Jan 6, 2014

Part 6

   I was elated  that Liam had decided to stay, and it gave me a great deal of pleasure to think of making him his morning meal. I wanted to spoil him and do even little things like this for him. We wandered into the house and up the third floor, hand in hand, and I got my key out to lock the door.  Liam opened the door for me, and I was so enamoured with the idea of him coming home with me that I forgot to give him fair warning about Barclay. ‘Umph’ Liam puffed  out as a comet of orange fur hurdled into his orbit and leaped into his arms.  “Good catch” I laughed, as both Liam and Barclay looked askew at each  other as if trying to size the other one up.  “Barclay I’d like to introduce you to Liam, and Liam this is my fur baby Barclay.” Liam, followed me into my apartment with Barclay ensconced in his arms.  I closed the door and then it was just the three of us, alone in my apartment. “So would you like to make yourself comfortable and have a seat in the living room.  I just want to freshen up and change into something a bit more comfortable, give me ten minutes, okay?’  I smiled at him engagingly and he grinned back.

   “Sure not a problem, I’ll just get acquainted with Barclay here, have a little guy talk.  You know man to man stuff.  Take your time.”  I reached up, standing on tippy toe and gave him a kiss on the cheek, as a form of thanks.   His morning stubble, kind of tickled against my lips.  I ran into the bedroom and pulled out some comfy clothes to change into and I wanted to grab a quick shower to freshen up. “Make yourself at home I called, feel free to put on a CD or grab some juice or whatever you want, mi casa e su casa.  I promise I’ll be quick.” I called over my shoulder as I disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I showered and shampooed my hair in record time, quickly toweled off and slipped into my clothes, all the while humming a happy little tune, thinking about how wonderful it was to have Liam here with me.  It just felt right somehow and I knew I’d miss him horribly when he finely did leave to go to his place. 

“Well Barclay old man, I guess it’s just you and I, for the time being.  Looks like you’ve got a comfy home here with your mistress.  Barclay sat in my lap staring at me. He still didn’t seem to be  entirely sure what to think of me.  I scratched his head absent mindedly as I thought about the beautiful naked woman on the other side of the door to the bathroom.  I could hear the shower running, and figured she’d be a few minutes so decided I’d hunt through her cd’s and find something to slip in, because If I didn’t do something to distract myself I’d be pounding down the door to the bathroom and ravishing the naked goddess covered in her sudsy finery.

  I had to grin at the eclectic choices in music she had.  She had a bit of everything it seemed. Rolling stones, Queen, Grateful Dead, Beyonce, B52’s, The Clash, The ramones, some country and western, jazz, show tunes like Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Chicago, to classical and back again.  She seemed to have a little bit of something for just about every mood you could imagine. I was really getting into checking out her music collection when I felt her wrap her arms around me and hug me.  “I missed you” she murmured as she snuggled into me.  She smelled fantastic.  I turned around to embrace her.  I buried my nose in her still damp hair and inhaled the delicate scent that clung to her.  I loved what she had chosen to slip into, it managed to make her appear both cute as a button and sexy as hell all at the same time.  She had on a short sleeved, rugby jersey that, despite  its size failed to hide the feminine curves that lurked temptingly beneath the fabric, it fell to just above her knees. Her bare feet along with her hair pulled back into a pony tail that swayed as she walked completed her ensemble. 

“Very cute” I said giving her ponytail a playful tug, and wrapping her in an embrace.  “Wallabies fan eh?” I inquired. “Yes indeed” Then she looked up at me and narrowed her eyes, “and I am willing to forgive just about anything in you except if you’re an All Black Fan” she said pointedly, but I could tell from the twinkle in her eyes, she’d even be willing to negotiate ,that fact, which she obviously considered to be a major transgression.  “So where’s this fab breakfast you’ve promised me, Woman?” I teased giving her bottom an affectionate little swat.  “Coming right up, Sir” she giggled and untangled herself from me and marched into the kitchen. “Do you need a hand in there, with anything” I called from the living room.  ‘Nope I’m good thanks. Just relax and make yourself comfortable and I’ll have something put together in a jiff.  Why don’t you put on some music?’
While she busied herself in the kitchen I continued to rifle through her collection and, find something that was upbeat and happy to suit the occasion.

