Apr 18, 2014

Part 19

    “So future wife of mine, what shall we do tonight?  Should we run over to the apartment and pick up anything?” I asked her.  It gave me a thrill to think of her one day being my wife, and she was pretty taken with the idea as well judging from the look that was on her face when I referred to her as that. “I’m fine thanks, besides I can always raid your wardrobe if I need something else to wear in the meantime.” She teased me knowing that she’d already raided my closet a couple of times in the brief period of time she’d been here. “Well what you have done on a normal Sunday night before I was a part of your life?” she inquired.“Oh that’s easy. Right now I’d be in a cold sweat and starting to panic.” I told her matter of fact way.

    “You have anxiety attacks” she asked in a curious but concerned manner.“Nope” I laughed. “I’m touched by your concern for me and my mental wellbeing.  But you asked what I’d normally be doing on Sunday night and that would be panicking about doing laundry to make sure I had clean underwear for Monday morning.  That and wondering where I’d left my Metro Pass, did I have coffee in the kitchen for the coffee pot in the morning or should I be raiding the sofa in search of change so I could stop at Starbuck’s for one on the way to catch the bus.”  I patted the sofa cushions “It’s like my own personal little ATM in here.”

    “So in other words, you were a confirmed bachelor who ended up putting his feet up, and watching the game or a movie on the tube and leaving everything until the last possible minute.”  “Ah my dear you know me so well already.” I laughed   She rolled her eyes at me, said I was “hopeless” and laughed as well. “So how about popping in a DVD and we’ll just cuddle here on the sofa and hang out?” I’ve got some really good ones so let’s take a look and see if anything strikes our fancy.” I said. “Sounds like a plan to me.”
    As we began scanning the titles together, I soon realized he did indeed have great taste in films, and several of them were ones that I also owned and had adored for years.  He had something from just about every genre you could think of comedies, romances, horror, science fiction, classics, action, film noir, dramas and even family movies which I suspected he kept around mainly to enjoy when his nieces and nephews were there.  We selected a film and he popped it in the DVD player.  We settled in on the sofa, and made ourselves comfy.  “This is nice” he said as he drew me closer and kissed me just above my ear. “Yes it is.” I returned and nestled in deeper beside him.  “I have to give you fair warning there’s a couple scenes in this movie that no matter how many times I see them I always end up blubbering, but it’s just such a great movie.

    “It’ll be okay” he reassured me “I get pretty choked up about some of the scenes in this one as well. What if I was to hold you extra close during those scenes?  Would that make it any better for you?”  And his lips grazed my temple with a gentle kiss. He pushed the play button on controller and the opening score and credits of the Elephant Man flooded the television screen before us.  I’d always loved the fact it was filmed in black and white.  It just seemed to add so much to defining the atmosphere and often the bleakness of what was being portrayed on the screen.  The music hauntingly beautiful, the acting and filming both top notch.  True to my words, tears sprang to my eyes at several crucial points in the movie, and true to his Liam would hold me just a little closer.  There was so much about the film that moved me deeply and on so many different levels.
    When it ended, Liam got up and returned the movie to its case on the shelf.  He came back to join me.  “I’ve always been a big fan of that movie.” He said “Just blows my mind how anybody could put up with such adversity in their life and still find beauty in it. Such an indomitable spirit that man had and such a peaceful gentle soul he was. I just can’t fathom how anybody copes with something like that.” He added thoughtfully. “That’s part of why I love you so dearly Liam you have such compassion for others and you’re so accepting and none judgemental.” Liam shrugged.  “I guess but I don’t know anybody like John Merrick either, so I can’t say how I’d react.  How do you think you’d have handled having someone like him as a friend?” He asked me.

    “Well I don’t know any Joseph Merrick’s either but I do know Mandy and she’s brilliant the way she’s handled everything in her life.  I have the utmost respect for her.” I said.“Mandy?  What’s your friend got to do with the movie?  I don’t think I’m following you here Lor.” He said his face a study in consternation as to what I was getting at.“Mind if I borrow your lap top it’ll help me explain and give you a better idea about what I’m talking about okay?” “Sure it’s on the desk in the bedroom I’ll go grab it for you.” And he rose and headed off and soon came back with the laptop in his hands.  “You’re in luck the battery is charged so take your time.”
 “Thanks sweetheart” I said.  As he handed it to me and flopped down on the sofa beside me once more. I opened it up and when it finished booting up I quickly began tapping the keys with my fingers and logged into my g mail account.“I’m impressed.  You’re a pretty good typist. I’m more of a hunt and peck kind of a guy myself when it comes to typing but I’m still not too shabby for being a two fingered typist.” He said slipping his arm around my shoulders. I clicked on an e-mail I’d received recently from my friend Mandy and opened the attachment.  It was a picture of the two of us from the waist up, sitting at a table, holding a couple of cocktails and mugging for the camera with goofy grins.”“Here take a look at this Liam.  It’s an old picture she found of the two of us from a few years ago and thought it would give me a laugh to see it again.”

