite the fact we planned on making it very clear that marriage was an inevitable thing for the two of us.

   Combining our two households was going to be a challenge but I knew we could do it and reach a happy medium.  I’d deal with things like realizing I now would have a set of royal Dalton china for formal occasions and crystal wine glasses.  There loads of other changes for me, but I knew there would be for her as well.  She’s have access to every tool she could ever imagine, both power and other wise.  There would be new things around the house to make it as much her space as mine. Combining our art work and other knick knacks and the like that defined each of our personalities in their own way. We’d drifted inside as we’d been discussing the possible places we’d rearrange furniture and the like to turn this into our home.  I realized the time by the grumbles coming from my stomach.  She obviously heard my tummy rumbling as she laughed and said “Let me guess you’re hungry again?”

    I grinned sheepishly at her. “Well since you brought it up, yeah I could go for a little something.”  She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. “Okay sport, how about I fix us something to eat and you run and have a shower and get cleaned up.  We got a bit side tracked earlier.”  “Sounds good to me, mind I’ll miss you in the shower.  I rather enjoy shower time now.” I grinned at her. She just gave me another kiss and pointed me in the direction of the shower.  “Fine, be like that.”  I grumbled at her, but couldn’t stop myself from grinning, she was staying and I knew there would be a lot of great intimate times with her still to come. By the time I got out of the shower and had changed into some clean clothes all I had to do was follow my nose to the heavenly scents that were wafting from the kitchen. “Something smells totally amazing in here.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her cheek.  “Anything I can do to help?””

    She pressed back into me and purred.  “Yes please, would you mind setting the table and putting out a couple of hot pads for the casserole dish.  Oh and the salad is in the fridge would you mind getting that out too please? “Yes, ma’am” and I gave her another quick kiss on her cheek as I helped her finishing getting ready for dinner. “I hope you like it.  It’s on the spicy side and I hope that’s okay as well.”  She’d brought the casserole dishes to the table and used a pot holder to uncover them.  One revealed a steaming dish of beef enchiladas with cheese melted temptingly on top of them. The other contained a rice dish, there was also a bowl of salad and a dish of sour cream on the table. “Another feast” I said eyeing the table appreciatively, and holding out her chair for her.  “For the record I totally love Mexican and the spicier the better.”  Now that we were both seated we filled our plates and began to enjoy the delicious looking meal before us.“I thought I’d made enough for you to take for your lunch tomorrow.” She laughed at me as she eyed my well heaped plate.
 “Ops, sorry it’s just your such a great cook and I’m not used to all these great home cooked meals, I’ve survived mainly on take out, cereal and the kindness of friends and family despite the fact I actually can cook.” I grinned back at her.  “No it’s great there is no better compliment to a chef than having someone that really enjoys their efforts.” She smiled at me as I continued to make the most of the delicious meal in front of me. “Yet another incredibly dynamite meal. Thank you” I said as I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as we cleaned up the kitchen together.  Barclay was busy entwining himself around our feet, trying to indicate that he wouldn’t mind a bit of dinner himself.  Lorelei filled up his food bowls and water dish while I gave the countertops a final swipe and folded the cloth and hung it up to dry.

    We wandered out to the living room and collapsed on the sofa together.  I stretched my legs out and put my feet on the coffee table.  Lorelei curled up beside me her legs tucked under her.  I draped my arm around her and drew her close.  “It’s been a big day eh?” I said to her and nuzzled her hair just to catch a whiff of the delicate scent that always managed to cling to her.  “It sure has” she said holding her hand out and once again looking at the ring that now encircled her left hand ring finger.  “A day I’ll never forget and will always cherish.”  She said as she looked into my eyes and kissed me sweetly.

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