   Before I knew it she was calling me to sit down and eat.  She’d made a feast as far as I was concerned, far nicer than what I would have made for just myself on a Sunday morning or any other day for that matter.  She’d made blueberry pancakes, a side of bacon, and an artful arrangement of sliced oranges, kiwi and strawberries to round it all out.  There was a picture of maple syrup, sugar and cream for the fragrant mugs of coffees she was carrying out to the table.  She’d even put linen napkins on the table and I suspected the bouquet of flowers that graced the table were compliments of her landladies green thumb, or at least I hoped that was who had given them to her.  She set down the mugs on the table and I pulled out her chair for her and then settled in myself.

  “Sit up and Dig In, Liam.  I hope you’ll like what I made for you.”  “It all looks amazing but you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble, really you shouldn’t have.”
“It’s no trouble at all besides it’s fun to have someone around to cook for, it’s no fun to do it just for myself, which is why I often end up with a bowl of cereal on the sofa with Barclay and some sliced fruit on it or a toasted bagel over the sink so I don’t have to clean up too much of a mess.  Such is the glamorous life of a single gal.” she giggled, and rolled her eyes in an exaggerated manner. I tucked into the meal and more than did it justice.  She asked if I wanted anything else but I was stuffed to the gills, and politely declined.  I offered to help her clean up but she shooed me out into the living room again to relax while she took care of putting things back in order.  I ambled around the living room taking note of things. 

     I smiled at the framed pictures on the fireplace mantel I figured they were of her family and friends. There were some nicely framed prints and posters on the walls as well.  Bookcases crammed with books by various authors and subjects. It had a nice homey feel to it.  I was happily making myself at home checking out book titles under the watchful eye of Barclay when she came dancing out of the kitchen. “I just love the energy in that song, I can’t seem to stop my feet whenever I hear it.” And she twirled around for emphasis. “Come on Dance with me?’  I laughed as the upbeat tune drummed out its tempo, “Nope, I’ll sit this one out thanks.” She frowned at me and I continued “I just tend to look like a rather tipsy jack in the box that’s completely out of control when I dance to anything fast.” I added as a way of explanation. “Please, Liam” her voice wheedled as she held out her hands to me. “The next one can be a slow one if you just dance with me now.”  Now how on earth was I going to turn down an offer to hold her close like that?  “Fine, I surrender.” I said holding up my arms in a gesture of that fact.  “However, if you ever tell any of my friends or family about this, your name will be mud.”  

    As I tried to sound menacing but completely failed in my attempt.  “Got it, this is our dirty little secret then” she quipped back at me. I grinned at her little joke, and grimaced as I got up and began my own extraordinary funky version of a fast dance. I may be really athletic and confident on various fields and courts, but I was absent the day they passed out the ability to fast dance and not look like a total goofball doing so.  Even so if that’s what she wanted and it made her happy, I was willing to make the sacrifice in return for one of her smiles. Besides I’d soon be out of my misery and have her ensconced in my arms during the promised slow dance.
I was awed by the way she seemed to have a natural ability that allowed her body to become part of the music, and I have to admit it raised my temperature and my heart rate as well, each time her hands went up over her head and the hemline on her shirt raised up giving me more a chance to see more of those silky, smooth tanned legs of hers.

   The song ended and as promised she went over to slip something mellow into the C.D. player.  I thought she’d chosen extremely well, as the first notes began.  I recognized it as an Alison Krauss tune, “When You Say Nothing at All:  We didn’t need words, as the song was somehow managing to say it all for us. She wrapped her arms around my waist, and I slipped my arms around her.  We swayed slowly, almost imperceivibley moving our feet. I gazed down into her eyes and wasn’t the least bit surprised to see she was returning my gaze.  Her eyes were telling me exactly the same things as the words to the song were, and it was true, she was managing to communicate volumes to me and yet, there were no words exchanged between us. I realized how true the old saying was ‘that the eyes truly are  windows to the soul’.  There were promises made with her eyes that I knew were as binding as her commitment and devotion to me were and even more of a bond between us then the ring I one day hoped to place upon her finger as a symbol of that fact.