   I looked at the picture as she requested but I totally didn’t get it.  “Honey I see a picture of you, and someone I am guessing is your friend Mandy, but she looks nothing like Joseph Merrick.  She’s quite pretty looks like a little blonde pixie with that haircut.  So I’m having problems following you here.” I said still puzzled by where she was going with this whole thing. “Yes she is attractive.  She’s also incredibly intelligent, well educated, has a wicked sense of humour and a heart of gold as well.” She added while she typed away once more and this time a website appeared on the screen.  “Here” she said passing me over the laptop.  

   My eyes began scanning the words on the page. It began by talking about Proteus Syndrome the condition that Merrick had suffered from, and was currently thought to be known in only 120 cases globally. I kept reading and discovered that while at one time having been diagnosed as having a form of Proteus Syndrome, a woman living in the United Kingdom by the name of Mandy Sellars was in fact the first person to be diagnosed with something even rarer known as a PIK3CA gene mutation. There were currently three people now diagnosed with it, another child in the UK and another man living in India.  The article also went on to state that there were approximately now 40 cases of people who were found to have the PIK gene alone. It was startling to me to say the least to discover such things even existed.  “But Lorelei she looks perfectly normal and healthy in that picture of the two of you.”
 “She is normal in my eyes Liam.”  She’s also a dear friend as well whom I’ve known for ages.” She responded knowing I’d keep scrolling down and reading. “Sellars was born with abnormally large and misshapen legs and feet, which continued to grow at a disproportionate rate. In a November 2009 interview, she estimated that she weighed about 21 stone (294 lb or 133 kg): 6 stone (84 lb or 38 kg) for her upper body and the remainder in her legs and feet (210 lb or 95 kg).” There was photo that accompanied the article.  I could barely believe what my eyes were taking in.“I met her years ago when she was here in Toronto on holiday.  She’d come in almost daily to the restaurant I was working at and we’d chat and have a little laugh together.  We talk about things I thought she might be interested in checking out around the city and what not.  We just got on really well and have always kept in touch one way or other.” I said and then continued.

     “I know what the physical eye sees when you look at her, but if you do that like so many people tend to do you miss out on so much more.  She’s not angry or bitter about her situation but rather she works to educate people about her unique situation, as well as people that suffer from Proteus Syndrome. She’s done several documentaries and talk shows to that affect, as well as her website.  But at the end of the day she’s human and genuine.  She’s educated, intelligent, funny, and compassionate, and yet when people are less than kind towards her she handles it with grace and dignity.” “She sounds like a remarkable person Lorelei.  I can see why you two would get on so well together, like houses on fire I should imagine.” Said Liam as he laid the laptop on the coffee table and took my hand.

     “She is indeed remarkable, and I think she’s taught me a good many life lessons over the years as well.  About dignity, respect, compassion and never letting anyone or anything stop you in life or hold you back from whatever it is you want to achieve in life.  Mandy is an inspiration to a lot of people though, she’s a very humble soul and can get a bit flustered by compliments.” I said “Like another very remarkable woman that I have the pleasure of knowing.” Lima said as he squeezed my hand. “We’ll have to invite her to the wedding and if she can’t make it for some reason we’ll have to visit her one day.  She sounds like I’d really like her as well.” Liam said softly. “You would indeed like her.” I said as I leaned in for a kiss. 

     We had a little fun snuggling and then decided to select another movie to enjoy before we called it a night.  Even watching the second movie we’d still be calling it a fairly early evening which was fine with both us as I think we both had plans for another romantic interlude together. This we’d selected a romantic comedy and while Liam set it up I went into the kitchen to make him a little snack to enjoy while we watched.  Barclay hot footed it after me into the kitchen, knowing that food was in the offing.  So I grabbed him a couple of his kitty treats out of the cupboard to placate the other man in my life so he didn’t think I was playing favourites with Liam.  Barclay purred happily as he devoured his snack and I scratched him behind the ears and patted him on the head affectionately.
    When I returned to the living room Liam was all ready to go.  I settled in next to him on the sofa.  He draped one arm around my shoulders and his other hand he used to devour his snack. “It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed homemade cookies and milk before bedtime.” He said grinning and draining the last swallow of milk from the glass. “You take such good care of me sweetheart and I appreciate it.” And he gave me a quick kiss before we gave our full attentions to the film on the screen.  We enjoyed the movie and both had a good laugh over it but what mattered most to us was that we’d shared it together.  I took the empty glass and plate back to the kitchen and rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher while Liam put the DVD away and shut off the television.  

    I rejoined him in the living room and he reached his hands out towards me and pulled me into his lap, and wrapped his arms around.  “So Mr. Conlin what did you have in mind now?” I inquired as demurely as I possibly could. “Sometimes it’s just easier to show some one that to tell them” he responded drawing me close and nuzzling the nape of neck, which he had quickly discovered was one of the keys to unlocking my inhibitions.  I found myself purring in a low throaty way as he ravished my throat in a slow incredibly seductive manner. I could feel the heat rising within me and I was certain Liam could feel the change as my warm flesh brushed against his.

    With one hand he cupped my breast and massaged it.  He was always so tender with me, my gentle giant of a man. With the other he reached behind him and somehow managed to turn off the table lamp.  His dark eyes shone like beacons in the night, guiding me to the safety of his arms. It was so easy to surrender myself to him and yet it was always of my own free will.  I loved and adored my Liam so dearly, so completely. Along his back my fingers drew slow lazy designs which caused him to shiver ever so slightly, as if anticipating the quickly approaching time when those same finger tips would be dancing unfettered by clothing across his naked flesh.  I loved the way the two of us would tease the other, so tenderly and respectful of the other but at the same time the underlying passions we had simmering just beneath the surface were undeniable as well. Those passions welled up with in us and demanded to be sated.
Everything about the way Lorelei and I made love was like a very pure and unadulterated form of art to me.  Our bodies the canvases, our hands, fingers and mouths the tools we choose to create our works with and bring those creations to life.  She was the one woman that had ever awoken such sensations in me.  It was so much more than just physical with her when we came together.  It was an all-encompassing experience, that I shared with her, yes it was physical of course but deeper than that as well, oh so much deeper.  It filled in all those spaces in my heart that I had never realized were lacking until she had come along and filled them for me. It was spiritual and life changing for me, and I planned on experiencing the euphoria of it as often as possible.

    I rose with her in my arms and set her feet firmly on the floor as I continued to kiss and caress her.  My hands found their way to her waist and I deftly un did the button on her shorts and managed to unzip them as well,  a small dug on the belt loops and they readily descended over her hips and down those smooth tanned legs of hers.  She in turn of course had mirrored my own actions and I found my shorts now puddled around my feet entrapping them, so I quickly freed myself by stepping out of them and kicking them aside.

    Performing a seductive little dance of her own she was guiding me and urging me towards our bedroom with her movements. I held her in my arms as we continued our dance together and somehow, at the same time we managed to fully undress each other as well.  Previous to this I would have sworn that things like this only happened in movies, never to someone like me.  Our choreographed dance together was perfect and we were now poised at the entrance to our love nest, devoid and unencumbered by our clothing. I kissed her deeply then scooped her up in my arms, I don’t know why other than I had this desire to carry her across the threshold any threshold now that she wore my ring upon her hand.  If nothing more it was a symbolic gesture on my part, as it was heralding another new phase for us, a new adventure in life just for the two of us to share.

    Her arms wrapped around my neck she was soft and warm in my arms and I could feel her curves against my body pressing into me, the rise and fall of her chest against my own and it sent a rush of adrenaline throughout my body.  I needed to make love to her and my pace quickened as I advanced towards our bed and laid her upon it. She never allowed me to break the connection when I laid her down she just pulled me in on top of her, my body blanketing hers. I could feel my rigidness against the smoothness of her thigh and I pressed into and slowly rotated my hips against her.  The kisses she gave me were divinely enticing and only caused me to hunger for even more of them.  My fingers slipped between us so that I could stroke that tender soft down I knew I would find there.  How I loved the feel of it, so silky soft, so warm to the touch.  The more I stroked her the more my little kitten purred and mewled to communicate her delight to me.  When my finger slid between her soft moist folds and I found her little pea nestled in its shell she thrust her hips towards me to meet my strokes.  Her sticky fluids now slickly coated my fingers and I could inhale the scent of her arousal which only fueled my own arousal.