   When I looked up and into Liam’s eyes I instinctively seemed to know exactly what his thoughts were. We had our own mental telepathy which I knew would deepen and grow stronger as we grew as both as a couple and as well as individuals.  Liam managed to bring out the best in me and it made me want to strive to be a better person.  I knew that no matter what life would throw at me in the future, I’d be able to handle it with my head held high, strength and determination as long as I had him by my side to love and support me.  His hands were strong and firm on my waist as he drew me in even closer to him, and I revelled in the knowledge that he wanted me so close to him. He leaned down and nuzzled my neck with his lips before turning his attention to his ultimate target. I closed my eyes and the sweetest sensations rippled through out my entire body as he kissed me.  I don’t think I had ever been properly kissed before Liam had come into my life, and now I had no desire to kiss another man other than him for the rest of my days. 

    I marvelled at how much one of his kisses meant to me, and the more he gave me the more I wanted from him. His kisses breathed life into me, and filled my veins with a rush of heat that pulsed throughout me. I returned his kisses with unrestrained fervour.  Hoping that I was making him feel even a small fraction of how he made me feel inside.  The song ended and the kiss remained unbroken, and when it finally did end I let out a small sigh of contentment, and somehow managed to snuggle into him even more.  “Perfect.  That was just perfect.” I purred into him. “Actually I thought that was just a warm up, my dear.  I’m even better after several practice sessions. After all practice makes perfect.”  A small yawn escaped my mouth before I had a chance to stifle it.  “So now I’m boring you to tears. Am I my darling?” he deadpanned.  “Perhaps I should go now?”  “Not on your life.” I piped up, but I am tired after such a late night despite my cat nap in the car earlier. “You could probably use some rest yourself” I said as I gently reached up stroked his stubbly face. “I don’t want you to either” I intoned softly.  “So why not stay with me and we can have a nap in my room.”  I nearly bit my tongue after the words were out of my mouth.  I began to panic not wanting Liam to think I was some sort of woman that had no morals and was trying to proposition him into some form of debauchery.
   He sensed my dilemma and responded simply enough. “Only if you can keep your pretty little paws to yourself.  Then I will.”  I looked at him relieved that he understood and was trying to save me any embarrassment and that he hadn’t misinterpreted the offer I’d made him.  “Well” I said seeming to mull over his offer, “It’ll be a challenge to be sure, you are a total hottie but if that’s what it’s going to take to get you into bed, so be it.  I’ll just have to restrain myself and be a good girl, for the time being.” And I gave him a playful little poke in the ribs with my elbow.
I held his hand and led him down the hallway to my room.  “I’m sorry it’s so warm in here but there’s no AC here, but it’s really cozy and warm in the winter on the plus side of things.”  The window was open but the air was still, so she flicked the switch on, which set the overhead ceiling fan in motion.

    I looked around her room.  Nice, very nice I thought, and then my eyes lighted on her bed. Wickedly cool on several counts, judging from the size of it I wouldn’t be ending up with my feet hanging over the edge making me feel like I was Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. It also looked quite comfy with the pile of pillows on top of it. I also had to admire the craftsmanship that had gone into its carving.  It was a good solid bed.  One that be perfect for making love in, snuggling up for naps in, and could definitely handle a couple of kids bouncing up and down on it while they tried to wake their mother and I from our dreams, in the early morning hours as little ones were notorious for doing.  Her room definitely has some feminine touches too which suited her personality.  I wondered where she’d place framed pictures of us together in time, and what poses she’d have us in.  I could see this furniture in the master bedroom in our own home one day.  

   She busied herself folding down the duvet and exposing the sheets.  I slipped off my shirt, and laid it across a nearby chair, and unbuckled my belt and slipped it out of the loops of my trousers.  Suddenly she seemed shy and also acutely aware of the fact we’d soon be lying down in her bed together. I decided to lighten the mood a bit and I scooped her up in my arms and tossed her onto the bed then jumped into bed beside here and grabbed a pillow which I flung at her.  “Pillow fight” I roared and continued to pummel her with pillows in rapid succession.  I’ll give her this, she gave back as good as she got, and soon we were collapsed in with hysterical fits of the giggles.

   I lay down and stretched out and she took her cue and snuggled up next to me, I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head on my chest, and her arms found their way around me.  Lorelei just naturally seemed to fit in my arms and it was one of the best feelings I had ever known in my life.  I was perfectly contented as I had the woman I loved by my side. “This is so much better in person” she murmured, almost inaudibly.  “So tell me about it, then” I gently prodded her, as  she looked a bit sheepish as though she hadn’t meant to say that out loud at all.  She blushed rosy red, and began slowly and softly. “Well as you know by now I’ve had this thing for you for some time now.” I nodded and let her continue without interruption.  “On the nights I couldn’t seem to get to sleep, or I’d had a nightmare, I’d arrange the pillows and cuddle into them pretending I was in your arms, and I’d feel safe and content, and then it was easy for me to drift off. 

    It made me miss you just a little less, pretending you were here next to me. Then I’d have the sweetest dreams of being with you, and even a few that were rather on the naughty side.” She added quite frankly.  “Guess that sounds majorly silly to you.” “Not at all” I reassured her and held her close.  “I think that is one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever gotten from anyone.  It’s nice to be thought of as your knight in shining armour that can protect you and chase the dragons away and make your world safe Princess.  I hope that I always can be that for you and so much more.  Nice to know you still believe a man can be chivalrous towards a lady.”  She smiled and kissed my chest in response. “Care to tell me about some of those naughty dreams of yours and elaborate on them?” I teased as I waggled my eyebrows at her.  “Do you want to sleep on the sofa?” she countered, “Nope not really, it’s a bit short, I’d feel like an accordion by the time I woke up, I’ll stay here, better sleeping conditions. Besides I like the pleasure of your company madame.”I chuckled and kissed her brow.  “Right now it’s time for some much needed rest though, so I shall say sweet dreams for now, Lor.”

   It was glorious to be here lying next to her, and be able to inhale the fragrance that was coming from her hair and to feel the silky smoothness of her legs intertwined in my own. To feel her soft warm breath skim across my chest. It invigorated me but at the same time it was soothing, it felt so right to be here lying beside her.  I still very much wanted even more but that was going to have to be put on the back burner for the time being.  Soon enough I drifted off to my own sweet dreams, with the woman I loved, curled up next to me. 

   I could hear the change in Liam’s breathing as it became shallow and steady as he dozed off.  With my head resting on his broad chest I could feel the steady even beat of his heart, and it was soothing to me. It felt right having him here, next to me, and I was in my element. I had to remind myself to behave myself as it would be all too easy to let my hands roam over his body and begin to explore it to my hearts’ content.  When we did finally make love I wanted him very present in the experience and relish it as much as I knew I would.  Soon enough sleep washed over me and I was deep into those sweet dreams Liam had wished me.   My mind drifted off into dream mode and it found the two of us walking hand in hand along a forested path and as we veered off of it we came about an enchanted little spot.  A grassy ring, dotted with wild flowers, and butterflies fluttering about.  We could hear the soft babble of a brook nearby, a magical place for two people who were so in love.
    “I’ve got a surprise for you Liam” I said feeling rather shy now that it was time to but my plans in motion.  “I’m not quite sure where to start now that were here, so bear with me, okay?”  He nodded silently.  “First of all I have a surprise for you.”, as I shrugged off my backpack and sat down beside him.  I clicked open a couple of the buckles and began to dig about inside, I pulled out a small sketch pad and a box of charcoals and presented them to him. “You want me to sketch the landscape for you?” he asked not quite sure where I was going with this surprise.  “No” I said softly “I want you to sketch me, in the nude. You said some time ago that you one day wanted to sketch you lover au natural.” And I blushed furiously with the revelation.  His eyes held me their gaze “But we’ve never made love Lorelei, and I’ve never tried to pressure you or rush you on that point. I’ll admit that it’s not always been easy for me, but you are worth the wait, and I’ve no doubts about that. 
    Besides I told you about the sketching thing, ages ago, how on earth did you ever remember that?” “I always try to remember the things we talk about, even little things because they matter to me Liam.  Sometimes you’ll tell me something and it might seem insignificant but the reality is I know it has a greater depth and meaning to you, just by the look on your face, your eyes especially give you away.” I smiled and ruffled his hair. “Liam, you and I belong together because we are mirror images of the other in a great many ways. You and I understand one another better than we even understand ourselves at times. We each compliment the other.” The way he studied my expression, I knew he understand exactly what I was trying to communicate to him.  He grinned and added, “I shall have to remember for future reference that you hoard information like a squirrel does nuts for the winter.” Then we sealed it with a kiss, which was in essence perfection.
     “Well I thought you could do a before and after sketch. Kind of like the flower in bud and then the plucked blossom.  It’s a way for us to capture a moment in time.  I also want to be able to see myself through your eyes, the way you truly see me Liam.” It was almost a plea the way it came out. “This is the best gift anyone could possibly give another human being Lorelei, because you are giving of yourself, in perfect love and perfect trust.  I shall cherish it always and guard it with my life.” He pulled me into his lap and cradled me close to his chest, flooding my hair and face with delicate little kisses, then gazed deeply into my eyes and I could literally feel the depths of his love and desire for me, and it was humbling to me, that someone could hold me in such high regard. He kissed me deeply and firmly.  Then cupped my face in his large firm hands and caressed my flesh with his fingertips as he stared into my eyes, seeming to ask it I was certain about all this.