    She was on the verge of sweet explosion that I could sense it building in her.  The heaving of her breasts, the ragged, rapid breaths and just when I thought I would push her over the edge she caught me completely off guard and managed to flip me over on to my back.  She grinned triumphantly, and I knew I instinctively knew from the gleam in her eyes that she had every, intent of giving me back everything and more than what I had been trying to bring to her pleasure wise.  She moved her body with great agility until she was straddling me but had her shapely bottom facing me. I ran my hands over her firm haunches, and up her waist, then down again slowly until I had the firm orbs of her buttocks cupped in my hands.  Her hair hung down her back and swayed in time with her movements.  She stretched out her torso and leaned forward.  Her tongue made contact with my rigid pole of flesh and I felt a small convulsion of surge through me.  She wriggled her cute little bottom towards me and that lovely mound hers was now temptingly within my reach.    I inhaled that intoxicating womanly scent of hers before arching my back slightly and raising my head so that I could seek out the source of that heavenly aroma.  My outstretched tongue reached out and connected with that fount of hers.  It was pure ambrosia, just as I knew it would be.
    With one hand wrapped around Liam’s maleness I began to stroke him, my other hand trailed up and down his thighs, feeling their muscled firmness which was only surpassed by the firmness of the rod of flesh which protruded skyward between his thighs.  It was sacred to me and I treated it with the reverence it deserved.   Those first few dewy drops of his arousal were far more of an aphrodisiac to me than anything else could ever be, for I knew I had whetted his desires and I planned to see both him and his desires fully sated. His fulfillment and pleasure meant everything to me, even more than taking my own pleasure could. I loved Liam heart, body and soul. We worked in unison each delving into the depths of the other, using our bodies to coax the other to even greater heights of passion and desire.  As much as I loved the taste of his sticky seed I wanted, no I needed him inside of me.  

   I began to raise my hips and thus ease his mouth from my mound which by now ran freely, with the combination of both his secretions and my own.  I could hear his moans of protest at this move but I persisted and managed to crawl into a kneeling position.  I raised my bottom half into the air and rested the weight of my body upon my elbows.  I looked over my shoulder, my eyes smouldering with desire for him. He slid into position behind me on his knees.  His large firm hands stroked my backside and thighs.  I felt the swollen head of his erection sliding against the cleft of my folds before he finally parted them and began his decent into me.  His hands rested on   either side of my lower back and he began to take long languid strokes into my canal, as if he was dipping an oar into the waters and gliding effortlessly along as a result.
    I would rock backwards to meet his strokes.  The sweet friction created inside me as his manhood slid in and out of my tight wet orifice. 

     I found myself bearing down as the pleasure was building.  His own climax was building and I was willing myself to experience it and share the moment with him.   He grasped me firmly and began to plunge his sword of flesh into me again and again.  The momentum building with each thrust he took.  I in turn would thrust back meeting each thrust as he impaled me again and again.  My back was arched and my breathing was laboured.  I imagined he looked like a mighty lion the king of the jungle mating with his lioness, wild free, and uninhibited. When I thought I was on the verge of collapse and could no longer prolong my climax I heard his own voice roar out as he released himself into me. He held me firmly as he emptied himself into me.  Spent and panting he pressed himself down on top of me. Muttering again and again “My love, my love my precious love.”

    “You are mine, Liam, my perfect and enduring love for all time.” I returned to him.  Tears pricked at my eyelids.  I was so very in love with this man that held me in his embrace, the man that was the pinnacle of my universe.  I was overcome with my emotions, this dear sweet man was mine and I still wondered if he truly would ever see himself the way that I did and always would. After we finally did manage to untangle ourselves and freshen up a bit we lay together still naked and bathed in the afterglow, as we continued to exchange quite intimate sentiments that were for our ears and our ears alone.  My head resting on his chest I listened to the beat of his heart that had now settled into a calm and soothing rhythm.  I snuggled into him and kissed his chest my fingers strumming across his flesh delicately.  There was no need to look up at him for I could feel the radiance of his smile beaming down on me as he held me.  When I did raise my head to gaze at him he was indeed just as I had imagined him to be. I smiled back and he leaned down and kissed me delicately.  Eventually sleep draped its cloak over the two of us as we lay cradled together secure in the knowledge of our love for one another.

Author’s Note:
A sincere thank you to my dear friend Mandy Sellar’s for allowing me to reference her in this latest work.  If you’d like to learn more about Mandy and her unique situation please feel free to access her website at: www.mandysellars.com  Mandy truly is a remarkable individual and someone I am proud to be able to call my friend.
While my editor and talented co blogger Mike Thomas has been a huge support and convinced me to begin this project of writing and publishing it on line to begin with and I own him a huge debt of gratitude that I doubt I shall ever be able to repay other than to continue to support him and urge you to follow him as well at his own blog:  http://amoristicpillow.blogspot.com  He is a talented and gifted individual and I am truly grateful that he has chosen to work with me and grace me with his time and talents.
Thanks again to all of you that have supported and believed in me, I could never had done it with youJ

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