    My response was to pull away from him and kneel before him, as I slipped the t shirt I was wearing over my head and dropped it on the ground beside me.  I reached behind me and unclasped the hooks of my bra and let it slip from my shoulders so that my full breasts were now fully exposed to his gaze. His eyes drank me in as though I were some famous work of art.  I could feel the sun against my exposed flesh, and a gentle breeze, licked its way across my pink buds at the centre of each breast and willed them to stiffen.  I stood up a bit unsteadily at first but seemed to gain my composure, as I reminded myself that I truly did want to give myself to Liam and there was no reason for me to feel shame or embarrassment about the fact I would soon be completely unclothed before him.   I undid the button on my walking shorts and they slid to my ankles where I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Next with fingers that trembled in anticipation of my big reveal, I hooked my fingers on the tops of  my little white bikini panties and drew them down, and stepped out of them as gracefully as I could muster.   

    I now stood completely vulnerable before Liam and I bit my bottom lip, wondering what his response would be.  He stood slowly, and advanced towards me cautiously as though he were approaching a newly born fawn that he did not want to startle and have flee on him.  He reached towards my hair and carefully removed the clip from my hair, and let it fall freely to be styled naturally by any movements that I made and any little breezes that should arise. He stepped back and seemed to be appraising me.  “Your absolutely stunning Lorelei, even more so than my dreams of you have given  me to believe you would be. When this sketch you so desire me to do of you is finished I shall worship and revere you as the goddess you are, my love.” He intoned passionately.  I couldn’t help but flush at his compliment, and the insecurities in me welled up once more.  “But Liam” I countered, “you can see all of my flaws, the scars from childhood accidents, absolutely every thing.”  He cut me off with a wave of his hand, “Don’t sell yourself short, your body is gloriously beautiful and unique.  It shows the history of who you are and where you’ve been, it shows me you live life, and don’t just sit idly letting it pass you by.  Now if you are ready, let’s begin in earnest shall we.”

I smiled and nodded.  “How would you like me to pose?” I inquired.  “That my dear is entirely up to you. I shall leave that decision in your most capable little hands.” And with that he grasped my hands and drew the two of them in his as he bent down and kissed them.  I knew in that moment that whatever his desires were in life I was the one that wanted to be there beside him and help him obtain them, no matter what the sacrifices might be.  This wasn’t a sacrifice though, this was something we both had hungered for, and were going to make a reality together.  That knowledge gave me such peace of mind, and suddenly I was in command of the situation and no longer feeling the least bit intimidated at being disrobed before him.  It felt the way it should be and was meant to be, perfectly natural.

   The only suggestion Liam made was with regards to where I choose my position as he wanted to have the right light to capture my aura.  I stretched out on my side, my arm crooked under my head, my hand on the back of my neck. My hair flowed of its own accord, some over my shoulders, some of it down my back. My bottom leg was stretched out beneath me while the other one rested on top knee slightly bent and my foot tucked under around my bottom ankle.  It was freeing to be out here in nature to feel the sun dancing across my nude form. Liam settled down and opened the box of supplies I had given him only a short while ago.  I’d gone with the recommendation of a clerk at one of the neighbourhood art supply shops, and I hoped I had chosen well, as willows and vines meant nothing to me unless it had to do with a walk in the woods. 

     He picked up the sketch pad, studied me intently for some time and then began his creation. Neither of us uttered a word as he worked, and I marvelled at the way he made it seem so effortless. Switching seamlessly between the various tools I had provided him with and periodically using his thumb and stroking it across his work.  I was anxious to see what his interpretation of me would be.  Finally he finished, set down the pad, stretched out his long limbs and slowly rose.  He bent down, picked up the pad, and came towards me.  I sat up in eager anticipation of not only seeing his vision of me, but also of what was about to unfold after the fact. He sat down beside me, and with one arm wrapped around my shoulder he drew me near, and with the other he reached across and presented his efforts to me.  I was rendered speechless at what I saw. “This can’t be me” I protested.  “This woman is utterly captivating.  Look at the grace, almost a sense of nobility to her that you’ve captured.   She also manages to encompass an element of smouldering sensuality.” Liam turned to face me, and looked me squarely in the eyes.  “Rest assured my dear lady, this is indeed you, and you’re all of those things and so much more. I was trying to bring out those inner qualities of yours that manage to transform you into the ideal of what true beauty is.  This is what I see in you each time I lay eyes on.”

    “Oh Liam” and I embraced him and sought to connect with his lips.  I found his lips willingly yielded to mine, the intenseness of the connection we formed was electric.  Tongues duelled as though they were explorers in a new land, fighting to plant their flags and claim their territory. Liam slowly inched me down till I was lying and he was beside me, our lips still locked in their sweet exploration.  He began to run his hands over the curves of my body and I felt the heat rising with in me. I needed him, I needed to feel him all of him.  His lips were running over my skin working their way down my throat. As he found the apex of my collar bone and began working his way oh so slowly and seductively, downwards to my breasts.  The warmth of his breath and the heat from his passionate kisses had lit a fire within me. He was fanning the embers within me and causing a blaze to ignite with his masterful way of thrilling me with his kisses. I found myself moaning softly a mixture of sweet blissful pleasure and the ache of not having him naked and joined with me.  My hands found their way down his form, and made a frenzied attempt to find a way to free his body from its clothed cocoon.  I wanted him as free and as liberated as I was.  He sat up and quickly pulled his t shirt over his head and balled it up and tossed it aside.  I had already managed to start to ease his shorts down and over his hips, so with a few quick manoeuvers they were soon off and discarded as well.

   Now it was time for us to consummate the love we shared and so wanted to express in this most intimate of ways. He settled in beside me we were now lying side by side, his knee gently nudged at me and his leg slid between mine I could  soon  feel the evidence of his arousal pressing against my upper thigh, as his hands began to tentatively explore me.  My own hands seemed to take their cues from Liam and one of my hands was running through up and down his back, my fingers exploring his muscular shoulders. My other hand began to dance against his chest, before feeling the firm broadness of it, and then teasing  the nubs of his nipples, before slowly working my way down hs toned stomach and feeling the warmth of the object I was seeking. Enveloping his maleness in my hand, I marvelled at the topography my fingers were sensing, as if his flesh was written in Braille and I was aware of each and every ridge and contour of it as I stroked my fingers over it lightly.  As Liam moaned softly, my thumb slid across the light gloss of lubrication that was already in evidence there.

     In turn Liam had one hand on my breast and was gently kneading its flesh. The other hand had trailed its way downwards, seeking that most private of areas.  He zeroed in on his targeted goal, and began to graze his fingers over it. As I shivered in anticipation, he cupped his hand over my warm little mound that was already beginning to become moist with my arousal.  He extended one of his fingers and began to teasingly run it along the cleavage of its plump folds.  With each stroke he took, his finger advanced just a fraction deeper.  I purred into his ear in response, and began to nuzzle the nape of his neck, as I continued my own explorations trying to decipher what would bring the most pleasure to my Liam. The kisses we exchanged were varied from soft languid drawn out ones to fever pitched frenzies of deeply buried passions and desires and everything in between the two extremes, as we continued to probe each other seeking to find those ways we would learn to give the other complete and utter gratification.

    We were so engrossed in each other and concentrating on unearthing the others core sensualities that neither of us even heard the approaching storm.  The low rumbles of thunder, the streaks of lightening cavorting across the skies and finally large drops of cold rain splashing against our naked entwined bodies.  Even the cold rain was finding it difficult to dampen our ardour.  I suddenly stirred and opened my eyes, realizing that I had only been dreaming once more.  There was no feeling of emptiness or unfulfilled yearning inside me though as this time I was wrapped lovingly in Liam’s arms. The realization of this fact caused me to grin, like the love struck woman I was.  I bussed Liam with a delicate little butterfly kiss so as not to disturb his slumbers and snuggled in to him as I closed my eyes and drifted off again myself thinking of how this was the way life was supposed to be.

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